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ID State Owner Title Description
1381 Paused Joel An exploration with a twist!
1380 Finished Winston Catchin up over a drink
1379 Active Ty barhop meet n greet come to the bar to meet the new guys and gals for a social rp.
1378 Active Mania Return of Rac- um, MUTANT X
1377 Finished Joel
1376 Finished Mania Mutant X Chronicles, pt.2
1375 Paused Qwillis A return to Home
1374 Finished Mania Mutant X arrives
1373 Finished Winston Gecko Hunt Farmers are in need of help. Geckos are getting into the water supply.
1372 Paused Alpha Restoration of a Jail
1371 Finished Lynnette The Return And they're back!! Jack's Town is a hot mess but Lynn is back to open her bar with Alpha to help. And even Joel comes in to explore!
1370 Finished Doc Survival Lessons With Doc
1369 Finished Doc Random Bar Meetup
1368 Finished Joel Hanging out at the saloon.
1367 Finished Doc
1366 Finished Doc New Kid
1365 Finished Winston Coming Home
1364 Active Kaelyn Fishing!
1363 Active Zelda Waifu Jack Town Raider Hunting Zelda has decided to get a group together to take down a group of raiders near Jack's Town
1362 Finished Aidan Ferguson Am I being detained?
1361 Finished Aidan Ferguson Aidan's Investigation on Mystery Meat Aidan has found damning evidence that mole rat meat has been used in the cafeteria food.
1360 Finished Mania Xenia's investigation of Vault Medical
1359 Finished Mania Interview with the Sanguinee...
1358 Finished Mania Xenia's Security Inquisition
1357 Finished Mania Xenia's meeting with Sam Gourmet
1356 Paused Zealot Shreya After the hunt
1355 Finished Mania Vault 99's Moment of Silence Three Old Men of the Vault 99 Society host an event for their fellow dwellers and take notes for the overseers based on what the guests said they want to do about the Vault's current situation.
1354 Paused Jasper Fix the Purifier
1353 Finished Jasper Maintenace Chatterboxin
1352 Finished Claude Recovery As Claude and Jericho recover in the infirmary they get visitors. Some provide moral support, some joke around, some fix light bulbs.
1351 Active Kaelyn
1350 Finished Claude Post Battle Blues
1349 Finished Claude Vault 99's Masterful Medic Makes Man Mobile Claude gets rushed to the infirmary after jumping on a grenade. He's patched up by Doc Holiday. Xenia and Leo provide comfort for the injured singer.
1348 Finished Vault Girl Blackout
1347 Finished Claude An Evening of Song and Dance
1346 Finished Jasper Quiet Talk in the Diner Plans in the making, and nice dinner.
1345 Finished Jasper OUCH! Where'd you get that?! Jasper gets himself hurt doing work. Holiday takes care of him.
1344 Finished Claude Playing Poker With Pals A group of vault dwellers get together for their weekly poker game. Fun is had.
1343 Finished Holiday Self Care
1342 Finished Jasper Jasper Lennox's Birthday Party A grim birthday party, some morale lifting but a lot of sad people.
1341 Finished Zealot Shreya Radscorpion Hunters Return
1340 Paused Zealot Shreya First Encounter with the Children of Atom.
1339 Paused Lucette Jimmy Ironbomber's Diggin' Kit
1338 Paused Rome
1337 Finished Franky Drinks for dry throats
1336 Paused Cormano Rat Patrol!
1335 Finished Zealot Shreya Surviving in the Wasteland
1334 Paused Lucette Western Wasteland Pest Control
1333 Finished Fern
1332 Finished Chevelle The Witching Hours
1331 Active Rome
1330 Finished Rome Early morning conversation
1329 Finished Chevelle Chevelle meets Fern
1328 Finished Lucette They came from the south... Event 142 with Alasa, Cormano, Kaelyn, and Lucette. Shot up a whole Gecko family and some crazy guy trying to make a Gecko army, but left a Gecko Bruce Wayne to be born..
1327 Paused Cormano Of Horses and Muscle Cars
1326 Finished Cormano Return to El Dorado.
1325 Finished Vault Girl Vultures and Vaults
1324 Finished Ashlyn Cleaning up the Neighbourhood
1323 Finished Franky AtomVu Raiders
1322 Finished Zealot Shreya The Morning After
1321 Finished Cormano Tears of a defeated gameshow contestant.
1320 Finished Stockton Once Upon a Wasteland
1319 Finished Cormano Player event 114
1318 Finished Cormano Daily: NV - Patrol A (113)
1317 Finished Cormano new ghoul in town.
1316 Finished Cormano A Ghoul and a smoothskin walk into a bar.
1315 Finished Zealot Shreya Reunion
1314 Active Fern
1313 Finished Franky Helping Jack, Plan C. Aris and Franky break bread with Merc's looking to add muscle for an upcoming assault.
1312 Finished Fern DELETE
1310 Finished Doc Just Another Lunch Together
1309 Finished Lowry Free stuff for friends and such!
1308 Finished Doc Post Postal Post Office
1307 Finished Doc Post-Christmas Dinner
1306 Finished Tibbie A Sweet Christmas
1305 Finished Doc Mealtime With the Tibbles
1304 Finished Alasa Solstice time is here.. Solstice Dinner at the Diner
1303 Finished Doc Jackson's Visit
1302 Finished Doc Frozen No More
1301 Finished Franky Jack's Town Legwork Aris, Franky, and Yah look for intel on Raider hideouts in the areas surronding Jack's Town. Finding it's a complicated ecosystem of Mercs and Raiders.
1300 Finished Doc Fern's Gullet
1299 Active Daniel
1298 Finished Franky Jack's Town Professionals
1297 Finished Rexus BoS Support
1296 Finished Jackson Elbow Grease
1295 Finished Ashur Comfort Women In the aftermath of New Rome's devastation, Ashur leads a small group westward to a compound run by a Centurion turned cult leader, to rescue a throng of old Legion whores that they might be put to work back home.
1294 Finished Jackson Deathclawed if you do, Deathclawed if you don't
1293 Finished Mafuane Wrapping in the Rain A few days after Ashur's training clinic fiasco, Daniel and Mafuane cross paths. She fixes his shoulder and patches him up on a rainy New Rome day.
1292 Active Daniel
1291 Finished Ashur Built In A Day
1290 Active Kaydin Yet Another day in the saloon.
1289 Finished Fern Trip to the Vault Fern runs into Kaelyn in the Vault and the two catch up with a little chat.
1288 Finished Franky Snagajob.golddigger
1287 Active Kaydin Another day in the saloon.
1286 Finished Ashur Mummification How many bandages does it take to make a man into a mummy?
1285 Active Kaydin Another day in the saloon
1284 Finished Vault Girl V30: Sky Fortress Ascendant
1283 Finished Aris Remote
1282 Finished Ashur Good Eats
1281 Active Lowry Just another night
1280 Finished Salvation Jane We interrupt this broadcast...
1279 Paused Draco
1278 Finished Fern Fern meets Judas in the saloon and chats about introducing him to Shreya.
1277 Finished Kaelyn poolside sillyness!
1275 Finished Aris Homesteading
1274 Finished Franky
1273 Finished Franky Mojave Wasteland Cribs
1272 Active Alice Pokeppl Fite!!!!!
1271 Finished Ashur Trinkets While his wife tends his wounds, Ashur shows off a one-of-a-kind treasure he found on an adventure!
1270 Finished Jackson Fear Factory Conclusion
1269 Finished Franky Amigo time
1268 Finished Jackson Fear Factory Part I
1267 Finished Franky Tourists cause a ruckus
1266 Finished Doc On The Fence
1265 Finished Ashur Old Religions A wounded Ashur comes to meditate in the temple of New Rome, meeting and spooking a young priestess there fresh from the Epsilon.
1264 Finished Aris Afterglow
1263 Finished Ashur Riverboat Blues A group of heroes float down river to the Ranger outpost at Mission Protection, interrupting an attack!
1262 Finished Matt A convoy run way out to Hondo, to establish a route and get some goods out there.
1261 Finished Eden Eden has some boo boos
1260 Finished Ashur Ashur Returns After the fall of the Epsilon, it took a little bit for Ashur to make it back to New Rome. But when he did, Eden was the first he met!
1259 Finished Kaelyn Wait, she has a swimming pool!?!
1258 Finished Jackson Junkyard Blues Franky, Jane, Tibbie, and Jackson battled a giant gaggle of ghouls led by two glowing ones. Then, they picked out some scrap from Chrome Mountain, and got the hell out of there before more of them came.
1257 Finished Kaelyn Its experiment Time!!!
1256 Finished Kaelyn Foodie Jungle Maze (Aka Aquaponics Garden get together!)
1255 Finished Jackson Feral Fighters
1254 Finished Matt Matt tries to recruit another ex-NCR gun
1253 Active Kaelyn Fishing.. In.. A... garden?
1252 Finished Doc After Earthfall
1251 Finished Lowry No sticky pages
1250 Finished Kaelyn Settlement get together
1249 Finished Ashur Full Throttle Ashur and Eden come from a Ranger forward camp to investigate Reaver attacks. They find a raided caravan and its sole survivor, Finley, just in time to deal with the local Reaver boss-man come back to check on his gang's handiwork.
1248 Finished Jackson Grease Monkies
1247 Finished Vault Girl Fern's in the mr. House's House.
1246 Finished Jackson Rusted Gold
1245 Finished Kaelyn Raving Reaver Patrol (Melee Mods)
1244 Active Carter Griffin Reminiscing and Scavenging
1243 Finished Sparrow Nuka's Labrynth
1242 Finished Kaelyn UFO Party!
1241 Finished Sparrow In the Hills of Hondo
1240 Finished Vault Girl MS Epsilon: Back to Earth.
1239 Finished Doc Memory Enema
1238 Finished Jackson Rumble in the Jungle
1237 Finished Jackson Epsilon Battle Royale!
1236 Finished Kaelyn Raving Reavers Runamuck!!!
1235 Finished Doc One
1234 Finished Kaelyn 'Junkyard dogs'
1233 Finished Ashur What Do You Do With A Drunken Caesar?
1232 Active Milton
1231 Finished Bart Kang gets un-Konged
1230 Finished Ashur Deathclaws in Spaaaaace! A group of heroes battle Galaxy Crusher, the world's strongest cyborg deathclaw, in a zero-g fight to the death!
1229 Finished Doc ME: Take me2 ur Leader
1228 Finished Vault Girl MS Epsilon: Forget Beaver! Leave it to Fern!
1227 Finished Tibbie Saucer Soup Kitchen Tibbie and some of her fellow surviors have a very questionable meal!
1226 Finished Kaelyn She hasn't got the powah, cap'n!
1225 Finished Jackson Dumpster Diving
1224 Finished Ashur MS Epsilon: Interspecies Empathy A group of survivors make friends with their ancient neighbors.
1223 Finished Vault Girl MS Epsilon: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1222 Paused Zealot Shreya Scrapyard Blues
1221 Finished Jackson Farm Drinkin' Jackson and Tibbie have a few drinks at the newly christened, 'Parkes Point' settlement owned by Jackson, and have a bit of an emotionall moment in the meantime.
1220 Finished Tibbie Howdy git Rowdy! 1220 Ashur, Esscast, Kae, and Tibbie get themselves in a good ol fashioned Texas shootem up brawlin hoota-nany with some nasty Reavers!
1219 Finished Jackson Cleaning House Jack and pals take it upon themselves to clean up some of the litter plaguging El Dorado's streets. They gather up all of the garbage and have it shipped away to be burned, gather up a bit of reusable scrap and send it over to Lone Star for inspection, and moved a cart full of stalls from the ice cream social down to the Shantytown market for resale and repurposing.
1218 Finished Doc Not-a-Vault Visit
1217 Finished Esscast gold digger social rp
1216 Finished Elsie Hair of the Dogmeat
1215 Finished Zealot Shreya The Glowing Chihuahua
1214 Finished Zealot Shreya Cultist at the Saloon
1213 Finished Ashur Revelations A small group follows reports of Horde activity across the Guadulupe Mountains, finding a partially-evacuated supermutant camp. There, with much violence, they learn of a new figure, and worries of the Horde's resurgence!
1212 Finished Jackson Junk Quest Jack, Kaelyn, Ashur and pals kill the shit out of a bunch of ferals, discover the Repcon facility's true purpose, and Doc even manages to successfully prevent a nuclear meltdown! Fun stuff. Now, if only we could find some bananas... What? Fruit's hard to come by out here. Maybe Jack was hoping this was a banana research facility. You don't know.
1211 Finished Jackson Drinkin' with Ghouls
1210 Finished Tibbie The Welcome Wagon! Tibbie introduces herself to her neighbors along the Pecos River with leftover ice cream in tow, one of these neighbors being William Caldwell!
1209 Finished Kaelyn Gold Digger Saloon Antics!
1208 Finished Jackson Of Recklessness and Stupidity An incomplete scene that I don't think will ever get completed. Kindly disregard, though may be re-ran in the future with more development.
1207 Finished Kaelyn Treatement for the Kae!!
1206 Finished Conway Jack Feels Like Crap Doctor Conway and Nurse Tibbie fix Jackson's shitty gut wound.
1205 Finished Zealot Shreya Preparing the Way for a Cult
1204 Finished Vault Girl Tick Tock. The Mouse ate the clock.
1203 Finished Tibbie Market Night -FREE ICE CREAM
1202 Finished Zealot Shreya Building Faith
1201 Finished Vault Girl Knox Knox. Whose there?
1200 Finished Aris Seeing Double
1199 Finished Jackson Drinkin Like Lincoln As the title implies, Jackson, Franky, and Kaelyn spend some time drinking and conversing at the Gold Digger.
1198 Finished Vault Girl The Hunt for Green October
1197 Finished Tibbie Nyaaah, What's up Doc? A day in the Rosewell scrapyard fishes up more than just metal as Tibbie, Kaelyn, and Jackson meet an intelligent ghoul dressed like a Doctor. But that's not all they run into feral ghouls and drama follows as Conway, Lowry, and Jackson face a standoff!
1196 Finished Sparrow
1195 Finished Vault Girl Team Wasteland Venture Bros Strike Back
1194 Finished Tibbie Crackin' eggs at Brigham Farms! It's been a good month at Brigham Farms and Tibbie's invited all to join in it's bounty with a grand breakfast, but more than just the cast iron heats up when Ashur drops by, hoping to crack some eggs of his own!
1193 Finished Ashur The Kraken! There's rumors of a creature in the lake that shouldn't be there. Ashur uses investigating it as a transparent excuse to have a pool party and relax.
1192 Finished Lowry RADIATION!!!
1191 Finished Lowry "Racoons have nature made masks!
1190 Finished Bart
1189 Finished Kaelyn Shopping in Eldorado!!!
1188 Finished Aris A Reckoning
1187 Finished Conway 'Git off Mah Lawn! Conway has an unknown bone to pick with Bart.
1186 Paused Aris After the Storm
1185 Finished Conway Getting In The Saddle Cassandra pays a visit to the Brigham Farm to enquire about the premium horses.
1184 Finished Aris Day Drinking
1183 Finished Aris Payday
1182 Finished Zealot Shreya Building the Infernal Machine
1181 Finished Aris Blood Aris looks for a doc to patch up a nasty wound. She finds Bart instead.
1180 Finished Ashur Eldercare Aris comes upon the shack of one William Tecumseh, elderly veteran of a conflict he calls the Molerat Wars. His past catches up with him!
1179 Finished Lowry Kick it on the strip
1178 Finished Vault Girl Hoover Dam - Part 3
1177 Finished Kaelyn Casino People watching
1176 Finished Vault Girl Hoover Dam - Part 2
1175 Finished Vault Girl Hoover Dam - Part 1
1174 Finished Conway Fruits of Labor Conway checks in on how Aris's first day of work on the farm is going and exchanges a gift.
1173 Finished Conway Farmhands! Two young cowgirls show up on the Brigham Farm looking for some work.
1172 Finished Lowry Long time no see!
1171 Finished Lowry Mentats the fresh maker
1170 Finished Lowry No Camo No Ammo!
1169 Finished Franky Shopping then dropping
1168 Finished Vault Girl To Solomon or not to Solomon....
1167 Finished Kaelyn Salooon stuffs!!
1166 Finished Ashur Primm And Proper
1165 Finished Tibbie Scaven' in the Rain!
1164 Finished Tibbie Boozin' in Vegas
1163 Finished Tibbie Boozin' in Vegas! A vacay in Vegas has led Tibs to the Second Chance Saloon, where she drinks and gambles with some familiar faces and meets some new ones! Cast; Ashur, Alasa, Kaelyn, Lowry, Franky, Yusco, and Davidson!
1162 Finished Kaelyn Vault Casino Shenannigans!
1161 Finished Elsie Freeside Nightlife
1160 Finished Elsie Tomfollery at the Second Chance Saloon
1159 Finished Zealot Shreya A strange proposition
1158 Finished Zealot Shreya A bit of trading with the Children of Atom
1157 Finished Vault Girl Stitches Encounter
1156 Finished Bart
1155 Finished Elsie Making a Sale
1154 Finished Hammer Barn Barricade
1153 Finished Davidson Medical Aid!
1152 Finished Kaelyn Bar-side-get together (social)
1151 Active Hammer Not-So-Freeside
1150 Finished Jackson Artesia Patrol Jackson, Stockton, Melinda, and Elsie went out on a patrol of the outskirts of Artesia in search of a group of raiders harassing local caravans and scavenging parties. Unfortunately, after hours of roaming the city and surrounding highways, they were unable to locate their target. As a result, they returned to Roswell, giving the intel they recovered to the next patrol headed down toward Artesia. (TL-DR-- Jackson's computer died as he was running this scene, and was inactive for a month fixing his computer and moving. Literally just realized this was still paused, and have opted not to run it.)
1149 Finished Elsie A Second Chance
1148 Finished Elsie Scoping Out the Family
1147 Finished Tina Suite Emotion
1146 Finished Vault Girl Welcome to Fabulous New Vegas
1145 Finished Zealot Shreya Soujourner of Atom
1144 Finished Fern Oh Wow Ferns Scene with Kaelyn and Aidan
1143 Finished Elsie New Girl In The Office
1142 Finished Elsie Drink Drank Drunk
1141 Finished Elsie Hi, I'm With The Electric Company
1140 Active Ironface Jones Breakfast at the Saloon Ironface enjoys breakfast at the Saloon and meets someone new.
1139 Finished Ironface Jones A Good Day for Drinking
1138 Finished Bart
1137 Finished Stockton
1136 Finished Bart
1135 Finished Lowry Wasted in the Wasteland
1134 Finished Lowry NOW OR NEVER
1133 Finished Elsie New Face, New Fix
1132 Finished Elsie Sully in the Sky With Diamonds
1131 Finished Nemo SOED: Fixing up the Place
1130 Active Stockton
1129 Finished Jackson Solomon Shakedown It was a chilly, rainy night on the outskirts of Albuquerque. The drops fell in torrential sheets, coating the surrounding buildings in thick, dirty streams flowing criss-cross all around the small group of volunteers. The light of the moon was obscured by a thick cloak of grey cloud, which casted the remains of Albuquerque into an even deeper darkness than even the likes of the Enclave weren't quite used to. In other words, it was the perfect sort of situation for an ambush.
1128 Finished Rexus Surveilling Solomon
1127 Finished Bart
1126 Finished Sparrow Would you like to Swing on a Star Sparrow leads a group of El Doradans to help a 'Tribe' who needs assistance against the wasteland onslaught.
1125 Finished Elsie LoneStar Goes to the Casino
1124 Finished Elsie Going on Offense
1123 Finished Sparrow Weird Wasteland: Dr. Doolots - Delivering the Goods.
1122 Finished Nemo New Mexico Pickers C
1121 Finished Nemo Nemo in the Medbay
1120 Finished Nemo The Wall: Roswell, part I
1119 Active Aidan Drake
1118 Finished Elsie Good Morning Brothel-more!
1117 Finished Bart
1116 Finished Vault Girl Hope Crossed
1115 Finished Bart
1114 Finished Beefrow Scoping Out El Dorado
1113 Finished Ironface Jones Celebratory and Sloshed
1112 Finished Ashur Solomon Setup A small group goes to rescue some kidnapped militia members, uncovering useful information in the process!
1111 Finished Beefrow Enclave meets the Beef
1110 Finished Ironface Jones
1109 Finished Ironface Jones
1108 Finished Sparrow MazeRunner - Nuka Edition ***Several Weeks have passed, the Ghouls of Picacho have cleared away the debris and cobbled together scaffolding to ensure no collapses happen. They've also unearthed two entrances/exits? And built a ladder leading up to a door in a large pipe overhead running under the main portion of the Nuka Cola plant. The ladder doesn't look terribly sturdy. ***
1107 Finished Ironface Jones Brothel Bums and Booze
1106 Finished Lowry Wagon of Fortune
1105 Finished Elsie Nice Shootin' Tex
1104 Finished Bart
1103 Finished Lowry Whiskey and Rye in Roswell
1102 Finished Bart
1101 Finished Lowry Lonestar gets Liquoredddddd
1100 Finished Aidan Drake
1099 Finished Fern
1098 Finished Sparrow
1097 Finished Ironface Jones Ironface's Hideout
1096 Finished Fern Fern meets CeeDee and makes a new, naked friend.
1095 Finished Rexus Clinic Healing
1094 Finished Vault Girl 18B Recon Mission
1093 Finished Valerie Healing Ashur Valerie and Ashur discuss robot scorpions, FEV, and how he's awesome while she tends wounds.
1092 Finished Bart
1091 Finished Vera Hosipital Time Vera seeks out some treatment by one of the medicos
1090 Finished Jackson Healing Jackson!
1089 Finished Beefrow Faith on Highway 54
1088 Finished Vault Girl NV: Wrong Turn at Albuquerque
1087 Finished Milton
1086 Finished Beefrow New Mexico Pickers B
1085 Finished Alasa Dinner in the diner with Dinah Dinner time at the diner, what could go wrong.
1084 Finished Beefrow Another Brick in the Wall
1083 Finished Nemo Battle of Pecos River
1082 Paused Beefrow Highway 54 Blues
1081 Finished Harmon The Long, treacherous road A friendly escort attacked by mutants
1080 Finished Kaelyn Westward Patrol and Mutants!
1079 Finished Lowry Shootin' caps
1078 Finished Rexus Western Patrol
1077 Active Tomas
1076 Finished Kendar
1075 Finished Sparrow Unclogging the Pipes Picacho is a little town tucked away in an almost idyllic little set of 'burbs around the Nuka Cola plant. The houses are nice, a little weather worn but not terribly collapsed or broken in. Shockingly intact, in fact. In the center of the little suburb, raising like the crown jewel is the NUKA COLA plant, so tall that the desert breeze plays in it's walkways and stairwells causing metalic moans to ring out like a choarus. The group will arrive with the passing Lone Star Caravan, headed towards the West from Roswell just at late afternoon. About the time that the ghouls of Nuka town are starting to stir.
1074 Finished Ashur Chem Catastrophe An otherwise unremarkable day heads south when a batch of harmless chems turns out bad, inspiring psychotic aggression and sickness!
1073 Finished Elsie The Sky Is Falling!
1072 Finished Tibbie Whiskey Trade At Lyn's Lounge, Tibbie meets Nero and a trade is had.
1071 Finished Victoria A visit to the Lonestar.
1070 Paused Elsie Trader Jones (Get It?)
1069 Finished Beefrow Thurgood's Highway 54
1068 Finished Sparrow I want to hold your Hondo: Dueces The Residence of Hondo seem a little more forthcoming now that there aren't a half a dozen armed humans coming at them and less risk of the Raid of the massive irradiated Ferals.
1067 Finished Davidson Davidson's House
1066 Active B Front Door Storefront
1065 Finished Davidson On The Road
1064 Finished Lowry Is that a Caravan or are you just happy to see me
1063 Finished Ironface Jones Drinkin' and thinkin'
1062 Finished Victoria Visiting the Doc
1061 Finished Stockton Surelda, Grover, and Kaydin are ambushed by ghouls on the road to Avalon to get socks from Ma Volkner.
1060 Finished Stockton A Day On Ma's Farm Marshal Stockton sends a couple of green-shoes to Ma's plot to take care of a Molerat infestation.
1059 Finished Kendar
1058 Finished Nemo Coming Down
1057 Finished Alasa Take me to the river! A trip down to the river for some fishing.
1056 Finished Ironface Jones Shopping is Hopping
1055 Finished Sparrow I want to hold your Hondo: Part 1 Part 1 of the reclaiming of the Settlement Hono: Wherein things are a little fishy and investigations ensue.
1054 Finished Sparrow Wasteland Medicine
1053 Finished Elsie Nibbles Nibbles, Everywhere
1052 Finished Eden Eden does some healing
1051 Finished Oakley Anders Defending the Stragglers During the withdrawl from the Alamo Citadel, Sixteen and Oakley team up to defend a family of stragglers from an attack by some opprotunistic raiders.
1050 Finished Elsie Thirsty Tuesday
1049 Finished Elsie A Brahmin's Tail: A Day At Lonestar Caravans
1048 Finished Elsie Out In The Wild Blue Yonder
1047 Finished Sparrow Sparrow treats Lowry
1046 Finished Nemo Eldorado Nights
1045 Paused Iris Lark Pie and Prejudice
1044 Finished Ashur Remember The Alamo
1043 Finished Jackson Artesia Battle Royale--- The Artesia-ing!
1042 Finished Kaelyn Wierd Wasteland There's more than one ELF?
1041 Finished B For medicinal purposes .. natrually
1040 Finished Qwillis SOED - The generation of the EMP generator
1039 Finished Nemo Gambling at Silver Dollar
1038 Finished Kaydin A meeting of bargains
1037 Finished Tibbie Visitors at The Shack A typical morning at Tibbie's shack turned interesting as new friends and old have dropped by!
1036 Finished Lynnette
1035 Finished Iris Lark Tonight in Acme...
1034 Finished Ashur Chip And Dale: Rescue Prospects Remnants of the Horde have enslaved the peaceful settlers of Brahmin's Rest south of the Alamo. The Rangers send a group of plucky Prospects to clear them out as part of their initiation.
1033 Finished Sanbella In search of El Dorado! (For a Doctor!) A Ranger, A broken Mech-Pilot and a long road to El Dorado. Can our heroes manage to find a doctor in the promised city? Tune in today to find out!
1032 Finished Iris Lark Scrapes
1031 Finished Lynnette
1030 Finished Qwillis SOED - Continuing repairs of the bunker
1029 Finished Iris Lark Masquerade
1028 Finished Lee Militia patrol - Long Road Ravaging
1027 Finished Devlin Shopping Day
1026 Finished Qwillis SOED Bunker - work continues
1025 Finished Esscast halloween party fo style roleplay room A
1024 Finished Kendar
1023 Finished Qwillis Meeting the SOED
1022 Finished Lynnette
1021 Finished Lynnette Another Day in the Lounge
1020 Finished Qwillis Kinks in a door
1019 Finished Lee While out on patrol
1018 Finished Qwillis SOED: Meeting people and info about the group
1017 Finished Lee Militia: Training of the Guardians
1016 Finished Tibbie A Feast For Friends Tibbie invites friends over to her mother's home in Shantytown for a celebatory feast to welcome them back from the long Alamo trip! She even meets some new friends too!
1015 Active Carlos Rest for the Wicked
1014 Finished Iris Lark You were what?!
1013 Active Willow Caine Gold Digger after Dark
1012 Finished Iris Lark Home at Last
1011 Finished Qwillis The return from the Alamo
1010 Finished Shiloh Battle Thinning Down
1009 Finished Vault Girl Alamo Citadel: Finale
1008 Finished Shiloh Alamo Citadel: Skirmish C
1007 Finished Lynnette Damn Dirty Enclave
1006 Finished Alpha The map grows
1005 Finished Lee The long walk home
1004 Finished Akane Bruises and Thumps
1003 Finished Iris Lark Bloodletting
1002 Finished Shiloh Alamo Citadel: Skirmish B
1001 Paused Kendar
1000 Finished Serena Looking Out Below
999 Finished Iris Lark Making little things
998 Finished Shiloh Patrol Surprise! A cry for help is heard during the heat of the battle and a group happens to hear it. A Brother of Steel is trapped under a wall chunk, and three bone-knuckled Super Mutants bust in to try to rough his saviors down to a bloody pulp!
997 Finished Iris Lark That is a lot of blood
996 Finished Kaydin Grief counseling.
995 Finished Iris Lark Liftoff!
994 Finished Vuk Not so Overt
993 Finished Iris Lark Nemo Arrives
992 Paused Serena Burn It With Fire
991 Finished Iris Lark Sabotage? The loss of supplies
990 Finished Ashram Two Lonestars meet a couple opponents...
989 Finished Elsie Lonestar Radio-Citadel
988 Finished Iris Lark Work is Rough
987 Finished Vault Girl Alamo Citadel: Battle of the Alamo Begins
986 Finished Vuk Bye Bye Supplies
985 Finished Shiloh Walker Texas Ranger Pt. 2
984 Finished Iris Lark In the Depths
983 Finished Qwillis SOED - Repairing damage done in the Alamo
982 Finished Iris Lark The Quiet Before the Storm
981 Finished Ashur Preparing For The Mission
980 Finished Vuk Spiking The Guns
979 Finished Rexus Scouting B Ambushing some mutants.
978 Finished Iris Lark Quiet Contemplation Even stoic medics need a bit of a break sometimes.
977 Finished Kendar Another Day At The Medbay
976 Finished Shiloh Walker Texas Ranger
975 Finished B Meals and Moonshine
974 Finished Krysta Bombs yay
973 Finished Iris Lark Breaking in the Medical Equipment People are wounded, what to do?
972 Finished Vault Girl Alamo Citadel: Preparations The Expedition members meet with Elder Bowie of the Texas Brotherhood of Steel.
971 Finished Willow Caine Willow's Wounds
970 Finished Ashur Alamo Preparations: Mutant Skirmish! A group of plucky adventurers rescue Ashur from danger at a small church near Horde territory!
969 Finished Iris Lark Triage at the Alamo Someone has to work around here.
968 Finished Qwillis Repair and Destruction
967 Finished Ashur Alamo Preparations: Thanks But No Tanks A group of muscular, intelligent, and very attractive people who are good at things come together to stabilize some walls, move a strangely-placed tank, and get its gun working.
966 Finished Lee Prep for WAR: The stirring at the Western Wall
965 Finished Qwillis Repairing vehicles at the Alamo
964 Finished Ashram Kings of the world
963 Finished Kaydin
962 Finished Vault Girl Alamo Citadel: The Journey and Arrival The Expedition from New Mexico arrives at Alamo Citadel.
961 Finished Rexus Diner stuff Dinner in the Diner before headin off for Texas.
960 Finished Qwillis SOED: Working on the bunker
959 Finished Iris Lark Today is a Disaster Topsy turvy tumultous tales of tenacity with Tesla.
958 Finished Iris Lark For Sale A stranger stops by, attracted by the lights on in the general store.
957 Finished Ashur Eyes On The Prize Tesla comes upon a grisly scene and meets Ashur. While repairing his mysteriously damaged armor, the wonderful Ranger extraordinare, Kaydin, arrives!
956 Finished Qwillis Introduction of the Bunker for SCIENCE!!
955 Finished Devlin Whiskey: Cleans Wounds, Lowers Stress!
954 Finished Iris Lark These shallow cuts Lowry accuses Devlin of being a horrid man burning devil.
953 Finished Qwillis Conversations at the gates of Shantytown
952 Finished Devlin Drug Recovery: Jet Edition!
951 Finished Akane Of Guns and Busted Bones
950 Finished Alpha The gathering of pieces
949 Finished Iris Lark Shopping Lowry does some window shopping and conversates with Iris.
948 Finished Elsie Lady Silver's Radio Hour
947 Active Shiloh
946 Finished Qwillis Random works with robots!
945 Finished Lynnette Bye Bye Lyn
944 Finished Devlin A Mercenary's Inquiry
943 Finished Vuk Healing Time!
942 Finished Vuk S00PER MUTANT Event 174
941 Finished Lee Recovery after a brawl
940 Finished Ashur Glitter Gulch After the boneyard battle, Ashur, Tibbie, and the unconscious Eden meet with Lua. The Legionnaire and his Lua bond over medicine, religion, and talking animals.
939 Finished Devlin Relief for the Desperate
938 Finished Ashur Of Mutants And Men Ashur leads a team of bold heroes to wipe out a mutant encampment in the boneyard on behalf of the airship village. Fierce combat and ingenious improvisation save the day!
937 Finished Lynnette Daytime Drinking
936 Finished Qwillis MOD: Hunting a lost Caravan
935 Finished Victoria Casino Night
934 Finished Devlin Fixing a Stiff Arm
933 Finished Alpha Hunting the Gangsters
932 Finished Krysta Southern Muties
931 Finished Akane Dunwiched in the Head
930 Finished Iris Lark Mothering is the same as Doctoring A bit of a patch job for the boss.
929 Finished Derk More Healing?!
928 Finished Carter Griffin Northern Patrol Route
927 Finished Iris Lark A nice evening in Acme Lowry stops by for some healing and shopping.
926 Finished Lynnette A Day at the Lounge
925 Finished Qwillis Meeting in the lab
924 Finished Lynnette
923 Finished Lynnette Finally Limping Around
922 Finished Alasa Fishing or how long can a worm hold its breath? A day of fishing at Bitter Lake...what could go wrong.
921 Finished Ashur Rock Em Sock Em Ashur and Shiloh scour the scrapyard for potential robot parts and encounter some miscreants.
920 Finished Devlin Checking out the Squatters
919 Finished Rexus Saloon Shenanigans
918 Finished Devlin Trading Outside the General Store
917 Finished Qwillis The Mafia and the Bunker
916 Finished Rexus Save Adam West!
915 Finished Qwillis Comparing notes in the Science Bunker
914 Finished Iris Lark Tiny Tinctures Shiloh stops by for healing, while Matt discusses some expansions.
913 Finished Lee Militia patrol near Dunwich
912 Finished Alpha Tending to Lyn
911 Finished Lynnette Damn Mercs
910 Finished Krysta Blood Knowledge and Recon
909 Paused Camilla It's been a while..
908 Finished Elsie Chasing the Glowing Ghoul
907 Finished Ashur Old Wounds
906 Finished Iris Lark Girl Talk Lynnette stops by to explain courting, and men.
905 Finished Serena The Giant Meets The Fire
904 Finished Qwillis MoD: Part 2 of study of stolen stuff
903 Finished Lee Lunch break with Lee
902 Finished Iris Lark Bandages are Important Rexus get some wounds taken care of.
901 Finished Devlin Militia Tune-up!
900 Finished Iris Lark Dinner is served Camilla offers to help Iris learn how to read.
899 Finished Lynnette Late Night Chats
898 Finished Akane A Report
897 Finished Iris Lark For Sale or Trade Selling and trading is something that is done quite often here. It's a gosh darn wasteland miracle.
896 Finished Elsie Oh Matty Boy
895 Finished Devlin The Little Mechanic
894 Finished Peabody A Ghoulish Morning
893 Finished Fern Oh Wow Ferns Scene with Ashur
892 Finished Peabody Ghoulish Dining
891 Finished Iris Lark Patch Job A gaggle of people come by the Acme General store for various reasons.
890 Finished Camilla Healing Miss Lark
889 Finished Qwillis MoD: Study of purloined items
888 Finished Lynnette Secret's Out
887 Finished Elsie To Peer Beyond the Veil
886 Finished Harmon --Location Redacted-- and other shenanigans. A group on patrol finds the Crashed Airship Village and meets Sir Reginald Barkley the First, who happens to be the father of.. VAULTMEAT!
885 Finished Lynnette Getting Work Done
884 Finished B Reclaiming the Lost - Saving Pony
883 Finished Shiloh MOD: Siren Song
882 Finished Iris Lark Dusk Shiloh gets healed. Bacon gets cuddled. Matt gets Matt lives.
881 Finished B Reclaiming the Lost - Rescuing Clara
880 Finished Vault Girl Season 2 Premier!
879 Finished Lynnette Shenanigans in the Wasteland
878 Finished Matt Matt tries some Shanty-Food!
877 Finished Iris Lark Burned Iris meets a fire starter and comes away unburnt.
876 Finished Lynnette Dude WTF?
875 Finished Jacqueline Leather And Laughter
874 Finished B Reclaiming The Lost - Elizabeth
873 Finished Shiloh
872 Finished Krysta Recon for a recon
871 Finished Qwillis MoD: Missing Kids
870 Finished Devlin How to not shoot yourself
869 Finished Iris Lark Porn, Bikes and Booboos Iris treats Matt and Devlin.
868 Finished Qwillis The study of reality
867 Finished Lee Tending to the burns
866 Finished Vault Girl MOD: The Beginning Set right before the Mists of Dunwich began to seep forward. Eden of Vault Town heads into Dunwich to pursue the mystery of her beloved haunted car and is the first to witness the Mists and finds an ancient artifact that may be the key to stopping the horrors of Dunwich.
865 Finished Matt Lone Star Caravan to New Rome! Several Lone Star employees, Ex-Legion from New Rome, and concerned citizens show up to help a caravan push through the scenic route to New Rome.
864 Finished Iris Lark Q got injured Iris treats Qwillis's injuries.
863 Finished Krysta Playtime
862 Finished Serena Shopping Time!
861 Finished Matt Willow and Matt sitting in a... A nice night out in the Gardens.
860 Active Connor
859 Finished Connor
858 Finished Matt Matt ignores responsibility for a night More whiskey, and less planning. Willow is a welcome distraction!
857 Finished Devlin Drunk on the Job
856 Finished Lynnette Ice Cream!!
855 Finished Lynnette Beat Up by...a Gecko
854 Finished Willow Caine Quiet Afternoon
853 Finished Qwillis The beginning of something different
852 Finished Alpha Meeting at the jail house
851 Finished Devlin Clearing the Path
850 Finished Shiloh Night At The Saloon
849 Finished Iris Lark Shenanigans Iris, Matt and Lynnette get into Shenanigans. What a bunch of kooks.
848 Finished Lee Militia patrol
847 Finished Lynnette Should She Stay or Should She Go?
846 Finished Alpha Investigation - Questioning Akane, wtf?
845 Finished Devlin A Little Gift
844 Finished Lynnette Investigation of Chaos
843 Finished Devlin Lean Times for a Steak
842 Finished Matt Gold Digger Saloon gets visitors! Lone Star employees head down the street for some rest and relaxation. Matt meets Willow Caine!
841 Finished Akane Aftermath in the Wasteland
840 Finished Lynnette Cantina Cleanup
839 Finished Willow Caine Early Afternoon Drinking
838 Finished Devlin The Wounded Security Guy
837 Finished Matt Another LoneStar Recruitment Matt offers a place to bed down, as well as a paying steady job to Shiloh.
836 Finished Iris Lark Hurts. Iris treats Rexus and his injuries.
835 Finished Lynnette Karaoke Night!!
834 Finished Iris Lark Sunset Iris and Camilla visit each other for a bit.
833 Finished Iris Lark Delivery! Iris drops off some food to Lynnette and checks out the hole in the Cantina.
832 Finished Lynnette Wanna Job?
831 Finished Iris Lark General Interest Devlin offers his help with the General Store.
830 Finished Akane Barn Lowering
829 Finished Lynnette Lyn's Cantina
828 Finished Matt Planning meeting! Lone Star, Matt's company at least, show up to look over intelligence reports and plan their caravan.
827 Finished Iris Lark Wounded Matt comes to Iris for honey, booze, healing and advice on how to win with women.
826 Finished Lynnette Jack's Town Shenanigans
825 Finished Elsie The Gates of Shantytown
824 Finished Elsie Working Girls
823 Finished Devlin
822 Finished Matt Matt gets more first-aid. Akane cames by to change bandages and what not.
821 Finished Iris Lark Misunderstandings Two confused people finally work out that they're both confused about the same thing. Hilarity ensues.
820 Finished Lee Militia patrol south of El Dorado
819 Finished Qwillis Of Cyborgs and Robots
818 Finished Elsie Starting Fresh
817 Finished Vault Girl Caldwell's Family Farm 1. Caldwell 0.
816 Finished Iris Lark Treating Lee Lee was a mess, now he's only half of a mess. Amazing.
815 Finished B Farm Pests B's farmland has become home to several large, burrowing animals. They're digging holes in her fields, and nibbling on her root vegetables. She's looking for some able bodies to help her clear them out. B's farmland has become home to several large, burrowing animals. They're digging holes in her fields, and nibbling on her root vegetables. She's looking for some able bodies to help her clear them out.
814 Finished Iris Lark Giving out Food! Giving out food and getting it into storage.
813 Finished Qwillis Hellclaw sighted by Lincoln!
812 Finished Lynnette Back To Work!
811 Finished Qwillis The key to success - teamwork
810 Finished Elsie Cheers, Mates
809 Finished Derk Gettin the lead out! Wherein Iris gets the lead outta Derk!
808 Finished Sparky
807 Finished Derk Sharing is Caring! In which B shows off all her new assets and Derk makes do with what he does.
806 Finished Matt Feeding the Masses One in which a group of survivors works Vuk's farm to help feed El Dorado!
805 Finished Elsie Anywhere, El Dorado
804 Finished Iris Lark Bubbles Bathtime!
803 Finished Iris Lark Gathering for the greater good Citizens from El Dorado and the surrounding settlements come together to try to end the food shortage.
802 Finished Sparky Learning the ropes
801 Finished Lynnette Food! Food! Food!
800 Finished Connor
799 Finished Akane New Arrivals
798 Finished Lynnette Post-Fight Drinks
797 Finished Matt Lynnette and Matt run into each other again One in which Lyn and Matt discuss Life and Happiness
796 Finished Rexus The Lost Brotherhood Explorin a bunker
795 Finished Elsie Signed, Sealed, Convalesced
794 Finished Camilla Tempers, Stress and Emotions.
793 Finished Alpha Aftermath - the morning after
792 Finished Elsie
791 Finished Iris Lark The Aftermath Camilla and Iris treat several injuries from the Season Finale. Blood, guts, gore and lots of yelling. Horray!
790 Active Zealot Shreya Scrapyard Injury
789 Finished Vault Girl Season 1 Finale - III
788 Finished Ashur On The Road Again
787 Finished Iris Lark Matt has issues Matt stops by Avalon to get a hug and maybe some healing.
786 Finished Lee Patrol of Rural El Dorado
785 Finished Iris Lark Kaelyn's Visit Kaelyn stops by because someone yanked on her that's not right. They shot she was injured.
784 Finished Alpha Shennanigans at JT's Cantina
783 Finished Alpha S01 Finale: Not taking jack in Jacktown
782 Finished Bobby the Kid Cantina Shenanigans
781 Finished Alpha Workin it in JackTown
780 Finished Iris Lark Have a Beer! People stop by Ember Park to take part in some weird Ren Faire drinking game, with dancing.
779 Finished Iris Lark Shoot to Kill Healers are the last people you want teaching you how to shoot.
778 Finished Matt S01 Finale: One of those Days People overhear militia members going into sewers! Matt knows bombers dress as militia members. Shooting ensues.
777 Finished Iris Lark Acme Bartering Lincoln stops in to get arrows, and to case the General Store.
776 Finished Iris Lark Dusty Days Nikki stops by Avalon for a visit, and leaves with a..."present".
775 Finished Iris Lark S01 Finale: Medical Relief Overwhelmed medics try to deal with the fallout from the Finale. Get it? Fallout?
774 Finished Iris Lark Sparky needs aid Sparky comes to Iris for healing.
773 Finished Iris Lark Ember Park Lincoln and Iris meet, and enjoy the party in Ember Park.
772 Finished B Hunters Hunted
771 Finished B The Tumbleweeds
770 Finished Rexus Finale: Air Defenses
769 Finished Vera Night of the fluffy invaders... A call is put out to help defend a crop, not knowing what they are defending it from.
768 Finished Carter Griffin Western Region Patrol: Fighting off the invaders. Carter and Lee patrolling the outskirts of El Dorado when they run into what they think are refugees, but they are more than meets the eye.
767 Finished Abigail Caine Parent Trap, Pt. 2
766 Finished Kaelyn S01 Finale: Enclave Hunt
765 Finished Rexus S01 Finale : Putting out Fires
764 Finished Vault Girl Season 1 Finale - II El Dorado comes under siege by The Enclave during the Season 1 Finale of Fallout: El Dorado. The stakes are raised as the Siege of El Dorado continues. To be continued in Part 3 of the Finale.
763 Finished Iris Lark For Sale or Trade The Acme General Store is selling items! Come and buy!
761 Finished Camilla S01 Finale: Running on Fumes
760 Finished Camilla S01 Finale: Overwhelmed Part Deux
759 Finished Iris Lark S01 Finale: Rexus is Going to defend El Dorado Rexus is defending El Dorado, no matter what.
758 Finished Camilla S01 Finale: Overwhelmed.
757 Finished Vault Girl Season 1 Finale - I El Dorado comes under siege by The Enclave during the Season 1 Finale of Fallout: El Dorado. The town is crippled in the opening attacks and suspicions run high. To be continued in Part 2 of the Finale.
756 Finished Iris Lark Alasa and Bob Alasa and Bob stop by to visit Iris.
755 Finished Martin Ghouls Need Walls The totally not going to eat you Ghouls in Roswell, are also afraid of the Super Mutant Hoard and would like walls to.
754 Finished Sarah Feeding Lee
753 Finished Iris Lark Ouch Camilla and Corwin come for a visit.
752 Active Esscast Pub Stomping and not in PUBG
751 Finished Silver Silver is ambushed! Knowing Silver is a fan of patroling along this route a small group of raiders lie in wait in hope to ambush him and take him hostage to claim the bounty on him.
750 Finished Iris Lark It's just Hard Hardman stops by for healing and to check on Iris' wounds.
749 Finished Martin The Wall: Rock and Wall! Our intrepid group of scavengers all die a... I mean, they go out into the wasteland and find some totally useful stuff.
748 Finished Iris Lark Deathclaws are dangerous Rexus stops by to get healing from his tango with Deathclaws.
747 Finished Iris Lark Sometimes you get unlucky Iris gets kicked in the head and shot in the leg. It's not a good day.
746 Finished Iris Lark Mauled Fiona stops by to discuss Deathclaws and married life.
745 Finished Doctor Wattz Great Minds
744 Finished Moonshine The old man on Main!
743 Finished Fiona Reaper of the North
742 Finished Tina Wasteland Charity
741 Finished Matt Citizen's Watch: Investigation of a Missing Caravan One of Lone Star's caravans doesn't show. Matt assembles a posse to head out and track'em down. Shooting ensues.
740 Finished Esscast valentines day party
739 Finished Fern Matchmaker 2 Fern stops Rachel to see if she is another possible date for Abigail.
738 Finished Esscast setting up outer defences in el dorado
737 Finished Celeste Seeking Horses B and Derk meet Celeste at the Drake Ranch to discuss purchasing a horse and cart.
736 Finished Sarah Medicinal Purposes
735 Finished Lee Militia Patrol south of El Dorado
734 Finished Rexus Lost Brotherhood
733 Finished Sarah Treating Q
732 Finished Qwillis Upgrades To Brutus
731 Finished Ashur The Aesthetics of Calisthenics Ashur and Maria bond at gunpoint.
730 Finished Silver Saloon you soon.
729 Finished Lucette Militia Medicine Lucette does a round of treatment for the brave members of the militia and treats Hardman and Lee so they can fight again posthaste!
728 Finished Lee Militia patrol near Dunwich
727 Finished Trashcan Jack Shovel Knight Corwin in the Ghoul Lord's Domain
726 Finished Maria Doctoral Meeting
725 Active Xavier The Saga of the Barber
724 Finished Konno Barstuff buh Maria and Xavier have a chat at the Gold Digger!
723 Finished Corwin Lake Scene
722 Finished Qwillis MoD - Science Vs Supernatural!
721 Finished Iris Lark Yardwork You gotta clean up sometime, Rexus helps Iris pick up after the sandstorm.
720 Finished Iris Lark For Sale or Trade Acme has a lot of things for sale in the General Store, check it out!
719 Finished Rexus Meeting in ACME Two Knights walk into ACME...
718 Finished Ashur Scrapyard Blues Some reds and greens, too.
717 Finished Iris Lark I have a bandaid for that Vuk comes by for healing and to flirt, of course.
716 Finished Sparrow Sparrows Nightmares over?
715 Finished B B's almost dead .. or is this deja vu?
714 Finished Qwillis Cleaning up Shanty town
713 Finished Iris Lark Carter doesn't look so good Carter starts a trend by showing up injured at the General Store.
712 Active Ren setting up outer defences
710 Finished Eden science class #2
709 Finished Maria Check-Up A medical visit in the early morning.
708 Finished Martin So when I turn it on, it doesn't work In where Martin discovers living in a desert where it gets damn cold in the winter dman hot in the summer, needs some climate control.
707 Finished Iris Lark Lucette visits Avalon Lucette and a few others stop by Avalon for a visit.
706 Finished Iris Lark Lazy Evening Rexus and Camilla stop by.
705 Finished Rexus Gathering Supplies
704 Finished Iris Lark The Walking Wounded Rexus is wounded, maybe he'll get fixed, maybe not.
703 Finished Martin No, the black chairs go over there, the cervase goes there! A scene in which Martin is trying to get the night club set up, and there just isn't enough dirty martini to get it done.
702 Finished Abigail Caine Moonshine, Molerats, and Maize
701 Finished Abigail Caine Blind Date
700 Finished Fern Matchmaking Begins! Armed with knowing what sort of person Abigail would date, Fern heads to church to convince Tina she needs to go on a date with Abigail.
699 Finished B B is for Bullet Wound C is for cauterize...
698 Finished Sparrow Walls of Avalon The town of Avalon is working together today to erect walls that will help to protect them from the Horde. They've got men and women in light chain mail, tunics, and breaches working on setting up beams and masonry to strengthen points in the wall. Scrap has been gathered and worked and stacked neatly, horses have been brought in to help with pullies and transporting construction materials. Crossbowmen keep watch at points around town a trained and ready small force of knights keeping an eye out for the dangers of the Wastes. Sparrow's here since it's her home away from home, already with her sleeves rolled up and helping to rivet some of the beams into place as other people mix mortar. There's room for everyone to contribute to the unique anti-tech little town. The locals don't even balk too badly at the El Doradans and their weird science loving ways. Now's the time to come together.
697 Finished Kaelyn Patrol as lead by CORA
696 Finished Iris Lark Wasteland Justice Caldwell stops by to have a very old wound looked at, and to be nosy.
695 Finished Vera Is that a ghoul, or are you just happy to see me? A militia patrol is sent out to check on a report of ghouls given by refugees.
694 Finished Qwillis Upgrading Mr. Roboto
693 Finished Fiona Freaky Friday Random
692 Finished Qwillis Cleaning sand from Brutus
691 Finished Xavier Mutant Barber Academy In which Cleo is inducted into Xavier's School for Gifted Youth Who Need Haircuts.
690 Finished Ashur FernGully Forest
689 Finished Carter Griffin Southern Border Patrol
688 Finished Aidan Drake Weed is all you Need
687 Finished Camilla I am a Doctor. I have a duty.
686 Finished Cleo Caravan Carnage - After Action
685 Finished Rexus Ad Victoriam
684 Finished Vault Girl New Years Eve 2282 A new Years Eve Party, The Four Families Party to be precise. This year it is at the Drake Family Ranch. Next year? The Caine Family hosts.
683 Finished Lee Sandstorm patrol, who did they piss off?
682 Finished Lucky Because Aliens
681 Finished Abigail Caine Oh no! A Mole Rat
680 Finished Vault Girl Season 1 Christmas 3 A bit more of a racy Christmas Party, held at the Gold Digger Saloon.
679 Finished Cleo Strawman Execution
678 Finished Manuelito Wasteland Patrol
677 Finished Camilla The Clinic.
676 Finished Martin The Empty Chamber starts to acquire assests And Martin is trying to attract an attrcative lady to be an attraction to his attraction.
675 Finished Tina More Nunsense
674 Finished Iris Lark Walls in Avalon Iris, with the help of Aidan, Camilla, Jackie and Rexus start to gather the materials for the building of Avalon's walls.
673 Finished Vault Girl Season 1 Christmas 2 Another Christmas Party, this time set in Vault Town! All the boys and girls get presents and there is even.. EGG NOG!
672 Finished Sparrow FEV: Mutants, Mad Scientists and Medicine
671 Finished Fiona Hunting Old Greg
670 Finished Rexus The Streets of Avalon
669 Finished Manuelito Down by the Gates Manuelito reviews the wall in Shantytown and meets Lee.
668 Finished Nathan Untitled Scenephony Please name your scenes!
667 Finished Iris Lark Soap Delivery! Sammy stops by to give Iris some new soap, and advice.
666 Paused Vault Girl The Number of the Beast. The Last House on the Street.
665 Finished Vault Girl Season 1 Christmas 1 The first Christmas Party in El Dorado, held at Town Hall.
664 Finished Xavier Not Your Ordinary Figaro
663 Finished Iris Lark Heavy Conversation Lee stops by for healing and shares a bit of his past with Iris.
662 Finished Qwillis Of Labs and men
661 Finished Jacqueline Bazaar-ness
660 Finished B Derk returns home
659 Finished Iris Lark Dinner is Served Rexus stops by for dinner!
658 Finished Iris Lark Rocking chairs Owl stops by Avalon for tea and conversation.
657 Finished Fern Seven Years Good Luck? Fern gifts Jackie a standing mirror she found in the wastes.
656 Finished Iris Lark What a fine afternoon The Acme General Store is busy again!
655 Finished Kaydin A day in the saloon
654 Finished Qwillis Glowing lootz to be had
653 Finished Sparrow FEV: Another Day, another Dropper.
652 Finished Martin Hey a Scene. I dont know. A lot of these scenes are kinda of superfluous but its a fun hobby none the less.
651 Finished Manuelito The Town of Tinnie The Militia have switched from cleaning the town of ferals to bringing fixing the towns buildings and generalize cleanup; prepping the town for eventual citizens.
650 Finished Iris Lark Cleaning out the cobwebs There are lots of reasons to worry in the wasteland, some better than others.
649 Finished Qwillis Information gained in the Lab
648 Finished Camilla Doctors ORders II
647 Finished Sparrow Gohauq: Jokers Walled Gohauq's Mayor has brought the town together in a little bit of celebration in thanks for those people who had set a day to gather and construct the wall. Some materials have already been laid out, old scrap and junk people have found while scavenging or tearing down old buildings around Gohauq. There are stacks of reclaimed lumber, scrap, old pieces of picket and chain link fences and stacks and stacks of tires and dirt to plant the supports in. Simple tools for building and rebuilding. And the very meager population of Gohauq all eager to get something between them and the oncoming horde. The Mayor, in the cities trademark logo items, is chatting with people as they work. Even the Drunken Chihuahua is pitching in and offering free refreshment to people who've been out building the wall every hour or so. But there are rumors that some precursors tot he horde are already arriving. In fact, they lost one of their traders last night.
646 Finished Sparrow FEV: For Science!
645 Finished Fern Puppermaster 3: The Strings We Pull A group follows an insane woman into her home, where they find she has been possessed. They defeat the demon and nearly burn the home down in the process.
644 Finished Qwillis Teaching science for those who ask
643 Finished Iris Lark They shot you where?! Lee gets treated for his wounds.
642 Finished Tina The Exorcist... Sort Of.
641 Finished Camilla Doctor's Orders
640 Finished Qwillis For the study of Science!
639 Finished B Building the Wall
638 Finished Alasa Diner Time! A chance encounter at the dinner, discussing whats on the menu.
637 Finished Iris Lark Boom! Head shot. Eden gets her wounds tended.
636 Finished Kaelyn Mischief in Acme!
635 Finished Fern Meet The.. Parent? Fern brings Jackie home to meet Gale.
634 Finished Ashur Ceremony On a trip to New Rome with Eden, Ashur finally gives her what she wants: the world's most unceremonious proposal.
633 Finished Qwillis Raiders attacking Brutus and the wall!
632 Finished Manuelito Battle for Tinnie Part Deux Militia along with civilian and Sheriff assistance has cleared the small town of Tinnie. A old underground office is discovered that needs clearing.
631 Finished Ashur My, What Big Rocket Scars You Have Kumo tends to some of mutant Ashur's wounds, remarking on the difficulty of treating a brute that barely feels pain or notices bullets.
630 Finished Qwillis Building a better arm
629 Finished Iris Lark Winston's Wounds Winston and Eden come to Avalon to get their wounds tended.
628 Finished Fiona That Cave!
627 Finished Martin Martin got the hurt bads. Martin went scavenging in the huanted lands of Dunwich and got the hurt bads.
626 Finished Iris Lark The wall : Acme People gather to start the process of building the wall in Acme.
625 Finished Eden Eden got banged up again...
624 Finished Qwillis Brutus the Robot Rebuild part 2!
623 Finished Iris Lark Babbling in Bubbles Girltalk in the new bathhouse. Bubbles not included.
622 Finished Iris Lark It's a beautiful morning People show up at the Acme store for healing, shopping and in one person's case to peek at changing ladies.
621 Finished Fern Ow, It Hurts After killing a demonic spirit, a battered Fern heads to the clinic for help with chest pain.
620 Finished Fiona Patrol in Need
619 Finished Ashur Home Depot
618 Finished Iris Lark Welcome to El Dorado The diner becomes a popular place to have lunch. Iris meets Carling for the very first time.
617 Finished Eden Pupeteer Murder in Acme!
616 Finished Manuelito Joining the Militia Marcus joins the Militia
615 Finished Iris Lark Helping the Inez Family A few folks from Shantytown, El Dorado and a few other places gather to help a family in need.
614 Finished Qwillis Now that's a big robot
613 Finished Qwillis The last wounds always scar
612 Finished Fern Who Sleeps In Water? Fern starts to ask Abigail teenage-appropriate questions for such a curious mind, and then starts prying to find out what sort of person Abigail would date.
611 Finished Manuelito Battle for Tinnie Part 1 As El Dorado continues to expand its borders, the town of Tinnie has called for help. The Militia is being sent in to clean up Tinnie of the Feral Ghouls that have invaded the town.
610 Finished Qwillis What's a wall again?
609 Finished Kaelyn Casino meeting!
608 Finished Ashur Zombies Ate My Homework
607 Finished Camilla Fixing Eden..
606 Finished Qwillis Of Robots and Loot
605 Finished Camilla The Doc, err, Nurse? Is in.
604 Finished Qwillis Franken-Manny time!
603 Finished Iris Lark Welcome to Avalon Jackie and Whassup come to Avalon to visit Iris in her new house.
602 Finished Iris Lark Meeting Abdiel Iris gets to know Abdiel, and she hires him to work at the Clinic.
601 Finished Iris Lark For sale or Trade! The Acme General Store was hopping. Sales were made!
600 Finished Gwin On the road again
599 Finished Gwin Camp Happy
598 Finished Ashur How To Train Your Orphan While recovering from a scuffle in Jack's Town, Ashur gives Fern some of those boxing lessons she's wanted.
597 Finished Iris Lark Hot dogs and Milkshakes People gather at the Caboose to discuss building walls over hot dogs and chicken fried chicken.
596 Finished Fiona Barracks Browns
595 Finished B Meet the neighbour
594 Finished Fern Mutant SKULLS!? Mutant Asher makes his way in to town to give a very excited Fern the skull helmet he promised to bring back from Mexico. Jacqueline rides in on her bike, which is also something that creates excitement! The three chat about marriage, being free and what might happen if Jackie falls off her bike and dies. Good fun!
593 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Beauty & The Beast
592 Finished Zealot Shreya Wasteland Justice
591 Finished Iris Lark Sammy is Seen Sparrow is angry! Sammy made soap! Stockton is reasonable! The world is ending.
590 Finished Katherine Caine Mexico Expedition Debriefing
589 Finished Iris Lark This still hurts Qwillis, Fiona and Manuelito stop by the Clinic for some help.
588 Finished Fiona Militia Coffee
587 Finished Iris Lark Lazy Afternoon Qwillis, Camilla and Iris talk shop during lunch.
586 Finished Qwillis Filling out a lab
585 Finished Sparrow No Title, No Cry A scene in which nobody cries.
584 Finished Abdiel Rebel Without a Scene Title In which James Scene struggles with ennui in a changing world.
583 Finished Iris Lark Lab Ahoy Qwillis shows off his new lab and converses with Iris.
582 Finished Iris Lark Concussed. The Knox boys visit the clinic and discuss housework.
581 Finished Sammy Sentries On A Mission
580 Finished Iris Lark Are you okay? Iris checks up on Abe. Then several others at the camp drop by for conversation.
579 Finished Iris Lark Mending. Camilla is shot and badly injured, at the triage tent she finds some help.
578 Finished Lucas Dinner at the Diner
577 Finished Sammy Night Watch
576 Finished Jacqueline Nameless in Sceneattle In which the references used in titling unnamed scenes become ever more obscure.
575 Finished Kaelyn Casino shenannigans!
574 Finished Qwillis Mysteries in Mexico
573 Finished Vault Girl Mexico Expedition - Finale
572 Finished Aralyn Poseidon's Law
571 Finished Kaelyn Through the Desert On a Scene With No Name A scene where stuff happens.
570 Finished Camilla Let me take a look at that...
569 Finished Iris Lark Mutation Plans upon plans.
568 Finished Martin We manually got some manuals for maybe a guy named Manuel.
567 Finished Aralyn Master of the Seas
566 Finished Sparrow Did anyone get the VIN on that Enclave?
565 Finished Zealot Shreya Xenophobic Report
564 Finished Fern Where Do They Go? Fern joins Tina at church to ask all about Heaven, Hell and what happens when people die.
563 Finished Vault Girl Mexico Expedition - Final Countdown
562 Finished Iris Lark Shrapnel People get treated after an awful day of driving.
561 Finished Ashur Campfire Tales The night after pulling into Poseidon, folks take a break and decompress before the no doubt dangerous adventures tomorrow.
560 Finished Manuelito Fallen Flags
559 Finished Sparrow Quring Qwillis Mending the Mechanic.
558 Finished Zealot Shreya An injured zealot stops at the Gold Digger.
557 Finished Martin Come in, and know me better man.
556 Finished Manuelito Treating The Marshal
555 Finished Vault Girl Mexico Expedition - God of the Seas
554 Finished Qwillis Oh Sentry duty, how we love you
553 Finished Abe Conquering Hero Abreham returns from a investigative trip with a story to tell that might be too weird to be true.
552 Finished Qwillis A friend in need...
551 Finished Eden Tell me your story
550 Finished Sparrow I need Badlands Medicine.. Badlands Medicine is what I need.
549 Finished Martin Huh. Who Knew. On this week's side mission, the intrepid troupe goes out toward some strange flashing lights. Dont see that tooo often in the wastes.
548 Finished Vault Girl Mexico Expedition - Side Trip
547 Finished Iris Lark Hard Headed Jude and Iris talk during a quiet moment of the expidition.
546 Finished Sparrow Where The Scenes Have No Name
545 Finished Milton Poor Milton
544 Finished Martin Patrols. Patrols never change. In this thrilling installment of boring ass walking around the caravan to make sure its not totally ravage by the harsh enviroment, is a lot of boring ass walking around.
543 Finished Sparrow Welding, Stitching and Bitching
542 Finished Zealot Shreya A Child's Curiousity
541 Finished Vault Girl Mexico Expedition - Blockade Runners
540 Finished Qwillis Mexico expedition sentry duty
539 Finished Kaelyn Hyjinks at the Bar!
538 Finished Manuelito A Mexican Girl, Coyotes and Scouts
537 Finished Manuelito Quiet Night On A Long Journey
536 Finished Sparrow Wasteland Survival Guide: Wild Mexico
535 Finished Sammy We Look For Things to Make Us Go Sammy leads a group out to gather some fuel for the vehicles in a near-by abandoned service station. This event will grant 10 Microfusion Cells to all players who participate.
534 Finished Willow Caine Murder in the Gold Digger
533 Finished Sparrow Small Cowgirls and Big Guns
532 Finished Aralyn Day 1 Camp Mexico
531 Finished Vault Girl Mexico Expedition - Part 1
530 Finished Sparrow Last minute patchup on Rose.
529 Finished Kaelyn Pancaaaakes!
528 Finished Camilla A Promise is a Promise
527 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds plus Kokomo mashup This is what happens when you don't title your scenes.
525 Finished Tina Some Bright Morning One bright morning Celeste joins Tina in church to ask all sorts of questions about faith, prayers and how it all works. Kaelyn joins to get out of the heat, and the three (or four counting CORA) continue the discussion until they part ways.
524 Finished Zealot Shreya After dinner glow After leaving the diner, Shreya catches up with Camilla to inquire about her fear of Ashur. She learns Camilla is an escaped slave of the Legion, and after she offers Camilla a safe place to stay the two share introductions and go about their day.
523 Finished Aralyn Clone in a Diner? Aralyn and Shreya share a conversation centered on Ara's unique looks. It brings more questions from Shreya, who wants to know all about who created Ara and what her purpose is. Camilla and Ashur enter soon enough, and though Camilla first seeks an escape route upon seeing Ashur, she soon sits and eats once the man tells her to. Asher then focuses on Aralyn, believing she is Kaelyn! Shenanigans!
522 Finished Milton Empty scene
521 Finished Katherine Caine Expedition Briefing
520 Finished Carter Griffin I need Healing! Filled with fresh stab wounds, Carter heads into the clinic upon returning from Dunwich. Camilla helps clean him up while asking the burning question of why people go out, get hurt, come back for treatment and then go out to do it all over again.
519 Finished Konno Jack's Town Fight Club Presents: Doctor Love vs. Popsicle Kunoichi!
518 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Last Minute Patching
517 Finished Martin A Meeting and an Exchange Two passing souls, passing resources and ammo.
516 Finished Tina Inquisitor At Work?
515 Finished Harlan Not Dunwich.. Harlan is Ungrounded.
514 Finished Iris Lark Archene died as he lived, butt up in whores and cards. Archene stops by the clinic with a rather nasty infection, this fellow is lucky to be alive.
513 Finished Ashur New Rome, New Home
512 Finished Qwillis The Book and what lurks within
511 Finished Ferret Scorpion or Scorpiout?
510 Finished Iris Lark The truth might set you free Camilla and Iris talk about the past.
509 Finished Lucky Fun in Lincoln
508 Finished Qwillis Trading at the Market Empty scene
507 Finished Ashur Communing With Nature Ashur and Camilla meet in the Shantytown's scrap forest and bond over their mutual appreciation of the Legion.
506 Finished Iris Lark Harlan is Grounded Harlan gives up Dunwich after he gets grounded.
505 Finished Sparrow Last minute Bind
504 Finished Hawk Random Saloon Shenanigans
503 Finished Lucky Dunwich, Supernatural or just plain ol science?
502 Finished Qwillis Recovery of a broken caravan
501 Finished Iris Lark Scrapes and Bruises Jackie, Iris and Qwillis get together to talk and treat minor injuries.
500 Finished Rose Caravan Missing!
499 Finished Saeko Saloon stuff!
498 Finished Lucky Another Day in Acme
497 Finished Iris Lark Warmth Jackie gets treated, and spends the night, in Acme.
496 Finished Qwillis Travel to the Library
495 Finished Qwillis Meeting in the Market
494 Finished Zeik Idle Fancy
493 Finished Kaelyn Vault Town Shenannigans
492 Finished Iris Lark Safe Haven Eden comes to Acme for some help with injuries.
491 Finished Konno Pretty and also a doctor!
490 Finished Iris Lark Abe has looked better.. Abe interrupts a private interlude between Jude and Iris, but since he was bleeding it was okay.
489 Finished Fern Let's Go a'Scavenging! Abigail Caine and Fern head out to go scavenging and they meet Kaelyn on their way out of the city. There are lots of questions for Kae before the trio heads to the wastes to pick through scraps.
488 Finished Alice idk
487 Finished Willow Caine A delicate flower
486 Finished Kasumi Camping
485 Finished Rose Saloon Slinking
484 Finished Zealot Shreya A cultist in Avalon.
483 Finished Sammy Gun Digest 336th Annual Edition
482 Finished Harlan A black and blue Blacksmith.
481 Finished Iris Lark Soothing Saeko stops by the clinic for some help.
480 Finished Stockton Another Day at EDSD (YEAAAaaahhhh)
479 Finished Apostle Dial A Doc
478 Finished Frank Silver Dollar Saturdays
477 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Dunwhich's Brittle Bones
476 Finished Logan Wyatt's Watch Wyatt comes to the lobby of the militia headquarters in order to find Logan in order for the man to fix a watch. It's a bumpy ride, but the job is completed, but not without a bit of threat from a revolver.
475 Finished Iris Lark Soft Saturday Jackie stops by the clinic to visit.
474 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Ledges Make Wedges
473 Finished Milton
472 Finished Rose Wasteland Wandering
471 Finished Jude Service with a Smile
470 Finished Harlan Demon Man, Harlan
469 Finished Smash Su Casa Es Mi Casa
468 Finished Ashur Presents Ashur brings his wife presents and has her give him a once-over after recent skirmishes.
467 Finished Iris Lark Buried Treasure? Pirate treasure is real, isn't it?
466 Finished Qwillis Restoring a shoulder
465 Finished Zeik Burned!
464 Active Zealot Shreya Aye Chihuahua
463 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin The More The Merrier...
462 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Deathclaw Blues
461 Finished Lucky Noooooodles! Lucky eats noodles with Eden
460 Finished Manuelito Legion Indominus
459 Finished Zealot Shreya Last Call
458 Finished Percy Blood in the metal forest.
457 Finished Saeko Sparring and Snacks
456 Finished Derk Leg Assembly In which Iris ensures Derk's leg remains functional.
455 Finished Lucky The Apologetic Lucky Lucky runs into Iris and apologizes for his outburst earlier at the Clinic.
454 Finished Qwillis The Great Library! Part 1
453 Finished Iris Lark Confessions
452 Finished Qwillis How to cure the sick and heal the wounded
451 Finished Salvatore Morning in the Gold Digger Saloon
450 Finished Ashur Make It Rain
449 Finished Sparrow The knights who say.. Whee.
448 Finished Zealot Shreya Clearing the Way for Atom's Children
447 Finished Alice Abe's Badonka Donk can't be handled by any girdle
446 Finished Theodore Bullet Cancer
445 Finished Lucky Plotting To Return To Dunwich Lucky and Eden discuss outside the Acme General Shop on going back to Dunwich to put the ghost car theory to rest once and for all.
444 Finished Iris Lark For sale or trade! People converge on the Acme General Store looking to buy some things.
443 Finished Qwillis A donation to the Militia
442 Unfinished Splutch Lazy Tuesday Empty scene.
441 Finished Iris Lark Is Vuk blind forever?! Vuk braves danger as he attempts to get treated in the Clinic.
440 Finished Willow Caine Once upon a time..
439 Finished Derk Treatment Party
438 Paused Sammy Gun Grease and Motor Oil
437 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Gumbo! Kurokumo has decided to share a recipe with the El Dorado community, with an improvised ingredient: Dragonfly Gumbo!
436 Finished Fiona A Scene Called Silver
435 Finished Iris Lark Acme, such a nice place to visit Scientists do science while Iris listens and learns.
434 Finished Iris Lark Blood in the Water The wounded in El Dorado are hungry, it's a good thing Iris doesn't mind cooking lunch for the horde.
433 Finished Milton OMG. They KOed Teddy! Those B*stards.
432 Finished Sammy Gold Street Soap Company?
431 Finished Apostle The Road Is Long
430 Finished Kasumi A Ninja Meeting
429 Finished Iris Lark Helping Hands Iris and Harlan talk of the store, showers and what pretty might mean.
428 Finished Katherine Caine Reunions
427 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Out on the Horizon...
426 Finished Milton Scene Title Lost Of Man's First Disobedience, and the Fruit Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal taste Brought Death into the World, and all our woe, Such as scenes delivered with neither title nor description.
425 Finished Ashur Alcohol And Indiscretion
424 Finished Katherine Caine Town Hall Meeting
423 Finished Sammy The Meeting Before the Meeting Empty scene
422 Finished Iris Lark Making something from nothing Jude, Eden and Iris meet to talk for in the Store.
421 Finished Ashur Home Cooked Heals
420 Finished Vault Girl Wanna Mango? Wannamingo! Something is lurking in the Cap Mines and it's not a Mango.
419 Finished Iris Lark A beautiful morning stroll Swallowing her fear, Iris helps Apostle deal with some wounds.
418 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Lakeside Preparations
417 Finished Konno Another day another cap!
416 Finished Milton With Hookers and Blackjack.. Milton tells his Wasteland Tales. Will anyone be interested in what he knows?
415 Finished Abe Dunwich Blues
414 Finished Iris Lark Roadside Wrap-up Iris finds Eden in the wild and treats her various wounds.
413 Finished Vault Girl Dead Bodies. Haunted Cars. Get the fuck out of Funwich.
412 Finished Iris Lark In search of.. Another busy, but fun, day at the Acme General Store
411 Finished Qwillis Wild in the Wasteland
410 Finished Smash Cloak and Swagger
409 Finished Darling Jack's Town Cantina Time Darling and Alpha talk Gangs.
408 Finished Ashur Spiritual Guidance
407 Finished Iris Lark Breakfast at the Clinic Qwillis, Jackie, Whassup and Iris have breakfast in the quiet Clinic.
406 Finished Konno Are spiders in a bar barspiders?
405 Finished Lucette All American Reconte
404 Finished Zealot Shreya Strange Alliances One-post scene.
403 Finished Fern I'm Not Crying Abigail follows Fern to her home and decides to take the kid in, welcoming her into her own home.
402 Finished Sparrow Payment Required Somebody forgot their scene-titling bill.
401 Finished Ashur The Supernal Meets The Supernatural Kumo tends to her husband's wounds-- and learns, in the process, they seem to be from no earthly force.
400 Finished Willow Caine A quiet dinner
399 Finished Manuelito All the Greats Fall
398 Finished Smash After Action Rapport
397 Finished Qwillis To Catch a Thief
396 Finished Kaydin
395 Finished Iris Lark Abandoned Vuk tries emotional blackmail to get Iris to snuggle with him.
394 Finished Kaydin
393 Finished Sammy Poker Night - Sammy Style
392 Finished Iris Lark Trading Wounds Iris treats a patient.
391 Finished Smash Jack's Town Can'ttina
390 Finished Lucky Holodisk HO! Lucky sets off to the Mechanic Shop in search of a husbandry holodisk! This will put him a step closer to understanding the Wild Wastelands exotic animals and perhaps, with a bit of luck, taming one!
389 Finished Manuelito Just Fishin
388 Finished Willow Caine A flower by any other name..
387 Finished Harlan Workin' 9 to 5
386 Finished Konno Another day another dollop
385 Finished Smash Muties R Dum
384 Finished Alice Hurt
383 Finished Qwillis Rumble on the edge of the Wasteland
382 Finished Sparrow Cazador Your Heart Out Out at Bitter Lake, there are a small group of people who utilize the area for their basic food needs. Small tribal families, outskirt dwellers come out here to fish and catry their hand at small mire lurks. But tonight something was entirely wrong. Starstwinkle overhead on the crisp clear night and the waxing moon above is cut into strange and terrifying silhouettes through the branches of the trees. A scream has cut through the night and a few fishermen have run towards the safety of the city with tails of a giant buzzing terror. Two Cazador is hunting the shoreline of the lake. Those approaching can hear it in the distance, a low hum of furiously beating wings.
381 Finished Konno Theives of heart, virtue, and caps.
380 Finished Katherine Caine Getting Lucky
379 Finished Iris Lark Gears Up! Iris meets one of her walking nightmares, the exotic Apostle.
378 Finished Ashur Desperate Times In the wake of a brutal attack that saw her gang scattered on the wind, Chloe pulls herself together and forces a march to El Dorado and safety through mild dangers.
377 Finished Iris Lark Blind and Dangerous Vuk wants hero worship, but Iris only gives him bandages. Alas, poor Vuk!
376 Finished Barns junkyard parts for apostle
375 Finished Stockton This One Time at the Saloon...
374 Finished Alice Lab Rats
373 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Doctor Blues
372 Finished Iris Lark Hope Remains Tender Theodore declares himself to Iris..sorta.
371 Finished Konno First Day on the job, and a newcomer
370 Finished Iris Lark Yes, Those Are Teeth Marks Kaydin stops by to get his gnawed on leg looked at!
369 Finished Harlan Sword Smithin'
368 Finished Abigail Caine Salvage is a Girl's Best Friend
367 Finished Harlan Welcome to Store Team Six
366 Finished Barns ncr celebration
365 Finished Emily A Drug Deal? Emily and Percy discuss the details of a Chems trade.
364 Finished Sparrow Recovery
363 Finished Fern Shantytown Evening Fern meets Alasa and talks about tattoos.
362 Finished Vault Girl The End of Hope
361 Finished Willow Caine Business Propositions
360 Finished Iris Lark What a Lovely Day Two shy people meet, blush and discuss pigs and flowers.
359 Finished Willow Caine A Lazy Afternoon
358 Finished Iris Lark The Storm Breaks Percy finds his way to Shantytown and finds a place to work.
357 Finished Katherine Caine Sisterly Showdown
356 Finished Iris Lark There were lasers The Sheriff comes to discuss lasers, injuries and a possible future alcohol poisioning.
355 Finished Zealot Shreya After the Storm
354 Finished Iris Lark Emily finds herself in Shantytown Emily stops by to meet Iris.
353 Finished Stockton Doomguy Gets Judged
352 Finished Sparrow It begins with a seed..
351 Finished Ashur Therapy Beatings
350 Finished Hawk The Newbies!
349 Finished Harlan Workin' 9 to 5
348 Finished Katherine Caine Road Warriors
347 Finished Ashram Unloading in New Rome
346 Finished Tina That Holy Glow
345 Finished Iris Lark Into the Dark Tina finds Iris in a rare, quiet moment, and they discuss fear and solitude.
344 Finished Katherine Caine Sheriff Stockton your mission should you choose to accept it..
343 Finished Willow Caine The Zealot and the Whore
342 Finished Lucette A lucky deal
341 Finished Jacqueline
340 Finished Jude Setting Up Shop: Pt III
339 Finished Carter Griffin Setting up a Shop
338 Finished Iris Lark Qwillis Returns Qwillis returns to his old home, finds it gone, and stops at the market for conversation and a spot of lunch.
337 Finished Julie Private Acquisitions
336 Finished Stockton
335 Finished Lucette Afternoon drink
334 Finished Fern Holy Smokes Fern bumps into Shreya and learns of how Shreya dug up a landmine just to put it under someone's pillow and blow the man up. Crazy.
333 Finished Vault Girl Hellclaw
332 Finished Jude For All Your Repair Needs... Jude and Sparrow catch up on the local news after Jude installs a Holodisk for Sparrow.
331 Finished Vault Girl The Polls
330 Finished Sparrow Splints and Stitches.
329 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Shaka, When The Walls Fell.
328 Finished Guardian Caldwell Of Steel And Iron!
327 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin
326 Finished Zealot Shreya Kumo encounters a Child of Atom
325 Finished Alice To The Vaultmobile
324 Finished Vault Girl Aide Aid
323 Finished Lucette
322 Finished Iris Lark Always Working Members of VT6 get together to continue cleanup on the Acme General Store to get it ready for opening.
321 Finished Lucky Lucky's unlucky arm Lucky seeks treatment from Sparrow for his shredded arm. Likewise, Lucky assists Sparrow with a herbal treatment to help with her nightmares.
320 Finished Katherine Caine A job?
319 Finished Katherine Caine Where everybody knows your name except when they don't
318 Finished Iris Lark "I'm number one!" Harlan stops by the Clinic after the battle in Roswell to get patched up.
317 Finished Katherine Caine Bar Stuff
316 Finished Vault Girl The Price
315 Finished Lucette Another day another penny.
314 Finished Saeko Wandering About Town
313 Finished Vault Girl The Score
312 Finished Iris Lark Kurokumo seeks Healing Kurokumo stops by for healing while Iris keeps a worried eye on Alice.
311 Finished Iris Lark Paper, Rock, Injuries Vuk is injured in the Clinic again. Surprised? Neither am I.
310 Finished Iris Lark Wrap and Go Ren stops in to the Clinic to get treated.
309 Finished Lucette Lucky to make it back alive
308 Finished Lucky Lucky ain't so lucky
307 Finished Derk Beatup B In which B finds herself in need of patching.
306 Finished Sparrow Treatment after the Enclave Collapses
305 Finished Vault Girl 'Merica Fuck Yeah
304 Finished Sparrow
303 Finished Jude Setting Up Shop: Pt I
302 Finished Jacqueline
301 Finished Sammy Day's Done, Battle's Won Sammy makes it to the medical facility yet again, and apologies for the inconvenience of needing to patched up again.
300 Finished Iris Lark Food and Conversation Several people end up in the Diner having a late dinner and some conversation.
299 Finished Derk Derk's Wounding A scene in which Derk is injured then patches himself up.
298 Finished Tina Alone Time
297 Finished Alice Lower Vault Town
296 Finished Sammy Friday Night Firefight Sammy tracks down where the gang that raided Einstein's shop went, and gathers interest for them wot wanted to go smoke 'em out and recover Einstein's Books And Various Sundries
295 Finished Jude Snack Cakes Never Go Out of Style
294 Finished Bane
293 Finished Lilu A Visit from a Superior
292 Finished Ashur Working Out The Kinks
291 Finished Iris Lark Jude in the Clinic Jude, Stockton and Alice are in the Clinic. Two to be treated, one to be Alice.
290 Finished Alice WTF DID YOU DO JUDE
289 Finished Katherine Caine Any News is Good News?
288 Finished Ashur Tales of Rome
287 Finished Lilu Good Morning, El Dorado
286 Finished Guardian Caldwell Turning Iron To Steel Knight Caldwell works on gaining new recruits, and a quick chat with Lucette gets her to sign up.
285 Finished Iris Lark Lunch and Packages Scott Manson and Iris meet during the lunch rush at the Diner.
284 Finished Iris Lark Trading in the Market Several people drop in on the Shantytown Market to find some deals and steals.
283 Finished Jacqueline Back Door Visit
282 Finished Stockton Jacqueline and Kurokumo have an interesting encounter with assless pants.
281 Finished Iris Lark Salve and Bandages Iris tends to Vuk, again. Needles, salve and bandages are abundant before talk turns to mercy.
280 Finished Lilu New Rome Or Bust With Celeste unable to work the farm, Ashur and Kurokumo seek out Lilu to see what they might need help with on the farm. They leave with some ointment soon after.
279 Finished Deathclaw This Little Adventure of Mine
278 Finished Iris Lark Picking Scrap A trip to see the glowing ones turns into a running competition.
277 Finished Sparrow Poking about Iris' Head. Sparrow visits the clinic before her trip out of El Dorado. She chats with Iris and Achilles for a bit before leaving.
276 Finished Lockreed Wasteland Welcoming
275 Finished Sammy Tell Me Why I don't like Mondays? Several locals meet up at the saloon one morning and thy talk about guns and how necessary it is to know first aid.
274 Finished Achilles Garbage A small group meets up and chats about building towns and finding a vehicle to fix before they go their separate ways.
273 Finished Lilu Well, that was weird... After fighting a band of murderers, Saeko seeks medical attention. Lily is there to help, and she also helps Nathan, who ran into a group of FEV infected refugees.
272 Finished Abe Lame Dog Strut Abe limps into the saloon, looking for Kitty, but it's Lucette who helps treat his leg injury.
271 Finished Iris Lark Once Again..with feeling! Decius stops by the clinic again for treatment.
270 Finished Celeste Mah Rib! Celeste has Kurokumo take a look at her side, fearing a broken rib.
269 Finished Stockton Business as Usual at the Saloon
268 Finished Tina Morning Rose Tina meets with Rose in the Saloon, and is overjoyed to see that her friend is healed.
267 Finished Lilu In Need of Treatments Milton seeks medical attention in the Saloon and meets Lilu, who helps fix him up.
266 Finished Vault Girl Legion Leftovers
265 Finished Rose Resting Rangers
264 Finished Lilu Mr. Blue Sky
263 Finished Iris Lark Tender Ministrations Iris helps Achilles with some of his injuries.
262 Finished Iris Lark Down, but not broken Iris seeks treatment for her shattered, but mending, leg.
261 Finished Guardian Caldwell Milhouse's Initiation Milton is initiated into the New Mexican Brotherhood of Steel.
260 Finished Iris Lark Something to Write Home About Abe stops by the clinic to be seen by the doctor!
259 Finished Alice Ahhhhhh
258 Finished Katherine Caine Death and Taxes
257 Finished Sparrow un-Ruining Roman Ruane, Healing Hanzhou, Salvaging Sammy and the Candy Striper un-Ruining Roman Ruane, Healing Hanzhou, Salvaging Sammy and the Candy Striper
256 Finished Iris Lark Blank got Bopped Blank is laid up at the Clinic with a various assortment of wounds. He has the good fortune to be tended by Nurse
255 Finished Ruane Profit Margins A normal trading day at the Chip'N'Bits as Marcus looks to buy a gun, and others arrive look at the wares and talk.
254 Finished Derk B's Healin' B 'tripped' and needed first aid.
253 Finished Iris Lark Here we go again Vuk finds himself in the clinic again. Is he trying to get hurt now?
252 Finished Tina More Sad, Bad Days Tina, Rose and Nathan talk about recent events with tax men at the Gold Digger Saloon.
251 Finished Nathan Tina meets up with Nathan and confides that she is avoiding the tax men.
250 Finished Sparrow OUCH....ouch! Adian seeks out Sparrow for medical assistance.
249 Finished Achilles R&R Iris and Achilles talk about recent events regarding the Tax men.
248 Finished Sammy Gor'ram Ankle Biters! Sammy limps back to El Dorado after having a disagreement with some feral ghouls in Roswell's Underground
247 Finished Vault Girl When in New Rome - The Gauntlet
246 Finished Iris Lark Busy Day at the Clinic Sometimes it's necessary to take your pants off so the doctor can help you. Medicine can be fun.
245 Finished Iris Lark Headshot Carter takes a bat to the head. Iris gives him a bandaid. A tale of salve and medical tape. True wuv.
244 Finished Iris Lark The Blind leading the Blind Iris tends to Vuk while they discuss the new taxes being levied on the town.
243 Finished Hanzhou Noodles!!! Iris visits Hanzhou his noodle house.
242 Finished Vault Girl Ma Look a Caravan
241 Finished Ashur The Giant Walks Kurokumo gives a check up on Ashur.
240 Finished Sammy There's Gold In Them There Holes. Sammy, Lilly and Decius scavenge an old ruin settlement.
239 Finished Iris Lark A Leg Up Decius stops to get healing and finds Iris in a cast.
238 Finished Sparrow We can rebuild her.. Sparrow treats Iris who has a shattered leg.
237 Finished Nikki Nikki runs into Einar and talks about her new family and why she got kicked out of her old home.
236 Finished Sparrow Keeping Vuk Alive! Sparrow treats bloody mess that is Vuk.
235 Finished Sammy Long Walks In The Desert Sammy, Barns, Ashur, Kurokumo and Jacqueline patrol the wasteland near El Dorado and run into trouble.
234 Finished Alice Rock-a-bye Roswell
233 Finished Alice CompanionQuest
232 Finished Jacqueline Do Clothes Make The Woman? Jacqueline takes refuge inside a Clothing shop as it down pours. Conversations ensue as Celeste and Rachel also enter the store.
231 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin A Return to Home Cooking Kurokumo heads to Hanzhou's Noodle House for food and meets the owner himself, Hanzhou.
230 Finished Sparrow You can take the Cowgirl out of the Wasteland.. One wherein Sparrow and Jude talk at the Vault Restaurant.
229 Finished Hanzhou A Friendly Challenge A friendly melee challenge between Hanzhou and Saeko.
228 Finished Rose Another day at the Gold Diggers Another day at the Gold Diggers
227 Finished Iris Lark Bumps and Scratches Arnold and Abe stop by the medical clinic for wound treatments.
226 Finished Einarr Meeting in the Wasteland Nikki and Einarr meet for the first time while Nikki is out scavenging.
225 Finished Stockton Another Day on the Farm.. The old gang hangs out on what's left of Ma Volkner's property, when trouble strikes.
224 Finished Rose Licking ones wounds Quiet conversations at the Gold Digger Saloon.
223 Finished Iris Lark Digging for Buried Treasure Iris, Alice and Achilles go looking for buried pirate treasure.
222 Finished Lilu Testing, One-Two-Three
221 Finished Ashur Pre-Release Check Up Lilu Checks in on Ashur prior to his release to make sure he is medically okay to be released from the Militia Medical Center.
220 Finished Celeste Breakin' Bottles Celeste is out shooting bottles with a slingshot and rocks. Rachel happens upon her and Celeste inquires Rachel assistance in being taught to shoot.
219 Finished Sparrow A Refreshing Cold One One wherein conversations are to be had at the Gold Digger Saloon.
218 Finished Ashur A Wounded Man One wherein Ashur talks with Celeste.
217 Finished Vault Girl Vertibird DOwn
216 Finished Jacqueline Jackie stumbles upon Saeko in Shantytown market while shopping for clothing.
215 Finished Derk Tis Just a Headwound! In which Milton's head is examined, and beset upon by Derk.
214 Finished Ashur Post-Release Check Up Released from the militia's medical center, Ashur has been out and about El Dorado all day, and decides to settle into the night with one last check-up to make sure it's all good.
213 Finished Molly Brown Putting Johnny Back Together Molly has to patch up another friend who ran a foul of the wasteland.
212 Finished Lilu What's Up Doc? One wherein Rose is treated by Lilu.
211 Finished Sparrow Healing Roman! One wherein Sparrow treats Roman.
210 Finished Zealot Shreya Atom Provides One wherein Zealot Shreya meets Celeste and Sammy.
209 Finished Sparrow Stitchin' up Amos One wherein Sparrow treats Amos.
208 Finished B Wasteland Scavving One wherein Derk and B meet.
207 Finished Nikki Nikki stops by to get some noodles from Hanzhou.
206 Finished Ashur The Waiting Game One wherein the Kurokumo sees Ashur.
205 Finished Gorilla Snork's Irregularties One wherein the Intrepid Heroes seek out a band of mercenaries.
204 Finished Ashur Convalescent One wherein people check in on Ashur.
203 Finished Derk Sensual Healing In which Ashur is brought back from the brink of splat.
202 Finished Vault Girl All Along The Watchtower
201 Finished Tobias Flea sized, Flea Market Tobias Clearweather has set up a blanket in the dust not far from the Gold Digger Saloon and he some spread out some random briacbrac for sale as he shouts at passerbys... until someone tells the dirty to fellow to clean up shop he's trying to fence his wasteland junk to anyone who will listen.
200 Finished Ruane Routine Maintenance One wherein Roman and Clara meet and talk.
199 Finished Ashur The Hills Have Krogs Looking to help out an unfortunate trader, a small group of do-gooders track down a gang of chem addicts and manufacturers in the hills.
198 Finished Ruane Atom's Pilgrim One wherein Zealot Shreya meets Rose and Roman.
197 Finished Iris Lark Dinner at the Diner Iris briefly meets Saeko in the El Dorado Diner.
196 Finished Beau The Silk Road A journey into the dilapidated dangerous city of Roswell for SILK! Beau, owner of the El Dorado clothing shop, lost contact with his delivery wagon somewhere in Roswell. It is up to those he hires to go find it and retrieve his product undamaged and unstolen. Beau Ardor, the ol pouf, never leaves El Dorado city limits so he's entrusting YOU!
195 Finished John There Be A Bullet in Me One wherein John is treated by Iris.
194 Finished Nathan Nathan trades a helmet to Abe for a huge sword.
193 Finished Jacqueline Breakfast At The Caines' One wherein people meet up at Gold Digger Saloon for breakfast.
192 Finished Tina Quiet Day Of Nunsense One wherein Kurokumo and Tina meet.
191 Finished Sparrow
190 Finished Tina Between Services One wherein Moon and Tina meet.
189 Finished Manuelito Ghoulie Mines The Militia is tasked to clean out a Mine east of Shantytown. instead of using Militia troops, Colonel Sanders has assigned Captain Romero to find a few hired (expendable) hands from the influx of new people coming into El Dorado. The job? Just get rid of a few pesky little ghouls inside of a Mine. Simple, right? It's easy like making lemonade from irradiated lemons; sure, you'll have a glow afterwards.
188 Finished Lucky Healing Hands One wherein Lucky gets medical treatment from Sparrow.
187 Finished Jacqueline To Market, To Market... One wherein Jacqueline and Kurokumo run into each other at the market.
186 Finished Sparrow Do not Feed the Yao Guai after Midnight There's rumor of a rather large Yao Guai running around up near Salt Creek. There's a request for some brave(stupid) and motivated(desperate) Adventurers to help one of the Local 'North Tribes' out with this menace.
185 Finished Iris Lark Horse Men Hurts Hanzhao thinks he might turn into a mutant, so he decides to come to Iris for treatment.
184 Finished Beau A stitch in time! Another day in the Clothing Shop of El Dorado.
183 Finished Lilly Caine Just a walk One wherein Lilly and Sammy go for a walk and talk.
182 Finished Ruane Roman's Salvage Op
181 Finished Sammy A lazy spring day of Horsing around One wherein Sammy and Celeste meet.
180 Finished Iris Lark Love Hurts One wherein Iris and Achilles converse about feelings and joining the Militia.
179 Finished B Weapon Shop Meetings One wherein B looks to sell a weapon.
178 Finished Rose Wanted: Dead - The Hunt for Wil E. One wherein Rose leads a group to hunt for Wil E.
177 Finished Iris Lark Once Again, With Feeling One wherein Iris treats Decius.
176 Finished Achilles Packin' Gats and Stuff One wherein Blank meets Achilles.
175 Finished Ashur A New Arena One wherein Ashur tests his might at Jack's Fight Club.
174 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Having No Name As a Doctor, you run into all kinds of folks needing help. What happens when your patient is amnesiac?
173 Finished Sparrow What do you do with a Drunken Scavver.. One wherein Sparrow tries to break up a fight that starts in the Saloon.
172 Finished Tina Nun Sense Saeko falls asleep in the church and wakes up to find Tina. The two share introductions.
171 Finished Iris Lark Checkup! One wherein Molly gets a check-up by Iris and Tina comes to visit.
170 Finished Sammy A Merc, a Ranger, a Legionnaire, and a Ninja walk into a bar One wherein a Merc, a Ranger, a Legionnaire, and a Ninja walk into a bar
169 Finished Gorilla Geckmungus One wherein a posse heads out once more to clean up Geckos.
168 Finished Blank Trouble In Town One wherein a group of people are attacked by.... Centaurs?
167 Finished Wiz THE SCENE WHERE WIZ IS BEAT THE HELL UP One wherein Wiz, beaten and bloodied, stumbles into the Gold Digger Saloon.
166 Active Guardian Caldwell An Oath To Steel
165 Finished Sparrow All work and no play... One wherein its just another day at the Drake Family Ranch.
164 Finished Derk Shantytown Clinical Trials A scene in which a newcomer to town visits the clinic to get a lay of the land and offer his services, only to come across one of the local priestesses for introduction.
163 Finished Tina By Candlelight Tina meets Moon at the church and tries to comfort the latter.
162 Finished Joe Caine Bar Duty One wherein its just another day at the bar.
161 Finished B Stranger at the homestead One wherein Walker, heading to El Dorado, meets B at her homestead.
160 Finished Nathan Tina meets up with Nathan to purchase a gun.
159 Finished Iris Lark This Might Blow Up One wherein Jude gets treated by Iris.
158 Finished Ironface Jones Of Angels, Men and Bits Manuelito has a random encounter in the Wasteland
157 Finished B Skipping Stones and Rifles One wherein B meets Derk.
156 Finished Blank Wandering Town One wherein Luck meets Blank and Skittles.
155 Finished Beau Retail Therapy Just another day with the eccentric owner of the El Dorado clothing shop.
154 Finished Moon The Moon in the daytime One wherein Lucky meets Moon.
153 Finished Jacqueline Confusion 'N Bits One wherein Lilly, Tina and Jacqueline converse at Chips'n'bits.
152 Finished Iris Lark An Evening Heal One wherein Molly is treated by Iris.
151 Finished Iris Lark Fight Club One wherein Jude and John duke it out in the Fight Club Arena!
150 Finished Manuelito Reenlistment into the Militia One wherein Joe Cain seeks out Manuelito for reenlistment.
149 Finished Beau Fun with Fabric! The El Dorado economy in action!
148 Finished Ruane Junk Yard Dogs One wherein Skittles and Molly head to the radio station to get a towers signal boosted.
147 Finished Iris Lark Decius Damaged One wherein Lilly treats Decius.
146 Finished Tina Burdens of a Soul One wherein Skittles goes to church, meeting Tina.
145 Finished Lilu Doctor Doctor One wherein Jacqueline seeks out Lilu for medical and Rose stops by.
144 Finished Jacqueline Calling In The Morning One wherein Ashur, after being treated by Kumo, meets Jacqueline.
143 Finished Hanzhou Expert Timing One wherein Saeko seeks out Hanzhou's noodle house and converse.
142 Finished Achilles Nothing a stiff drink can't fix One wherein Iris, Achilles, Ironface and Manuelito hangout at the Golden Saloon; Manuelito gives Iris a gift of a laser rifle.
141 Finished Beau Fashion Foward! Just another day for the shop keeper of the Clothing Store in El Dorado...
140 Finished Rose Rescue from Raiders One wherein Rose and posse attempts to save a caravan group from raiders.
139 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Deathclaw Blues One wherein Ashur seeks out Kurokumo for medical assistance.
138 Finished Ironface Jones Baby Got Back Adventurers from El Dorado hunt a mighty boar for a fancy restaurant in Vault City!
137 Finished Nathan Nathan and Stockton meet up for a quick trade.
136 Finished Blank The Quest For Pants One wherein a lost Blank finds Ashur and Lockreed in the desert.. and a Deathclaw.
135 Finished Iris Lark Late Morning Clinic Work One wherein Iris treats Aidan wounds.
134 Finished Skittles Making the Deal! A deal is struck up to exchange caps, goods, and services between Nathan and Skittles.
133 Finished Ironface Jones People meet up for some bartering. Nikki is sick, Iris shows off the pip-boy she found and then there is chatter of punching things and armor.
132 Finished Lilly Caine yet another day at the saloon One wherein It is just another day at the local Gold Digger Saloon..
131 Finished Kurokumo Mibojin Clinical Moving Day One wherein Kurokumo is offered an office at the clinic and Jacqueline, seeking out Iris, visits her for the first time.
130 Finished Sparrow Stockton meets up with Sparrow at the Drake Ranch, and the two talk about what else needs to be done to get the place running again.
129 Finished Sparrow Full Metal Junk'it Someone has been trapped by some menacing robots. Finally their cries for help have reached the ears of some passing Wastelanders.
128 Finished Katherine Caine Long Night
127 Finished Iris Lark Tending Wounds One wherein Iris tends to Achilles wounds.
126 Finished Lilu Patchie up a Jackie One wherein Bane and Lilu converse about farming and husbandry while Jacqueline looks to Lilu for a medical check-up.
125 Finished Vault Girl Cowboys vs Legionnaires
124 Finished Iris Lark The healer becomes a patient Molly Brown stops by the Clinic to treat Iris when she gets injured.
123 Finished Molly Brown Medical Care (Nikki) One wherein Aidan brings Nikki to Molly for medical check-up.
122 Finished Joe Caine Joe Caine the.. Merchant? One Joe sells leathers to Jude
121 Finished Iris Lark Busy Bee Ironface stops by the clinic to get treated and to keep Iris company for a bit.
120 Finished Iris Lark Healing Hands Achilles gets treated for his wounds.
119 Finished Skittles Paws a Plenty In which coyote parents are killed, and four widdle baby coyote pups are brought back to Drake farm.
118 Finished Lilly Caine Humble Advice
117 Finished Katherine Caine Mother Daughter Time
116 Finished Sparrow It's Marginally Delicious The Diner has some questionable new specials.
115 Finished Celeste Horseshoes One wherein Celeste meets Nikki.
114 Finished Sammy Bar Room - Blitzed Wherein Sammy explores Alcohol as both painkiller and antiseptic.
113 Finished Nathan Nathan sells an Arbiter One wherein Nathan sells off an Arbitor rifle to Rose.
112 Finished Ironface Jones Ant Messing Around Ironface leads a hunting expedition to head off the potential threat of GIANT ANTS before they can attack town.
111 Finished Clara Caine Lets go hunting One wherein Clara is chasing down someone and seeks assistance from Saeko, Lilly and Aidan.
110 Finished Carter Griffin Med Call One wherein Carter and Sammy seek out a doctor for a wound. Sammy and Carter debate if a wheel barrow is an acceptable form of transporting injured people.
108 Finished Lucky Two Scavengers and Roswell The following day after the Ghoul Attack, Jude and Lucky head out to the outskirts of Roswell to scavenge.. and Lucky gets attack by a raider!
107 Finished Nathan Nathan meets Kurokumo at the saloon. They share introductions and soon Kurokumo is out and looking for a place to sleep for the night.
106 Finished Aidan Drake Aidan hangs out at the Sheriff's office and runs into Lilly Caine. Sparrow shows up and she reunites with Aidan, who goes on to tell the story of how he took revenge on those who hurt their family.
105 Finished Nathan A small crowd gathers at the Lone Star Caravan store to look at the wares. They chat about guns and ammo before they barter and talk about trade options.
104 Finished Tobias Poker? I hardly know her?! One wherein Tobais plays poker with a Nun named Neva.
103 Finished Sparrow Who's Crabby? Millie Grande, a local Water Bottler, says that her filtration system's clogged. But Millie, being of one arm and one eye thanks to a Deathclaw Attack five years ago, can't do it on her own. She asks some people to come and help her clean her pipes...
102 Active Hawthorne A Random Encounter
101 Finished Neva Fernandez The House of Healing Patching up bodies and spirits.
100 Finished Clara Caine Morning stroll One wherein Clara goes on a morning stroll on her horse Cindy in the rain.
99 Finished Bane Roswell that ends well One wherein a large expedition is organized to head for Roswell to setup camp for scavenging and cleaning out the old city.
98 Finished Ashur A New World, A New Day Dawn wanders off to marvel at an unfamiliar world; caught in a spot of trouble far from home, Ashur helps her out, and the two agree to head to El Dorado in the morning.
97 Finished Nathan
96 Finished Celeste Morning at the Stables One wherein Aidan and Celeste are reunited after being lost for a long time.
95 Finished Carter Griffin Blue Sky One wherein Carter Griffin, NCR, leads a posse to handle a Jet production plant that is killing people in El Dorado.
93 Finished Lilly Caine Slips 'n' Trips One wherein Lilly and Sammy officially meet and talk.
92 Finished Sparrow Down by the Waters Edge Down by the Pecos River a scavver has died. His widow would like someone to retrieve their wedding ring as a momento. She doesn't care about anything else that was left. She just wants someone to bring back her ring.
91 Finished Gorilla Gecko Let'go! One wherein a posse is hired to hunt down the Geckos that are wandering the highway strip, making it unsafe for travelers and caravans alike.
90 Finished John A Father Son Bonding? One wherein John attempts a father son bonding with Joe Caine and is interrupted by NCR Isabella who is out for vengeance on John.
89 Finished Molly Brown Medical Things One wherein Wiz seeks out medical assistance from Molly after being stung.
88 Finished Flint Athens Tech Help One wherein Flint is seeking out someone with tech experience and so happens to gain the attention of BoS Knight Caldwell.
87 Finished Ruane On the road again. One wherein a posse is hired to hunt down the Geckos that are wandering the highway strip, making it unsafe for travelers and caravans alike.
86 Finished Nathan Fun and games in the Saloon.
85 Finished Tobias Blue Book Value One wherein Tobias recruits Molly, Roman and Skittles to search for books that his old man is looking for.
84 Paused Bane Lacey Lucy
83 Finished Sparrow Encounters of the Wasteland kind A chance encounter wandering between the Shanty Town and Wasteland
82 Finished Ironface Jones Market Days One wherein people head to the market to buy or sell their goods for caps.
81 Finished Rose Ranger's Meeting One wherein Carter Griffin is sent by the Ambassador, Gordon, to talk with Rose; a fellow NCR soldier.
80 Finished Lilu Crossfaction Pass One wherein Lilu stumbles upon Hawthrone, who is bleeding out. She offers her services to assist in fixing the gaping wound.
79 Finished Iris Lark Twilight in Shantytown Girl talk with Jackie.
78 Finished Hanzhou The Art of Noodles One wherein Hanzhou cooks up noodles at his noodle shop and Lilu, Jacqueline and Saeko converse over the noodles.
77 Finished Iris Lark Bacon, Bullets and other Business Iris adopts a tiny piglet, and a lot of people suddenly need help. Sparrow to the rescue!
76 Finished Katherine Caine Catching Up
75 Finished Gordon Meeting contacts One wherein Gordon meets up with NCR contact, Carter Griffin, within the city of El Dorado.
74 Finished Manuelito There be Pigs in the street! Heavy rains cause a cart carrying pigs in a cage to get stuck in the mud. Lightening further impedes the situation as the horse causes a snafu, dumping the pigs everywhere! Helpful townsfolk move in to assist with pigs and even one gets lucky and is sold a pig.
73 Finished Manuelito An NCR Ambassador Walks into Militia HQ NCR Ambassador Gordon Rameriz heads to the Militia HQ to talk with someone in charge. Instead, he is met by Captain Manuelito; a person who is very reserved by the idea of NCR being allowed an Ambassador in the town.
72 Finished Lilly Caine The Aftermath Short scene between Lilly and Saeko
71 Finished Lilu Just A Check-Up One wherein Manuelito checks up on Lilu
70 Finished Bane Full Metal Armourer One wherein a posse, led by Bane, heads out to track down raiders that attacked a caravan.
69 Finished Iris Lark Digging for Gold Little green men? Check. Naked Wastelanders? Check. Adventure? Triple Check.
68 Finished Saeko Newcomers at the bar One wherein its another day at the saloon as new faces, including a sword wielding female, a Ambassador from NCR and a few others show up at the Gold Diggers saloon.
67 Finished Gorilla Find the Missing Water Merchant One wherein a posse of people head out to find the missing water merchant.
66 Finished Lilly Caine Another Day at Gold Digger's One wherein friends and strangers gather at the Gold Diggers Saloon; Nikki tries alcohol for the first time, getting drunk.
65 Finished Aidan Drake Nikki and Aidan go to the saloon where they share food, drinks and a dance.
64 Finished Johnny Quixotic Food for the Soul One wherein people share stories for a cup of noodles
63 Finished Katherine Caine Old Flames
62 Finished Clara Caine On The Job
61 Finished Iris Lark Shantytown's Finest! One wherein Jacqueline and Rose seeks out medical assistance on a wound from Iris Lark, the Shanytown medic.
60 Finished Manuelito The Lost Son Manuelito puts together a posse to find John Gunny, the missing shop keepers son. Along the way, they run into the War Boys.. Will they find the child? Is he dead or alive? Read to find out!
59 Finished Ironface Jones Ironface Jones, Skittles and Aidan are enjoying lunch in the diner as they swap battle stories. They chat about bots and how Aidan wants to fix up the old Drake Ranch. Katherine soon wanders in, prompting Kat and Aidan to have a joyful reunion.
57 Finished Lilu In The Fields One wherein Lilu inquires about farming outside of El Dorado and providing medical to Manuelito. Manuelito meets Rose and offers Lilu to join the Militia as a medic.
56 Finished Skittles Jacqueline meets a drunk Skittles in Roman's shop. They dig around in search of capacitors before they step out of the shop in search of food.
55 Finished Aidan Drake At the saloon, Lilly and Aidan laugh over watching a 'drunk' waiterbot. Lilly talks about her new armor, jobs and Aidan expresses his desire to become Sheriff. Skittles joins in and talks about a stabbing, grenades and then says farewell.
54 Finished Skittles While sitting near a fountain, Skittles gets some medical treatment from Molly for a burned shoulder. Once the treatment is given the two head off to the Gold Digger.
53 Finished Bane
52 Finished Augustus Nielson He's not decrepit just yet... One wherein Augustus checks out Iris's clinic in Shantytown and is given medical attention.
51 Finished Lilly Caine Shooting the Chips One wherein Lilly brings in a sack with items to trade, Dusty introduces herself to Jacqueline and Roman sells Jacqueline a vault jumpsuit.
50 Finished Molly Brown Scaving Molly goes out looking for salvage and gets stuck in an old car. Thankfully a Preacher from the far east helps her out and they start to befriend each other.
49 Finished Iris Lark The Dust rolls in. One wherein Dusty Rose heads to the local medical clinic in El Dorado to see about a bump she recieved from some Bandits. Iris inquires about social places inside El Dorado and talks with Dusty.
48 Finished Manuelito Picnic Lakeside Manny invites Clara out to the lake for a picnic.
47 Finished Ruane Welcome to the Scrapheap One wherein Molly heads over to the Lone Star Caravan in search of a tool kit to purchase from one Roman Ruane.
46 Finished Gorilla Roboboogey One wherein our intrepid adventurers are given a small task that it set before them: A few robots on Cowboy Lane are a bit on the fritz and need to be fixed. Some whisper of sabotage, others think those prior folks are right insane and probably just wore down the use. So, the Militia has hired a group of people with varied and useful skills to sol the problem to keep these incredibly valuable and limited resources running.
45 Finished Ironface Jones In the weapons shop, Ironface Jones and Decius talk about guns, knives, the BOS and technology in a brief meeting.
44 Finished Lilly Caine Breakfast at miss Kitty's One wherein people gather at local Saloon to talk about recent events. Skittles attempts to recruit, a wary Manny asks questions regarding the Brotherhood and Lilly explains about the gut shot wound.
43 Finished Bane Full Metal Caravan One wherein Bane, Rose and a small group of people head out to find the missing caravan from a local shop in El Dorado. They come across it having been attacked and a trail leading away and follow in an attempt to find the attackers.
42 Finished Skittles Adventures in finding Power Armor One wherein it is a busy day at the noodle shop as Hanzhou and Skittles prepare noodles for a large crowd gathering. Alice seeks out Hanzhou for assistance in training with the Katana that she attempts to use to lift noodles from her bowl (and cuts a boot in the process). Meanwhile, Skittles inquires Hanzhou and Roman some assistance in a scavenging mission for a rumored unused Power Armor.
41 Finished Guardian Caldwell Ad Victorium New Mexico Brotherhood of Steel clear out there new outpost of Raiders.
40 Finished Alice What's that Vaultmeat? Is Timmy trapped down the well? Iris and Achilles are chatting in the medical clinic when Vaultmeat and Alice stop by. The trio heads out to Roswell so Alice can get in some practice with her new power fist. They find an interesting box with something inside and head back to town to open it up.
39 Finished Roxie Got any fours? One wherein Katherine and Roxie get into it at the Saloon with on lookers. Clara comes in to break up the fight. As the dust settles and apologies are given, a mysterious stranger walks in. The Mysterious stranger, John talks with Katherine, causing tension as a name is drop. After a tense few minutes of negotiations on prices and a promise to return, he leaves. Afterwards, conversations are to be had in the Saloon; including introductions, a visit by Joe Caine and rooms being booked.
38 Finished Iris Lark Floor won't clean itself One wherein Decius introduces himself to Iris and Achilles and gives a history lesson about the Legion to Iris.
37 Finished Jacqueline Service With A Spark One wherein, in the wake of Bandit attack in Acme and Bandit boss fight, people gather at the Saloon for quiet conversations; including reflection of the battle and Rose opening up about her past.
36 Finished Katherine Caine Boobs. The best Wasteland Insurance Policy. One wherein Katherine and Roxie take a injured Lilly to El Dorado. Once there, they seek out the a doctor to provide medical assistance.
35 Finished Katherine Caine Acme, the other half of the story
34 Finished Augustus Nielson 3:10 to Acme One wherein a gang of bandits from New Vegas has taken control of Acme. With no formal reward being offered, would-be saviors from the nearby city of El Dorado head to Acemy to liberate the people from the bandits.
33 Finished Manuelito A Quiet Evening One wherein Manuelito invites Clara to a picnic at the lake.
32 Finished Molly Brown The Caravan Shop One wherein Molly, in search of a weapon, heads to the LSC store for a little shopping. As she is looking, Barns offers up a .44 revolver he wasn't using. Meanwhile Skittles is turned down due to lack of caps and Dusty reviews the inventory.
31 Finished Iris Lark The Clinic is busy today! One wherein Carter arrives to a checkup of his wound that Iris healed earlier and a mysterious stranger arrives in the shop seeking medical assistance from a slash on his arm via a ghoul's claws.
30 Finished Alice The Great Scavenger Hunt of 2283 in 2282 A small group sets out to the scrapyard in search of Alice's dog, Vaultmeat. Tin cans, car parts and a dead deathclaw are found before ghouls make their entrance. Vault meat is found and the group slay the ghouls. Phew!
29 Finished Skittles Chips and Bits One wherein Lilly, whom is dissembling reduction gears to make a winch of sorts, meets Skittles for the first time.
28 Finished Iris Lark The Tale of Alice the Injured One wherein Alice is in need of some medical assistance from a cut on her cheek. She tells of a tale of how she cut her herself to Iris and Achilles. Hanzhou arrives looking for healer for his shoulder wound and accepts a sparing match with Achilles.
27 Finished Rose The expedition. One Wherein Bane leads a scouting part consisting of Katherine and Rose to Roswell. Katherine informs the two newcomers to the area of the strange lights and stuff that happens within the ruin city limits. Once at the outskirts of the city, the trio attempt to cull some of the houses.
26 Finished Guardian Caldwell Knight Caldwell works on recruiting new members for the New Mexico BOS, starting with Bane and Dusty Rose. Rose accepts, Bane declines and an annoyed Alice makes her way down the street.
25 Finished Ironface Jones Garden People Quiet conversations at the Gardens in El Dorado. Knight Caldwell looks at forming a off shoot of the Brotherhood of Steel in New Mexico, finding support and members from Ironface, Skittles and possibly Decius and Clara.
24 Finished Archene Caine A Small Transaction in the Saloon One wherein Skittles barters her skills in robotics for weapons from Archene at the Gold Digger Saloon.
23 Finished Vault Girl Brothers in Arms
22 Finished Augustus Nielson Blazing Saddles One wherein a group of people seek out El Dorado's horse thieves at a safehouse. A fight ensues between the group and the outlaws inside. Rose and Bane find the horses and take them back, only to have Militia confiscate the extra horses.
21 Finished Iris Lark Healing Hands Ironface Jones seeks medical help from Iris in removing bullets from his chest and tells a tells a tale of his adventure in Jack's Town in confronting Slim Tony and his gang.
20 Finished Ironface Jones Drinking Time! Drinking time at the Saloon! Stories are to be had alongside General conversations; Ironface Jones recent bout in Jack's Town in confronting Slim Tony and his gang; Rose questioning Decius about the Legion; Katherine asking personal questions to Manuelito. Just another day at the Gold Digger Saloon.
19 Finished Cigano A Simple Morning In the Gold Digger Saloon One wherein Cigano spots a defected Legionnaire named Decius and buys him a coffee in exchange for his story and asks of people he might know for a dangerous pilgrimage.
18 Finished Guardian Caldwell The Great Molerat Infestation of 2XXX One wherein Knight Caldwell, Augustus and Iris assist with a molerat infestation down near Vault Town.
17 Finished Katherine Caine Room and Board
16 Finished Katherine Caine A Bounty Hunter, a Barbarian and a Knight walk into a Bar
15 Finished Vault Girl Slim Tony has Fat Loot
14 Paused Darlene The Chryslus Job
13 Finished Katherine Caine UntitledScenetiele
12 Finished Lilly Caine A shot of Bitter One wherein Lilly happens upon a fishing Manuelito and talk about the Raiders who attacked at the Vertibird. Lilly tells Manny about the schematic she was given for a airplane or drone.
11 Finished Clara Caine Joy Ride One wherein Clara sings while heading to the stables and converses with her niece, Lilly and friend Darlene. Meanwhile, Alice makes another appearance, this time with a O.V.E.R 9000 in search of Vaultmeat; Knight Caldwell meets more of El Dorado's finest; a Wasteland Samurai named Hanzhou roles into town and another newcomer, Augustus makes an appearance.
10 Finished Katherine Caine Fiction or Fairytale: The Possible Final Journey of William Caldwell
9 Finished Manuelito Drinks at the Gold Digger Saloon Manny and Clara catch up over drinks at the God Diggers Saloon.
8 Finished Katherine Caine Who needs Abel when you're all Caine
7 Finished Katherine Caine The Knight, The Whore and the Gambler
6 Finished Darlene Smile For Me? ft Carter and Darlene Darlene and Carter discuss life stuff over Sass and beer.
5 Finished Decius The training never ends. Not even in Exile. One wherein Juliet happens across a Legion named Decius who is training. As the two introduce each other, they talk about about preference of weaponry and of the Legion.
4 Finished Vault Girl BOOM! Goes the Dynamite.
3 Finished Darlene Breakfast At Caine's ft. Darlene and Arc Darlene tries her best Womanly Techniques to recruit some help for a Prospecting job.
2 Finished Achilles Smol Doctor One wherein Knight Caldwell finds El Dorado and seeks medical attention from Iris after being lost in the desert for quite some time. Meanwhile, after her second day from Vault Town, Alice finds her way inside the Medical Clinic in search of medicine and meets the group. The Knight goes on to tell a tale of his Brotherhood brothers being ambushed by Raiders, the Vertibird going down and being blown up to Achillles, Darlene and Vault Town dweller Alice.
1 Finished Vault Girl War. War never changes.