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ID State Owner Title Description
328 Finished Guardian Caldwell Of Steel And Iron!
286 Finished Guardian Caldwell Turning Iron To Steel Knight Caldwell works on gaining new recruits, and a quick chat with Lucette gets her to sign up.
261 Finished Guardian Caldwell Milhouse's Initiation Milton is initiated into the New Mexican Brotherhood of Steel.
166 Active Guardian Caldwell An Oath To Steel
41 Finished Guardian Caldwell Ad Victorium New Mexico Brotherhood of Steel clear out there new outpost of Raiders.
26 Finished Guardian Caldwell Knight Caldwell works on recruiting new members for the New Mexico BOS, starting with Bane and Dusty Rose. Rose accepts, Bane declines and an annoyed Alice makes her way down the street.
18 Finished Guardian Caldwell The Great Molerat Infestation of 2XXX One wherein Knight Caldwell, Augustus and Iris assist with a molerat infestation down near Vault Town.