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Owner Pose
Alpha     Alpha isn't at the bar as normal. Actually he's off at a table to the side. he's still in that duster, the sheriff tag looking dusty as he'd work on the papers there. Fragments of a faded parchment and that not quite as old paperwork he was drawing on. He'd watch those coming nearby with flat stares, as he worked on trying to build that map.
Lua      Lua walked into the bar. No joke. She wore her armor but had the helmet hanging from her belt as it seemed to make people nervous. She would spot Alpha after a moment of looking around, but she frowned. He looked... not happy. Well, to be expected she supposed. In any case she walked up to his table. "Hello, Alpha. Mind if I sit?"
Alpha     Lua almost got shot. Alpha being on edge is something most everyone has become aware of and that's part of why he's been left alone while he works. When Lua comes close, he'd stiffen a little, then slowly relax, giving an upnod her way. "Lua. Go fer it. I ain't stoppin ya."
Lua      Lua tilted her head faintly when she saw him tensing but then slipped into a chair, studying the map fragments before Alpha. She took a moment... then reached into her belt line... and withdrew something... Setting it on the table carefully. When her hand pulled away he would see two more fragments of the map.
Alpha     Alpha paused in his work as Lua reached for something. He'd watch her, then eye the map pieces. Raising a brow in surprise, he'd straighten up a little. "Huh.. Yer the only one to help yanno.. but.. it is appreciated. I'm gonna be meetin with my partner in this ta get back my woman.. so.. I am grateful, Lua." He'd eye her a moment, then gives a small upnod her way. "Ifn yer willing to fight for justice.. have ya thought 'bout joinin sheriffs?"
Lua      Lua chuckled softly at his surprise and sudden shifting. She'd figured he was depressed. His question made her blink a few times. "Join...what?" She looked confused. "Fight for... justice?"
Alpha     Alpha taps that symbol on his duster. "The sheriff's department of the El Dorado federation.. yanno.. a legit reason to be dealing with assholes like this.. eh?"
Lua      Lua shifted a little, thinking. "I see. Well, Alpha, I had not considered it." She did need a job, though She chewed her lip... That was when a youth rushed in and beelined for the table. Lua moved quickly then, turning and putting her back to Alpha and her body between the sheriff and the boy, her cloak fluttering around them. If he shot, he would shoot her.
Alpha     Like Lua getting in the way would stop Alpha shooting.. she doesn't know him. However, he had seen the kid coming and was already pulling all of his stuff in to a folder and closing it so the stuff can't be seen. "Oi.. Lua, ya ain't joined yet. Let em talk ta me, huh?"
Lua      Lua shook her head and placed a hand on the boy's hair. "Arus. What have I told you about rushing up on warriors?" The boy looked sheepish and lowered his eyes, replying, "Forgive me, Princess. I.. I only meant.."
     Lua patted his head and turned again, peering at Alpha curiously. "This is Arus. He's..." She looked sad for a moment then covered. "He is my companion."