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Katherine Caine 6 Months Ago

"War. War never changes." The words came forth from Katherine's lips effortlessly despite the two graves she had just finished digging under the sweltering sun and heat of the New Mexico desert. The brim of her cowboy hat cast a downward shadow over her pretty features, adding a softness to the sinister work that was afoot.

Katherine's green eyes surveyed the landscape, the bleak and desolate view of the wasteland that surrounded them having a dark beauty to it.

She heard the howling of some animal in the distance, the terrified final screeches of a life as it was ended by another creature.

That was how The Wild Wasteland worked. You killed or you were killed. Just like her and her brother had just done to this pair of men.

Her eyes finally found her brother hunched over the corpses of the pair of NCR Rangers who they had encountered, "The NCR must be getting desperate but ya' certainly aren't getting any less lazy. Could ya' stop pilfering them corpses and gimme a hand putting them in these here holes."
Archene Caine Wearing a faded duster and a cowboy hat, Archene Caine was quietly pilfering the deceased rangers. His green eyes clearly too focused on them to even mind the scorching hit of the sun.

His eyes don't move away from the bodies even as he tells his sister, "And leave them full of precious loot?" Setting aside the weapons he has piled just besides him, the feeling that there was more wasn't going away.

As he goes through their clothes, he chuckles a bit grinning at his sister as he takes out a rather thick envelope. He waves the envelope briefly, saying, "This kind of thing here isn't meant to be buried with people. And this is why I always check them throughly."

It is not that he was too lazy to help digging out holes, but priorities, the contents of the envelope could really be very imporant. Thus he goes check them, only to sigh soon afterwards a bit disappointed, "Nothing I can't really understand here." He puts the papers that were in the envelope back inside, before hiding it in his duster.

He kicks a body into closest grave, with many kicks, "There you go, half of the job done."
Katherine Caine Katherine's head lowered just a touch to look towards the ground and her hands reached up and she rubbed her face (Yes, she just facepalmed), "It's dumb luck ya' found anything. Keep it to yourself to, people will start asking questions."

A groan escaped her lips as she watched Archene kick the body into the hole before she walked over to the other Ranger corpse and dragged it inside the grave, letting it fall down with a -thud-.

"Since I dug them? Ya' can fill them. That's how it works. That's how it's always worked. I mean, ya' never even drew on them. What the hell were you doing behind that rock the entire time they were shooting at me?" Katherine whistled loudly and a massive black stallion came riding over from behind a near-by out-cropping.

"Good boy Apocalypse." Reaching into her duster she removed a canteen and opened it up letting the horse drink from it before taking a drink herself.
Archene Caine "You can't just always says that when I find something it is dumb luck. I mean, if it is just dumb luck, I must be the second luckiest man in the world." Archene chuckles as he looks into the hole.

He groans briefly before starting to fill it, "Yes, yes. I know, KC. But you know very well that I was making sure that this was not an ambush, getting ready to, counter-ambush anyone attempting to ambush you." He chuckles quietly before saying, "I mean, you fought against worse, and we are both still here." Yes, her. She was the one very good at shooting down the enemies, Archene just the the most important part. The looting!

As he finishes filling a hole and moves onto the next one, he looks at Katherine, and then at Apocalypse. He just shakes his head with a sigh... taking a deep breath before returning to the laborious work of hole filling.
Katherine Caine Katherine shook her head in response to Archene before putting the canteen away, "Right, I fought against worse. Thank the wasteland, I've got you looking out for ambushes in the middle of a fight." She was only being half-sarcastic, sometimes Archene did genuinely manage a counter-ambush.

Looking towards the grave and sighing at the waste of life, she asked, "Any clue what they might have been here for? It's unlikely as hell it was us, but I mean, we've never taken chances so no reason to start now.."
Archene Caine Archene chuckles quietly as he finishes filling the second hole, "And I'm fortunate to have you on my side." What? He can just give a honest reply!

"They might just be moving the documents I found to somewhere else. For a reason or another. We should get those properly checked and we should find out what they were up to." Archene looks at the filled graves for a moment, sighing at the waste of time, "We should get going now, we spent too long here already."
Katherine Caine "Good point." Katherine replied before climbing up on to Apocalypse's back and grabbing the reigns, looking down at her brother she laughed and teased him, "You should learn to ride one day, lot faster than walking."

Guiding the horse towards El Dorado and the sunset she kept Apocalypse at a slow pace so that her brother could keep up. Reaching up with one hand she removed her hat from her head and let the light desert breeze pass through her hair, "Sometimes I wonder if the sunsets were always so beautiful before the bombs dropped.."

2225: 57 years ago

On their way back from Vault 30 both Mayor Caine and Sheriff Wayne had paused in this exact spot.

Looking towards the sunset and El Dorado in the distance.

Only they had a more noble purpose. They were trying to save their community.

What would Mayor Caine think if he could see his descendants today...