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Lynnette Well Alpha had definitely managed to get the Enclave's attention with his offer. At first they seemed to want nothing to do with him or whatever it is he wanted to say. However at the mention of a particular map of a particular place, they jumped at it. So the time and place was set and it was now!

Not far out of town, in that desert of the wasteland was a small gather of large rocks. To Lynn it looked familiar as she was dragged out there. Akana too would recognize it as where they first happened upon those lovely gentlemen. Just like last time, there was a table set up with one larger man sitting down with a woman next to him with wrists bound and gagged. Once close enough one would see it was Lynn. Staning behind him were two more Enclave men who had their guns at the ready just in case of funny business.
Doomguy Doomguy would be waiting in the prone position overlooking the transaction and covering people in case shit went pearshaped "hicks in position over." he said speaking into his helmet comms to his team mates.
Alpha     Alpha had set up that meet. It took a little finangling.. but Lynn was there. They were there and that paper of the map? Well it was in his hands too. Along with a lighter. If they tried to just frag him? Well it'd burn. Doomguy had been contacted for overwatch.. just in case. And Akane, since she was helping with the gathering? She was offered that position to walk up with him. His duster rippled in the wind, that lighter's flame dancing merrily in it's fuel as he'd watch the guys. Nope, he didn't sit at the table. Probably wouldn't be offered anyways.
Akane      Akane was there.. but this time she was in power armor. Her helmet was off as she approached the men, though, the one sign she was perhaps there for a peaceful resolution. She had worked on that map with Alpha. Hell, it was her idea. But as they approached she paused. Looking at the Main jackass she tilted her head. "I am a medic. May I inspect the merchandise?"
Lynnette The larger Enclave member would look over to Lynn then stood up as he chuckled softly. "What is there to inspect? You think I'd harm my own niece...." Eyeing Akane then he'd grin. "Oh you're that mouthy friend of hers....." Looking her over he'd then look over to Alpha with a smirk then. "...well must be the called Sheriff of that shit hole town...." Sighing he'd yank Lynn to stand up and then held out his free hand. The men behind him stood at the ready as he stared at the two in front of him. " the map.....and your little girlfriend can go home to that....whatever that crap is...."
Doomguy hicks gets a crazy idea that might just work he contacts the enclave members on their frequency that he remembers "this is sargent hicks i used to be a war hero for you enclave lest your forget but if you remember me then you know im good at killing let the girl go or you will be dead before you hit the ground
Alpha     Alpha frowned as he'd watch Lynn and the guy. He held that map up a little with a small shake of his head. "Yer her uncle. So yah. I totally expect ya ta jack her up. You want it? Then ya let the lady check her. Since the deal was no harm. SImple, huh?" Unfortunately, Alpha isn't able to hear the threat that Hicks does. As well.. he doesn't have a radio in his helm.
Akane      Akane waffled her hand mid-air as if to say she wasn't sure if he'd hurt his own niece. "You are Enclave, you know." But she grinned at him playfully afterward and simply stood there waiting. She heard words coming from her radio and raised an eyebrow, lifting it closer. Her green eyes narrowed as she heard what was being said.
     That the backup used to be Enclave made her slightly nervous... She eyed Alpha then rolled her eyes. "We'll do it like this then." She turned to look at Lynn. "Lynn, are you unharmed? Just nod if you're okay. If you've been hurt we'll burn this map now and get on with it."
Lynnette "Oh fine fine...." Rolling his eyes he would motion for her to come closer to check her. "Just be quick about it. I'm almost offended that you'd think I'd hurt my own...flesh and blood."

Lynn would frown a bit as she she looked up to him and rolled her eyes a bit before looking back to Akane. Sighing she'd just nod her head slowly but kept cutting her eyes to the guys behind them. He was smart to gag her....she'd been mouthy since he snatched her up anyway.

Hearing that voice on their comms would cause them to stop moving. The man holding Lynn would snatch her back as he looked around before those green eyes would land on Alpha. "....oh so you're hiding someone....." Sneering he'd pull Lynn closer to him now. "....I guess you're not as stupid as I thought...." Pulling a pistol from his hip he'd press it into Lyn's side. "....put down map....on this table...and you can have my brother's whore of a daughter back. That map is much more valuable that her anyway.."
Doomguy Doomguy talks threw the comms again "vary well say hi to the others i killed wont you" with that doomguy pulls the trigger of his bfg 9000 aimed at the mans head
Doomguy after missing the first shot it going strait over uncle enclaves head he fires up another shot hitting one of his cronies in the gut with a sizzleing spark grinning threw his scope "oh thats goning to hurt tomarrow"
Lynnette Well He wasn't expecting someone to just start firing on them with their hostage there. When one of his men is shot in the gut, that gun that was on Lynn would move and fire off at the one shooting at them. Needless to say when he saw it just ping off the guy's helmet, the string of curse words were plentiful. Though with him distracted....this was perfect timing.
Alpha     Alpha blinks, confused a moment as the Enclave people seem to freak out over something. He'd glance slightly at Akane as her helmet warbled something. THen the guy draws a gun. "Fraggit.." Alpha mutters and immediately lights that map on fire, tossing it to the table even as he'd yell at Lynn, "Get down!!"

    Alpha would move, ducking and to the side to not given an easy target as Lynn drops suddenly, rolling under the table that the now burning map is on.
Akane      Akane saw the whole thing go south. Great. She wasn't very good with guns and the fact she couldn't land a single bullet on these guys proved it. She opted to move with Lynn, helping her get under the meager cover that table offered and sticking closeby herself.
Lynnette Enclave Jerk that was shot at least got a ping off of the jerk's leg that shot him in the gut. But damn this sucked!! Not how he expected this go go....just drop off the broad and then get the map. But now it was fire! His buddy though had Alpha in his sights and was ready to hit him but....he missed?! What the hell!?

Meanwhile Lyn was just going to keep her behind right under that table. And when Akane showed up under there she blinked and just was mumbling with that gag before she would reach up and pull it out of her mouth. "What the hell?! Who started shooting?!"
Doomguy after the jerk shot doomguy in the leg he got angrey really really angrey and fired a shot that left a smoldering wound wear the jerks head used to be
Alpha     Alpha ducks. That was a good thing as that shot? that would of sucked! He'd start withdrawing as it looks like Akane is helping Lynn. Getting back to some cover, he'd call out. "Yo! Backup! keep em suppressed, yah? Come on you two, let's get! they can get what they're givin!!"
Lynnette Needless to say, her uncle was getting the hell up out of there. Looking at Lynn then that burning map he would hesitate but took off. Running off, his man that was still there was on his own. "You'd run if you were smart!" That's about all he would say as she took off.
Akane      Akane turned around, pulling out a knife and cutting Lynn's bonds before pointing toward where Alpha was. "Go." She would be hot on Lynn's trail.
Lynnette Hot on his boss' heels he'd just make a run for it. "Frick this...." He'd look at his comrade without a head one last time and booked it. Well there goes that. They're leaving their without the map and his boss' neice. He's gonna be cranky to say the least.
Doomguy doomguy gets down from his vantage point and makes his way over to the rest "hey cousin hope i didnt scare you too much"
Lynnette With all that was going on around her, Lynn would just watch as Akane took a knife out and cut her binds. "Ugh...." She'd yank that gag off her neck now as she took off to where she said. Looking back to see her 'hosts' running off she'd frown but then made her way over to where everyone was gathering.

Coming to a halt she would pant heavily until she heard someone calling her 'cousin'. Looking up those piercing green eyes would stare at him as she stood. "I am NOT....your cousin." She'd narrow her eyes and then pointed. "And are you the one that almost BLEW my head off?!" Ohhh there's the Lynn they all knew and loved. "I swear to god....if that would have hit me I would have haunted you until the day that you freaking died!"
Akane      "There would not have been anything to haunt. Alpha would have killed him for it. He might still. What the hell? If we wanted you to shoot them we wouldn't have brought something for trade!"
Doomguy doomguy nodds at them "well see you later then" he says while totally ignoring what akane said as he walked off
Alpha     "HEY!" Alpha glares at DG. "YOU ASSHOLE! What the HELL were you THINKING??" He'd stalk after DG then. "I asked you to be BACKUP! Not to freaking try and kill my fiance!!"
Lynnette She'd widen her eyes as she went and grabbed Alpha. "Look...." Watching that guy walk off she would then look to Akane. "Let's just get the hell out of here. I need a bath....and booze. Lots...and lots.....of booze...." Pulling at Alpha again she'd sigh. "Please?"
Doomguy turning to alpha "no offence kid but best not pick fights you cant win anyways i bid you farewell"
Alpha     Alpha glares at DG. "Kid? Lookit asshole. The only reason I'm NOT throwing your ass in jail ta meet big bubba is 'cause Lynn is back. I got standin orders ta cap any enclave members too yanno. Now. Ifn ya EVER show yer mug at JT again? It'll not be pretty." He'd glance to Lynn, nods a little, then looks to Akane. "Come on.." With that, he'd stalk off.