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ID State Owner Title Description
183 Finished Lilly Caine Just a walk One wherein Lilly and Sammy go for a walk and talk.
132 Finished Lilly Caine yet another day at the saloon One wherein It is just another day at the local Gold Digger Saloon..
118 Finished Lilly Caine Humble Advice
93 Finished Lilly Caine Slips 'n' Trips One wherein Lilly and Sammy officially meet and talk.
72 Finished Lilly Caine The Aftermath Short scene between Lilly and Saeko
66 Finished Lilly Caine Another Day at Gold Digger's One wherein friends and strangers gather at the Gold Diggers Saloon; Nikki tries alcohol for the first time, getting drunk.
51 Finished Lilly Caine Shooting the Chips One wherein Lilly brings in a sack with items to trade, Dusty introduces herself to Jacqueline and Roman sells Jacqueline a vault jumpsuit.
44 Finished Lilly Caine Breakfast at miss Kitty's One wherein people gather at local Saloon to talk about recent events. Skittles attempts to recruit, a wary Manny asks questions regarding the Brotherhood and Lilly explains about the gut shot wound.
12 Finished Lilly Caine A shot of Bitter One wherein Lilly happens upon a fishing Manuelito and talk about the Raiders who attacked at the Vertibird. Lilly tells Manny about the schematic she was given for a airplane or drone.