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Serena Well it seems this is where Serena had been hiding when she didn't want to be bothered. Standing up there on that peak she'd let her hair blow in the window. Exaling softly she would raise her hands up before stopping at her sides before two balls of fire formed above each hand. Looking out she'd glance beneath here but just balled her fists up to extinguish them. Her mind was currently elsewhere but she would keep at least one ear open as she looked out into the distance.
Iris Lark A young soldier makes her way to the peak of the Citadel, sent to be on guard duty. She looks to be maybe seventeen or eighteen, and her armor has seen better days. When she spots Serena she almost turns around to move inside and hide, especially when she catches sight of the flames, but curiousity drives her forward. She clears her throat and then, tries to look non-threatening. "Uhm, How do you do that?" She asks, the rifle in her hands shaking a bit. "Is that an illusion?"
Qwillis     How is it a man with a metal leg can sneak up on people? That is a wonder of science, isn't it? Q would show up silently behind the soldier, arms loosely folded over his chest as he'd watch Serena practice. "Actually it's due to a hyper-activity state excited in the location of focus by Serena. There's no illusion. It's called spontanious combustion."
Serena Slowly she would turn around as she heard the voice, her hands lowering to her sides. Those piercing blue eyes would look at the young womana and just stared. "....I didn't know anyone actually came up here....." Was she ignoring her question? Probably. Looking to that gun she'd then stare before looking over at her. "I just do it. Simple as that...." That was the same answer someone else got when they questioned her. But when she heard Qwillis' voice she would seem less tense and just nodded. "....what he said....I guess."
Iris Lark The soldier glances between Serena and Qwillis and nod, taking up her post, her gun at the ready. "I don't understand what he said, but I guess if you're not going to burn me, I'll just be right here." She sees the horde below, moving closer, small clumps reaching the walls and then pounding at them. They don't get anywhere, but they still try. She takes aim at one of the mutants and manages to plug two bullets into it's thick skull. One down, thousands to go. "Are you folks from El Dorado?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles warmly to the soldier, moving over to give Serena a hug comfortingly. He'd watch the shot from the soldier and nods a little. "not bad. Decent shot.. We are. This is Serena and I am Qwillis. We're part of the Scientists of El Dorado. While the militia is here to fight.. we make sure things don't get broken." Q nods to the gun in the soldier's hands. "Like that one. The sabotuers were quite efficent in what they did."
Serena At that hug she would relax and lean back against him, closing her eyes. Taking a deep breath she would steady herself before speaking up, though her eyes were still shut. "No...I would not set you on fire unless it was warranted." Slowly opening her eyes she would look to the woman and smiled slightly. "Like the people sabotaging this place. Qwillis will just aim me and let me loose....if needed." Taking a deep breath she'd slowly let go of him and looked down to that horde. Staring intently she would start to narrow her eyes but stopped as she looked to the soldier. "....may I?"
Iris Lark "Sure, if you want." The soldier replied, gazing down at the mutants with a frown. "They just keep coming." She sounds resigned and glances at Qwillis with a frown. "Yeah, we heard about people breaking stuff. We heard that they're inside the walls with us. That when the battle comes? All of our stuff is going to fail." She clutches her gun tighter and frowns. "I keep my gun with me all the time. If it doesn't work when they rush us, we're all going to die." She glances out at the wasteland and shrugs. "Probably will anyway."
Qwillis     Q smiles to Serena and touches her shoulder. "Don't push too hard. Just enough to stretch, hmm?" He'd step back to give her that ability to focus. Q glances to the soldier and shakes his head a little. "They did. But we fixed it. We have resources coming. We have a way to end this attack coming soon. Just a matter of time>"
Serena Serena would slowly turn back and tilted her head as she looked to the group. "I won't over do it....I did as I was told about resting and such...." Licking her lips slowly she would then narrow her eyes and squint. Raising her left hand up slowly she would then focus as she went silent then snapped her fingers, a fire igniting on one of the horde. That smile would turn to a grin on her face as she watched it flail around a catch others on first. Letting out a giggle she would then sigh softly as she turned to look back at them, her fingers going to her temples as she spoke. "I really don't feel like dying here. It is not on my agenda. I was just able to leave my home would be unfortunate to have been out in the world only to die here."
Iris Lark "I guess." The Soldier mutters, but she doesn't look very convinced. Morale has been at a low point in the Citadel since things started to go wrong, and the Vertibird incident didn't help things. "We thought that your folks help would be our salvation. Now people are wondering if it's worth it." She shrugs and looks defensive. "I don't know, I'm just sayin." She focuses on Serena and watches her set one of the mutants on fire, and the spread of it. "Well, truth be told, I hope we win. My home is long gone, but I can make one somewhere else."
Qwillis     Q smiles to Serena and nods a little, watching her with interest as she's able to start a small fire in the horde. "We're going to win. Just because there are set backs does not mean that the experiment is over. Yes. With what happen it has made it harder. However? We're not dead yet. We have things to fight for, things we will all want to live for after this moment.. and that's enough. That's enough to know that we'll win, too."
Serena "I did not come here to die or have my Qwillis die either. I came along to keep him safe." As she stopped she thought for a moment as she looked to the flailing ones down below, snickering and raised her head up again but stopped. Did she feel like being fussed at? Naw. Lowering her hands she would continue. "If your people give up so easily....why //are// we here. We did not come here to be a sacrifice...we came to help. You need to have something to live for to keep you going. I have mine...." Glancing to Qwillis she would then look back to the woman. "He says he has his. Now find yours and keep pushing. And if we do die? At least we're not going down like a bunch of pansies."
Iris Lark The young woman stares at Serena bleakly, she's seen enough to be wary of the firestarter, but she speaks her mind anyways. "I don't have a home, my family is gone. You've been here a week or two. We've been here for months." She shakes her head nd goes back to watching. "We're not ready to die, but don't pretend like you know our pain." She jerks her shoulder up in a shrug and frowns. "You two make it seem cut and dry, it's not. When you all leave, there will still be problems here. We all just hope it will be a lot less."
Qwillis     Q sighs softly. "We have problems. You have problems. That never goes away. That's part of life in the Wasteland." He'd hold up that metal hand for emphsis. "It's not like I did this willingly. I had my arm and leg shorn off of me due to an explosion." Looking over to Serena, he'd smile a little, then looks back to the soldier. "We can either look at our pain and feel bad.. or we can accept that pain is part of life and go forward. Me? I go forward. That's why I made the Scientists of El Dorado. So that we can make life better.. and if we can help here? We absolutely will."
Serena A tilt of her head as she heard her. "....pain? I don't know....pain?" Her voice was even but low as she stared at the woman. Parting her lips to speak, Qwillis spoke up so she kept her mouth shut. Folding her arms she would turn away from the two now as she went silent. It was better that way....for now as she just took a deep breath to keep herself level. Looking to the fire getting close to the wall she'd just wave her hand...and it was out. No need to risk that, right?"
Nemo Nemo ascends the staircase to the peak of the citadel, slowing when he spies people gathered, but he spots Qwillis and continues. He's got half of his coveralls off and tied around his waist, shirtless to expose his many scars and soak up what he could of the sun. A .308 rifle hangs on his back, and there's little dabs of grease all over him. Once at the top, he leans against the edge, waving to everyong, "Mornin'ish, folks. Takin' potsots at the horde?"
Iris Lark "Pray that you never know it." The soldier replies, turning to aim and fire off a burst at an approaching group. Two of the five mutants fall and she fires again, taking down another. "Like I said though, you all will be gone soon and it will be us cleaning up this mess." She grins ruefully and carefully reloads her weapon. "Don't fault you any for that. Just hope you remember what you're leaving behind."
Qwillis     Q shakes his head a little. "I never forget. Because I know that everything I do touches the lives of those around me. Qwillis looks to Serena with a small smile, then glances over at Nemo. He'd turn to face the other man, watching him. "I know you. I didn't realize it last night. But I do know you. Nemo. Right?"
Nemo Pointing at Qwillis, Nemo immediately grins, "Ahhh, I knew you'd remember! Little fuckin' silly Qwilly. I use to pay you to rebuild carburators, what, like a hundred fuckin' years ago?" He moves to give the man a firm handshake, "You get in a fight with a scrap yard?" There's a friendly nod each for Serena, and the soldier, "'ey, 'ow're you?"
Iris Lark The soldier turns to regard Nemo for a moment before she goes back to acting as a lookout. She keeps her rifle ready, but doesn't engage in any conversation for the moment, choosing instead to watch the horde move closer. She takes the occasional shot at mutants who seperate from the larger group, missing quite a few shots, but still hitting enough to leave a few bodies lying out in the wasteland.
Elsie There's steps leading upward, and they herald the sight of a pale woman who's gotten too much sun, now sporting a ruddy complexion. But more startling than that is her hair, which is braided and pinned up in a bun. It's silver, ghostly white, or some mix thereof, save for a hint of black roots. She has big black eyes, is carrying a weapon slung over her shoulder and is wearing a dark grey, cowl-necked poncho cloak with the hood up to protect her from those nasty, nasty UV rays.

Her eyes widen slightly and she blinks, almost owlishly, at the group assembled atop the radio point. "What's going on?" she asks, nervously, eyes darting to all the equipment set up.
Qwillis     Qwillis smirks at Nemo. He'd glance to Serena, then shakes the man's hand with that metal hand. "Had a fusion cell get hit with a rock. Should of saw the other guy.. well.. until he got turned to ash." There's a small shrug and Q shifts on his feet as Surelda comes up. "Nothing particular. It's an easy location to enable attrition to the mutants below. Your gear is still completely operational, no worry."
Nemo     Nemo leans back against the railing, propped on his elbows after fiddling out a bent cigarette passed out by some BoS. He shakes his head at Qwillis' response, "Least you came out lookin' fancier. Ya ever need help with them parts' maintainence, lemme know." He slides his gaze to Surelda, as she approaches, eyes widening at the sight of the white haired woman in a cloak, and a dress... holding an HK G11 Assault Rifle. Color him intrigued.

    "Nothin' much, ma'am," Nemo starts, pointing to the gun, "That's a fine ass weapon." When Q shifts his feet and responds, Nemo asks, "What gear?" He casts a quick glance around.
Iris Lark The soldier starts to move back towards the stairwell, there are enough people up here now that she can go report back to her Lieutenant. She shoots the firestarter another quick glance before she nods to the newcomers and takes her leave. The hollow sound of her decending the stairs fades off eventually as she makes it to the second landing.
Elsie "/My/ gear," Surelda says as she moves past the group toward the radio equipment set up nearby and starts to check some of the dials. The words are spoken defensively, but the look in her eyes is meek. As if she's sorry for being so defensive, and sullen for having done so. Strange bird, this one!

"Sorry," she tells them all, checking a few more of the switches, dials, and connections. "S'just with things gettin' all sabotaged and the like I'm a little ... jumpy." The mutants outside don't help either. Then, the rest of Nemo's statement seems to resonate and she stands up straight, looking over her shoulder. "Oh, thanks, I think." Are you supposed to thank someone for a compliment to one's gun? That's a land of etiquette she's never explored. "I .... found it." She finally decides that's enough of a story to explain the weapon. "It's good for me since I don't shoot much, or well, even."

The radio crackles. Surelda turns to it and bends down, picking up the mouthpiece as some recon information is relayed over the channel. She waits a moment, depresses the button, and speaks. "Silver's got you, sweetie. I understand. I'll let them know." She pauses to adjust the dials, lifts the speaker to her mouth again, and repeats the message for someone else on a different frequency. They thank her, and the interaction ends.
Serena Serena was still standing there, arms crossed as she stood there in silence. Noticing that glance from the soldier she'd smirk and give her a wave as she watched her leave. Sighing she'd realize others were there and just turned to look at Qwillis. Stepping over she'd stand a little behind him as she talked to those arriving up there now. Slowly those blue eyes would look down to the horde before she would finally speak up to Q. "I'm getting a bit.....antsy up here, Qwillis....."
Qwillis     Q nods to Nemo. "Well.. We're working on an autodoc in the bunker I recovered. But I do appreciate the offer. The SOED has a lot of talented people there." He'd smile to Nemo, then chuckles a little as Surelda does.. well.. her routine. he'd nod her way in greeting and agreement. "I made sure they didn't touch it, Surelda. The radio is fine. No explosions." He maaaay have made it more effiencient too.. but that's a story for another day. Looking to Serena, Q shifts and gives her a brief hug and nods. "Let's go downstairs then." He'd look over to Nemo and Surelda. "Will you two pardon us?"
Nemo     Nemo snickers, "I'm workin' on some Caaaaaalmex, sista. Got it cookin' in a safe spot, and soon, we'll all be shootin' fine, none of us gettin' antsy." He points at Serena, a tremor shaking his hand, "Or nosebleeds. Oughta get that checked out." He wipes some of the grease on his hand off on his bare chest, takes a puff of his cigarette, and unslings his gun, looking out and down on the hoard. "Oh, yeah, heard a lil 'bout the So ED. Y'all take it easy."

    Kneeling down, back against the railing, he settles his gaze on Surelda, taking a hit of his smoke.
Elsie "Thanks, Q," Surelda says to the man as he assures her the equipment is safe. She lifts her hand and gives the departing group a wave. Then? Those black eyes settle pensively on Nemo for a heartbeat or three. She'll turn away then, and go around checking a few other wires, a few other connectors. She doesn't look at him when she speaks.

"You got a lot of that stuff cookin?" she asks, /totally/ off the cuff and innocently. Like she's not even interested. She's not! Just curious!
Serena Serena would feel that hug and just relaxed a bit. Looking up at him she would shake her head. "You don't have to leave on account of me. Please feel free to stay. I can find my way around and find somewhere to go." Slowly she would let go and look to the others then. "Sorry....I usually come up here when people aren't here and....I'm a bit overwhelmed......" Taking a deep breath she would close eyes a bit as she tried to relax.
Qwillis     Q smiles a little to Serena and shakes his head. "I'm not leaving you, Serena. Our time is precious, and.. I'm not going to waste any if I can help it." Q glances over to the other two with a small nod to them, then would slip that metal arm around Serena's waist as he'd motion to the stairs. "Shall we?"
Nemo Q gets an upnod from Nemo, before the man flicks the butt of his cigarette over the railing. His green eyes follow Surelda's movements, and he stretches out a leg, the other bent and propping up his rifle. After a long while, he hitches up a shoulder, "I got maybe a half a liter, dependin'. Maybe ten doses?" He slips a hand into his coveralls, then withdraws it, empty. Casting his gaze out towards the horizon, "Name's Nemo, Nemo Booker. I live out near Shantytown.... You from El Dorado, or here?"
Serena Serena would smile up at Q and just nodded a bit as she slowly made her way to the steps and make her way down. Arms folded, she would just nod a bit then sighed softly. "Alright...." And with that she was making her way down.
Elsie Surelda stands up again, and she can't stop her eyes from hungrily looking to whatever it is Nemo might withdraw. But it's empty, and she bites on her lower lip in disappointment before moving to sit at the chair near to the radio transmitter. She unslings her gun and begins to check it, though it's clear she only seems to know to check the basics of it.

"Hmmm?" She asks, lifting her head to look up at Nemo. "Oh, El Dorado. Kinda recent, though, most folks wouldn't know me from Adam." Or Ashur, though she is sometimes called a wife of his. A title she disputes, or did dispute before the man was dead. "You cookin' in El Dorado too?"
Nemo Bobbing his head, Nemo pops to his feet, coming over to stand near Surelda, "I am, yeah. Mostly do a bit of tinkerin', fixin' this an' that. Chems I make are for tradin' for shit like Daddy-O, or daytripper, whiskey." He studies her, any time she's looking away, but looks away anytime she lays her eyes on him, one thumb hooked into his pocket. "I been there a while, but keep to myself. Course, when David woke me up, tol' me folks were leavin' to protect another city, I came on out."

He turns those green eyes on Surelda in earnest now, "Got some chems down below, where I sleep." He keeps a straight face, expression serious, but doesn't elaborate.
Elsie "Calmex too?" Surelda asks. She tries to keep the question light and casual, but it's a pretty hard thing to do. She will glance up at him every so often, but in an attempt to seen blase about the whole interaction, she continues looking to her gun. She goes over the same parts she has once or twice or even thrice. She doesn't know a whole lot about guns to get more intricate than that, and this is a pretty fancy gun.

She does pause to give Nemo a knowing look, and then she wrinkles her mouth to one side in disappointment, shaking her head. "I ain't got the caps for something like that anyway," she confesses with a sigh.
Nemo Nemo shakes his head, "Sorry, lil darlin'. None ready, but I'll slide ya some when it gets done." He winces faintly, as he looks down at her gun, "Listen, let's go down to the vehicle bay, lemme get a look at what I got, and we'll work somethin' out. Maybe let me clean an' oil that gun." He scratches lightly at his chest, "I didn' come down here to make caps." He nods over at her radio equipment, "I came to help." He looks back to her dark eyes, then tips his head towards the stairs, "Yeah?"
Elsie Surelda can't help but offer a look of amusement and skepticism. "Awful nice and giving for a chem pusher, aincha? Most pushers I know usually aren't so gracious or inviting, unless they got somethin' doubly-sly up their sleeves. So what've you got up yours?" The radio personality asks, quirking a dark brow curiously as she considers what Nemo has said. Her hands now rest over the gun, content with her work on it for now.
Nemo "A real slick plan in mind, I got," Nemo winks, "but I ain't a chem pusher. I make what I need ta help, or to help me ahh...." He slides a hand through the air, "Take the edge off. Plenty a' folks've died ta either fuckin' kill me, or protect me, an', now, I figure I owe it ta both type to get fucked up regularly, enjoy my life, and pass it forward, right?"

He gestures to Surelda, "Even better if I can get a sweet girl daytrippin' on my knee too, as we talk shop or just fuck around with some motors." There's a genuine smile on his lips, "Ya seem nice, want chems, I got 'em, want some company. I'll save the double-sly for someone who knows how to point a gun an' actually means me harm."
Elsie Surelda eyes Nemo for another long moment before she nods and moves to stand, slinging the weapon back on her shoulder. "Alright," she says. Sure, she shouldn't leave the radios more or less unattended. And sure, the last thing she needs is to be laid out on Calmex today. But man oh man does Calmex sound like a nice spot for the afternoon. So she'll follow Nemo.

"I'm Surelda, by the way. But you might know me as Silver on the Lonestar radios, if you ever jam to those frequencies."
Nemo Nemo cackles, moving to follow Surelda down the stairs, "Ahaha, I fuckin' knew it, see. I didn't wanna be like, are you 'Silver', on account I never 'magined Silver might have silver hair, but you might be all, 'Fuckin' dick, jus' cause my hair is silver? That's melanist." His laughter dies to snickers, "I do, listen, actually... You uh... Sure you never head a' -me-? Nemo? Nemo Booker?"
Elsie "I'm not super creative," Silver aka Surelda admits. "But Mister Ward, the one in charge of Lonestar, he's been calling me Lady Silver so it kind of stuck. I just don't like my real name to be on the air, you know?" Never know who might overhear those frequencies.

The woman moves down to the next landing and then pauses, stepping aside to allow Nemo to lead. After all, he's the one who knows where he's going, not her. She shakes her head at him. "No, but I've only been to Shantytown a little. I'm on the air in 12 hour shifts and then I'm just..." she shrugs. High. She's otherwise high. "Like I said, I've not been in town long at all. You famous or something?"
Nemo "Famous, naww, no, no really," confesses Nemo, stepping down the stairs nimbly, descending to the ground floor as he talks with Surelda, "Just a lil jealous! How'd ya get hooked up with Lonestar? They're a real fit operation." He glances at her as they make the turn for the vehicle bay.
Elsie Surelda follows along, not too close in case this guy turns out to be trouble. She wants to be able to get out of arm's reach but quick if it's needed. "Aw, it was easy. I just met Mr. Ward. They're always hiring, I can let him know you'd be interested in a job and see where it goes. What sort of things are you good at, anyway? I betcha he'd be real interested in your cooking, so to speak. A powerful trade good, that."

Surelda settles on the ground floor and continues after him. "He's a real good one, our Mr. Ward. Wants me to help him put together a saloon of some kind for traders. I've tended bar before, but I don't know much beyond that. Still, it's very nice of him."
Nemo Nemo eventually ends up in the vehicle bay, and moves to an old, rusted up but functional Deluxe Atomic 2500, the one with the chrome fins. He feels around beneath the bumper, and pulls out a little metal lunchbox. Popping it open, there's some rudimentary medical supplies, and a stesh of chems, Daddy-O and Day-tripper, and even unflavored mentats. He offers the lunchbox out, but grips it tightly, in case Lady Silver decides to snatch the whole thing, "Choose your poison."
Elsie Daytripper. That seems to be where her eyes settle, though the Daddy-O is reviewed too. One slender, slightly sunscortched hand reaches out toward the box, but hauls up just short. With her fingers achingly close to her heart's desire, she looks up and meets Nemo's gaze.

"So what's the cost ... really?"
Nemo Furrowing his brow, Nemo pulls the lunchbox slightly away, "Oi? Ah, thought I was clear. We both take some, and ya sit on my lap, and we chat." His shoulders fall slightly, "I ain't got a whole bunch. Ain't tryin' con you or nothin'. Sides, one of us might die soon. Ya 'magine how shitty I'd feel gettin' my rocks off on someone else's problem, right before she bites it?"'
Elsie Surelda eyes the man suspiciously for a beat. Then another. "Man I belong to just died," she informs him with a slight pout. "Otherwise it'd be your arm for even suggestin' such a thing." But Ashur is gone, and Surelda ... well, Surelda wants her fix. "You'd better not get your rocks off at all, lap or no." With that, she agrees to sit and chat with him. For her poison? She chooses Daytripper.
Nemo Nemo passes Surelda her, then sits down on the chair next to the workbench, in clear view of the Pre-War luxury vehicle, still being fixed up. "Did uh... did you say belong to?" He shoots Surelda a glance, then shakes his head, "Aw, nevermind that. I'm sorry to hear it. That's the worse kinda death feelin', 'cept I reckon kids of your own. That'd be the topper." He tosses his brow up, sighing and offering a helpless shrug, "Life huh? Fuckin' sucks sometimes." He sets his lunchbox down, pulls out a syringe, and pushes it into his arm, filling his veins with two vials of bright orange fluid. His eyes dilate, nowhere near as black as Surelda's, but he does relax into his seat and pat his thigh after cleaning up his supplies.

"You ever seen the ocean? I've heard people who have talk about it, like it goes on forever. I wanna see that, one day."
Elsie Daytripper is a pill, and Surelda pops a few like a pro. It'll take a bit longer for her effects to hit, but as promised, she does move to sit on the man's thigh, perched there delicately. She sets one hand on his shoulder for balance, and waits for the bliss to kick in; for pure relaxation and enjoyment. Bet no one that's not on chems can feel that, around here.

"Belonged to is ... I dunno," Surelda admits. "I wasn't a slave, but I wouldn't say I was exactly free either. But I don't know for sure; I've never been actually free, you know? For whatever counts for actually free."

She tilts her head back to look upwards, dreamily, and makes a soft hum of thought at his statement. "Nah, never seen it. Seen enough water skanked with rads though that I don't need to see a big pool of it that goes on forever. Bet you'd bake just standing near it."
Nemo Nemo sets his hand on her waist, no more, looking up at her with a smile, "Prolly right on. Mirelurk patties, though. I could go for some of themmmMM." He chuckles, an easy going laugh, closing his eyes, "I get it though, what you're talkin' 'bout. You were under his wing, for better or worse. I'm free, I -think-." He stresses the word, amused, "Never can tell. You ever flown a vertibird? That's somethin' I'd definitely like to do."
Elsie "Well who's gotcha if you're not free?" Surelda asks. As the pills take their toll, she starts to relax. Less stiff, though still sitting tall. She licks her lower lip thoughtfully, but keeps her eyes tilted upward. "I don't like to eat much when I'm nervous or high, it all sounds gross to me. But if you wanna fly a Vertibird, there's bunches around here. I mean, there were. Most of blown up the last few days. But one or two, maybe. Not really safe for a joyride, thouhg. Unless you wanna die quick. And we're all going to die, aren't we?"f
Nemo The afternoon wears on, with Nemo telling Surelda a little about his raider childhood, how he's lived in El Dorado for about fifteen years, and ultimately waxing poetic about the beauty of a flamethrower's nozzle angles, and musing on whether or not raw emotions could be put into pill form. Beyond asking for her to sit in his lap, he was a stoned gentleman the whole time.