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ID State Owner Title Description
1244 Active Carter Griffin Reminiscing and Scavenging
928 Finished Carter Griffin Northern Patrol Route
768 Finished Carter Griffin Western Region Patrol: Fighting off the invaders. Carter and Lee patrolling the outskirts of El Dorado when they run into what they think are refugees, but they are more than meets the eye.
689 Finished Carter Griffin Southern Border Patrol
520 Finished Carter Griffin I need Healing! Filled with fresh stab wounds, Carter heads into the clinic upon returning from Dunwich. Camilla helps clean him up while asking the burning question of why people go out, get hurt, come back for treatment and then go out to do it all over again.
339 Finished Carter Griffin Setting up a Shop
110 Finished Carter Griffin Med Call One wherein Carter and Sammy seek out a doctor for a wound. Sammy and Carter debate if a wheel barrow is an acceptable form of transporting injured people.
95 Finished Carter Griffin Blue Sky One wherein Carter Griffin, NCR, leads a posse to handle a Jet production plant that is killing people in El Dorado.