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ID State Owner Title Description
682 Finished Lucky Because Aliens
509 Finished Lucky Fun in Lincoln
503 Finished Lucky Dunwich, Supernatural or just plain ol science?
498 Finished Lucky Another Day in Acme
461 Finished Lucky Noooooodles! Lucky eats noodles with Eden
455 Finished Lucky The Apologetic Lucky Lucky runs into Iris and apologizes for his outburst earlier at the Clinic.
445 Finished Lucky Plotting To Return To Dunwich Lucky and Eden discuss outside the Acme General Shop on going back to Dunwich to put the ghost car theory to rest once and for all.
390 Finished Lucky Holodisk HO! Lucky sets off to the Mechanic Shop in search of a husbandry holodisk! This will put him a step closer to understanding the Wild Wastelands exotic animals and perhaps, with a bit of luck, taming one!
321 Finished Lucky Lucky's unlucky arm Lucky seeks treatment from Sparrow for his shredded arm. Likewise, Lucky assists Sparrow with a herbal treatment to help with her nightmares.
308 Finished Lucky Lucky ain't so lucky
188 Finished Lucky Healing Hands One wherein Lucky gets medical treatment from Sparrow.
108 Finished Lucky Two Scavengers and Roswell The following day after the Ghoul Attack, Jude and Lucky head out to the outskirts of Roswell to scavenge.. and Lucky gets attack by a raider!