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ID State Owner Title Description
1262 Finished Matt A convoy run way out to Hondo, to establish a route and get some goods out there.
1254 Finished Matt Matt tries to recruit another ex-NCR gun
878 Finished Matt Matt tries some Shanty-Food!
865 Finished Matt Lone Star Caravan to New Rome! Several Lone Star employees, Ex-Legion from New Rome, and concerned citizens show up to help a caravan push through the scenic route to New Rome.
861 Finished Matt Willow and Matt sitting in a... A nice night out in the Gardens.
858 Finished Matt Matt ignores responsibility for a night More whiskey, and less planning. Willow is a welcome distraction!
842 Finished Matt Gold Digger Saloon gets visitors! Lone Star employees head down the street for some rest and relaxation. Matt meets Willow Caine!
837 Finished Matt Another LoneStar Recruitment Matt offers a place to bed down, as well as a paying steady job to Shiloh.
828 Finished Matt Planning meeting! Lone Star, Matt's company at least, show up to look over intelligence reports and plan their caravan.
822 Finished Matt Matt gets more first-aid. Akane cames by to change bandages and what not.
806 Finished Matt Feeding the Masses One in which a group of survivors works Vuk's farm to help feed El Dorado!
797 Finished Matt Lynnette and Matt run into each other again One in which Lyn and Matt discuss Life and Happiness
778 Finished Matt S01 Finale: One of those Days People overhear militia members going into sewers! Matt knows bombers dress as militia members. Shooting ensues.
741 Finished Matt Citizen's Watch: Investigation of a Missing Caravan One of Lone Star's caravans doesn't show. Matt assembles a posse to head out and track'em down. Shooting ensues.