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Shiloh      The sun is high in the clouds and the massive droning roar in the distance is drawing closer by the minute and hour. Many of the combatants are tired and exhausted and the seige has taken its toll on everyone. One of the Brotherhood of Steel shouts down to the others from atop of the wall on a shoddy wooden bridge that's patched a sizeable divet in one section of the wall, "Hold strong, fight until the last of us stands!" He is wobbling on his two feet in his power armor afterwards, forced to sway uneasily from the bridge shaking violently when at least twelve mutants groan and claw at the wall, climbing their way onto it. Some use the cracks to their advantages but others just smack their twisted, deformed fists against the metal and stone until a big enough crater has formed to gain a proper foothold. Some dry, scaled tentacles twitch and flick on some of the mutant backs and some of the others have developed strange plating that resembles an insect's exoskeleton. These twitch and pulse with every churn and beat of their organs within, cracking in between the gaps to expose their innards within when they stretch their limbs overhead.

     Shiloh for the time being had been called away from the Scorpion-Mech, allowing Zaxelin or another scientist to worry about reloading and piloting it while she tries to do what she can from on top of the walls too. She's just about to run through another around across the wall when she notices the power-armored man teetering from something big. It isn't hard for her to see the massive mob of wart-covered, deformed mutants climbing, so she tries to lift and ready her pistol immediately. "W-We aren't even denting them a little! How can there even be this many?! I didn't even think there were this many people in Texas put together!" She mutters under her breath while trying to get a sight on one of them in particular.
Kaydin     Kaydin remained near Shiloh watching over her as she runs along. "looks like we hit the motherload. Just keep firing and eventually we will drive them back." He says as he pulls his revolvers out and readies them to open fire on any mutant heading towards Shiloh
Kendar Kendar needed some time away from the medbay. Sure it was technically his job, but there's only so much you can do before you get bored of it. He needed some fresh air, some time outside of the medbay. Course, he didn't exactly plan on doing the same thing outside the medbay, but it's a scenery change. He was in the middle of helping an unconscious Brotherhood Paladin, who had taken a bad hit from a centaurs acid shot. He just made sure that his injuries won't be fatal to him, when he sees the mutants that Shiloh is talking about. "Ah, God damnit." He mutters, taking out his revolver. "Keep them back! Don't let them through!" He shouts, getting closer to both Kaydin and Shiloh.
Devlin     "F.E.V. mutants aren't bred, but created. Every one of them may be an experiment from up to fifty years ago," is said in a loud monotone as Devlin walks closer to the wall. With his pistol in his waistband, the walking suit of mechanized armor rests a massive blade onto its left shoulder. "If you fire aimlessly they will never fall efficiently, let them draw closer.. then we can strike them more efficiently. They don't have genitals, they lost what made them even have a gender, aim for the vitals only."

    Rolling his shoulder, Devlin shifts the blade from it's flat stationary side to up raised onto an edge as both of his hands wrap around the pipe welded handle. "Shiloh, stand back, you two, how well do you fare in close quarters? If you can shoot them in the eyes and the elbows, it'll make it easier to finish them after they're crippled" is said suddenly but he didn't hasten his steps, unsure where the first ones would breach the walls this time.
Devlin     Shifting his blade back onto his back, Devlin releases his grip only once he could feel the ring close to the hilt snag onto the hook of his power suit. "This is going to be a mess.." is said as he snatches his pistol from his waist and with one smooth motion pulls the trigger, firing down at the mutants that are climbing along the walls. Sadly the shot rolls wide, only managing to cut along the backs of one of the mutants rather than causing any true damage to the creature.
Kendar Seeing the impressive amount of enemies, Kendar takes aim the the nearest climbing mutant. Focusing a bit, he nails one right in the the head. "Holy hell, I've actually hit something!" He exclaims, slightly backing away from the walls.
Kaydin     Kaydin groans as he raises his revolver and opens fire, firing twice, the first a miss but the second a hit as he moves by Shiloh to try and cause the mutants to come after him instead of her.
Shiloh      As the shots are fired and missed by Devlin and other sentries guarding the wall, Kendar manages to slow one of the twin-mawed mutants with a shot that hits it dead between its trio of mutated eyes. Its screeches of agony ring out and stab the eardrums of anyone nearby and it stops its climb to claw desperately at its face, terrified by its new state of blindness. Kaydin manages to catch one of its arms and sends it falling down to the bottom, pushing down some of its comrades only to get trampled to death by them when they try to make their way up. Shiloh's hands still shake as she lines up a shot with the mutant. The first blast of the laser manages to miss, but the second hits a mutant right on an engorged boil on its head. The massive cyst explodes out and gushes puss over many of the mutants along with the creatures' gray matter of its brain, and it falls to the wall dead.

     Three of the beasts finally find purchase over the edge of the wall and climb up, only for one to charge right for Devlin and start beating on him and his armor with massive fists in an effort to get the biggest threat to stand down. The other two split off for Shiloh and Kendar, and one practically lifts Shiloh up to start wringing her around by her leather chestpiece, shaking her violently. She cries out and barely manages to hold onto the clawed grip, kicking out with her legs and hitting it with the stock of her pistol in an effort to get it off of her. The other swipes at Kendar with a snarl that drips with drool, its claws catching the man across his arm.
Devlin     Before he could react, Devlin grits his teeth as the horde threatens to take him. Taking a step back, one of the mutants almost attaches itself to his helmet, another pair around his chest, one was even onto his left arm. The shielding of his power armor was already failing, he could hear the claws of the creatures already attempting to pry him out of the suit. Shifting his right arm high, Devlin grinds the muzzle against the ass of the mutant on his face and pulls the trigger.

    It would take a moment but soon he would see again, the mutant simply stopped moving, the shot cooked the creature from the inside out literally. Rolling his shoulders, he tries to point the muzzle towards the creature on his left arm but when he pulls the trigger he only managed to cause it's back to seer from the extreme heat of the ray. "Get off me you filthy failures! Each and ever one of you will be killed like you should have in those damned tanks!" The battle around him was almost lost as he was dragged, fighting for his life rather than just to defend the line.
Kendar Kendar reels back from the hit. Glancing at his arm, he growled and shot the mutant that caused him harm. Still off balance, his shot went wide. Gritting his teeth, he shot again, only to see his shot miss by inches. He crosses his eyes at the still standing mutant, steeling himself for another strike.
Spotting the encroaching Mutant horde, Zaxelin surveys the scene at the top of the wall, maybe some leftover ammo to repurpose into IEDs, or some medieval-style traps... then she spots the turret.

She rushes over to it, unpacking her toolbox to quickly readjust it for use, and hurriedly mounts it, panting from anxiety as she squeezes the triggers into the crowd... and fails to hit anything noteworthy.
Shiloh      The mutant continues to swipe at Shiloh, its claws raking through the leather repeatedly as she writhes in its grasp until she manages to get the mutant on her to drop her down and she lifts her pistol up with a glare. She squeezes the trigger and a laser blasts right through the mutant's head, leaving a gaping cauterized hole straight through as it drops to the ground. Shiloh blinks at the carnage she caused, but just kicks the mutant's body down the other side of the wall to try to slow the pressing forces. The other mutants snarl and continue their assault on Devlin while another turns away from Kendar to swipe a massive fist cross the side of Kaydin's temple when it sees his efforts to try to protect Shiloh.

     The poor man tumbles down the inside of the wall, left unconcious by the blow while his body is quickly carted up and dragged over to the medbay by the Brotherhood's constantly roaming medics. There is indeed a dinged up turret on the wall, busted up by one of the stronger super mutants heaving rocks at it in close quarters but still loaded. With a quick working of her tools, Zaxelin is able to get the barrel in working order and she can brace her shoulder to turn the gun onto the present mutant danger. Seeing the gun getting turned on them, the others that manage to scramble up onto the wall manage to duck from the blast and protect their vital areas well enough, though the shells and bullets have still grazed cuts along their skin.
Devlin     With several dead or dying around him, Devlin saves a charge and swings his right hand side ways, right into the temple of a mutant not looking at him. "Their ranks are thinning, finishing off these pasts!" is cried out through his speaker system. Shifting, Devlin takes aim at Zaxelin, pointing his laser pistol almost directly at her chest, only to shift the angle of the shot faintly at the last moment. When he pulled the trigger, the turret mechanic watches as a mutant charging after her loses its leg, the knee itself turning to ash while it was still alive, leaving it to fall head first off the wall and down towards the ground, several stories below.
Kendar Kendar seeing Zexelin on the turret, Kendar began positioning himself so that the mutants would be forced to go through him, before they could get to Zexelin. He fired off a shot while moving, but it went wide, hitting the ground near the mutants. "Just keep firing!" Kendar shouts to Zexelin, motioning towards the thinning Horde Swarm.
Zaxelin Zaxelin struggles to keep a steady aim on the half-assembled emplacement, squeezing off rounds at the mutie horde, taking care not to hit Kendar.

"I'm trying to!" she responds to the doctor, struggling to zero in on any targets while slinking herself down to avoid any direct fire.
Shiloh      Shiloh manages to blast two more mutants on their chests with her laser pistols, making one drop dead so that she can brace her weight and push it off to the other side of the wall again. She flinches and ducks when the turret starts up, but looks over and relaxes when she sees that Zaxelin is on the turret. "You're doing great Zax! We can be back in to try to pilot the mech soon, it just needs another stock of ammo. The Brotherhood's working on it!" She nods her head to Devlin and gets ready to aim her pistol for another shot at a mutant that runs over to try to get to Zaxelin. She shoots wide though and this makes her curse audibly under her breath. Still, not needing to reload a battery pack every few minutes was a nice change for her!

     Whenever Devlin manages to shoot down and knock aside one mutant, it would feel like another is there to take his place before he can react. They are working themselves up into a frenzy trying to make this armored man back down and surrender! The mutants see the new threat that is Zaxelin and hurry over to try to destroy the machine once and for all. One of them makes a swipe at Kendar that he's able to jump back from and duck, but another manages to stretch its arm over the turret and swipe out across Zaxelin's arms in an effort to make her get away from the machine. Their close proximity makes it difficult to aim and shoot properly, making the shells fire across and barely skim over their thinning numbers.
Sanbella Sanbella notices the mutant swarms attacking her new friends and brings her gun up, braces herself for a better aim and fires! The first bullet misses, the second hits a mutant in the head while the other two hits another member of the rabble in the chest. Her arms hurt from the recoil, having fucked up her grip on her rifle. "COME ON! I'M RIGHT HERE!" She shouts, trying to divert the crowd's attention.
Devlin     Holstering his pistol back along his chest, Devlin reaches over his shoulder, grasping at his sword's pipe welded hilt before slashing in front of himself as he back away a few steps if only to keep himself from slashing at his own toes. "Back off!" is ordered to the mutants, though a familiar cry could be heard as Sanbella joins into the fray. "Geeze, about time the Calvary started to show up. You have any backup with you?"
Kendar Rolling out of the way from the mutants strike, Kendar still in a crouched position, shot it right in the chest. "I know your trying, since you're managing to slow them down!" He shouts to the mechanic. Kendar stands back up and if need be, prepared to dodge another strike.
Zaxelin Zaxelin wheels around the turret, aiming at the mutants closing in on the madwoman Ranger, as she stands still against the incoming wave. She fires another burst, desperate to avoid friendly-fire with the junky turret in her hands.
Sanbella Sanbella is quickly charged by the mutants, they surround her and start clubbing away at the Ranger. She rises the Ballistic Fist of the late Elder Bowie into the air... and bring it down crashing into the mutant's head, smashing it open as she fires her Rifle wildly inside the Crowd, their constant attack would make it hard for her to hit but one of the mutants slapped the Rifle's barrel away, accidentally pointing it at the head of another muttie. Sanbella did not think, she just pulled the trigger while receiving and giving blows. Devlin's question going unanswered.
Shiloh      Shiloh keeps trying to shoot at the mutant, helping to drop and weaken some of their forces by shooting lasers at them. Many more are starting to drop to the point that there aren't anymore trying to clamber up the wall for the time being thanks to the turret being manned by Zaxelin managing to keep fresh enemies deterred from climbing up again. Many are still trying to claw and bash dents in Devlin's armor, but the other two have heard Sanbella's calls for attention. They growl together and start to head towards her, before trying bash against her in an effort to knock her down to the ground. Her fist and rifle combo mow the both of them down, however, leaving them both falling back away from her without any other threats to deal with in the immediate vicinity.
Devlin     As the swarm was thinning, Devlin began to have more and more elbow room, though he started to wonder if his right eye was damaged or just covered in mutant bile. Not giving it too much focus, he waits until Sanbella and Shiloh distract the mutants around him before moving low, resting the blade onto his left shoulder. Shifting low, Devlin rotates, building momentum with the motion before extending out his arms partially, forcing the blade away himself and into the right thigh of one mutant and into the groin of a second before slashing fully upwards, severing a few limbs in the process. One thing was clear even to Zaxelin from her high perch that Devlin.. wasn't really in control after the blow connected, the sword carried him partially, taking him a second to get back onto his feet and settled in, waiting for Kendar's covering fire if any remained.
Kendar Kendar watches as Devlin dispatches the rest of the Mutants. "Oh bloody hell." He mutters, double checking the area for more hoatiles. Seeing none he called out. "Looks clear!" Then he procceded to look over his allies, checking if they're injured. Determining that their wounds are not an immediate threat, he starts closely examining his revolver. Opening the cylinder, he discarded the spent bullets and placed in new ones. "Remind me to never do this again." He says to the group as he holsters his pistol.
Zaxelin The mechanic staggers down from the emplacement, shaken up after the constant vibration of the gun, and rejoins the defenders. "I... did we... gah..."

she opts to sit down, preferring not to survey the results, and trusting the Sentinels of the Alamo did their job.
Sanbella Sanbella looks around her after hearing a giant piece of metal being swung near her sighs, seeing the mutants around her have been sliced apart by Devlin's sword. "Christ." she was now thankful she was kneeling.

The Ranger gets back up, slightly worse than before but still able to fight. She salutes Devlin, "Nope... I was all you got. But from what I saw, I was not even needed." She chuckles, reloading her rifle after removing her helmet to inhale some fresh air. "Thank you for the help, big guy." She smiles at Devlin.
Shiloh      Shiloh looks out over the wall and tells Kendar after taking a moment to calm herself with a couple of deep, timed breaths. "It won't be clear for long. We should take care of any wounded and get them off to the medbay, and be ready for more." She looks over and tells Zaxelin, "Let's see how the Brotherhood is coming on reloading that plasma." She looks over the others and says, "If any of you guys want to come cover us, we're leaving now. If not, we'll be alright."

     With that, she crosses over the bridge and wall to make her way down a ramp, hopefully with Zaxelin in tow, and makes her way for the Citadel to check on the Giga-Scorp Mech and see if it can be used again anytime soon. They would both have to duck and dodge the enemy fire from a distance, but they should reach it without anymore issue. Meanwhile, the horde still swells in the distance, another roar echoing and sending chills down spines from where it rings out somewhere far too close as is.
Zaxelin The Mechanic picks herself up, heeding Shiloh's advice to lick their wounds. "I hope this doesn't go on much longer... I don't think we can all take it."

She waves over to Sanbella, "You coming, Red Ranger? You took a couple scraps in that shooting gallery with your statue act."

Zaxelin waits for Sanbella, before following Shiloh out.
Sanbella Sanbella decides to look over the wall too, watching the horde so close. She gulps, letting out a tired sigh. She perks her head up and looks down at Zaxelin, smiling. "I will help bring the wounded to the medbay, been doing it since the fighting started..." She strokes her bruises, wincing. "Let's go, by the way you know my name... Just call me Sanbella." She limps towards the group with the intent of seeing a doctor and dragging whoever is wounded with her, staring the whole way at Devlin's sword.
Devlin     Devlin looks around, looking over at all the faces of those who were at the front.. "Shiloh.. Pilots and artillery experts aren't to be on the first lines.. Did you and Zaxelin run out of plasma cartridges again?" is said in a exhausted tone as he grunts, forcing the blade now against his back, the light flow of adrenaline was already rapidly fading causing his body to steadily tire. With the center of gravity adjusted, Devlin begins to stand up and assess himself.. Looking himself over with half a visor he begins to walk off towards the vehicle bay, or what was left of it. "I'm going to be cleaning this unit off. Sanbella, if they try something stupid radio me. I have the broadband on my pipboy, I should be coming quickly.. unless Camilla and Iris drugs me into the medbay."
Kendar Kendar looks over to the horizon, knowing that out there lay more Mutants. A big battle is coming and everyone here knows it. Kendar turns back towards the rest of the group. "I'd best get myself over to the medbay, usually plenty of wounded after things like these." He says, slowly inching towards the direction of the medbay.