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ID State Owner Title Description
1119 Active Aidan Drake
1100 Finished Aidan Drake
688 Finished Aidan Drake Weed is all you Need
106 Finished Aidan Drake Aidan hangs out at the Sheriff's office and runs into Lilly Caine. Sparrow shows up and she reunites with Aidan, who goes on to tell the story of how he took revenge on those who hurt their family.
65 Finished Aidan Drake Nikki and Aidan go to the saloon where they share food, drinks and a dance.
55 Finished Aidan Drake At the saloon, Lilly and Aidan laugh over watching a 'drunk' waiterbot. Lilly talks about her new armor, jobs and Aidan expresses his desire to become Sheriff. Skittles joins in and talks about a stabbing, grenades and then says farewell.