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Kendar The last few days have been busy for Kendar. The battle has taken it's toll on everyone and it wasn't any easier for Kendar. Wounded kept poppin' in left and right, keeping his hands full. Today, he just finished up with another batch of wounded, giving out a small sigh as he washed his dirty bloodied hands. Supposedly, he was done for today...
Lowry Lowry drags himself in now. His garb is torn up and there is makeshift bandage on his knee. Looks like a bloodied hankerchief. He has an old looking repeater rifle he is using as a crutch. There is a fair amount of blood about him but it mostly seems his leg and a gash on his side are the main issues. "Doc." He says out loud in a rough sounding voice. "You got a minute? a little rough out there. Could use some patchin' up."
Kendar "And here I thought I was done for the day." Kendar mutters, shaking his head. He approaches Lowry and gives him a quick look over. "That's quite a bit of blood." He says as he leads him over to an operating table and motions to sit down. Then he moves towards a first aid station and opens it, taking out some gauze, a bottle of alcohol and a huge bandage. "Pray tell, how did that happen?" He asks, moving back over to Lowry.
Lowry "The side," He points at the gash, "From a knick from a lazer rifle. Not too deep. The knee," He motions down, "when i fell down into a gully after taking the shot. Went about twenty feet down." He takes a deep breath and pulls a bottle out. A long drink is had. "Some NCR boys came just in time. Polished off the last few muties and pulled me out." He adds after replacing the bottle with the a large dose of gratitude. "Sorry ta' put ya' on overtime."
Kendar "It's no trouble." He says placing the large bandage over by the table. "We're in the kind of situation, where it's fairly easy to injure yourself. Not much you can do about it." Kendar opened up the bottle of alcohol and he soaked the gauze with it. "I'm going to need you to take off your clothes, since I need to see the wounds."
Lowry      Lowry starts to painfully remove his battered remnants of clothes. "Appreciate it." He makes sure to get another drink before lying down. "Could be worse, I 'spose. Though I am sure it will." He closes his eyes and seemingly passes out on the table now, maybe drunk maybe tired, lost too much blood? Who knows.
Kendar Kendar raises an eyebrow at Lowry and how... calm he looks about all this. Observing the wounds, he sees the bad burn on his side from the laser rifle and a lot of skin tearing over by his leg. He's a bit surprised at how he managed to walk off a twenty feet fall, but he guesses he'd probably survived a lot worse. A lot worse. "Oh and before I forget, this might sting a little." He says as he starts cleaning the area around the wounds.