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ID State Owner Title Description
581 Finished Sammy Sentries On A Mission
577 Finished Sammy Night Watch
535 Finished Sammy We Look For Things to Make Us Go Sammy leads a group out to gather some fuel for the vehicles in a near-by abandoned service station. This event will grant 10 Microfusion Cells to all players who participate.
483 Finished Sammy Gun Digest 336th Annual Edition
438 Paused Sammy Gun Grease and Motor Oil
432 Finished Sammy Gold Street Soap Company?
423 Finished Sammy The Meeting Before the Meeting Empty scene
393 Finished Sammy Poker Night - Sammy Style
301 Finished Sammy Day's Done, Battle's Won Sammy makes it to the medical facility yet again, and apologies for the inconvenience of needing to patched up again.
296 Finished Sammy Friday Night Firefight Sammy tracks down where the gang that raided Einstein's shop went, and gathers interest for them wot wanted to go smoke 'em out and recover Einstein's Books And Various Sundries
275 Finished Sammy Tell Me Why I don't like Mondays? Several locals meet up at the saloon one morning and thy talk about guns and how necessary it is to know first aid.
248 Finished Sammy Gor'ram Ankle Biters! Sammy limps back to El Dorado after having a disagreement with some feral ghouls in Roswell's Underground
240 Finished Sammy There's Gold In Them There Holes. Sammy, Lilly and Decius scavenge an old ruin settlement.
235 Finished Sammy Long Walks In The Desert Sammy, Barns, Ashur, Kurokumo and Jacqueline patrol the wasteland near El Dorado and run into trouble.
181 Finished Sammy A lazy spring day of Horsing around One wherein Sammy and Celeste meet.
170 Finished Sammy A Merc, a Ranger, a Legionnaire, and a Ninja walk into a bar One wherein a Merc, a Ranger, a Legionnaire, and a Ninja walk into a bar
114 Finished Sammy Bar Room - Blitzed Wherein Sammy explores Alcohol as both painkiller and antiseptic.