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ID State Owner Title Description
1295 Finished Ashur Comfort Women In the aftermath of New Rome's devastation, Ashur leads a small group westward to a compound run by a Centurion turned cult leader, to rescue a throng of old Legion whores that they might be put to work back home.
1291 Finished Ashur Built In A Day
1286 Finished Ashur Mummification How many bandages does it take to make a man into a mummy?
1282 Finished Ashur Good Eats
1271 Finished Ashur Trinkets While his wife tends his wounds, Ashur shows off a one-of-a-kind treasure he found on an adventure!
1265 Finished Ashur Old Religions A wounded Ashur comes to meditate in the temple of New Rome, meeting and spooking a young priestess there fresh from the Epsilon.
1263 Finished Ashur Riverboat Blues A group of heroes float down river to the Ranger outpost at Mission Protection, interrupting an attack!
1260 Finished Ashur Ashur Returns After the fall of the Epsilon, it took a little bit for Ashur to make it back to New Rome. But when he did, Eden was the first he met!
1249 Finished Ashur Full Throttle Ashur and Eden come from a Ranger forward camp to investigate Reaver attacks. They find a raided caravan and its sole survivor, Finley, just in time to deal with the local Reaver boss-man come back to check on his gang's handiwork.
1233 Finished Ashur What Do You Do With A Drunken Caesar?
1230 Finished Ashur Deathclaws in Spaaaaace! A group of heroes battle Galaxy Crusher, the world's strongest cyborg deathclaw, in a zero-g fight to the death!
1224 Finished Ashur MS Epsilon: Interspecies Empathy A group of survivors make friends with their ancient neighbors.
1213 Finished Ashur Revelations A small group follows reports of Horde activity across the Guadulupe Mountains, finding a partially-evacuated supermutant camp. There, with much violence, they learn of a new figure, and worries of the Horde's resurgence!
1193 Finished Ashur The Kraken! There's rumors of a creature in the lake that shouldn't be there. Ashur uses investigating it as a transparent excuse to have a pool party and relax.
1180 Finished Ashur Eldercare Aris comes upon the shack of one William Tecumseh, elderly veteran of a conflict he calls the Molerat Wars. His past catches up with him!
1166 Finished Ashur Primm And Proper
1112 Finished Ashur Solomon Setup A small group goes to rescue some kidnapped militia members, uncovering useful information in the process!
1074 Finished Ashur Chem Catastrophe An otherwise unremarkable day heads south when a batch of harmless chems turns out bad, inspiring psychotic aggression and sickness!
1044 Finished Ashur Remember The Alamo
1034 Finished Ashur Chip And Dale: Rescue Prospects Remnants of the Horde have enslaved the peaceful settlers of Brahmin's Rest south of the Alamo. The Rangers send a group of plucky Prospects to clear them out as part of their initiation.
981 Finished Ashur Preparing For The Mission
970 Finished Ashur Alamo Preparations: Mutant Skirmish! A group of plucky adventurers rescue Ashur from danger at a small church near Horde territory!
967 Finished Ashur Alamo Preparations: Thanks But No Tanks A group of muscular, intelligent, and very attractive people who are good at things come together to stabilize some walls, move a strangely-placed tank, and get its gun working.
957 Finished Ashur Eyes On The Prize Tesla comes upon a grisly scene and meets Ashur. While repairing his mysteriously damaged armor, the wonderful Ranger extraordinare, Kaydin, arrives!
940 Finished Ashur Glitter Gulch After the boneyard battle, Ashur, Tibbie, and the unconscious Eden meet with Lua. The Legionnaire and his Lua bond over medicine, religion, and talking animals.
938 Finished Ashur Of Mutants And Men Ashur leads a team of bold heroes to wipe out a mutant encampment in the boneyard on behalf of the airship village. Fierce combat and ingenious improvisation save the day!
921 Finished Ashur Rock Em Sock Em Ashur and Shiloh scour the scrapyard for potential robot parts and encounter some miscreants.
907 Finished Ashur Old Wounds
788 Finished Ashur On The Road Again
731 Finished Ashur The Aesthetics of Calisthenics Ashur and Maria bond at gunpoint.
718 Finished Ashur Scrapyard Blues Some reds and greens, too.
690 Finished Ashur FernGully Forest
634 Finished Ashur Ceremony On a trip to New Rome with Eden, Ashur finally gives her what she wants: the world's most unceremonious proposal.
631 Finished Ashur My, What Big Rocket Scars You Have Kumo tends to some of mutant Ashur's wounds, remarking on the difficulty of treating a brute that barely feels pain or notices bullets.
619 Finished Ashur Home Depot
608 Finished Ashur Zombies Ate My Homework
598 Finished Ashur How To Train Your Orphan While recovering from a scuffle in Jack's Town, Ashur gives Fern some of those boxing lessons she's wanted.
561 Finished Ashur Campfire Tales The night after pulling into Poseidon, folks take a break and decompress before the no doubt dangerous adventures tomorrow.
513 Finished Ashur New Rome, New Home
507 Finished Ashur Communing With Nature Ashur and Camilla meet in the Shantytown's scrap forest and bond over their mutual appreciation of the Legion.
468 Finished Ashur Presents Ashur brings his wife presents and has her give him a once-over after recent skirmishes.
450 Finished Ashur Make It Rain
425 Finished Ashur Alcohol And Indiscretion
421 Finished Ashur Home Cooked Heals
408 Finished Ashur Spiritual Guidance
401 Finished Ashur The Supernal Meets The Supernatural Kumo tends to her husband's wounds-- and learns, in the process, they seem to be from no earthly force.
378 Finished Ashur Desperate Times In the wake of a brutal attack that saw her gang scattered on the wind, Chloe pulls herself together and forces a march to El Dorado and safety through mild dangers.
351 Finished Ashur Therapy Beatings
292 Finished Ashur Working Out The Kinks
288 Finished Ashur Tales of Rome
241 Finished Ashur The Giant Walks Kurokumo gives a check up on Ashur.
221 Finished Ashur Pre-Release Check Up Lilu Checks in on Ashur prior to his release to make sure he is medically okay to be released from the Militia Medical Center.
218 Finished Ashur A Wounded Man One wherein Ashur talks with Celeste.
214 Finished Ashur Post-Release Check Up Released from the militia's medical center, Ashur has been out and about El Dorado all day, and decides to settle into the night with one last check-up to make sure it's all good.
206 Finished Ashur The Waiting Game One wherein the Kurokumo sees Ashur.
204 Finished Ashur Convalescent One wherein people check in on Ashur.
199 Finished Ashur The Hills Have Krogs Looking to help out an unfortunate trader, a small group of do-gooders track down a gang of chem addicts and manufacturers in the hills.
175 Finished Ashur A New Arena One wherein Ashur tests his might at Jack's Fight Club.
98 Finished Ashur A New World, A New Day Dawn wanders off to marvel at an unfamiliar world; caught in a spot of trouble far from home, Ashur helps her out, and the two agree to head to El Dorado in the morning.