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ID State Owner Title Description
1147 Finished Tina Suite Emotion
742 Finished Tina Wasteland Charity
675 Finished Tina More Nunsense
642 Finished Tina The Exorcist... Sort Of.
525 Finished Tina Some Bright Morning One bright morning Celeste joins Tina in church to ask all sorts of questions about faith, prayers and how it all works. Kaelyn joins to get out of the heat, and the three (or four counting CORA) continue the discussion until they part ways.
516 Finished Tina Inquisitor At Work?
346 Finished Tina That Holy Glow
298 Finished Tina Alone Time
268 Finished Tina Morning Rose Tina meets with Rose in the Saloon, and is overjoyed to see that her friend is healed.
252 Finished Tina More Sad, Bad Days Tina, Rose and Nathan talk about recent events with tax men at the Gold Digger Saloon.
192 Finished Tina Quiet Day Of Nunsense One wherein Kurokumo and Tina meet.
190 Finished Tina Between Services One wherein Moon and Tina meet.
172 Finished Tina Nun Sense Saeko falls asleep in the church and wakes up to find Tina. The two share introductions.
163 Finished Tina By Candlelight Tina meets Moon at the church and tries to comfort the latter.
146 Finished Tina Burdens of a Soul One wherein Skittles goes to church, meeting Tina.