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ID State Owner Title Description
205 Finished Gorilla Snork's Irregularties One wherein the Intrepid Heroes seek out a band of mercenaries.
169 Finished Gorilla Geckmungus One wherein a posse heads out once more to clean up Geckos.
91 Finished Gorilla Gecko Let'go! One wherein a posse is hired to hunt down the Geckos that are wandering the highway strip, making it unsafe for travelers and caravans alike.
67 Finished Gorilla Find the Missing Water Merchant One wherein a posse of people head out to find the missing water merchant.
46 Finished Gorilla Roboboogey One wherein our intrepid adventurers are given a small task that it set before them: A few robots on Cowboy Lane are a bit on the fritz and need to be fixed. Some whisper of sabotage, others think those prior folks are right insane and probably just wore down the use. So, the Militia has hired a group of people with varied and useful skills to sol the problem to keep these incredibly valuable and limited resources running.