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ID State Owner Title Description
1333 Finished Fern
1314 Active Fern
1312 Finished Fern DELETE
1289 Finished Fern Trip to the Vault Fern runs into Kaelyn in the Vault and the two catch up with a little chat.
1278 Finished Fern Fern meets Judas in the saloon and chats about introducing him to Shreya.
1144 Finished Fern Oh Wow Ferns Scene with Kaelyn and Aidan
1099 Finished Fern
1096 Finished Fern Fern meets CeeDee and makes a new, naked friend.
893 Finished Fern Oh Wow Ferns Scene with Ashur
739 Finished Fern Matchmaker 2 Fern stops Rachel to see if she is another possible date for Abigail.
700 Finished Fern Matchmaking Begins! Armed with knowing what sort of person Abigail would date, Fern heads to church to convince Tina she needs to go on a date with Abigail.
657 Finished Fern Seven Years Good Luck? Fern gifts Jackie a standing mirror she found in the wastes.
645 Finished Fern Puppermaster 3: The Strings We Pull A group follows an insane woman into her home, where they find she has been possessed. They defeat the demon and nearly burn the home down in the process.
635 Finished Fern Meet The.. Parent? Fern brings Jackie home to meet Gale.
621 Finished Fern Ow, It Hurts After killing a demonic spirit, a battered Fern heads to the clinic for help with chest pain.
612 Finished Fern Who Sleeps In Water? Fern starts to ask Abigail teenage-appropriate questions for such a curious mind, and then starts prying to find out what sort of person Abigail would date.
594 Finished Fern Mutant SKULLS!? Mutant Asher makes his way in to town to give a very excited Fern the skull helmet he promised to bring back from Mexico. Jacqueline rides in on her bike, which is also something that creates excitement! The three chat about marriage, being free and what might happen if Jackie falls off her bike and dies. Good fun!
564 Finished Fern Where Do They Go? Fern joins Tina at church to ask all about Heaven, Hell and what happens when people die.
489 Finished Fern Let's Go a'Scavenging! Abigail Caine and Fern head out to go scavenging and they meet Kaelyn on their way out of the city. There are lots of questions for Kae before the trio heads to the wastes to pick through scraps.
403 Finished Fern I'm Not Crying Abigail follows Fern to her home and decides to take the kid in, welcoming her into her own home.
363 Finished Fern Shantytown Evening Fern meets Alasa and talks about tattoos.
334 Finished Fern Holy Smokes Fern bumps into Shreya and learns of how Shreya dug up a landmine just to put it under someone's pillow and blow the man up. Crazy.