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ID State Owner Title Description
255 Finished Ruane Profit Margins A normal trading day at the Chip'N'Bits as Marcus looks to buy a gun, and others arrive look at the wares and talk.
200 Finished Ruane Routine Maintenance One wherein Roman and Clara meet and talk.
198 Finished Ruane Atom's Pilgrim One wherein Zealot Shreya meets Rose and Roman.
182 Finished Ruane Roman's Salvage Op
148 Finished Ruane Junk Yard Dogs One wherein Skittles and Molly head to the radio station to get a towers signal boosted.
87 Finished Ruane On the road again. One wherein a posse is hired to hunt down the Geckos that are wandering the highway strip, making it unsafe for travelers and caravans alike.
47 Finished Ruane Welcome to the Scrapheap One wherein Molly heads over to the Lone Star Caravan in search of a tool kit to purchase from one Roman Ruane.