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ID State Owner Title Description
1296 Finished Jackson Elbow Grease
1294 Finished Jackson Deathclawed if you do, Deathclawed if you don't
1270 Finished Jackson Fear Factory Conclusion
1268 Finished Jackson Fear Factory Part I
1258 Finished Jackson Junkyard Blues Franky, Jane, Tibbie, and Jackson battled a giant gaggle of ghouls led by two glowing ones. Then, they picked out some scrap from Chrome Mountain, and got the hell out of there before more of them came.
1255 Finished Jackson Feral Fighters
1248 Finished Jackson Grease Monkies
1246 Finished Jackson Rusted Gold
1238 Finished Jackson Rumble in the Jungle
1237 Finished Jackson Epsilon Battle Royale!
1225 Finished Jackson Dumpster Diving
1221 Finished Jackson Farm Drinkin' Jackson and Tibbie have a few drinks at the newly christened, 'Parkes Point' settlement owned by Jackson, and have a bit of an emotionall moment in the meantime.
1219 Finished Jackson Cleaning House Jack and pals take it upon themselves to clean up some of the litter plaguging El Dorado's streets. They gather up all of the garbage and have it shipped away to be burned, gather up a bit of reusable scrap and send it over to Lone Star for inspection, and moved a cart full of stalls from the ice cream social down to the Shantytown market for resale and repurposing.
1212 Finished Jackson Junk Quest Jack, Kaelyn, Ashur and pals kill the shit out of a bunch of ferals, discover the Repcon facility's true purpose, and Doc even manages to successfully prevent a nuclear meltdown! Fun stuff. Now, if only we could find some bananas... What? Fruit's hard to come by out here. Maybe Jack was hoping this was a banana research facility. You don't know.
1211 Finished Jackson Drinkin' with Ghouls
1208 Finished Jackson Of Recklessness and Stupidity An incomplete scene that I don't think will ever get completed. Kindly disregard, though may be re-ran in the future with more development.
1199 Finished Jackson Drinkin Like Lincoln As the title implies, Jackson, Franky, and Kaelyn spend some time drinking and conversing at the Gold Digger.
1150 Finished Jackson Artesia Patrol Jackson, Stockton, Melinda, and Elsie went out on a patrol of the outskirts of Artesia in search of a group of raiders harassing local caravans and scavenging parties. Unfortunately, after hours of roaming the city and surrounding highways, they were unable to locate their target. As a result, they returned to Roswell, giving the intel they recovered to the next patrol headed down toward Artesia. (TL-DR-- Jackson's computer died as he was running this scene, and was inactive for a month fixing his computer and moving. Literally just realized this was still paused, and have opted not to run it.)
1129 Finished Jackson Solomon Shakedown It was a chilly, rainy night on the outskirts of Albuquerque. The drops fell in torrential sheets, coating the surrounding buildings in thick, dirty streams flowing criss-cross all around the small group of volunteers. The light of the moon was obscured by a thick cloak of grey cloud, which casted the remains of Albuquerque into an even deeper darkness than even the likes of the Enclave weren't quite used to. In other words, it was the perfect sort of situation for an ambush.
1090 Finished Jackson Healing Jackson!
1043 Finished Jackson Artesia Battle Royale--- The Artesia-ing!