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ID State Owner Title Description
293 Finished Lilu A Visit from a Superior
287 Finished Lilu Good Morning, El Dorado
280 Finished Lilu New Rome Or Bust With Celeste unable to work the farm, Ashur and Kurokumo seek out Lilu to see what they might need help with on the farm. They leave with some ointment soon after.
273 Finished Lilu Well, that was weird... After fighting a band of murderers, Saeko seeks medical attention. Lily is there to help, and she also helps Nathan, who ran into a group of FEV infected refugees.
267 Finished Lilu In Need of Treatments Milton seeks medical attention in the Saloon and meets Lilu, who helps fix him up.
264 Finished Lilu Mr. Blue Sky
222 Finished Lilu Testing, One-Two-Three
212 Finished Lilu What's Up Doc? One wherein Rose is treated by Lilu.
145 Finished Lilu Doctor Doctor One wherein Jacqueline seeks out Lilu for medical and Rose stops by.
126 Finished Lilu Patchie up a Jackie One wherein Bane and Lilu converse about farming and husbandry while Jacqueline looks to Lilu for a medical check-up.
80 Finished Lilu Crossfaction Pass One wherein Lilu stumbles upon Hawthrone, who is bleeding out. She offers her services to assist in fixing the gaping wound.
71 Finished Lilu Just A Check-Up One wherein Manuelito checks up on Lilu
57 Finished Lilu In The Fields One wherein Lilu inquires about farming outside of El Dorado and providing medical to Manuelito. Manuelito meets Rose and offers Lilu to join the Militia as a medic.