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ID State Owner Title Description
668 Finished Nathan Untitled Scenephony Please name your scenes!
251 Finished Nathan Tina meets up with Nathan and confides that she is avoiding the tax men.
194 Finished Nathan Nathan trades a helmet to Abe for a huge sword.
160 Finished Nathan Tina meets up with Nathan to purchase a gun.
137 Finished Nathan Nathan and Stockton meet up for a quick trade.
113 Finished Nathan Nathan sells an Arbiter One wherein Nathan sells off an Arbitor rifle to Rose.
107 Finished Nathan Nathan meets Kurokumo at the saloon. They share introductions and soon Kurokumo is out and looking for a place to sleep for the night.
105 Finished Nathan A small crowd gathers at the Lone Star Caravan store to look at the wares. They chat about guns and ammo before they barter and talk about trade options.
97 Finished Nathan
86 Finished Nathan Fun and games in the Saloon.