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ID State Owner Title Description
678 Finished Manuelito Wasteland Patrol
669 Finished Manuelito Down by the Gates Manuelito reviews the wall in Shantytown and meets Lee.
651 Finished Manuelito The Town of Tinnie The Militia have switched from cleaning the town of ferals to bringing fixing the towns buildings and generalize cleanup; prepping the town for eventual citizens.
632 Finished Manuelito Battle for Tinnie Part Deux Militia along with civilian and Sheriff assistance has cleared the small town of Tinnie. A old underground office is discovered that needs clearing.
616 Finished Manuelito Joining the Militia Marcus joins the Militia
611 Finished Manuelito Battle for Tinnie Part 1 As El Dorado continues to expand its borders, the town of Tinnie has called for help. The Militia is being sent in to clean up Tinnie of the Feral Ghouls that have invaded the town.
560 Finished Manuelito Fallen Flags
556 Finished Manuelito Treating The Marshal
538 Finished Manuelito A Mexican Girl, Coyotes and Scouts
537 Finished Manuelito Quiet Night On A Long Journey
460 Finished Manuelito Legion Indominus
399 Finished Manuelito All the Greats Fall
389 Finished Manuelito Just Fishin
189 Finished Manuelito Ghoulie Mines The Militia is tasked to clean out a Mine east of Shantytown. instead of using Militia troops, Colonel Sanders has assigned Captain Romero to find a few hired (expendable) hands from the influx of new people coming into El Dorado. The job? Just get rid of a few pesky little ghouls inside of a Mine. Simple, right? It's easy like making lemonade from irradiated lemons; sure, you'll have a glow afterwards.
150 Finished Manuelito Reenlistment into the Militia One wherein Joe Cain seeks out Manuelito for reenlistment.
74 Finished Manuelito There be Pigs in the street! Heavy rains cause a cart carrying pigs in a cage to get stuck in the mud. Lightening further impedes the situation as the horse causes a snafu, dumping the pigs everywhere! Helpful townsfolk move in to assist with pigs and even one gets lucky and is sold a pig.
73 Finished Manuelito An NCR Ambassador Walks into Militia HQ NCR Ambassador Gordon Rameriz heads to the Militia HQ to talk with someone in charge. Instead, he is met by Captain Manuelito; a person who is very reserved by the idea of NCR being allowed an Ambassador in the town.
60 Finished Manuelito The Lost Son Manuelito puts together a posse to find John Gunny, the missing shop keepers son. Along the way, they run into the War Boys.. Will they find the child? Is he dead or alive? Read to find out!
48 Finished Manuelito Picnic Lakeside Manny invites Clara out to the lake for a picnic.
33 Finished Manuelito A Quiet Evening One wherein Manuelito invites Clara to a picnic at the lake.
9 Finished Manuelito Drinks at the Gold Digger Saloon Manny and Clara catch up over drinks at the God Diggers Saloon.