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ID State Owner Title Description
500 Finished Rose Caravan Missing!
485 Finished Rose Saloon Slinking
472 Finished Rose Wasteland Wandering
265 Finished Rose Resting Rangers
228 Finished Rose Another day at the Gold Diggers Another day at the Gold Diggers
224 Finished Rose Licking ones wounds Quiet conversations at the Gold Digger Saloon.
178 Finished Rose Wanted: Dead - The Hunt for Wil E. One wherein Rose leads a group to hunt for Wil E.
140 Finished Rose Rescue from Raiders One wherein Rose and posse attempts to save a caravan group from raiders.
81 Finished Rose Ranger's Meeting One wherein Carter Griffin is sent by the Ambassador, Gordon, to talk with Rose; a fellow NCR soldier.
27 Finished Rose The expedition. One Wherein Bane leads a scouting part consisting of Katherine and Rose to Roswell. Katherine informs the two newcomers to the area of the strange lights and stuff that happens within the ruin city limits. Once at the outskirts of the city, the trio attempt to cull some of the houses.