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Iris Lark Skirmishes have been happening all around the Alamo, and people are injured. Iris woke up, still injured herself, but feeling the need to help rather than lie in bed and watch everyone else work. So she's on her feet and treating people, doing the best she can in a bad situation. Hopefully Camilla doesn't catch her healing or else the yelling will be heard for miles.
Devlin     A suit of Powerarmor stood near a cot, as if standing watch though from it's slouched posture it was unlikely anyone was inside of it. Devlin on the other hand was largely unarmed and laying on his back, luckily for him, this time all his bones were whole. Resting with his eyes heavily lidded, the smell of whiskey was lingering from his self medication. Camilla, for once, appeared to be resting elsewhere, as the medical area was littered with nurses or drafted nurses but few actual doctors to tend to more drastic wounds.
Iris Lark Some frazzled drafted nurse pointed Iris towards Devlin before she went off to find a nip of something from the medicinal cupboard. Iris, not surprised by anything at this point, simply shrugs and makes her way to where Devlin is sprawled out. "They got you too huh?" She asks, gesturing idly towards the bandage peeking out above her shirt. "I officially hate this place more than I hated Mexico." She props her hands on her hips and shrugs her rucksack onto the ground. "Alright, tell me what happened to you?"
Devlin     "I got sloppy, went out with Krysta to scout out a rumor.." While his smile was slight and lopsided, Devlin kept himself seeming amused despite himself. "Now, I managed to get'em worse that I got.. I'm still breathing," is said as he slowly turns his head, shifting his gaze onto Iris for a few moments before a familiar smirk tugs at the corner of his lips. Looking away and towards the main entry way as he asks, "Think you can dress me up and give me something special to hide the limp before Krysta finds out I messed up here of all places? Rather not have her booby trap my suit."
Iris Lark "I should tell her." Iris mutters, but she looks amused more than anything else whens he pulls her rucksack onto a chair to get easier access to her supplies. She works quietly, cleaning wounds, and even pulling a few stitches in. Despite her wounds she is still fairly quick and effective. In short order both of the wounds are cleaned, dressed and wrapped and the Healer is cleaning her hands in the alcohol water before she stows it away. "There, all taken care of, anything else you'll be needing?"
Devlin     The smirk fades at the muttering, while he has been drinking he wasn't drunk, let alone smashed yet. "Let me at least finish a bottle first then.." is groaned faintly. Devlin was steadily shifted and moved by Iris, though throughout the experience, he wasn't deadweight. He moved often, attempting to help her any way he could, though if he was fully sober he likely would have been in more pain. "Anything? Hmm.. ANTI-Freak grenades maybe? Your friends made that bomb before, didn't they?" is asked as she left him to settle as she began putting several things away. Keeping his eyes closed, Devlin looked away from Iris, though his ear was turned towards her. "Those would be useful, not wasted or carried around by fools either."
Iris Lark "They're not my friends, but I did work with them, and help them somewhat when we got back from Mexico." Iris responds and she shrugs about the bottle, after all, she hadn't used any blood thinners. "Honestly, Devlin? I don't know if they're even going to come back. I trust Einstein to be ..steady, I guess is a good word, but Von Doberstein is a bit off the wall." A frown appears on her face and she shrugs. "If they don't come back, I won't help them the next time they need it. I could have gotten into serious trouble helping to steal a vertibird." She glances down at her wounds and sighs. "As it is, I paid for it."
Devlin     "You didn't get caught, 'borrowed' a Verti, and got hurt?" The smile on his lips was gone as Devlin repeated what he just heard more or less. "If not them, then.. just who made you pay the price then?" Turning his head slightly, he looks back towards Iris, questioningly as he says "We swept the interior, none breached the walls then. None of the mutants could have done anything to you.." Furling his brow, Devlin began to run through a few conditions through his head as he thought of the possible issues, "Don't tell me, a chemical spill while refueling the coolant?"
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Devlin and then she looks a bit nervous for a moment. "Vuk was there, and he took another vertibird. He was trying to get me to leave with the scientists or him..I'm not sure." She pushes her hair out of her face and she gazes down at her feet. "He shot into the hangar, clipped a few vertibirds, Krysta and Qwillis and shot me in the chest and leg." She turns away and starts to close up her rucksack, but pulls out some alcohol. "Want this?"
Devlin     "Vuk.. Hmm.. He has a nice suit of armor on him," is said softly. Closing his eyes, Devlin begins to settle in the bed but then murmurs, " should suit me well. I will aim to execute him, job accepted.. payment rejected." Turning his right arm, Devlin stretches it out stiffly enough to cause a grinding set of cracks within his elbow before bending it, bringing it close to his waist. Using his left, he adjusts the pipboy dials several times before patting it. If Iris looked, Devlin has brought up a file detailing several types of power armor without looking, namely their schematics, strengths and weaknesses. "Why are you standing?" is soon asked, more than slightly questioningly, "You should be resting yourself." Breaking the tension, Devlin more softly asks, "Should I tell Camilla on you?"
Iris Lark "Job..accepted..tell..Camilla on me?" Iris now looks slightly sullen and she opens the alcohol, drinking a shot herself. "I suppose it's tit for tat. I tell Krysta, you tell Camilla. In the end we both get fussed at." She eases herself into a chair and winces when her leg gets bumped. "Yeah, I should be resting, but ...look at this place? It is barely contained chaos and everyone is needed, even a lame duck doctor shot all to hell."

She raises an eyebrow at Devlin and frowns. "Are you really going to kill Vuk, and say that I hired you to do it?"
Camilla     "Tell me what?" asks Cami as she steps in to the med bay with bag and rifle in tow. For those looking and paying attention, she looks, horrible. A bit wobbly herself and exausted. She waggles a few fingers at Devlin, "Hey..."
Devlin     "Iris Lark? That soft girl? No, the Alamo Chapter of the Brotherhood has set out a contract on you Vuk.." is said is a low tone, mimicking annoyance. "Your suit gave you away, the signal it gives off is augmented to those of the Brotherhood. Mine is an authentic, your's was captured by the system, recorded, and relayed into my pipboy for later I dentifica.." While the speech droned on, another voice appeared to cut through the busy bodies around them. Turning his head to the side, Devlin opens his eyes to notice Camilla walking into the medical area.. worse for ware than even himself or Iris. "Tsk.. Tell you that you need to lay down and be a good patient for once, that's what.. Ya looking like walking death."
Iris Lark "Soft girl huh?" Iris responds, sotto voce, a smirk on her face as she pushes to her feet. "C'mon Camilla, lie down and let me take a look at you, huh?" She takes another brief nip of the whiskey and then puts it inside of her rucksack as she gathers her hair into a messy bun. She winces a bit as she gets to her feet and starts to swear in a steady low voice as she moves towards one of the empty beds. Hopefully Camilla is following her, because she didn't turn around to check.
Camilla     Camilla looks at Devlin first and shakes her head no, "I'm fine.." she retorts plainly. She's lying, obviously, and it shows through all the pain she's also, very obviously in but hiding.

    To Iris, she turns slowly and glares, "You, are supposed to be in bed..." she adds pointing at the bed.
Devlin     Moving and hand to the side of his cot, Devlin pats his jacket and says, "I could mix buffout and Med-X to not let me feel anything and make sure I could pin ya skinny self down while Iris plays doctor Camilla." While he attempts to be serious with his threat, a smirk spreads across his lips as he says it. "Now, let us all just relax for a bit and make sure we can even stay standing tomorrow.. we're short on supplies. We only have a few days more before we have to start rationing ammunition and engage only in bare handed combat."
Iris Lark "Camilla, just let me look at you, help you out, and then I will gladly climb into a nearby bed and pretend to be an invalid for a few hours." Iris isn't truly intimidated by Camilla, but she has enough respect to do what a doctor says...sometimes." She points at Devlin and snickers. "Don't get chem happy on me, I'll got this." She gestures towards the bed in question and props her hands on her hips. "Now, you can lie down here, let me take a look at you, or we can fuss for a bit about who should be where, why and for how long." Someone apparently gets a bit of iron in her backbone when she drinks.
Camilla     Camilla looks back at Iris, and places her hands on her own hips in response. She looks back over at Devlin and glares, before spouting out a response, "No chems." She means it to, she looks annoyed that anyone even suggested it to her.

    She turns back to Iris and goes to point back at the bed, "Iris, I want you..." to do, something. She doesn't finish the sentence, as the sstress, pain, multiple injuries and lack of sleep finally wash over her and take her straight to the floor. No doubt making it far much easier for Iris and Devlin to work on her, as once she hits the floor, she's out...
Devlin     Devlin was forced to chuckle as not one but both doctors chastised his idea, almost at the same time. Lifting his hands up, he signals his surrender before laying back onto the cot he had been treated on. He closes his eyes for a moment before hearing a thud.. "Camilla.. you shouldn't thump things, you already got enough bruises.. Just let Iris help you, I promise I won't use chems, okay?" is asked with a slightly raised tone, not realizing Camilla has actually fainted, not hit something to prove a point.
Iris Lark Iris glances back towards the cot, eyebrows raised. Obviously someone isn't paying attention. She gestures for two able bodied folks to get Camilla into her own cot and she finds an old injury plus some others. She shakes her head and pokes idly at Camilla's inert form. "You are so in trouble when you wake up."
Camilla     Camilla slowly comes back to the world of the living, opening her eyes and squinting around to try and figure out, "What in the world just happened?" Seems, she really was so focused on taking care of everyone else, that she flat forgot to take care of herself, again. "Did, did I pass out?"
Devlin     "Wake up.." Turning his head to the side, Devlin watches as Camilla is carried off like a sack of potatoes and put into a cot of her own. "Wait.. did she really pass out, right in the middle of scolding you?" is asked, is amusement was returning though at the same time, worry. Shifting, a dull groan of pain parts his lips as he sits up, heavily favoring his left arm for any actual support this time. "I would offer a tab of Calm but I think both of you would bite my head off for suggesting it right now.. How is she?"
Iris Lark "Ayup!" Iris responds, grinning down at Camilla as she finishes working on her wounds. "So tell me, the wounds feel better?" She smirks and turns to pull her rucksack closed. "She did pass out in the midst of scolding me, so I imagine that I won't continue to get scolded."
Camilla     Yeah, she did pass out in the middle of a setence, while scoulding Iris. Now that she's come to again, she looks over at Devlin and smirks, "Yeah, we would..." pause, "I'm fine..." she adds.

    She turns back to look at Iris and smiles softly and nods, "They are." She does try, almost imediatly to get back up on her feet, even still a bit wobbly. "No, I imagine you wont continue to get scolded either.."
Iris Lark Iris sits on the cot and grins at Camilla. "Can you look at my wounds real quick, see how they're healing?" She kicks her feet back and forth and grins. "I promise not to fuss at you anymore and I'll even lie down."
Devlin     Raising his tone, Devlin looks forward rather than either of the doctors, "Camilla, Iris Lark.. Both of you are to rest until you are to sit.. then lay down." Closing his eyes, he takes in a slow breath, calming his own aching muscles before adding, "Both of you are in mandatory bed rest for the following six hours.. Defiance will be met with sedatives. Exhausted professionals are useless.." Shifting back slowly, Devlin eased himself back down onto the cot until he slumps suddenly, hitting the cot a little harder than intended, but without a groan, it was unlikely he was hurt by it.
Camilla     Camilla smiles at Iris and nods, stepping back up slowly she grabs her own bag off the floor and rummages through it for her supplies. As she does this, she looks back at Devlin and glares, "No." Yeah, someone's got a backbone with Devlin today.
Iris Lark "I'm okay with sleeping for six hours. No argument here." Iris responds, rolling her eyes as she unstraps her plasma pistol from her belt, putting it into her rucksack. She grins over at Camilla. "Oh now come on Camilla, there are enough people that we can get some sleep. Don't make me drag you into this cot with me, you'll bump my bandage and make me cry."
Serena Making her way over to the Med Bay she would slip in and stopped at the entrance. Staring she would look around before making her way over towards of the few people she actually knew. There was a slight smile then as she would nod a bit. "Hi there." Looking around the group she would then look back to her a bit. "How are you feeling? Better?" There was a tilt of her head then as she smiled.
Devlin     Turning his head to the side, Devlin begins to glare towards Camilla but then his gaze softens as he listens to Iris and then to.. "Little fire starter? Could you restraint the wobbly girl? She's refusing bedrest. She's very important," is added before he looks away saying. Coughing slightly, he clears is throat messily before sighing, "..she needs her rest before she faints during surgery."
Camilla     Cami looks at Iris and sighs, pursing her lips out and trying the pouty, /but moooom!!/ look, which she knows damn well wont work. "Ok, ok..." she finally relents, before turning to see Serena walk in, is this another patient that needs help? Cause if so, Cami to the rescue! Oh, and then there's Devlin, who doesn't seem to understand that you don't threaten to restrain a former slave and it be ok. GLARE. "I'll go to bed...yeesh.."
Iris Lark Iris looks happy to see Serena and she nods in her direction. "Doing better, getting yelled at. The usual. How are you doing? Any more nosebleeds?" The rapid fire questions finally cease for a bit as she glances towards her rucksack and the bottle of whiskey. "Serena?" She asks, an innocent smile on her face. "Can you fetch me that bottle from the top of my bag please?"
Serena Staring over at Devlin and raised her brow. "Little fire starter? And how would you like me to do that?" Those steel blue eyes would stare at him then before slowly looking back over at Iris. A brow would raise and she'd look over at the bag. Slowly she'd walk over and grab it before staring at it and then reached it back over to her. "I am fine. My nosebleeds have died down a bit." A tilt of her head and she would smile a bit. "That woman told me how to deal with and I have been practicing more so. I'm not used to using it this much. I am used to being locked in a house."
Devlin     "Bury her under covers for all I care," is chided back to Serena, a woman who's name he never remembered though he remembered how they met. Camilla's words though are the ones that cause him to relax the most when she yields completely, causing Devlin to sag, "Mission complete.. downtime.." is half mumbled as he began to close his eyes, this time not just to relax, but to let himself drift from the lack of pain and the steadily growing warmth that took him.
Camilla     Camilla will, without saying much of anything to anyone, make her way to a spare cot and crawl in to it. She does, in fact, crawl in to it and softly asks, "Anyone mind finding a pillow and some blankets for me please?"
Iris Lark Iris takes the whiskey from Serena and settles into her cot, a slight smile on her face. "Well I, for one, am glad that you're not locked in a house." She shakes her head slowly and takes a drink of the alcohol. "When you can' what you want to do when you want to do it? It sucks." She glances between Camilla and Devlin, and since everyone is resting she doesn't have to fuss. So she takes furtive nips from her bottle and settles in.

"A pillow for Camilla, and blankets as well!" She asks, and she's not quiet. So surely someone will comply.
Serena "Oh..okay..." Staring at Devlin she'd just slowly look over to Iris then. "That would require me to know what there is to do and what I am missing. Qwillis has been teaching me." Looking to Camilla she would see her and then moved over to a closet. Opening it up she would pull out some spare blankets and pillow. Moving over to the woman she'd look her before shoving that pillow under her then covering her up. "Here." Looking over at them all she would nod. "You all should rest. I can hang out here for a bit to help. I've picked up a lot over my time out of my house....."
Iris Lark "There is lots to do, heck, I'm still finding out things to do. I've only been away from the camps for ..oh two years now?" Iris curls up on the bed and she hugs a pillow close. "You'll need a lady to teach you the lady things to do, I'm sure it'll all work out." She takes another quick nip of the whiskey. "So how old are you anyway, Serena?"
Serena "Lady thing?" There was a raise of her brow as she seemed confused. "What sort of lady things?" A tilt of her head and she then looked over at the others then sighed a bit. "How old am I?" There was a frown as she looked down at the floor, thinking before she would then look to her. "I believe I am 22...." Nodding she'd fold her arms over her chest then. "How old are you?"
Iris Lark "You knooow.. girl things." Iris says, her voice lowering conspiratorily as she giggles a bit. "Boys don't understand girls at all, that's well known." She shrugs a shoulder and shifts in the bed, getting burrowed under the covers. "I'm twenty four, but sometimes I feel like I'm fifty, other times seventeen. It's never the same."
Serena Serena would just blink as she looked at her with a head tilt. "OKay....." Licking her lips she would smile slightly. "I....still don't understand...." Those blue eyes looked around then back to her slowly. "You are not much older than me in the sense of years. But obviously you know a lot more than I." There was a shrug and then she would yawn softly. "Perhaps I need to understand. Do you mean that once a month thing?"
Iris Lark If Iris wasn't more than slightly drunk, she would so have blushed. "Not just the once a month thing, there are so many ...girl things." She stares out into the medbay, silenced as she tries to come up with more. "Babies are a girl thing." She says, nodding slowly. "Honestly though? I spent most of my life in a camp where I didn't have any schooling or any friends who were girls, so..we might be in the same boat. Maybe. I have had the last two years in El Dorado."
Serena "Oh...okay....." Nodding she would then blink a bit. "Do you mean sex? And the possiblity of pregnancy?" Tilting her head she would just stare at her. "At least you had other people? Correct?" Now she seemed intrigued. "Did you get to interact with others? How was that as a child?"
Iris Lark "I did not, when I was young I was put with the other medics and told to help, work or die." Iris responds, and she squirms a bit, clearly uncomfortable. "It was all a bit ..cutthroat when I got older." She tilts her head and grins at Serena "That *is* a girl thing. Not something I've uhm..used as girl talk?" She gazes at Serena and grins. "Guess there is always a first time."
Serena "I can see it is not good for you to talk about that...." Smiling slightly she would nod then. "I still wish I was able to have some sort of....human interaction...." There was a slight sight and then she would nod a bit. "Okay....girl talk. So just two females talking, right? How hard is that?" Tapping her chin she would think then. "But for now perhaps I should not disturb you while you are attempting to rest...."
Iris Lark "I can't sleep, so it's up to you really. Company is appreciated." Iris murmurs, grinning at Serena from her burrowed position. "Well you are free now, and you're able to do whatever you want, really?" She chuckles softly and sighs. "That is what matters, really."
Qwillis     Qwillis would come peeking in the medic bay to look in on Iris. He was hoping she was recovering, considering of those shot.. she had no armor. Spying the others in there, he'd straighten up and walk in. "Hi Serena. Iris. I was hoping to see if you were ok after the attack."
Serena "Oh alright...." Sitting on the floor then she would stare up at her. "That is true. I have a lot to catch up sucks." Looking up when she hears a voice she would smile. "Hello, Qwillis...." She'd nod and then looked back to Iris. "Seems you have another visitor."
Iris Lark Iris raises the bottle of whiskey that she's sipping from and aims a grin in Qwillis' direction. "Feeling no pain right now, Camilla made me feel a lot better." She tilts her head and gazes at him. "How is your shoulder feeling? Sore? Are you bruised? It's not every day that one gets shot by a vertibird."
Qwillis     Q smiels to Iris and Serena, walking over with a shake of his head. He'd reach up to tap that armor on his shoulder. "This is gunner custom armor, Iris. It's specifically built to resist lasers. It was minor and Serena helped me feel better earlier." He'd chuckle with a small nod and goes to sit down next to Serena with that metal thump of a knee taken first before sitting.
Nemo     Fully dressed for once, Nemo strides into the medbay, limping along and covered in Texas Dust. He slings his gun over his shoulder, stepping straight towards a bed opposite Iris and laying down, "Unnngh, shitshow nightmare." He tilts his head to peer over at Iris and company, grinning, "'ey y'all. How ya feelin', Doc?"
Iris Lark "Better." Iris says quietly to Nemo as she pulls the covers around her closer. She looks sleepy. "Well I'm glad you're okay Qwillis, apparently Devlin is going to murder him or something. Or so he said. I guess we'll see?" The covers move for a moment as she shrugs a shoulder. "I feel bad for him now."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Iris a little. "If he doesn't, then I will do something equally upsetting to him as well. I was not amused at being shot. or having our stuff wrecked. or being attacked by fanaticals he suckered into a suicide mission."
Serena Serena would chuckle a bit then. "I'm's the liqour." Giggling she'd then look to Qwillis and blushed a bit then. "Yes. I have been learning to do such things..." Sighing she would then lay down and close her eyes. "I'm tired...I think I shall lay here....." Closing her eyes to the world she'd sigh a bit then murmured. "I'm going to burn him. I said he was last he's near the top." And with that, the worn out first starter passed out.
Camilla     "Hey guys...can you keep it down please?" pipes up a very sleepy, and very much exauhsted camilla from her place of pillowy and blankety warm goodness. "Also, who is going to do what to whom?"
Nemo At Camilla's voice, Nemo visibly winces, and instead of waiting on help, rolls up his pants leg and starts administering first aid to himself. He listens to Qwillis and the others talk, openly eavesdropping, while cleaning up his wound and wrapping a shoddy handmade bandage of his around his calf.
Qwillis     Qwillis would offer his lap willingly to Serena, using that flesh leg for her pillow as well.. the metal one didn't make sense. His lapcoat taken off, he'd fan it out and tuck it around her to try and help her be comfortable and let her rest. Qwillis smiles a little to Iris, then looks over to Cami. "Ah.. sorry Cami. Vuk betrayed us all, he's the one that had the sabotage going on in the citadel and shot up Iris as part of him trying to leave.
Krysta      Krysta walked in at that moment, glancing around. She spotted Iris and Qwillis, then the apparently sleeping Serena and Camilla (who was telling everyone to pipe down. The white-haired woman narrowed her violet eyes and tapped a nearby nurse on the shoulder asking for some ibuprofen. She didn't need anything harder, or so she claimed.
     She did need to get that armor fixed before Devlin saw it... So she went for Qwillis. "And I'll shoot his ass from behind if given the chance. Oi. Einstein. How are you feeling? Feel up to fixing that armor before Devlin spots the damage? I was luckier than Iris, for sure but..." She shook her head. Then looked at Iris. "And you? How are you doin? You need better armor Doc."
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose at the description and sighs. "Honestly, us hunting him and kiling him doesn't make us any better." She turns then and pulls her covers closer to her form and yawns. "I'm going to sleep, wake me up if I'm needed." She glances back at Krysta and grins. "I'm working on it, honestly. Oh, and I thought you'd want to know. Devlin is over there and he got hurt. He really wanted you to know."
Camilla     Camilla sighs, and tries to roll herself out of the cot, pulling off the covers and pulling her face off a very comfy pillow. "We are not the Legion, nor are we barbarians. We find him, throw him behind bars and coduct a trial." She seems pretty adamant about this as she finishes standing upright, stil a bit wobbly.
Qwillis     Qwillis rubs Serena's side softly and nods a little. "I know. I know. We have to stay civilized, or we're no better than the others." He'd shake his head some. "Doesn't mean he'll still get burned. It's Vuk. he'll resist." Q looks to Krysta, then Iris and finally Devlin. Nodding a little, he'd look back to Krysta. "It's about an hour's work. I should be able to handle that pretty easily."
Krysta      Krysta's eyes narrowed when Iris indicated Devlin was here. "Shit." Which meant he /probably/ already knew about the hangar.... Crap. Qwillis' response got a nod from her and she popped the ibuprofen (twice the normal dose). "Last time I walked away from getting shot he had a fit...." She was looking in Devlin's direction as she sat down on a stool.
     Camilla's comments got a strange look from the woman. "Legion... Barbarians... Enclave... Who cares? Jackass opened fire on civvies with a goddamn bird. Not to mention he shot me. He'll pay for it one way or another. Besides...." She rolled her shoulders, cracking several places that probably shouldn't with those movements. "This is waaaaay out of the Sherriff's or Militia's jurisdiction. plus...." She looked at Iris and Qwillis. "I'm not happy with him for hurtin Doc and Einstein."
Camilla     Camilla sighs and stretches out as she stands up. "Just my thought process here, I'm no one but a former legion slave turned doctor and combat medic. I'm sure my opinion is meaningless.." she adds as she turns about to go hunt for something to eat, and something to drink.
Nemo Nemo slips off his bed, and digs through the large pockets of his overalls until he comes out with several syringes in hand. He offers them over to the group, Qwillis, Iris, Krysta, glancing down at sleeping Serena, "Take a calmex, eh? Horde's gonna be here soon, gonna need your shit together, all wrapped up in a calm bundle." He looks towards the deparing Camilla, nodding agreeably, "Trial's right. It ain't for him, it's for others to say their peace ta 'im, and him ta face those he hurt. Or he coulda been blackmailed or somethin'?" He shrugs, nonchalantly, "I'unno."
Devlin     All of the chatter and his name being said a few times causes the man to faintly begin to rouse. Looking around with heavy eyelids causes Devlin to notice a certain rather 'vocal' person.. Krysta. Shifting on his cot, it was hard to miss where Devlin rested due to his powerarmor looming near by, the buster sword still on it's back but the man shifts again, turning onto his side, facing away from the gathering before growing still again. It would be a lie to say he was sleeping at this point but his sluggish movements and limp tender muscles made it somewhat easier to act like he was.
Krysta      Krysta looked at Camilla and raised a brow. "Meaningless? Hardly. But how do you propose the Law in New Mexico punish a crime that happened in Texas?"
     The offered syringe from Nemo got a pretty sharp reaction from the woman. She physically backed away and narrowed her violet eyes. "I'll be fine. Thanks." One hand slid over the sleeve of her opposite arm. Devlin's movements caught her eye she eyed him for a time then seemed to look away. "If you could not mention that thing nearly taking off my head, Qwillis, that would be great. I'm so sick of having guns shoved in my face by allies."
Camilla     Camilla manages to somehow find something to nibble on and drink. She pauses between sips and looks at Krysta and shrugs her shoulders, "I'm trying to not let my Legion training turn me in to a bloodthirsty and hatefull person. I'm doing fine with being scared all the time, the nightmares, and the whole being a constant emtional wreck for the rest of my life."
Rusty     Quietly slipping into the medbay, the ranger helmet vox crackles to life, though muted perhaps for the patients present. "Doc of some sort in the house?" The voice coming from within the helmet sounds tired. Rusty leans up against the entrance favoring his left side.
Qwillis     Q carefully shifts to let Serena rest on his bag. He'd stand and stretch, then glancing over at Rusty, points to Cami. "Her." Shrugging, Q walks over to where Krysta was at, looking at her. "You have to figure out your interaction with him on your own. I will not interfere. I do request to know where your armor is. I shall tend to it quickly."
Devlin     Grumbling, Devlin had planned to continue to act asleep and ask questions later but.. Opening his eyes partially, Devlin glares forward, his eyes still unfocused. "Doctor Iris and Doctor Camilla are currently on agreed upon bedrest for... several more hou.." Q's words spark yet another growl from the tired man. "Several more hours of bed rest.. And if someone causes the doctors to continue abusing themselves to help others and not rest, I'll play doctor myself for them.." Sitting up, the aimless glare stayed in his eyes, though his voice was thickened from just rising from a alcohol warmed sleep state. Looking around, Devlin's gaze soon settles onto Krysta, not seeming to know where Rusty was.
Krysta      Krysta smirked up at Qwillis faintly when he stated he would not interfere with her interactions with Devlin. "Armor's outside, Einstein." She grinned up at him then. "How much you want for it?"
     As Devlin sat up in response to Rusty calling for a doctor she raised an eyebrow at the man. "What the hell, Kyne. Are you drunk?" She stood up and stalked over to peer down at him. Her militia uniform was fully buttoned so that even as she leaned down there was very little of her skin visible below her throat. "We're in a siege and you're drunk?"
Camilla     Cami's actually in really good shape, thanks to the work Iris did on her earlier. Far, far better shape than she was in earlier. Pain killers and the like will do that, and so, despite being utterly exausted, she's still sighs and makes her way towards Rusty. "Calm down Devy, I'm fine.." she says to the drunken wreck of a power armor pilot and then, there's a Krysta piping up.
    Camilla stops and turns slowly, "Are you a doctor? Or do you have any type of medical training at all?" she asks, before all of her emotions finally come crashing down around her. She spins about in a single circle, arms splayed out, "Or are you seeing some sort or magical fucking giant ass stock of medication that I'm to fucking blind to see?" She stops, and glares at everyone in turn, "Next person that opens their gods damn fucking mouths in this Med Bay about who'se in what bed, on what alcohol, doing what, and what they can and can't do answers to me" pause, "and I swear to god, the good thing about knowing a lot of anatomy is knowing how the fuck to hurt you, and keep hurting you, and keep your bitch asses a live WHILE I'm FUCKING HURTING YOU. SO, if you're NOT HURT, OR A DOCTOR, SIT DOWN, SHUT THE FUCK UP, OR GET THE FUCK OUT."
Rusty     Once again the vox crackles. "Erm. I'm hurt." Yet Rusty sits the fuck down on a bed, and clearly shuts the fuck up like a good little patient. Going toe to toe with supermutants, fine. Slaughtering Legion. Fine. Gutting ghouls? No Problem. Angry Female Medic-types? Nope. So Rusty's next move is a rare one, off comes the ranger helmet over his grey hair. Next the elder Deputy Marshal removes the duster complete with not only the NCR Ranger tab, but one denoting being an original Desert Ranger. Next is the imfamous black armor itself. For once, it appears he could care less who sees him out of the armor.
Krysta      Krysta glowered disapprovingly at Devlin as Camilla went off on her, showing no reaction at first to the woman. Devlin alone would possibly see the cold, dark shadow that crossed her violet eyes. When she turned, the temperature int he room dropped several degrees and she stared Camilla down as if she were a gnat. Over her shoulder, she spoke to Devlin. "Devy, huh? Sure."
     And then she stalked toward the door. "I won't bother any of you when I get shot for your sorry asses again." As she walked past Qwillis she dropped some caps near her armor and was gone.
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses as Cami.. blows up. Looking over at her, he'd glance to the others that are asleep and shakes his head a little. "..." He'd pause, eye Cami and simply shakes his head. Pulling some tools out, he'd go for the armor, Krysta's first to repair the damage done to it. After that? Dev's comm unit would finally get repaired, because well.. Q was sick of it squawking. Then, Q would just head out himself. He didn't fit the criteria, afterall.
Devlin     "Whiskey to numb the pain to walk here.. I'm not drunk, only had a glass. Even that's fading.." Rolling his head slightly to one side, Devlin glances towards Camilla, to lazily gaze at the highly tense woman once again. "It's alright.. She's military, more so than the Militia you might know.. She thinks I was drinking on the job and for drunk and tossed here.." Tensing, Devlin did an unpleasant thing and sat up, letting his parted Vaultsuit be revealed as the sheet used to cover him side away.

    If looked at, much of the man's body was now littered with impact bruises as if the Powerarmor he was in had been hit by a car.. multiple times before the day was done. "Krysta.." is forced out deeply, the glare never left his eyes as he turns towards the doorway when he didn't hear her steps slowing at all. "If you're going, give me a damn hand.. will ya? Or are ya ganna make me limp my sorry ass half way back to the barracks?" While he posed the question, it didn't seem that Devlin had any intent or energy to run after anyone for the time being.
Camilla     Not that she thinks Krysta, or Qwillis, or anyone else for that matter would care, but Camilla can't keep the tears back. She is obviouslly stressed the hell out and falling apart emotionally and mentally not to mention the fact she looks exausted and sickly herself, with a few bandages about her body from the other doc in the house.

    "I'm sorry..." she says softly, to everyone, hopefully before they can walk out and not hear it. She turns on heel, and moves over to grab her medical bag. With her head hung towards the floor, she makes her way over to Rusty. Without saying anything to him, she starts looking him over for wounds and the like.
Qwillis     Qwillis finishes with Dev's armor and shakes his head. "you're wounded. Lie down." Motioning for him to get back into bed, Q would walk over to where Cami works on Rusty. He'd lay that regular hand on her shoulder. "Cami? We're all stressed. People get it. We're here for you. Just keep going. You're helping everyone and sometimes it takes a bit of fire to help make it all go better, hmm?" he'd smile her way, then heads out. He wsa leaving either way it seems. But he could stop to talk to her first at least.
Krysta      Krysta noted the bruising in passing but that look on her face said she was probably going to go dismember something with C4 to destress. "Just sleep it off, dumbass." She paused long enough to turn and pitch a medx at him and then was gone. Definitely looking to dismember something.... Too bad they needed those walls.
Rusty     Turnig his head to consider Camilla, Rusty holds his tongue for a few moments. Then to make it easier, strips out of his shirt. Over two decades worth of old wounds and scars are apparent. Including some obviously self-sewn stitches in the past. "If you need I can come back, Doc." Rusty's question comes out with the sound of a man who doesn't talk much, yet it is quiet and respectful. Since she's already starting the exam, he turns to allow her access to his left torso, his ribs either busted or just sprung in general. He takes a moment to mumble after Qwillis and Krysta depart. "Hope they don't shoot me later."
Devlin     Sat down, mildly drugged, an itch of a hangover looming over his clouded brain, shouting in his ear and multiple death glares and emotional breakdowns abound.. "I.. hate mutants. I'm starting to hate Texas.." The needle of Med-X strikes Devlin in the chest before bounding down into his lap, he had no chance to actually avoid it and simply sighed. Before Camilla said anything or Iris woke up to say something he answers, "Yes.. I know.. Don't use chems lightly and trivially over something like this.. I get it.." Closing his eyes, Devlin keeps himself supported in a upright position, if not only barely.
Camilla     Camilla just goes to work on Rusty without saying anyting, or responding to anything. She's so stressed out, that she seems to just be shutting down and moving to autopilot mode. She doesn't respond to Devlin's statement either, or Q's as he leaves. Nope, just a former slave doing what she must with her mouth shut. Work.
Rusty     Aside from a faint grunt. Rusty doesn't complain about pain, or cold hands, or anything else. He just lets Camilla stay in her headspace for the job for now. When he feels the worst of the wound pass, he nods slowly. Then looks directly at the woman to nod sharply in thanks. "Much obliged, what do I owe ya?" There is a brief pause, and he continues a little awkwardly. "Aside from pointin' out that empty bed to you. To sleep." Another pause. "Not me. You."
Devlin     Moving to the side with some discomfort, Devlin brings his feet to the side of the bed, letting his feet rest onto the ground but he doesn't put any weight on them. "Yelling at her and lecturing her that she should rest got me no where.." Lowering to his elbows until they rest onto his knees, Devlin stays in the bent over position for some time. "Camilla.. I told you, if need me, I would sedate you.. you need rest, listen to yourself.. observe your actions from my eyes: irritability, extremism, emotional instability, weakness, nervous patterns, hyper focus nature, tunnel vision.." The more Devlin spoke, the more his actual tone turn monotone and dry, almost reciting things mechanically while the rest of his mind checked out. "Rest.. rest is required. Rest though concussion is not advised, too many variables that could complicate matters..""
Camilla     "You're all set..." she says softly to Rusty as she finishes patching him, choosing not really to respond much to what he says. She listens, but it seems to just, flow through her ears. She hears Devlin talk, and he however, well, he's got a way of diggin in to her even if he doesn't realize it. She looks at him with teary, tired eyes, and nods. There's no defiance, no backlash, no nothing. Just Camilla walking back over to the cot and crawling in to it, laying her weary head on a pillow and covering up her cold body with warm blankets.
Rusty     At the continuation of the diagnosis from Devlin, Rusty keeps silent. Thoug there are a few things said that made Rusty nod in agreement. Once Camillia seems to agree to lay herself down, Rusty nods in sharp agreement. He collects his armor and before sealing himself back into it, does take a moment to run a wipe over himself in some spots. Once done he considers the armor, then tucks it under the cot he's on. Choosing to lie down here, himself to get some sleep for a change.