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Lee     Lee was in pretty bad shape. Even with the power armor, he was hurt. Bad. Shuffling along with that slight grind of gears. That hammer was on his back and inside that armor, he had that grim look any soldier knows. The one that says they're going to make it. No matter what. But he was pretty messed up even still.
Lua      Lua was out on the road looking for herbs when she spotted Lee trudging along. The duster identified him as Militia. His gait, even in that armor, identified him as wounded.
     For her part, Lua was in New Roman armor that hid her form and her walk was masculine as she stood and approached Lee, making certain to walk toward him in full view so as not to startle him. "Hoi, Soldier. Are you alright?"
Lee     Lee spotted that man in new roman armor even through the pain. The HUD flickering a little from damage substained. He'd grab that hammer off his back warily, eyeing the one who'd approach so brazenly. Glancing around, Lee has the armor sweep the surroundings for the ambush. After a moment, he'd straighten up, ignoring that pain. The external comm comes on with that. "Oi.. I think we both know ya saw I was wounded in my walkin.. Ifn yer tryin ta ambush me.. just tell em come on and we'll get the brawl rumblin.. Otherwise? I just got the crap kicked outta me by a buncha mutants and I really ain't in the mood ta fight a buncha legionares, yah?"
Lua      Lua lifted her hands to the side and slightly up, away from her sword and stopped moving when Lee showed the slightest provocation. She scoffed. "I'm no legionnaire. Calm down." She slowly moved one hand to her waist and released her sword belt before lifting that arm again. There was a spear across her back and that was the next to fall. Not that that meant she was unarmed, but she was certainly less formidable.
     "I'm not ambushing you and I'm alone. I'm taking my helmet off next okay?" She would do so slowly as well, revealing a face that was effeminate with large hazel green eyes. Her hair was coiled about her skull, clearly long enough to be female. "My name is Lua Tanaquil. I'm a healer. If you're one of El Dorado's I only wish to help you."
Lee     Lee studied Lua, silent as she'd basically.. mostly disarm. When she'd take that helm off, he'd get the system to do one more sweep. Seems she was being honest. Relaxing a little, Lee would finally put that hammer away. "Knight Lee. El Dorado Militia.. like I said.. I got jumped by some mutants out roavin. Creamed em.. but yah.. I'm kinda messed up and wouldn't mind the help, fer sure."
Lua      Lua nodded, finally lowering her hands. She bent to pick up her sword belt and spear before indicating a spot off to the side of the road that would offer some basic cover via a large boulder. "Come over here, Knight Lee. I'll get you checked out hmm?" She would move over and set her things down before pulling some medical supplies from her pouch and waiting for him to step out of that armor. She could tell he did not really trust her so she did not try to help him physically.
Lee     Lee watched Lua a moment more, then would follow her over for that rock. There's that soft hiss of the seal releasing as he'd step out of the armor, only to grab that hammer and bring it with him. In those simple fatigues and combat boots, he'd walk over to the rock and leans against it." Thank ya Miss Lua.. it.. was not a nice fight.. ta be sure.."
Lua      Lua offered a small smile and started looking Lee over. She flushed faintly and motioned. "I need to lift your shirt. Excuse me." And she did to check the man over. Salves came out as well as some thread and a needle. "This is probably going to hurt. I do not have all of my supplies. I apologize, Knight Lee." She was prim and proper but carried an air of command about her as well. She was kind but used to being in charge. And it showed.
     She made quick work of the gash that required stitches, minimizing the pain she induced. And then she spread some salve over it that dulled the pain and would keep it from becoming infected.
Lee     Lee nods a little, leaving the hammer to rest near him, he'd simply take off that shirt. There's that history of scars, new and old, that would simply be having some more superceded onto them. Lee would wince in pain now and then, but didn't move away, letting the medic do her job. "Thanks.. whatcha did is plenty.. fer sure. How much do I owe ya fer it?"
Lua      Lua blinked a few times as she began binding the wounds, ignoring his statement that it was good enough. She instead turned her attention to his armor. "Are you going to make it back to town with that or do you need some help?" She waved a hand as he asked about how much he owed her. "I never said you had to pay."
Lee     Lee glances at the armor and grunts. He'd shrug a little. "Still powered. I use ta have salavaged. It didn't have power.. I'll make it back. But two of us ain't gonna be jumped lot betta than just one.. yah?" Lee watches Lua finish up and gets that shirt back on. He'd stretch a little, testing bindings before moving back to climb into the armor. "I didn't say ya did. I asked how much. I'm grateful fer the assist and happy ta help ya have enough resources ta help the next mate yer havin ta pick up outta the dirt, yah?"
Lua      Lua nodded a bit. "I suppose. 25 will cover the salve." She stood up, tucking her things back in her pouch and strapping her weapons back on. "Sure. I was only out here looking for some herbs anyway. I'm done. But if you need help you need to ask."