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ID State Owner Title Description
1243 Finished Sparrow Nuka's Labrynth
1241 Finished Sparrow In the Hills of Hondo
1196 Finished Sparrow
1126 Finished Sparrow Would you like to Swing on a Star Sparrow leads a group of El Doradans to help a 'Tribe' who needs assistance against the wasteland onslaught.
1123 Finished Sparrow Weird Wasteland: Dr. Doolots - Delivering the Goods.
1108 Finished Sparrow MazeRunner - Nuka Edition ***Several Weeks have passed, the Ghouls of Picacho have cleared away the debris and cobbled together scaffolding to ensure no collapses happen. They've also unearthed two entrances/exits? And built a ladder leading up to a door in a large pipe overhead running under the main portion of the Nuka Cola plant. The ladder doesn't look terribly sturdy. ***
1098 Finished Sparrow
1075 Finished Sparrow Unclogging the Pipes Picacho is a little town tucked away in an almost idyllic little set of 'burbs around the Nuka Cola plant. The houses are nice, a little weather worn but not terribly collapsed or broken in. Shockingly intact, in fact. In the center of the little suburb, raising like the crown jewel is the NUKA COLA plant, so tall that the desert breeze plays in it's walkways and stairwells causing metalic moans to ring out like a choarus. The group will arrive with the passing Lone Star Caravan, headed towards the West from Roswell just at late afternoon. About the time that the ghouls of Nuka town are starting to stir.
1068 Finished Sparrow I want to hold your Hondo: Dueces The Residence of Hondo seem a little more forthcoming now that there aren't a half a dozen armed humans coming at them and less risk of the Raid of the massive irradiated Ferals.
1055 Finished Sparrow I want to hold your Hondo: Part 1 Part 1 of the reclaiming of the Settlement Hono: Wherein things are a little fishy and investigations ensue.
1054 Finished Sparrow Wasteland Medicine
1047 Finished Sparrow Sparrow treats Lowry
716 Finished Sparrow Sparrows Nightmares over?
698 Finished Sparrow Walls of Avalon The town of Avalon is working together today to erect walls that will help to protect them from the Horde. They've got men and women in light chain mail, tunics, and breaches working on setting up beams and masonry to strengthen points in the wall. Scrap has been gathered and worked and stacked neatly, horses have been brought in to help with pullies and transporting construction materials. Crossbowmen keep watch at points around town a trained and ready small force of knights keeping an eye out for the dangers of the Wastes. Sparrow's here since it's her home away from home, already with her sleeves rolled up and helping to rivet some of the beams into place as other people mix mortar. There's room for everyone to contribute to the unique anti-tech little town. The locals don't even balk too badly at the El Doradans and their weird science loving ways. Now's the time to come together.
672 Finished Sparrow FEV: Mutants, Mad Scientists and Medicine
653 Finished Sparrow FEV: Another Day, another Dropper.
647 Finished Sparrow Gohauq: Jokers Walled Gohauq's Mayor has brought the town together in a little bit of celebration in thanks for those people who had set a day to gather and construct the wall. Some materials have already been laid out, old scrap and junk people have found while scavenging or tearing down old buildings around Gohauq. There are stacks of reclaimed lumber, scrap, old pieces of picket and chain link fences and stacks and stacks of tires and dirt to plant the supports in. Simple tools for building and rebuilding. And the very meager population of Gohauq all eager to get something between them and the oncoming horde. The Mayor, in the cities trademark logo items, is chatting with people as they work. Even the Drunken Chihuahua is pitching in and offering free refreshment to people who've been out building the wall every hour or so. But there are rumors that some precursors tot he horde are already arriving. In fact, they lost one of their traders last night.
646 Finished Sparrow FEV: For Science!
585 Finished Sparrow No Title, No Cry A scene in which nobody cries.
566 Finished Sparrow Did anyone get the VIN on that Enclave?
559 Finished Sparrow Quring Qwillis Mending the Mechanic.
550 Finished Sparrow I need Badlands Medicine.. Badlands Medicine is what I need.
546 Finished Sparrow Where The Scenes Have No Name
543 Finished Sparrow Welding, Stitching and Bitching
536 Finished Sparrow Wasteland Survival Guide: Wild Mexico
533 Finished Sparrow Small Cowgirls and Big Guns
530 Finished Sparrow Last minute patchup on Rose.
505 Finished Sparrow Last minute Bind
449 Finished Sparrow The knights who say.. Whee.
402 Finished Sparrow Payment Required Somebody forgot their scene-titling bill.
382 Finished Sparrow Cazador Your Heart Out Out at Bitter Lake, there are a small group of people who utilize the area for their basic food needs. Small tribal families, outskirt dwellers come out here to fish and catry their hand at small mire lurks. But tonight something was entirely wrong. Starstwinkle overhead on the crisp clear night and the waxing moon above is cut into strange and terrifying silhouettes through the branches of the trees. A scream has cut through the night and a few fishermen have run towards the safety of the city with tails of a giant buzzing terror. Two Cazador is hunting the shoreline of the lake. Those approaching can hear it in the distance, a low hum of furiously beating wings.
364 Finished Sparrow Recovery
352 Finished Sparrow It begins with a seed..
330 Finished Sparrow Splints and Stitches.
306 Finished Sparrow Treatment after the Enclave Collapses
304 Finished Sparrow
277 Finished Sparrow Poking about Iris' Head. Sparrow visits the clinic before her trip out of El Dorado. She chats with Iris and Achilles for a bit before leaving.
257 Finished Sparrow un-Ruining Roman Ruane, Healing Hanzhou, Salvaging Sammy and the Candy Striper un-Ruining Roman Ruane, Healing Hanzhou, Salvaging Sammy and the Candy Striper
250 Finished Sparrow OUCH....ouch! Adian seeks out Sparrow for medical assistance.
238 Finished Sparrow We can rebuild her.. Sparrow treats Iris who has a shattered leg.
236 Finished Sparrow Keeping Vuk Alive! Sparrow treats bloody mess that is Vuk.
230 Finished Sparrow You can take the Cowgirl out of the Wasteland.. One wherein Sparrow and Jude talk at the Vault Restaurant.
219 Finished Sparrow A Refreshing Cold One One wherein conversations are to be had at the Gold Digger Saloon.
211 Finished Sparrow Healing Roman! One wherein Sparrow treats Roman.
209 Finished Sparrow Stitchin' up Amos One wherein Sparrow treats Amos.
191 Finished Sparrow
186 Finished Sparrow Do not Feed the Yao Guai after Midnight There's rumor of a rather large Yao Guai running around up near Salt Creek. There's a request for some brave(stupid) and motivated(desperate) Adventurers to help one of the Local 'North Tribes' out with this menace.
173 Finished Sparrow What do you do with a Drunken Scavver.. One wherein Sparrow tries to break up a fight that starts in the Saloon.
165 Finished Sparrow All work and no play... One wherein its just another day at the Drake Family Ranch.
130 Finished Sparrow Stockton meets up with Sparrow at the Drake Ranch, and the two talk about what else needs to be done to get the place running again.
129 Finished Sparrow Full Metal Junk'it Someone has been trapped by some menacing robots. Finally their cries for help have reached the ears of some passing Wastelanders.
116 Finished Sparrow It's Marginally Delicious The Diner has some questionable new specials.
103 Finished Sparrow Who's Crabby? Millie Grande, a local Water Bottler, says that her filtration system's clogged. But Millie, being of one arm and one eye thanks to a Deathclaw Attack five years ago, can't do it on her own. She asks some people to come and help her clean her pipes...
92 Finished Sparrow Down by the Waters Edge Down by the Pecos River a scavver has died. His widow would like someone to retrieve their wedding ring as a momento. She doesn't care about anything else that was left. She just wants someone to bring back her ring.
83 Finished Sparrow Encounters of the Wasteland kind A chance encounter wandering between the Shanty Town and Wasteland