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ID State Owner Title Description
755 Finished Martin Ghouls Need Walls The totally not going to eat you Ghouls in Roswell, are also afraid of the Super Mutant Hoard and would like walls to.
749 Finished Martin The Wall: Rock and Wall! Our intrepid group of scavengers all die a... I mean, they go out into the wasteland and find some totally useful stuff.
708 Finished Martin So when I turn it on, it doesn't work In where Martin discovers living in a desert where it gets damn cold in the winter dman hot in the summer, needs some climate control.
703 Finished Martin No, the black chairs go over there, the cervase goes there! A scene in which Martin is trying to get the night club set up, and there just isn't enough dirty martini to get it done.
676 Finished Martin The Empty Chamber starts to acquire assests And Martin is trying to attract an attrcative lady to be an attraction to his attraction.
652 Finished Martin Hey a Scene. I dont know. A lot of these scenes are kinda of superfluous but its a fun hobby none the less.
627 Finished Martin Martin got the hurt bads. Martin went scavenging in the huanted lands of Dunwich and got the hurt bads.
568 Finished Martin We manually got some manuals for maybe a guy named Manuel.
557 Finished Martin Come in, and know me better man.
549 Finished Martin Huh. Who Knew. On this week's side mission, the intrepid troupe goes out toward some strange flashing lights. Dont see that tooo often in the wastes.
544 Finished Martin Patrols. Patrols never change. In this thrilling installment of boring ass walking around the caravan to make sure its not totally ravage by the harsh enviroment, is a lot of boring ass walking around.
517 Finished Martin A Meeting and an Exchange Two passing souls, passing resources and ammo.