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ID State Owner Title Description
1306 Finished Tibbie A Sweet Christmas
1227 Finished Tibbie Saucer Soup Kitchen Tibbie and some of her fellow surviors have a very questionable meal!
1220 Finished Tibbie Howdy git Rowdy! 1220 Ashur, Esscast, Kae, and Tibbie get themselves in a good ol fashioned Texas shootem up brawlin hoota-nany with some nasty Reavers!
1210 Finished Tibbie The Welcome Wagon! Tibbie introduces herself to her neighbors along the Pecos River with leftover ice cream in tow, one of these neighbors being William Caldwell!
1203 Finished Tibbie Market Night -FREE ICE CREAM
1197 Finished Tibbie Nyaaah, What's up Doc? A day in the Rosewell scrapyard fishes up more than just metal as Tibbie, Kaelyn, and Jackson meet an intelligent ghoul dressed like a Doctor. But that's not all they run into feral ghouls and drama follows as Conway, Lowry, and Jackson face a standoff!
1194 Finished Tibbie Crackin' eggs at Brigham Farms! It's been a good month at Brigham Farms and Tibbie's invited all to join in it's bounty with a grand breakfast, but more than just the cast iron heats up when Ashur drops by, hoping to crack some eggs of his own!
1165 Finished Tibbie Scaven' in the Rain!
1164 Finished Tibbie Boozin' in Vegas
1163 Finished Tibbie Boozin' in Vegas! A vacay in Vegas has led Tibs to the Second Chance Saloon, where she drinks and gambles with some familiar faces and meets some new ones! Cast; Ashur, Alasa, Kaelyn, Lowry, Franky, Yusco, and Davidson!
1072 Finished Tibbie Whiskey Trade At Lyn's Lounge, Tibbie meets Nero and a trade is had.
1037 Finished Tibbie Visitors at The Shack A typical morning at Tibbie's shack turned interesting as new friends and old have dropped by!
1016 Finished Tibbie A Feast For Friends Tibbie invites friends over to her mother's home in Shantytown for a celebatory feast to welcome them back from the long Alamo trip! She even meets some new friends too!