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ID State Owner Title Description
213 Finished Molly Brown Putting Johnny Back Together Molly has to patch up another friend who ran a foul of the wasteland.
123 Finished Molly Brown Medical Care (Nikki) One wherein Aidan brings Nikki to Molly for medical check-up.
89 Finished Molly Brown Medical Things One wherein Wiz seeks out medical assistance from Molly after being stung.
50 Finished Molly Brown Scaving Molly goes out looking for salvage and gets stuck in an old car. Thankfully a Preacher from the far east helps her out and they start to befriend each other.
32 Finished Molly Brown The Caravan Shop One wherein Molly, in search of a weapon, heads to the LSC store for a little shopping. As she is looking, Barns offers up a .44 revolver he wasn't using. Meanwhile Skittles is turned down due to lack of caps and Dusty reviews the inventory.