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Shiloh      The sun crests on the horizon and bathes the bloody and war-torn battlefield in a warm orange glow. The fighting has pressed on for hours and waves of mutants did not seem anywhere close to waning despite all of the efforts made from the volunteers and enlisted. Several of them have even started to press towards the walls and mutants leap on the Brothers of Steel sentries and claw at their powered armor in an effort to get through to the vulnerable bodies underneath. Most of the stronger men are able to drive their elbows or rifle butts into them to fend them off, but those who have been fighting for long hours as is collapse under their weight. The metal is pried off their bodies and their bones and organs are ripped and broken apart, some bashed into the ground until they are entirely unrecognizeable. Six mutants lumber past the bodies laid out on the ground as they barely groan with life, and on their tail leaving a trail of bile and slime are two Centaurs.

     On the wall a black figure leaps from the ground to crawl its way up and find purchase there. The sentries that try to push it back are meet with a flurry of sparks as two sharpened daggers slice and cut through vital components to leave the powered suits powering down and inoperational. Red eyes bare down on the group and its roar gains the attention of the small mix-match group of mutants down below. It points a dagger down to a weak point in the wall, trying to give command and order to the otherwise lumbering beasts.

     Meanwhile, in the Giga-Scorp, Shiloh has once again started to run out of plasma charges for the giant mech, "C-Come on!!" She says, desperately mashing the buttons before she sighs in desperation. "H-Have to get out again.." She mumbles before climbing out of the pilots seat to try to exit the top of the mech, "Have to get a path cleared first..." On her way up the ladder, she readies her pistol, making sure that it's loaded. These past few hours have proven that she would definitely need all the help that she could get.
Shiloh      Most of the Mutants look down at the nearby wall dumbly when the Assassin points out where they are meant to go, but at least one of group of them seems to understand what the Assassin means. One with an absent jaw nudges the other and grunts until a pair splinter off from the main group to follow him through the vulnerability. The Assassin's red eyes watch the mutants coldly before it ducks down from the wall and takes to some debris, seemingly disappearing from sight now that its orders have been given.

     Now that Shiloh stands on top of the Mech, she squints off into the distance and lets out a yelp when she sees another wave trying to squeeze its way through the walls. She lifts her pistol and breathes in short breaths to keep calm, patiently trying to wait for just the right moment for the first of the mutants to crawl through the gap in the wall. She squeezes the trigger and a bolt of energy goes flying at it, leaving a scorched pattern on its left arm just as it comes out. It lets out a growling roar in pain and runs forward, its eyes darting around to try to find the source of the pain inflicted on it.
Vera Vera has had a busy day, well everyone prolly has as well. But things just keep rolling along...and now there is more things to shoot. Yes, mutants..the fun things to remorse, no worry, no thinking..just pull the trigger and kill them. "Time to die..yes" as she double pops on the trigger a couple times. "Lets see something new..come on."
Shiloh      The chimera's drag themselves forward on their clawed and hoofed limbs that stick out from their mushy bodies and note some of the present dangers to their kind. One stops while the other crawls forward towards the Scorpion mechanism and both gurgle and wobble with a strange hissing sound from them until they violently launch a glob of dark-green and grotesque bile at Vera and Shiloh both. Shiloh squeals out and barely leaps out of the way of the foul bile. She tries to raise her shaking pistol to focus on the threat more pressing to her now.
Eden Eden hears that backup is needed, so she comes with her P90c fully loaded. It'll be nice to shoot something today. The fight is already going, so she chooses a target. That one looks ugly enough. God does she hate mutants now. Aim, breathe out, fire. Her bullets dig into the group of mutants and she lowers her gun to ready for her next shot.
Sanbella      Sanbela grits her teeth, watching more mutants incoming. The constant siege had started to tire her out like it did in Hoover Dam. When she first arrived in the Citadel, she was itching for a fight and now she was not so sure if she wanted to keep combating the horde almost without rest. "KEEP YOUR WEAPONS HIGH" The Red Ranger shouted to theses around her, but she felt like it was meant to reassure herself as she fired at the incoming monstrosities.
Rusty The red lenses shift from looking out for more targets, and towards the suddenly silent Giga-Scorp... and the void in the wall behind. The man in the Black Armor with the Deputy Marshal badge pinned to the duster whirls around. The service rifle once again snugged solidly into his shoulder. Twice the trigger is squeezed calmly. A mutant head vanishes. The helmet vox crackles out Rusty's shout more words than he's said all week. "Shiloh Wayne, get your ass back in that thing!"
Kaydin     Kaydin had been on patrol once more and he makes his way to the others. Seeing Shiloh out of the scorpian he moves to try and cover her, drawing his revolver and opening fire. "Get back into the scorpian." He says to her as he tries to shield Shiloh from the mutants.
Davidson "Where are you, you son of a bitch..." A rifle's barrel glints in the light as weapon-flashes illuminate it briefly, Davidson's gaze searching the field of battle from his perch... but he can't locate his prey. The roar of a mutant's battle-cry catches his attention instead, and he turns his aim in that direction, snapping off a shot that strikes the savage's arm above the elbow in a spray of mutant blood.
Shiloh      The other mutants that have lingered back behind their brothers step through a crumbling gap in the wall just in time to see Rusty and Eden among the others taking shots at them. They clench their jaws and bare their yellow, snaggled teeth before stomping forward on thunderous running steps towards them. The first stops at Rusty and swings a massive gnarled club at him which he's just able to duck under, and the second continue on in an effort to try to reach Eden's shooting point.

     With Shiloh getting yelled at, she sneaks off another blast at the Centaur that attempted to cover her in acid, then ducks back into the hatch to pull it shut, keeping herself safe and secured in the mech. Still, she stares up at the lid anxiously, appearing guilty for leaving the others in the fray stuck defending themselves on their own.
Vera Vera ducks and dives...dodging left and so many things seem to find her the best dance partner...though she is use to it, so many times her dance card fills up fast. She swings the carbine around again, and double taps the trigger a couple times..."Stop spitting, thats not nice...!
Eden "Oh god, not another tentacle thing" Eden shudders as the slimy things whip around her. Trying to find where the best place to hit would be, Eden aims and fires at it's center. The shots hit hard enough that it jumps slightly back, but doesn't fall down dead like it needs to. Crap. how the hell does she reload like this?
Sanbella      Sanbela opens fire at what she considers to be the largest threat and aims at the Chimera's legs, sending blood and chunks flying into the air as her bullets rip and tear at the abomination's flesh. Taking care to not focus too much in just one enemy she fires twice in the mutant crowd, hitting them in the torso.
Nemo Two shots ring out, narrowly missing the Centaur, shells falling to Nemo's feet as lifts his gaze from the sight to peer down. Sweat on his brow, the sound of fighting, dying, and gunshots all around, the skinny man scratches his stubbly cheek and mutters, uncharacteristically alm in all this mess, "Fuck... little to the leeeeft." He lines up another shot, and cocks his rifle again.
Rusty     The Deputy Marshal's satisfaction cannot be seen through his helmet. The red lenses scan briefly conducting a new threat assessment. The fight is going... not terribly. As his companions keep whittling down the threats. There's the damn Centaur/Chimera causing a ruckus. The muzzle of the service rifle snap-shifts onto this new target. Rusty's squeeze of the trigger is done twice rapidly. He is a little less accurate this time, and then there is the explosion of Mount GooeyGuts. A crackle of the vox. "Sorry." A pause. "Shiloh, can you step on them with that thing?"
Kaydin     Kaydin turns in time to see the assassin come out of hiding. He raises his pistol and opens fire on it. His first shot manages to hit the torso, the second shot misses. Kaydin growls as he moves to try and avoid being hit by the mutants.
Shiloh      As one centaur is exploded to a mass of slime and dissolving flesh that's seeping into Texan soil, the other is angry to see Shiloh make her escape inside of the Scorpion Mech. It tries to scramble onto it, but is unable to find purchase on the legs or body, so its multitude of glassy eyes try to turn to the next best thing. In a rolling, flailing mass of limbs, it charges towards Eden and whips out to lash across her chest with one of its tentacles, screeching from three mouths all the while that open and close in a torrent of confusion from its conflicting humanoid and bestial brains. Thankfully, it is put out of its misery when it is forced to explode its insides and FEV contaminated juices all over Eden who happens to be in the vicinity, and the area near her is quiet of screams once more. The assassin prowls around and creeps up behind Davidson, heavily aware of the man trying to search for him.

     The heat of its breath on the back of his neck is all Davidson feels before the intelligent creature charges him to the ground and tries to down him in a flurry of bladed knife-cuts. Its eyes are lit up from the excitement of the moment, and it is about to try to make the finishing blow when Kaydin manages to shoot a bullet off of its tough hide. Its nostrils flare with a snort and it turns its attention to Kaydin, charging him down too to try to twist and turn, a metal flurry from how agile it is with its two bladed hands. It doesn't even seem to notice that Davidson has managed to shoot it while its back was turned...yet.
Davidson It may be that the assassin thought that Davidson had been taken out of the fight in that flurry of blades, enough to turn his back instead of finishing him; certainly there's a lot more blood on the ground than there would have been otherwise, scarlet shading his world as it drips down his face and spreads across his armor. The scout isn't dead yet, though, his jaw tensing as he brings his rifle up - a few shots whistling through the air, one of them skimming across the side of the supermutant's temple, leaving thick green blood dripping down the murderer's cheek.

"Not... dead yet," he spits out, along with a gobbet of saliva and blood, "You sonuvabitch."
Eden Crawling out from under the muck, Eden looks to see the Assasin fighting with Kaydin! "Shit" she says, and reloads as quickly as she can. Then hoisting up her gun she puls out all the stops and unloads on the beast! Shots hit. He is obviously injured, but still attacking. "Why don't they just die when we tell them to?"
Sanbella Seeing the Super Mutant Assassin attacking her comrades, Sanbella shouts before being abruptly blocked by the remaining rabble of the mutant's squad. They charge at her with flailing clubs while screaming and snarling. Without thinking, she rises her rifle against them and fires, hitting them in... well... very sensitive locations. Two mutants drop dead on the spot, the trauma was enough to kill them almost instantly and leaving The Ranger with mixed feelings about her marksmanship. Forcing herself back into reality, she prepares to dodge the last mutant still coming for her.
Nemo From on top of the wall, Nemo hears gunshots closer to the base of it, and leans over, spotting Davidson, Kaydin, and the Assassin. He throws a leg over the side of the wall, making him a very easy target, but allowing him to get a better bead on the supermutant. He fires once, hitting it in the chest, pulls the bolt, and fires again, hitting it in the head. Still squinting one eye, Nemo mutters, "...there ya go, lil fucker."
Rusty     His Wayne Cousin secured, and more creatues down. Rusty turns those brightened red lenses towards the Assassin. Rusty hesitates a moment while Nemo scores an outstanding headshot. Then the muzzle of the service rifle comes down, mindful of those close to the assassin. His first shot is right on the money. The following shot not so much.
Kaydin     Kaydin gets slashed by the assassin, and tries to back away a step. He then raises his pistol and fires, hitting him in the arm with one shot and the other a miss again. "Damn it." He growls out.
Shiloh      Shiloh hears her cousin's call and hurries over to make her way to the mech seat again. "O-Okay, just...just have to squish them. Don't need ammo for that." She takes the controls and tries to guide it over to the smaller mutants to start, being ginger with them in an effort not to screw things up. She tries to make one of the claws reach out to smash it down on the mutant, but it rises up in a violent twitch that nearly sends the whole Scorpion Mech off balance. "W-woah there!!" She says, making immediate corrections just in an attempt to keep their prize from toppling over and breaking. It leaves the Mech's leg scurrying from one side to the other, like a crab waving its claw in place in an effort to show dominance.

     There's a roar of raw rage and contempt as shots are fired at the Assassin beast from all around and it can barely see through its blinding hatred. Its head jerks rapidly and takes stock of the impending threats, and he abandons Kaydin there to crawl and climb until he's managed to find and reach Rusty. It snarls at him as its temple matter oozes down its face in a bloody trail and lunges down to get him down to the ground. He struggles to try to impale a dagger in Rusty's shoulder, but the Ranger is barely able to roll out of the way in time, forcing him to have to pry the dagger out from where it's imbedded.
Davidson Moving? Moving hurts right now. Fortunately, Davidson doesn't need to move; he just props himself against a piece of rubble and sights down the barrel at the mutant assassin that nearly put him in the ground earlier; jaw tightening, cheek streaked with blood as he squeezes the trigger once, twice. Solid hits that slam into the super-mutant's arm and back, though the mutated meat absorbs the impact despite the bloody entry wound. Still, the repeated damage is starting to wear on the killer...
Eden One more time. Eden is in a grove now. She has a great angle on the beast to fire from while he is distracted by everyone else. reload. And Shoot. She near empties her gun again, but it is worth it to see the thing twitch from each bullet that hits. God he's got to be going down soon.
Eden Eden sees all the enemies are down in this area. There is a satsifaction in that. Well, she still has ammo, and there are moer attacks around the citadel. She nods to those here, and moves out to find where she will be most useful.
Sanbella The Red Ranger notices the assassin changing tactics after injuring her comrades, trying to escape to no doubt get reinforcements and become a pain in their collective asses later. She would not have any of it. Aiming quickly to target the center mass of the sneaky mutant, she takes a deep and loud intake of air through her filter and opens fire four times. The bullets travel towards the assassin mutant and impact it's back, digging into its meat as green blood spews forth into the air from four deep holes, the bullet fragmenting into pieces of sharp metal as they embed themselves deep within the mutant.
The Red Ranger rises her gun into the air, adrenaline rushing through her veins as she barely believes these shots were hers. Almost crackling into a laughter, she shouts. "This is Texas, motherfucker! We will stand our ground!"
Nemo Nemo watches the assassin get obliterated from all sides, and looks over to see Sanbella. He gives her a thumbs up, grinning, and whips his rifle around to point at the fleeing super mutant. Two loud reports, and it falls dead.
Rusty     The mecha-crab-scorpion proves a good distraction, as Rusty is allegic to being trampled. A rapid movement catches his eyes too late, and his helmet snaps to face the oncoming Assassing. There's a sharp exhale of his breath as he is taken to the ground. The elder Ranger still has some tricks up his sleeve though, and pulls off the roll of the century. The service rifle was about to be dropped so he could go for his revolver, and then there's a dead assassin... and a dead supermutant. An exhale, and the rifle is slung, the helmet finally removed. His fingers run though his grey hair before he finally just lights up a smoke.
Nemo Nemo wiped the sweat from his brow, scanning for more enemies. On his way down the patrol wall, he passes out some syringes to several people, wishing them good luck, sort of. "We're in the 'kill' part of an 'eat, kill, fuck' life, y'all! Let's knock this fuckers into the dust, and get to the good shit!" He points a finger at Davidson, firing a finger gun as he passes, "Nice shit, man." He and some others, armed and still alive, move towards the sound of gunfire across the citadel.
Davidson Davidson brings a tired hand up in a salute back to Nemo, sliding down to sit against the rubble he was using as cover, head thunking back against it and eyes closing as he took a moment to rest. He'll drag himself back inside, to medical, in a minute. He just needs to catch his breath after dealing with that... monster.
Sanbella Sanbella Looks at Davidson limping and wraps an arm around him, "Hey there, big guy. Let's help eachother, yes?" She tries to carry the Scout, feeling drained and tired after a day of fighting and somewhat guilty for not being as hurt as her comrades.
Shiloh      Shiloh continues to curse and plead with the machine she's trying to man, struggling to get it back under her control. The weight of its tail swings it around, spinning it rapidly until it comes to a sudden stop. It leaves Shiloh dizzy inside of the metal container and the Mech is still while she tries to see straight again.

     Meanwhile the El Dorado volunteers stand their ground against the giant Assassin attempting to go for Rusty again, it struggles to even stand straight. Every flying bullet at it, tearing into skin, muscle, and bone leaves it convulsing and shuddering. It roars out in rage and turns on its foot as if to flee, only to trip and fall with a hefty thud. Its blood pools on the ground and it twitches out, rasping with some of its final breaths before it finally falls still. The mutant that was trying to get away a lot sooner falls down from Nemo's well placed shot, skidding to a stop on the ground before it slumps down on its knees. Another group has been slain, but ten more will soon take its place. Is this ever going to end and will our fighters be able to stand strong against the constant impending threat? Only time would be able to tell.