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Katherine Caine It's been roughly half a day since those assembled met with Katherine and Archene Caine just outside the North Gates of town in Rural El Dorado for 'A Paying Job'. The job itself seemed one of great benefit to the community, verifying if the recent Brotherhood of Steel Knight (William) who had wandered into town half-dead was telling the truth about his story.

Dealing with Katherine Caine outside of the Gold Digger was far different than it was dealing with her 'Miss Kitty' persona, out here she was all business.

In fair enough detail she explained that the group of you would be taking some horses from the old Caine Ranch that Clara had gotten ready and would be riding out South around El Dorado into Sand Snakes territory.

The Sand Snakes being a group of raiders who lived closer to the former Mexican Border, vicious, angry raiders who always seemed to disappear into the harsh and unforgiving desert before they could be wiped out.

Once in Sand Snake territory the group would be trying to find a crashed Brotherhood of Steel vertibird that was supposed to be near a 'big rock' that William had identified on a map.

Since riding out, there had been little to no breaks except to give the horses water. If you couldn't eat your rations then, you ate while on horseback.

The massive Tribal Achilles had been sent to scout ahead of the group while Katherine lead them through the Wasteland, the massive stallion apocalypse snorting furiously at any horse that got too close to it.

"We should be close now." Katherine announced without much emotion, "Keep your eyes open and keep your guns up."
Manuelito Manny rides on a horse, looking about as comfortable on the saddle as any other person. Horseback riding was second nature for the Navajo, having rode since he was a young child. His eyes would look around contently, inspection the various out crops and desert sand. All of this was not new to the Militia Captain and of the years of patrols have taught him anything, it was to keep his gun out. His service rifle laid across his lap, a hand on it while the other head the reigns.
Guardian Caldwell The metal clad BoS knight rides along silently on his borrowed horse, keeping his laser pistol at the ready in case of any raider attacks. He prays his crashed vertibird was still there, along with hopefully any technology he can salvage. Caldwell quietly sighs to himself as he trots along on his horse. He doesn't push it too far in case there needs to be a quick get away "So how much further do you think it'll be?" he asks, not really sure himself. "I mostly walked in circles so I have no clue how far away it is."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose doesn't wander out of the city very often, but a job possibly involving the Brotherhood was too good to pass up. Because the Brotherhood also meant the potential of getting into the mechanical and technical stuff they're rumored to horde. So it was a good idea to bring along someone who knows her fair share about such things too, right?

Okay so maybe that's just the excuse she used to get out of work to be here. Still, it's a totally believable reason to bring a machinist along.

And hoping she doesn't fall off the horse. And that the horse knows where they're going. Or at least to follow the other horses.

Maybe she really does need to get out more.
Iris Lark Iris is slumped on her horse, an uncomfortable look on her face, she's not used to them but she's determined not to complain. She does have a weapon and as they ramble forward she keeps an eye out for anything going on in her general vicinty.
Ironface Jones Amongst the assembled is Ironface, a tribal. The large man is armed with both a bow and a spear and is clearly not afraid to look out of place amongst the more civilized people around him. Riding his borrowed horse he holds his spear loosely in one of his hands, should he need to use it in a hurry, perpetually scanning his surroundings. He turns his mount a little from time to time to get into better position to look things over and while not looking entirely comfortable with a horse he manages to control it adequately for simple transportation.
Decius Decius looks particularly uncomfortable on horseback since he never learned how to ride properly due to horses being so rare east of the Colorado that the Legion didn't adopt the concept of the Equites. Something that is now coming back to bite a certain former Decanus in the arse as he rides along, spear in one hand and the other on the reins. "Hope its not that far anymore. This is getting entirely too uncomfortable and I think I'm getting several cramps in my legs at the same time." The price one has to pay to relieve some boredom and hopefully earn something...
Manuelito Those warrior eyes spots something leading off and hmm. "Tracks." He calls out, guiding his horse over to them. "Recent too from the looks of it. A group, not sure how many." He says after sliding off the horse to inspect the tracks. He glances up to scan the horizon and points "Also smoke coming from beyond the out cropping." He notes.
Achilles As Manuelito gives the group information about tracks, an absolutely massive tribal reveals himself. Achilles is back, an absurd battle axe gripped in his hand. He's grim, it's the day of the Hunt and he's very clearly eager to draw blood. "Not only tracks. Beyond the outcropping to the South is the filthy Brotherhood bird. I say we slaughter the raiders, scavenge the ship, then burn it to the ground."
Archene Caine Archene just boringly stays onto his horse, eating while on it and patting Tyrone while giving water to his horse (and Tyrone too). By boringly, it is meant that he clings to the horse, stays low and doesn't fall. With his duster dusty and all, he is right now just keeping his eyes focused forward doubtlessly attempting to sight the site before anyone else... not that he doesn't have the feeling that this is either a trap or he will have to share. Or worse, both.

At least, he had Tyrone with him while there. He'd surely come in handy at distracting people at important times. Not him though, Archene trusts Tyrone.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell stares at Achilles "We're not burning anything to the ground, everything is usable from that ship, besides which, you wouldn't have even known about it had I not told you." he says sternly, keeping his laser pistol at the ready in case sand snakes showed up, he reaches his other hand into his pouches and pulls out a ration, munching on it quietly after that. "Slaughtering raiders is good though, but there may be that horde nearby so be on your guard."
Dusty Rose "Or at least not until we get -everything- we can." Salvage was what she was here for, after all. Though after speaking up Dusty Rose remembers how -big- that guy is, and slinks back down in her saddle a bit. "I mean, it'd be silly to not be sure we get what we can for first, right?"
Carter Griffin The Ranger has been pulling up the rear, covering the back of the formation of traders and soldiers. A veritable possee of the various folks that just try to make their way in this messed up world.

"Better to make sure you're not dead first and foremost." He says, in response to Dusty, "Salvage is useless if you take a round to the dome." He taps his helmet with one gloved finger to emphisize his point.
Iris Lark Iris watches the byplay between the other folks and keeps her peace. She's just here in case someone gets hurt, no use arguing about things that she really isn't all that concerned with. She enjoys watching them debate though, you learn a lot when you're quiet and you don't call attention to yourself.
Katherine Caine Katherine raises her hand to the air and begins to dismount her horse, "This is as far as the horses go, we can't risk them in a fight. Manny, you have your boys from the militia keep an eye on them." Referring to the pair of militiaman that had accompanied Manny before approaching Lilly to help her down from her horse rather unnecessarily before whispering something in her ear.

"It looks like Tinman here was telling the truth, despite what he thinks, this salvage belongs to the Town of El Dorado. Usual claims apply, you can take what you can carry, but certain items on that Brotherhood Bird are needed to repair a couple items at the Gold Digger. I know you all like your booze, so don't mess with that or you won't get paid and you won't have a place to drink." There was no smile there, just a resting bitch-face assumed as she drew her cowboy revolver from her left holster.

"Achilles. Ironface and The Ranger. You take point, keep an eye out for anything. Rest of you, form up behind us and fan out."

Up ahead was the rocky outcropping that Achilles was talking about, faint wisps of smoke could be seen coming up from it.
Ironface Jones "The large man is correct about slaughtering the raiders," says Ironface regarding Achilles' suggestion, seconding what William just said. Peering in the direction the crash site lays in he stands up in his stirrups to try to get a better view, even if it won't be much better from here. "We should approach with stealth if possible and slay them while they are unprepared."

But then he's given orders and Ironface is more than happy to follow them. He slides off of his horse and pets it fondly on the neck before adjusting his grip on his spear and striding to take his place with the other two point men.
Dusty Rose No farther with the horses? Oh, okay. Dusty hands the reigns to one of the militiamen, then clammers down off the horse. Or at least tries. Except her inexperience with horses shows when her foot gets caught in a stirrup and she takes a rather ungraceful topple. Landing on the dusty ground on her back with a oof. And her foot still in the stirrup, until she sits up and tries to tug it free before anyone notices, picks up her borrowed rifle and scurries to follow.
Lilly Caine Lilly nods to 'mom' at the whisper, looking her pip-boy.. "I heard ya" she pipe up.. though less in an angry way but more in a 'yea yea' sorta manner. She rubs along Sprocket's neck idly.
Iris Lark Iris slips off the horse and when she hits the ground she sees movement near the outcropping. She points a few times, and then she realizes that pointing without speaking up won't get anything done. "Hey, there..there's a guy over there taking off!" She says, now hopping up and down a few times to make her point.
Achilles "Assuming there are raiders." Achilles says, but it's obvious he hopes there are. "I'll be fine with knights if they are there. So long as I wet my axe." He rolls his shoulders a bit, then Iris is yelling and his attention shoots to her. "Where?"
Manuelito Looking to Bennett, Manny says "Horses. Keep an eye out for raiders." Looking to Adalyn, he adds "Lookout with Bennett. Give us a yell or gunshot if you see attackers."

With that said, he checks the service rifle and follows the group quietly; eyes scouting the area slowly and steadily.
Katherine Caine The figure a few people spotted running could have been anyone, instead of caring, Katherine just said, "Probably just a scavenger who didn't want a fight, leave him be unless you're one hell of a shot." Katherine said as she looked into the distance as the man that had been drawn attention to just kept running, like he was running for his life.

He doesn't even appear to be running from the direction of the crash site, he's just.. running, from something or to some place. Who knew..
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell hops off the horse and raises his las pistol, beginning to fan out and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. He pipes up when Katherine begins to say it belongs to the town of El Dorado "That's...err...ok I guess? I can't really stop you, but you know, the brotherhood will probably want that tech back. So...err...theres that." he claims, sighing before continuing to walk, this town really was nuts.
Archene Caine Archene nods at Iris' words as he sights some man far away just after he dismounts, "Yeah, there is some guy far off. Someone should take care of him." He then looks over at Lilly, "And my little niece, you should keep your eyes looking out. You never know when you might actually see something dangerous or imporant, like power cells, around. When looting, it is first come first served."
Carter Griffin The sight of somebody running away makes the Ranger frown behind his mask. He pulls his Marksman rifle off of his back and uses it to sight in on the guy that's running, try to see who it is, or at least..Is it a settler or is it a raider? He's trying to find out before he opens fire.
Manuelito Walking past Caldwell, Manny looks to him with a small impish smirk. "I would like to see the Brotherhood take back tech that is rightfully El Dorados. I'm sure my family and the Militia can match your little merry band of pilferers." With that he keeps walking.
Decius Decius just continues riding along, not wasting a second thought on the fleeing person. "Well, I for one am not going to start chasing him. I can barely stay on this horse and at this rage I can't catch up on foot." With that he turns his attention back on the direction the crashed vertibird supposedly is.
Ironface Jones "There! She is correct," Ironface declares as he points his spear in the direction of a fleeing man. "I feel it is likely that he will be going to warn people of our presence." He looks around for further guidance, ready to do as instructed. When Katherine says to let him go the big tribal does as instructed, letting his weapon droop towards the ground. He's not good enough of a marksman to waste arrows shooting into the desert.
Carter Griffin "Yeah that guy's buck ass naked." Carter says, pulling the rifle back and holstering it, "He's no threat, let him ride. We should check out where he was running FROM, though."
Iris Lark Iris shrugs and after letting out a huff of a sigh she begins to move with the rest of the group, her plodding steps methodical, she's trying to conserve energy. She glances around the area as she walks, but mostly puts her attention to the people walking in front of her.
Achilles "To where he is fleeing from then, yes." Achilles agrees. His axe is returned to his side and he forges on, taking point as requested. "Perhaps if we hurry there will still be something useful left behind." Or enemies still there.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose keeps her rifle in hand as she follows the group towards the back as instructed, and trying not to figit at the thought of what wonderous things they could possibly find. Don't want to get distracted if there's likely to be a fight first. But as long as she keeps her weapon in hand and some other people between herself and trouble she should be okay, right? Right.... Right?
Lilly Caine Lilly smiles to Uncle Archie, nodding. At least her uncle is honest about his failings, and you know where you stand with someone like Uncle Archie. Back, a few feet. He doesn't steal anything from anyone who doesn't have anything, and he likes dogs. Lilly looks around, getting an item or two from ARchie's saddle. She lowers her goggles and checks her 'zap gun'.
Katherine Caine As the group comes around the large group of misshapen rocks that travelers often called 'Dick Rock' because of what it looked like, they see the source of the smoke.

Crashed into the side of Dick Rock is a piece of pre-war technology known as a Vertibird, it's clearly an unstable wreck and the fact that something is still burning is never a good sign.

Half of the wreckage is charred and there are at least half a dozen corpses, William's fellow squadmates all laid out as they had been since the crash. It was almost too good to be true for all of this to be untouched.

"Lilly, you're with me. Everyone else, do what you came to do." Katherine said before heading towards the Vertibird and passed the bodies, ducking inside the half-crumpled back compartment of the aircraft.

+roll scavenge - if you want to focus on scavenging

+roll alertness - if you want to focus on keeping watch

+roll investigation - if you want to try and get some answers!
Manuelito Leaning down again, he reviews a few faint markings in the sand, Manny glowers. "Kathy." He says, looking over to her with a small frown. "The corpses were moved here. Fain tracks, definitely not from crawling and dying. Could be a trap." He notes as he stands up.
Ironface Jones "Something is not right here," states Ironface as he looks around, growing quiet as he examines the surrounding area for signs of trouble and taking a two handed grip on his spear. He steps a few feet away from the group to try to get a better angle when it comes to looking around. His face takes on a slightly worried expression, teeth gritted and bared. "This is very likely to be a trap."
Decius Decius keeps some distance from the smoking vertibird as he takes a look at it. "Hmm, picked out of the sky, just don't ask me what shot it down. Whats surprising though is that its not been picked clean by scavengers. Same goes for the fact that there aren't any animals eating the corpses." Having said that he looks over to Manuelito and nods. "That would explain it. We got to keep our eyes open."
Carter Griffin There's somebody out there watching them. Carter doesn't like it. He hops down off of his horse and moves to a better position to shoot from, should the need arise. Then he begins to scan through his rifle's scope, looking for...He's not sure yet. Someone watching them, the glint of a sniper's scope, anything that might be a give away as to who or what has eyes on them. Because he doesn't trust this situation at all.
Iris Lark Iris glances around, her eyes slightly wide as she tries to seperate the terrain from what might be a person or worse. She moves a little closer to Achilles and says in a hushed voice, "I think something gis here, I feel like there are eyes on us." She hunches her shoulders and tries to make herself look a little smaller.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell begins to get to scavenging the better parts of tech off his brothers but before he can do that a scorpion bites him and he grits his teeth and fucking smashes it with his boot. "Damn scorpions." he mutters, raising his laser pistol and looking around when people mention feeling eyes on them, he gets ready and sighs "This is turning from bad to worse." he mutters.
Dusty Rose It's not hard to see how 'Dick Rock' got its name.

Up until they get around the side and Dusty's attention is taken more by what's lying behind it, her eyes widening. Even lying in a wreck, mostly illuminated only but it's own parts still burning, the Vertibird is an aweing sight. If only for being a sight not often seen. Shame such a majestic machine is lying in ruins now, but maybe they can still get something out of the wreckage!

Dusty starts picking through the debris scattered in the wreck, when something else catchs her eye farther away. She glances over her shoulder. Did no one else see it? Glance the other way. Looks like everyone else is busy with the wreck, or watching for raiders. In the other direction.

The machinist can't resist, and hurries out to grab that tempting piece of tech before someone else spots it! Finders Keepers is totally a thing!
Archene Caine Archene seems quite happy as he finds some caps... but his eyes narrows after he finds a datadisc. That by itself would be fine, but everything else around is broken. No, EVERYTHING IS WRONG! "Somebody already looted this place!" Though his expertise in looting he can definitely make resonable guesses so he speaks loudly, "KC! This isn't right! This is an ambush! A setup!" He doesn't spend time blaming willing before he begins to look out for a proper place to avoid the eyes that are probably on him already.
Achilles "Bad?" Achilles asks, brow raising. "Let them try to take us." The giant takes his axe up again, gaze flitting from one corpse to another. "Ready yourselves! Today we bring war!" Clearly he's more excited about the combat than anybody else.
Lilly Caine Lilly finds a few parts she needs. "Archie, got some stuff here, but I need to get these other bits off first." She begins working quickly to get to the delicious goodies held behind not so delicious crap she doesn't need. She double-checks her pip boy and starts finding the bolts holding the parts together. "this is gonna take a bit.. "
Katherine Caine The feeling that something was wrong was entirely warranted. The Sand Snakes were tricky though, they never ambushed anyone the same way twice; they never attacked the same way twice. Killing was not only an art to them, it was a rite of passage; in order to become a full-blooded member of the tribe you had to kill a Wastelander to prove yourself.

This particular group of Sand Snakes had lain in wait for days, having been the ones responsible for killing all of the survivors of the crash; except for William Caldwell who had been unconscious. They knew he would bring others back, making their story of victory that much more impressive and insuring they all had enough people to kill.

As Lilly finds the parts inside of the Vertibird with Katherine, Dusty Rose has found a real prize. A laser rifle! Unfortunately, it's broken and she's about twenty feet from the group when a Raider bursts out from beneath the sand and tries to grab her!

All around the crash site, raiders burst up from beneath the desert sands armed with little more than spears; but spears could kill. Lucky for the group of you, enough people had been on watch that there was no surprise from the attack; just HOW it had come about.
Archene Caine Seeing his beloved niece saying that SHE found some loot, obviously he goes out of his way to go help her, Tyrone running off away from the fight, certainly to where no evil raider can hurt him to eat his meat.

As he gets to her, he lowers himself, just in case, and begins to look around for the possible parts that can be taken along with him. And guess what he just immediatelly finds? POWER CELLS! His niece will love him! Even if he immediatelly puts them in his duster where they will be safe and won't slow her down.
Manuelito As the attack comes, Manny raises his service rifle and sights the raiders. In this case, he aims for the torso section of the bad guy; however, at the last second, a gust of wind hits and the bullet hits the raider in the left arm. He curses and sights again.
Decius Being the former Legionnare he is Decius immideately advances on the closest pair of degener... errr... raiders and proceeds to introduce them to his electrified spear. With particularly lethal and 'shocking' results.
Lilly Caine Lilly pulls off bits, pocketing some. Things she knows she might have, or that she's not interested in, she tosses down to Uncle Archie. with a groan and a grunt.. "Got it!", wrapping the part in what's left of an old plaid shirt, she begins stuffing it into her bag. "Hear me Mom? Got it!" only then turning to see what else is going on.
Katherine Caine Two of the Raiders decide to target the men with their boomsticks and a pair of spears are sent sailing. One towards Manuelito which misses him and another which strikes the Veteran Ranger in the chest, the spear breaking off at the shaft as it digs into his ribs. "WAKKA!" The raider screams out.
Carter Griffin The sudden arrival of the raiders was...Well lets just say that Carter was somewhat expecting it. Because he was expecting it, he is ready as soon as the first raiders poke out of the sand. He snaps a shot at the first one who appears, and then a second shot as well, both shots bringing his targets down with single rounds.

Unfortunately for him, well, his focus on trying to save Dusty causes him to miss the one from the side who nails him with a thrown spear. The spear manages to penetrate through his body armor, it's designed to stop bullets two hundred years ago after all, and he feels it nick a rib, "Fuck."
Iris Lark Iris yelps when the Sand Snakes jump them and she automatically darts behind Achilles. She's tended enough people wounded by these assholes and decides to use her skills instead of her lazer gun. She crawls to Carter and quickly tries to wrap his wound, her hands shaking badly.
Katherine Caine Another two Raiders go for William and Achilles, a spear slamming into Achilles but you know? It doesn't seem to phase the big man much.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose didn't hear a thing about ambushes because she's focused on her potential prize and grabbing it before anyone else notices it! Which is probably a complete noob mistake, but we already mentioned she's not been out of the city very often. The rifle is broken, but that doesn't seem to bother her much, maybe she can fix it or scrap parts from it. "Hey! Look at what I fou--"

Then a raider pops out of his sandy cover to try and grab her!

"--Aah!" Dusty bolts backwards with surprise, avoiding the snatch completely by reflexive accident. Followed by running away as quick as she can while Carter is shooting them down behind her. "Next time someone tell me not to wander!" She takes cover amonst the wreckage!

... And starts poking through it again, because why not.
Guardian Caldwell The BoS knight quietly raises his laser pistol and takes two accurate, well placed shots, disintegrating the both of them. "Thanks for sticking behind and looting my vertibird, you lazy selfish bastards. Now if that's all I suppose we can get back to the task at hand and finish getting MY equipment off this thing. Please and thank you." he doesn't seem happy at all that half of the squad simply stood there and looted.
Achilles "Ah-ha!" Achilles shouts, dropping his shoulder and charging the nearby Sand Snake duo. The charge knocks one flat of his back and the giant wastes no time burying the head of his axe into the downed man's chest, spattering blood all over himself and the nearby raider.

"Heh, puny Snake." he taunts, bringing his axe around to disembowel the standing man, except a spear from out of nowhere pops through his shin, causing him to pull back just enough to leave the raider alive. The giant howls with rage and snaps a section of the spear off, though he doesn't remove it in battle.
Ironface Jones When the raiders appear it takes Ironface a moment to get going. It's not surprise that's slowing him down, just a second to get his bulk in gear. But when he does move it's with alacrity, striding forward to bellow a roaring challenge and bury his spear in the center of one raider's chest, the blade of his weapon penetrating straight through him. When he retracts the spear the raider it had pinned falls to the ground like a marionette with it's strings cut.
Carter Griffin "Damn." Carter thankfully gets treated by Iris, who does her best to bandage his wound, which of course does require taking his chestplate off briefly. As soon as he has the bandage on, he quickly puts his armor back on, "Thanks." He says to her, getting back to his feet, looking for Dusty, "You okay?" He asks of her, since she WAS the one the Raiders he shot were after.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose bobs her head in a distracted nod. "Yeah, fine. Just fine. A little shook but nothing serious." Other than her lack of experience in the actual wastelands showing. Alas nothing as cool as the laser rifle could of been to find. All the same she shoves some of the scrap she picked up in her pockets as she gets up. "... So now what?"
Katherine Caine Katherine pats Lilly on the shoulder approvingly within the Vertibird and takes the bag full of parts from the young woman, "Good job Lilly, we'll make a Wastelander out of you yet." She nodded to her brother and headed outside, "Good work. Take what you want and let's get going, don't want to be out here when the storm hits."

The formerly blue skies were now covered in dark ominous clouds signaling a storm, perhaps rain, perhaps acid rain, or worse. Who knew in the Wasteland?

Interrupting the victory was the reveal of about 20 more Sand Snakes from the surrounding desert including a large man of near seven feet tall who clapped his hands together, "We of the Sand Snakes thank you for culling our people of the weak. As a gift, we leave you with your lives. Go now, and do not disturb the dead."

Every single one of the Sand Snakes seemed ready for a fight.

Katherine looked at the numbers and looked to the group and saying, "Up to yall if you really want to test them odds.."

It was indeed up to the group of you. Katherine had begun moving away.
Manuelito Manny knew when to fight, and when to retreat. The odds stacked in favor of the Sand Snakes; even with the arsenal of weapons in the group. Lowering the service rifle, the Navajo backs up and follows Katherine.
Archene Caine No good loot left to find! Not with the threat of acid rain, or with 20 STRONG raiders ready to fight. While staying around to try to find a bit or loot or another MIGHT do something... a good looter must know when to advanced and retreat. Or something like that, "Already got all I can, so just behind you KC. Wouldn't want to get wet today." And soon enough he is behind her, if they want to stay and fight they can, he won't be betting his life on them.
Iris Lark Iris looks sick at the prospect of fighting any further. She moves to pull at Achilles as he seems like he might want to wade in with his axe. She shakes her head, her hair flying around her face. "Let's get out of here."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose looks up at the large man almost twice her height. "Uuuuh." She takes one somewhat exaggerated step back slowly. "I... think.. that'll work..." Good lord what has she gotten herself into? She tugs her goggles back into place.... and then turns to hustle back to where they left the horses. "I'd rather collect scrap than be it!" Oh why did she have to ask something stupid like 'What's next?'. Bad Dusty, bad.
Decius Decius also considers a retreat the better option with these odds. Its not like anyone present could pull of a Gaius Magnus and the conquest of the 87th Tribe right now with the weapons they have, which is the reason why he too is making his way out of here.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell holsters his laser pistol and begins to walks off after KC "Waste of time, got nothing out of that but wasted ammo." he mutters, walking back towards the horses and sighing to himself.
Carter Griffin Was he not still bleeding, Carter would take these odds. But having already taken one spear to the chest, and with the others seeming to prefer turning tail and living to fight another day, he opts to go with the group, for now.

He's with Caldwell, however, "I'm with the Knight. What a waste."
Lilly Caine Lilly scurries after Katherine, trying to catch up. "Hey, some of those are mine!", not letting the bag too far out of her sight. She glances over her shoulder at the large crowd of Hurt waiting to happen, and moves a bit quicker. She feels the weight of the laser pistol on her hip, but truth be told, it's for varmits.
Achilles Achilles steps forward a bit, sizing up the snakes. He looks confident, but when Iris pulls on him he steps down. "One day I will return for a duel. But it will be between us." The giant Sand Snake is informed. "Your men fought well, I look forward to seeing your skill."

The Beastlord actually bows slightly at the waist, offering his respect. The others may be disappointed, but it was no wasted trip for him.
Ironface Jones Ready for more battle, Ironface moves towards the front of the group to take the lead in the fight. But then it seems like no one else is about to charge them, except for maybe the other tribal. Squinting his eyes, Ironface searches the faces of the raiders, then turns to walk back to the rest of his party. As he moves he sticks the head of his spear into the ground to hopefully get most of the gore off of it.
Katherine Caine The Tribal Leader nods to Achilles, "Then return and find glory in either victory demise. A challenge has been noted and we will respect it. Consider yourself to have until the moon is full once more to make your way to us or we will find you."

Katherine made her way back to the horses and hollered loudly, "Alright yall, let's get the hell out of here. It wasn't a waste of a trip. We know that the Tinman wasn't lying, which means there might be a horde of raiders down south. That doesn't mean they're coming here though, but it does mean we oughtta look out. Archene found some choice bits, we'll distribute it all when we get back to El Dorado."


The journey back to El Dorado took about Two-Thirds of the time that it had taken, the threat of a storm and possible raiders at the groups back helping to quicken the pace.

The horses were exhausted though. Damn exhausted.

As the group reaches the old Caine ranch, rain begins to fall, not acid rain, just cool rain.

Katherine doesn't seem to be interested in the loot, walking up to each individual and paying them their 50 caps for coming to help before heading into the barn with her horse. It was up to the posse to figure out who got what. Greed usually won in the end. It's why she wanted no part in things.