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ID State Owner Title Description
274 Finished Achilles Garbage A small group meets up and chats about building towns and finding a vehicle to fix before they go their separate ways.
249 Finished Achilles R&R Iris and Achilles talk about recent events regarding the Tax men.
176 Finished Achilles Packin' Gats and Stuff One wherein Blank meets Achilles.
142 Finished Achilles Nothing a stiff drink can't fix One wherein Iris, Achilles, Ironface and Manuelito hangout at the Golden Saloon; Manuelito gives Iris a gift of a laser rifle.
2 Finished Achilles Smol Doctor One wherein Knight Caldwell finds El Dorado and seeks medical attention from Iris after being lost in the desert for quite some time. Meanwhile, after her second day from Vault Town, Alice finds her way inside the Medical Clinic in search of medicine and meets the group. The Knight goes on to tell a tale of his Brotherhood brothers being ambushed by Raiders, the Vertibird going down and being blown up to Achillles, Darlene and Vault Town dweller Alice.