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ID State Owner Title Description
929 Finished Derk More Healing?!
809 Finished Derk Gettin the lead out! Wherein Iris gets the lead outta Derk!
807 Finished Derk Sharing is Caring! In which B shows off all her new assets and Derk makes do with what he does.
456 Finished Derk Leg Assembly In which Iris ensures Derk's leg remains functional.
439 Finished Derk Treatment Party
307 Finished Derk Beatup B In which B finds herself in need of patching.
299 Finished Derk Derk's Wounding A scene in which Derk is injured then patches himself up.
254 Finished Derk B's Healin' B 'tripped' and needed first aid.
215 Finished Derk Tis Just a Headwound! In which Milton's head is examined, and beset upon by Derk.
203 Finished Derk Sensual Healing In which Ashur is brought back from the brink of splat.
164 Finished Derk Shantytown Clinical Trials A scene in which a newcomer to town visits the clinic to get a lay of the land and offer his services, only to come across one of the local priestesses for introduction.