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ID State Owner Title Description
196 Finished Beau The Silk Road A journey into the dilapidated dangerous city of Roswell for SILK! Beau, owner of the El Dorado clothing shop, lost contact with his delivery wagon somewhere in Roswell. It is up to those he hires to go find it and retrieve his product undamaged and unstolen. Beau Ardor, the ol pouf, never leaves El Dorado city limits so he's entrusting YOU!
184 Finished Beau A stitch in time! Another day in the Clothing Shop of El Dorado.
155 Finished Beau Retail Therapy Just another day with the eccentric owner of the El Dorado clothing shop.
149 Finished Beau Fun with Fabric! The El Dorado economy in action!
141 Finished Beau Fashion Foward! Just another day for the shop keeper of the Clothing Store in El Dorado...