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ID State Owner Title Description
134 Finished Skittles Making the Deal! A deal is struck up to exchange caps, goods, and services between Nathan and Skittles.
119 Finished Skittles Paws a Plenty In which coyote parents are killed, and four widdle baby coyote pups are brought back to Drake farm.
56 Finished Skittles Jacqueline meets a drunk Skittles in Roman's shop. They dig around in search of capacitors before they step out of the shop in search of food.
54 Finished Skittles While sitting near a fountain, Skittles gets some medical treatment from Molly for a burned shoulder. Once the treatment is given the two head off to the Gold Digger.
42 Finished Skittles Adventures in finding Power Armor One wherein it is a busy day at the noodle shop as Hanzhou and Skittles prepare noodles for a large crowd gathering. Alice seeks out Hanzhou for assistance in training with the Katana that she attempts to use to lift noodles from her bowl (and cuts a boot in the process). Meanwhile, Skittles inquires Hanzhou and Roman some assistance in a scavenging mission for a rumored unused Power Armor.
29 Finished Skittles Chips and Bits One wherein Lilly, whom is dissembling reduction gears to make a winch of sorts, meets Skittles for the first time.