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ID State Owner Title Description
1339 Paused Lucette Jimmy Ironbomber's Diggin' Kit
1334 Paused Lucette Western Wasteland Pest Control
1328 Finished Lucette They came from the south... Event 142 with Alasa, Cormano, Kaelyn, and Lucette. Shot up a whole Gecko family and some crazy guy trying to make a Gecko army, but left a Gecko Bruce Wayne to be born..
729 Finished Lucette Militia Medicine Lucette does a round of treatment for the brave members of the militia and treats Hardman and Lee so they can fight again posthaste!
405 Finished Lucette All American Reconte
342 Finished Lucette A lucky deal
335 Finished Lucette Afternoon drink
323 Finished Lucette
315 Finished Lucette Another day another penny.
309 Finished Lucette Lucky to make it back alive