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Vault Girl The Mutant Attacks had not halted in the days since the initial siege had been pushed back. While the attacks may have seemed random, it was Rexus, the de facto Commander of the remaining forces who had realized that the Mutants were /testing/ defensive positions.

The Samaritans of El Dorado, as they were known to, in some cases had let their greed get the better of them. In time that should have been spent in preparations for the siege, many of them had been adventuring.

Seeking out Loot was important. To some? More important than anything else. It was not a fault, just a different way of looking at life in a world where life had very little value.

A world where a man would sell his child into slavery for a hit of Jet without a second thought.

The dust on the horizon signaled a massive attack incoming, only one group of scouts outside of the Citadel had reported back and what they had reported back was not good.

The entire Mutant Horde was mobilizing in the region, and they were headed to the Citadel.

In the middle of the Horde was something else though, if the report was to believed? It was a giant of some sort, not a behemoth, but an actual giant. One of the scouts from the East Coast Brotherhood, claimed.. it was 'fucking bigger then Liberty Prime'.

Morale was breaking as the stories came in and soldiers had abandoned the trenches in favor of barely repaired walls.

Refugees were in pandemonium and chaos, people fighting each other as they tried to find an escape, the western and north gates already forced open with not enough soldiers to stop them.

The Final Battle for the Alamo was set to begin...
Rexus The time has come. Paladin Rexus is in the Command Center, surrounded by Initiates as he gears up. He dons his CVC helmet, tightening the chinstrap dramatically and making sure it fits firmly before sliding his heavy gloves on. It's a well-rehearsed ritual for the Brotherhood soldiers, repeated all throughout the Citadel. Climbing into his freshly repaired and polished suit of Power Armor, he fits his arms and legs into their proper seatings, tucking his chin into the helmet as an Initiate closes and seals up the suit, double-checking all his work.

     The suit powers up, groaning to life as the gears and servos whirr to life, granting the wearer a much-needed boon to his combat effectiveness. Stooping slightly, the powered behemoth reaches down to heft up his weapon of choice, the vaunted Plasma Gatling. A rare artifact even amongst the Tech-savvy Brotherhood. Charging the weapon, he watches as the electronic ammo-counter spools up to a full one-thousand charges, locked and loaded.

     After a last few adjustments, the Paladin steps towards the exit of the Command Center, wordlessly passing over the threshold and into the Courtyard to join his fellows in the last battle. Flanked on both sides by Brotherhood of Steel Knights, the Paladin begins the ritual prayer, "Lo there do I see my Father. Lo there do I see my Mother and my sisters and my Brothers. Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning. Lo they do call to me. They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla. Where the brave may live...."


The Brotherhood of Steel are here to fight to the last.
Esscast Esscast hears the news o the behemoth and the hord looking to all the scared people and the loss they have allready suffered no more this end tonight people die it was war but hed be damned if he let these people die donning his helmet to his power armor he walks outside the gate and just a few feet past the front line trench holding his guass revolver in hand "whatch over me thy lord and train my hands for battle let those i fight not be far from me and aid me to protect your flok amen" looking up at the oncoming dust cloud he waits ready to fight them tooth and nail if he has to to protect everyone else.
Davidson It's atop one of the walls that Davidson's perched; rifle in his hands as he slowly walks the crumbling rampart, keeping close to the repairs that he did himself. Mostly because he can trust those. There's a bandage wrapped across his brow like a bandana, covering the worst of the cuts he's still suffering from and fluttering in the breeze like a bloodied flag. Some other stained bandages are visible here and there over or beneath his clothes, relics of his battle with the assassin and other skirmishes. Despite his injuries he keeps on the move, and keeps one sharp eye on the fields below for any sign of a mutant horde.

    He's no hero. No power-armored knight. No white-cloaked berserker. But he's got his gun, he's got a good eye, and he'll be damned if he's laying down for some green-skinned savages. So he keeps the watch, and keeps his rifle ready. To spit in the eye of the beast, if nothing else.
Kaelyn Kae is currently in an elevated position, the woman looking over her handy assault carbine... She's had it a long time and feels quite comfortable with the gun... CORA mutters to Kae, though not her bouncy self as is usual, it's time for more serious talk... "Come a long way havn't we?" She says to Kae, who then responds with a nod, her crimson eyes nigh glowing as she watches the dust on the horizon. "YUp, wouldn't have it another way..."

CORA's avatar goes holo, a tiny little 4 inch thing above Kae's wrist... "Yup me neither... Ya know... You gotta survive this right?" Kae then nods to CORA "Well I'd say we all do..." CORA giggles "Oh yah, definately...."

The pointy eared woman gathers her long hair, and buns it up, using a couple sharpened bits of wood to lock it in place, before she tugs her helmet on and straps it up... She then picks up her p90, and checks its ammo before strapping it to the front of her custom combat vest... "Ya know, if I can tap that ability of mine, I'm gonna use it right?" CORA nods "Yes as you should just don't kill your self ok? It's dangerous to tap it too far...." Kae then shrugs slowly... "Mebbe... but there's more than just us two ya know...." CORA smirks... "I really shoulda worked on that survival trait of yours more..." BEfore Kae shrugs... "We're all individuals... Ya protected my individuality let me be my self... I thank ya." She says and then plugs CORA to her helmet intercom... "Keep me appraised of danger, I'll do my thing." Kae says before lifting her assault carbine and siting down through the scope at the oncoming hoard before she says over the coms << Kae here I"m at a high point with my carbine... Ready when y'all are.>>
Shiloh      "We're all loaded up again." @me tells @zaxelin as she climbs back down into the Scorpion-Mech after having worked in tandem with the Brotherhood to make sure that the Mech got all the ammunition it may need. "I don't think that they'll have anymore to spare, so this is going to be some of our last shots, we're going to have to make it count. We need to try to hold strong and make sure they don't make it too far out through the gates...I haven't heard anything on the lines from Elder Bowie in a while so...he may be gone now. We gotta keep giving it our all though. You stay on the weapons!"

     Shiloh would then take up the pilot seat, looking extremely nervous. There was no doubt that she wasn't very good at this, and it was just dumb luck that helped it work out so well the first time. "Just have to learn as you go, Shy.." She mumbles under her breath as she takes up the controls. She gives Zaxelin time to get into her seat, then calls out, "Coming up! Get ready!" She makes sure that it comes out of standby smoothly and walks it over into position again, trying to look at the monitors and get a feel for where they might be needed. "Tell me if you see anything on your scope from the tail, alright?" She asks Zaxelin over her shoulder.
Vera Vera is at what has become her normal spot on the wall. Just like a tourist, she finds something she likes and sticks with it...even if something better might be just down the road. But in the big picture, it didn't really matter everywhere would soon be jumping, thats for sure. "Over the Mountains, Of the Moon, Down the Valley of the Shadow, Ride, boldly ride." As she readies her gear.
Krysta      Krysta was near Devlin, that assault rifle at the ready again. Soldier mode. Yay. She keyed her comm to private frequency. "Don't die, dumbass." And then she was checking her weapon and mag supply again one last time. Show time.
Kasumi     Kasumi has been here, but very quiet. She has stayed off on her own for the most part. The woman was seen preparing for combat, sharpening her sword, and making sure her p90 was ready to fight. For the most part, the woman seems prepared, and doesn't seem to be phased by whats about to happen.
Iris Lark Armor. Check. Weapon? Check. Iris is as healthy as she's going to get and she stands with the rest, her eyes scanning the still unrepaired walls with a little bit of trepidation. She shakes that off and prepares for battle, keeping in mind the things that they saw on the way to Mexico. She stands in the most defended place she can find and hunkers down, waiting for the worst to start.
Zaxelin The air was eerie quiet. It had been filled with the haunting sound of lone gunfire and screams, as stragglers from the Supermutant horde had been attacking the citadel for days. But now it was quiet, and everyone knew something was about to happen.

Zaxelin hurried with Shiloh in the Mech Bay, tense about the mutant horrors she'd been too familiar with the past week, eager to put an end to them. "Here we go again... do you think the plasma recharge will be enough? I don't want to run out before we win this."

Zaxelin climbed aboard the Gigascorp walker, finding her seat again, and beginning the initial checks alongside Shiloh. Things were looking dire outside, but with the sight of a mighty monster of their own, maybe the Sentinels of the Alamo will regain some hope...

"You stay on locomotion, we've got this~"
Ashram Ashram , on top of the Citadel with the rest of the Lonestar rogues, has a broad sight of the Horde as it approaches for this last, climactic, chaotic battle. He sees all of it, from the people fleeing to the Horde in its ridiculous number of ranks, and after a nod to his Lonestar companions suits himself into his riot armor, rifle in hand, and heads into the courtyard. He's muttering a name under his breath, if anyone can hear clearly, it's "Betsy, we'll stop them here, and you'll never to see them."
Elsie Surelda is here. Well, kinda here. I mean, she's not totally zoinked out, if that's what people might think. She's been good about doing it during her downtime, of which she was guilty of having way to much. But for real, guyz--time flies when you're flying too. But now the radios have started blowing up (figuratively) and her entire focus is there in the Citadel peak. She can, of course, see everything that's going on around the Alamo, and much of her work transmitting messages between frequencies is also about relaying information about what she sees.

And oh, what she sees? "Folks, this is your Silver in the ivory tower," she reports, still managing, even now, to maintain that flirty, almost fun radio persona. Well, the words anyway. The tone? Not so much. "I know you're all worried 'bout the hoarde and everything, but there's somethin' else. Few stories high, it's ... a person. But it's bigger'n my apartment building back in Dorado. Four limbs, but tentacles on its back ina big tumor. Killin' muties as much as pebbles, and it's making it's way through the hoarde. Comin' up, you know what I mean? About a quarter from the right side of the crowd. Stay safe, darlings."

Well, at least she had the sense to report that on the combatant frequencies, rather than the more common ones. With that news out to those keen on defense, Surelda goes back to flipping through frequencies, offering information and trying to coordinate the clusterfuck that is everything, right now.
Sanbella Sanbella clutches her rifle, looking at the Citadel and for the first time there was no nostalgia clouding her emotions. She felt pure terror at the prospect of her ancestor's land being overtaken by the mutants, giving them a foothold to attack the rest of the wastelands. Sighing, The Red Ranger stood up and looked at the skies, remembering her childhood and her heroes and started reciting "Worry you will, worry you might... Worry enough to spoil your life... Don't worry my friend, today is time and tomorrow is not... so enjoy today, that's all you got..." She takes a sip from B's moonshine, hoping the liquid courage would do the job and keep her battle ready. She wipes her mouth on her sleeve and sighs again, remembering her mother's favorite song.

"Shadows on a scorched horizon, like a wall we stand Arizona roarin, risin from the scalded sand. The cries of a deal world, calling out in pain, is the blood in a ranger's vein... and what do Rangers do, Sanbella?" The Red Ranger grips her rifle tighter with one hand, the other Strokes her mother's revolver as she becomes silent, conteplating her choices with a drunk grin.

Sanbella wears the helmet once more and joins the others, hoping to become just like her heroes tonight.
Devlin     Kneeling along the the Citadel's wall, Devlin rests encased in a a suit of mechanized protection with his right arm resting across his knee lazily. "I won't.. There's no chance of me dying in such a wretched place, not for the sake of these fools, the Brotherhood," is sighed out. The message was relayed on a private channel, relaying to Krysta's suit alone.

    Lifting his left hand, Devlin taps the side of his helmet before tapping along his right forearm, testing the link between his helmet and his pip'boy. "Targeting system says there are a lot of them.. I don't see any signs of the Verti that got away with the Anti-Freak chemicals." Turning his head off to the side, his looks up and to the side towards Krysta, watching the woman begin to working over her weapon, preparing it. "Ever see the inside of a Behemoth's skull before? Would you like to?" is asked softly, a light smirk tugs at his hidden lips.

    Looking forward again, Devlin uses his left hand and points forward, making motions towards the troops preparing for the onslaught coming towards the fortress. "This is interesting, do you think they actually think they'll live? I wonder just what they actually hope to do.." Lowering his hand down to his knee, Devlin pushes up and off of it to help him stand tall. "If they charge forward and rupture their fusion cores they could do a lot of damage."
Rexus Rexus looks out across the remaining Brotherhood Knights and Roughnecks, "Hold the line, stay with me." he orders, turning to lead them towards the walls. "Once more unto the breach dear friends." he says with a smile, bending slightly to help one of the wounded Knights to his feet. "Forwards, Brother." he urges, taking the men up to the wall, looking out to the oncoming Horde. "Our names will forever be remembered in the Codex. Ad Victoriam!"
Vault Girl Ashram, Surelda and those at the peak of the Citadel would be the first to spot what was incoming, not from the south but from the north...

It was a post-apocalyptic horde, not of mutants, but of vehicles. Buggies, and cars. Salvaged tanks, and Humvees. All of the vehicles were covered in spikes and weapons, painted blood red.


To the south, the cloud of dust was growing larger still.

It was too perfect in timing to be coincidental. Whoever had guided the Reavers here, had made sure that it would coincide with the Mutant attack.

Had you all been betrayed?
Esscast esscast activated his comms to alert people "this is esscast sterling elder bowie has fallen in combat but i will uphold his orders he gave me i will hold the line till my last breath ad victorium brothers and good luck everyone else"
Vault Girl A man stepped up beside Esscast in the trenches, he was in power armor, wearing black sunglasses and wielding a shotgun and minigun.

It was Paladin Arnold Schwazenegger and a group of Brotherhood Soldiers who had arrived to assist in the defense of the Alamo only a day ago moved out to join Esscast. Arnold pats Esscast on the shoulder and says with a grin, "I told you.." He had a phony German accent, "I'd be back."

They all took up positions, ready to give their lives if it meant buying the refugees some extra time to escape.
Vuk Vuk has joined his people, his armor now covered in their symbolism, the Reaver symbol prominent on the dark red shoulder cape he has adopted, voice chanting from within what ever War Vehicle he resides with in, broadcasting across all comm frequencies, to those he calls Brother and Sister, to those who might find Hope in their Unity Against the Oppressors.

"In Saint Di Ode we place our selves, for it is he who shall protect us from the weapons of the Oppressors, and the filth of the unthinking of the FEV tainted. It is Saint Sony whom shall guide us against the Oppressor. That we may purge them and bring Unity to the Free People again. His Capacitance guide us in this hour, so we may emerge from this battle unbroken and forged anew. May we strick down the Oppressors, the followers of Satansoft, Avatars of Be'Alza Gates. May those who die to see Unity for the Free People, and the end of the Oppressor find their way along the Circuitry of The Afterlife to stand beside The Electric Father of Creation. May they forever be remembered upon the Holy ROM."

Vuk's voice is smooth, unbroken, a dedicated man, utterly in belief in his mission.
Elsie Surelda turns back to the dials, her fingers moving expertly after so much time living and breathing and existing for this technology (and her chems). It's starting to become muscle memory, which is good. Because when she turns her head to the other side, sweeping her long silver hair out of her face, she sees it. At first it's just a glint in the dust. What could it be? She rises, walking to that side of the platform and peering. Then those black eyes of hers widen, and widen still.

She hurries back to the radio, sliding onto her knees to more quickly grab at the speaker. Her thumb depresses the button.

"Reavers ta the north, loves, Reavers ta the north." She manages to keep her voice controlled, though her facial expressions are another story. "Gonna need to defend both sides now, dearies. Best get a move on."
Rusty     Checking his Service Rifle for the last time, Rusty flicks his duster off his right side and the massive revolver slung against his thigh. His helmeted head rolls slowly with an exhaling groan. Then his vox crackles to life for a rarity, not just speaking but a chant that likely carries. "Follow orders as you're told, make their yellow blood run cold. Fight until you die or drop, a force like ours is hard to stop. Close your mind to stress and pain, fight 'til you're no longer sane. Let not a one damn cur pass by! How of them can we make die?!"
Vera Vera shakes her head, "Oh goodie, things were going so well to begin with..and now this hullabalo. Charlies in the trees man, charlies in the trees..." She lets out a bit of a sigh. "I miss the day of dancing with those three glowing ghouls..that was a fun day..."
Kaelyn Kae frowns and now looks north... CORA mutters to her... "Yup and things get even more interesting..." Kae nods and frowns eyes now glowing again still as she lifts some of her gear up to her and straps it around her waist. She then gets on coms << Yup got reavers to the north... Mayhapse they're here for the Mutants coming at us? Perhapse we should let them fire the first shot on us should that be the case?>> She suggests and rubs the back of her neck... "Wonder if I can get a call out to Aralyn and my various clones... Or if we even have or if they've been watching things.... " Kae says and CORA responds "Somehow doubt it I don't think we're that lucky..." Kae then nods slowly "Not that I have the foggiest clue how to contact em but a few strike bands from them might be useful..."

Kae glances back south and back to the North... << Would it be prudent to try and talk to the Reavers?>>
Shiloh      Shiloh continues to try to keep things in check then glances up to listen to the frequency that comes through the speakers. She frowns and tries to think to whether or not many people have the north wall covered or not. She hadn't been hearing about anyone from that way much, so it seemed like one of the more vulnerable areas. "Let's go to the North Wall and try to be there to intercept the Reavers if they reach the wall, we don't want any of those guys trying to surprise us." She tells Zaxelin before trying to veer the controls to turn the Scorpion-Mech around to scuttle back around. "If we start hearing...lots of screaming, we can try to turn back...let's move out." With that, the six legs of the mech move as one to head carefully around the fleeing refugees and reach the northern wall if possible, keeping the cameras up to try to see the Reavers as they come in.
Zaxelin The sight of the dust being kicked up in the distance is hard to ignore, as reports of the spiked motorcade of the apocalypse get confirmed again and again. Zaxelin knew exactly what they were dealing with, as she came from Kansas, their home turf, and almost became one herself:


Her hands feel a tremble as she shakes them into obedience, and reclaims her targeting joysticks. "I'm changing target priority, those Reavers are gonna be a pain in our collective asses if we don't neutralize them quick, especially since they'll be prepared for us in particular."

She swings the Gigascorp's tail to bear, and prepares the targeting subsystems to recognise the Reavers. This battle was about to get much longer...
Ashram Ashram hears the first few syllables of Surelda's warning and peeks his head back into the peak to see what she's saying. His eyes widen, too, under his riot armor's helmet, and his mouth curves into a wicked, mischievous, destructive grin of grim death. "I hope every last one of the bastards in the southern wall hits my little traps then, huh?" he says, before he heads down through the stairways of the peak, rifle primed already. Who knows how fast this will escalate.
Krysta      Krysta caught the transmission about the reavers and raised an eyebrow. "Reavers? The fuck? Iris... Do us a favor and hide before that jackass figures out where to aim."
Davidson At the report of Reavers, Davidson's gaze sweeps off in the direction of the north. "Let's hope they're not with the big uglies, then," he mutters under his breath, grip tightening on his rifle all the same. It's times like this that he wishes he'd found religion, somewhere along the road. Nothing, nobody to pray to.

    He shakes his head, then, and braces the weapon on a rock part of the wall, just waiting for targets. All he can do now...
Kasumi     Kasumi stretches out a little bit, and draws out her assault blade. She rolls her neck a little as she checks her armor one last time. She might not look like much, but the girl can be evil if she needs to be. She takes in a deep breath as she mentally prepares. A part of her is wondering if she should sneak off to the side, and see if she can't ambush some when the fighting starts.
Iris Lark Iris watches at the inevitable continues towards them, and through all of the radio chatter she stands still, not really knowing where to move or what to do. When Krysta speaks up she lets out a peal of startled laughter and automatically clutches at the bandaging on her chest. "Good lord, don't say that, I don't want to get shot again. I have armor on this least."
Devlin     "Reavers?" is repeated, somewhat confused for a moment. The response was to tap at his right wrist once again, the response as a visual feed of what his pipboy was stored with. "Reavers.. Reavers.." Humming a single low note, Devlin scrolls through the logs of information but then he finds an entry. Tapping it twice, the man begins to chuckle somewhat openly though only those beside him could manage to hear him. "Krysta, calm. Reavers, raiders who got into technology they shouldn't have. They are the fools who try to put parts from assaultrons into their own bodies and try to make the pair work.." Slowly shaking his head, the chuckling continues but he leaves his back towards the northern walls. "Krysta, relay to Iris that she is under minimal stress right now. She should move towards the command center, they should have missile launchers for those aircrafts."
Sanbella The Red Ranger walks towards Devlin and Krysta, knowing them from previous assignments. "Hey, you two okay if I hang around? I'd rather have someone I know can fight covering my ass." Sanbella looked... afflicted, she was anxious for this battle and the news in her comms were only getting worse and worse.
Vault Girl The Reavers riding near Vuk don't seem to be paying his talk much mind, but instead begin opening fire on refugees they pass, letting out loud cries of stuff like, "Shoulda prayed to Saint Di Ode, bitch!"

They had regressed further back to their Raider roots then Vuk would have imagined. The Reavers still worshipped technology, to the point that they felt /any/ unaugmented being was worthless.

It was a slaughter in the north as the Mutants were sighted along the trenches..
Rexus Rexus hears the plight of the Civilians, being butchered by the Reavers. The Commander grits his teeth, keying his radio, "Break." he orders curtly, cutting off all the jibber jabber. "Armored Fist, divert north. Engage the Reavers and eliminate them. Leave none alive."

     The mounted Militia and Brotherhood elements that had been flanking the Mutant horde turn about, gunning their engines and charging their weapons as they move to engage the raider force, trying to protect the fleeing refugee's.
Elsie "This is Silver." Whatever's going on in poor Surelda's head right now is kept pretty much to herself. Her words are far more focused now, and the friendly lilt that usually accompanies them is surprisingly flat. "Bring as many refugees back in as ya can. Reavers are havin' their way with 'em." She pauses, the thumb still depressed on the speaker before more words follow.

"Be advised, Militia and Brotherhood are moving to smack up the Reavers."

Then the comms are clear again.
Esscast Esscast sees the mutants but notices the reavers looking to arnold "hey you think you can uh terminate those obsaleet things" he said pointing to the reavers
Shiloh      Shiloh frowns where she sits in the pilot's seat, her hands flexing around the controls and staring ahead to wait on any sign that the raiders were closer. Sweat might even be building on her brow that she's had to wipe off ocassionally. She knew that this would be different than the other fights she's been in. She's faced mutants here like many, even feral ghouls in the past that have tried to attack her, but this would be her first time looking down at a conscious, sentient person at the end of the scope. This was someone that knew enough to feel pain, that had hopes and aspirations, maybe even families to go back to. They may be altered by some form of cybernetic enhancement, but they were still mostly human. After expelling a breath, she tells Zaxelin tentatively, "Let's move with the Armored Fist, try to help those refugees..." After relaying the plan, she presses forward on the control, risking leaving the safety of the walls to try to meet the Reavers at least part of the way on their paths.
Eden Eden climbs to the turret on the wall. Her gun is loaded and she waits quietly. She is glad to be alone. All she wants to do is kill as many mutants as possible. If she had a way to wipe them from the planet entirely, she would do it. As it is, she will shoot. she will shoot at everyone of them she can. Let the others handle the reavers, she wouldn't be much help against them anyway. She can just to what she has been taught so far.
Ashram "Copy that, Silver. I'm with the main force, bringing up their rear, in case I need to beat a quick retreat to the Peak." While he fully expects to see complete chaos in the courtyard sooner rather than later, Ashram takes up his initial position in some sort of pseudo-sniper's nest on the northern wall that still gives him a vantage to the east.
Zaxelin The buggies look closer on the screen than they do in reality, as she keeps tagging targets, trying to find that golden first-blood of a shot. "Roger that, looking for targets closest to Armoured Fist."

Zaxelin felt a little at ease, as they wouldn't be alone in the fight, and it presented itself as an objective problem; remove the Reavers closest to the friendlies. She got herself ready, preparing to unleash the roaring fury of their mechanical arachnid.
Rusty     With a sigh, Rusty realizes he has to be 'that guy'. He clicks into the coms with a crackle of static. "<I'm not saying do not rescue refugees. I will point out that everyone leaving the goddamn defenses wide open means we all die. Me, you, AND the refugees. Could someone else maybe priority the feckin' muties?>" The vox's crackle fades, and Rusty puts his money where his mouth is and forces himself to aim his rifle towards the Supermutant horde, and not the refugees every fiber of his being screams for him to run to.
Rexus Indeed, the Armored cav units from the Citadel are dealing with the Reavers. Rexus has his attention on the oncoming Mutants. "Focus on the Mutants." he orders, "If the Citadel goes down we all go down." he adds, moving with the others along the wall to better face the oncoming horde and big bertha.
Ashur The dust of Texas cloaks the Horde; it stirs and rises, kicked to life by the trampling feet and hooves and tentacles of too many thousands. Their march is thunder across the plains, and it shakes the very bones of the Alamo.

Supermutants, chimera, the twisted human abominations that make up the broken masses -- all the Horde's myriad offerings on display, each come to kill and conquer. They are an ocean of flesh.

But something new marches with them. It lingers like a silhouette in the dust clouds; it lingers like a shadow cast by ten thousand beasts. The mutants around the mountainous shadow spread and cry out, crushed by a foot that dents the earth and leaves six-toed prints -- and then, with a wailing, bellowing screech, that vast figure runs forward, bent over on all fours, and breaks free of the smoke and dust.

Sixty feet tall, humanoid-but-not, bones protruding from sore-ridden skin and twisting into layers of armor and spikes; hands that could cradle supermutants like candies, with strangely-bent fingers that dig into the earth and send up great clods of it like mortar spray. Its skin is thick and leathery and pulsating, with the look of something half-melted, as if a fire got bored partway through -- the facial features disfigured, misplaced.

And on its back, fused with the shoulders, the spine, is a terrible, cancerous mass, writhing with countless tentacles, squirming as if life were inside it, as if it were some massive, thick-veined placenta.

Disgustingly, that blob bounces as the giant runs, up and down, up and down. The fluid in it sloshes.

The beast leaps ahead of the Horde and comes upon the sandcastle Alamo, spraying bloody spit and phlegm as it screams, smashing mindlessly into one of the concrete walls.

Christ, it could fit people in that gap-toothed mouth.
Camilla     Camilla, having been taken care of by Iris much earlier, had made her way out for the fight and up from the Medbay. It's a good thing to, as Iris looked to be the only dedicated doctor type out here. Safety in numbers and two are better than one, so, she makes her way as best she can to Iris. She just smiles, waves, and gets her weapon ready. She has no clue what to do, or what's going on, and just assumes she'll get orders when she's needed.
Kaelyn Kae's eyes go wide as she sees the well creature slam into the wall.. << Recommend targeting the giant mutant thing ....>>> She says and raises her rifle the woman now siting down the barrel and through the small scope on the picitiny rail... << Sooo anyone have a suggestion as to where to shoot that thing? I'd be like really happy with a .50 cal right now..."
Davidson As the monstrous silhouette rises from the cloud of dust, as it bursts forth into view and begins its dreadful loping charge towards the wall, Davidson recoils back from the wall's edge. "Mother of..."

    The rest of the oath never escapes his lips, because the impact has him staggering, crashing back into the wall behind him in a way that's going to leave bruises. "Fucking-- KILL THAT THING! TAKE IT DOWN NOW BEFORE IT LEVELS THE WALL!"
Vera Vera blinks, "Well, now..that really does change things up doesn't it...I mean, theres big..then bigger..then...a walking continent...anyone got some rope?..maybe we can trip it, by driving around its legs real fast..."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks down, looking conflicted when the speakers play her cousin's voice through the frequency shared. She sighs and stops the Giga-Scorpion in its tracks, "The Armored Fist are...they're going to have to try to handle them I guess. We can't focus on the Reavers right now, there's something big out there and it's getting closer. Let's just...get back and hope they don't kill too many least get to a position where we can be prepared to deal with both if need be...." She starts to turn the scorpion around to carefully scuttle it back through a gap in the wall to head Southward bound towards the march of the Super Mutants and their king.
Zaxelin With the reports of a Gigamutant of their own rolling in, the mech's redirection was only natural. "Roger that. Good luck, Armoured Fist, we'll be back for you."

The sight of the hulking monstrocity accosting the south wall was getting too real now, as the mech scuttles closer to it, and Zaxelin keys in the new target...
Ashram Ashram sights down the barrel, decides the Reavers are too far away and they're on vehicles anyway, and turns his attention back to the mutants. He's right on time to see the giant beast of a mutant slam down on the southern wall. He lowers the rifle, goggles at the monster, picks up the rifle again and prepares to shoot at the earliest chance. Hopefully the bastard doesn't see him, that wouldn't be at all good...
Sanbella Sanbella shakes her head, annoyed and trying to hide the fact she's scared to the bones. "Shoulda've fixed the turrets... dumb bitch." She muttered to herself and tried to find a more defensible position near Devlin and Krysta.
Rusty     Once more, again, being 'that guy', opens his vox but not on the comms channel, his voice crackles out of the helmet. "I told them so." Yet once Mr. Stompy gets close and personal.... somehow the resulting burst of static-ky feedback manages to sound equally aggravated and terrified all at once. Rusty has to shake his helmeted head, and pluck himself off the scaffolding of the wall after the impact.
Devlin     "Fuck it," is said accidentally on open comm-channels as Devlin lifts his right hand up, keeping his arm loose and steadily shifting. Within his helmet, the pipboy's overlay uses several targeting points with a drifting set of cross-hairs that steadily magnifies the image until the resolution starts to lessen. "Adjusting.. adjusting.." is faintly murmured, not loudly enough to broadcast easily to others.

    Nodding slightly, Devlin squeezes the trigger to his laser pistol once. The coils of his laser pistol flares to life as the energy surges the weapon, concentrating the energy into a single bolt of focused light towards the massive creature. At the distance, his right arm under the adjusting guide of the VATS system attempted to take aim at the most prominent vital organ.
Vault Girl The Mutant King was followed by hundreds, thousands of mutants, and supermutants. It was a living tide guided with a singular mind in this moment, focused on the same task as the newly created King was.

In the North, the Armored Fist engaged the bulk of the Reavers, breaking their main lines but many of the outriders on their motorcycles were already within the Citadel sewing terror.

What would have been an orderly battle quickly turned to chaos as both North and West walls were swarmed by mutants.

Within the courtyard, fighting had devolved into pure chaos with Militia and Brotherhood fighting Reavers and Mutants who were also fighting each other and the aforementioned forces.

The Refugees were caught in the middle.

Special Combat Round:

Each Action counts as 'multiple turns' even if we are just doing the normal number of actions. Normal Combat will be handled vs The Mutant King. It is impossible to miss except with 0 successes, and can be Called Shot if you have it. If you attack it, declare and roll attack, then roll damage. I will roll hit-location.

If you wish to engage any other targets, simply declare it, but instead of rolling attacks, burn as much ammunition as you want to represent your frenzied fighting.

If you wish to save refugees, declare that, and let me know how many effort points you wish to spend. An effort Point is equal to 100 Resources or 1 Karma.

If you wish to do something else, please let me know before your turn.
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a deep breath. She focuses her mind, and goes after the Mutant King. She starts her attack by going into a light dancing movement, going with a precise strike before she goes into a more normal slash as she moves gracefully towards the Mutant king, tagging his arm, before spinning around to slice into the leg.
Elsie At the sight of the hulking behemoth of death, Surelda rises from the radio. People will chatter there as they need to, now. There's little more she can tell them. She turns on her heel then and moves to her backpack, left in a corner. From it, she withdraws the leather and metal helmet with the strap-on face protector and slides it over her head, allowing her silver hair to flow from beneath it. And then she picks up her HK G11 Assault Rifle.

But she doesn't stand. Something has caught her eye. She tilts her head slightly, and considers.

Moving to the balcony edge, Surelda has in her hand a breather of Jet, from which she shakes it and takes a hit like a super cool asthmatic. She tucks the thing away, shakes her head to clear it a bit, and leans her funny looking assault rifle against the balcony railing for stability.

And so, the shots ring out.
Krysta      Krysta lifted her rifle and .. opened fire on the giant.. whateverthefuck. Reminded her of a certain suicidal maniac. In any case... It was hard to miss...
Shiloh      Shiloh presses forward into the mutant Horde, the giant Scorpion-Walker coming close to just stepping the other mutants under its feet as she manuevers it a lot. There was a bit of a gnawing worry at the back of her mind while she got close to the massive Mutant King. What if there was critical damage sustained to the Walker? What if they wouldn't even be able to retreat if they needed to? Her and Zaxelin would be stuck out there, in a giant steel death-trap, and it would be up to the lucky stars above to not just be tossed aside or ripped asunder by the King. Even if it passed them by, who's to say the smaller mutants wouldn't take their opportunity to just crawl up the sides and try to breach through anyway? The both of them may very well have to make a last stands of sorts here. "Zaxelin, I'm going to try to keep an eye on our status. If it starts looking too badly, I'm afraid I'm going to have to pull us back. I don't like being here in the swarm." That said, once they do get within range, she's able to twist the controls to jut both of the claws out and tries to use them to physically bash the Mutant King simultaneously.
Davidson It's just one gun amongst many, and it isn't even one of the larger ones, but Davidson brings it up anyway; bracing the butt of the rifle against his shoulder and aiming for that gelatinous tumor of a spine swaying like a grotesque blob upon the mutant's back. He breathes in carefully, breathes out, and then fires. It seems to strike home, but if there's a result - it's nothing he can see.

    Not that he stops. Not while he's drawing breath.
Vera Vera shakes her head, as she moves from her position. "COme on people, lets move..." as she heads towards the refugeees. "You do not want to be here, when the beastie gets here...move move" As she shuffles the refugees along as best as she can, offering any cover fire she can as she does. "Save light...leave the junk behind."
Rexus Rexus acts as choreographer and combatant. Both hands hold his Plasma Gatling as the barrels spin up and begin belching their greenish blasts at the giant Mutant King. Luckily he doesn't have to aim much, with the King being so big, allowing him to shift some attention to the surrounding small battles amongst the Citadel Defenders and their attackers. "Stay together! Keep up the fire!" and he glances down into the courtyard at the support folk doing their thing, "Bring up some more ammunition!"
Sanbella Sanbella aims her gun at the Mutant King, then looks back at the refugees screaming and shouting, their numbers being cut down as both Reavers and Mutants invade the Citadel. She gives a look back at the Giant attacking the citadel and at the people fighting it back... and remembers what her mother taught her during her youth. She was trembling with fear of the choice she was about to take, mumbling to herself. "... Not because we survive, but because we protect..." -- That's why they were called Rangers. Gripping her rifle hard enough to make her knuckles white, Sanbella turns around and quickly rushes to the aid of the innocents of the wastelands, shooting at any hostiles and shouting for the civilians to follow her and keep their heads down, trying to get as many of them as possible out of the harms way and into the more defended Citadel, or anywhere that could give them a chance to survive. She was scared, but she would not let innocents die tonight.
Kaelyn Kae raises her rifle and focusses her eyes now litterally glowing looking kind of like twin red lights from her little tower... Kae takes a deep breath and focusses "More a little more..." She mutters as her eyes light on a single pinpoint on the creature's chest. As she waits for her time, debris litterally begins to lift around her....

Kae takes another deep breath chest straining her top some as she pulls air in to the point her lungs almost hurt then slowly exhails. As she reaches the bottom of her breath she cuts pulls the trigger, unloading a massive spray of firepower, one 5 round burst ,then another and finally a third. Now here's the wierd thing. As the bullets leave the rifle they are litterally gripped by the woman's abilities and accelerated, now looking like a spiralling mess of red-glowing projectiles that make a sonic boom way louder than eny 5mm assault rifle has a right to be doing. The bullets spin and slam together each bullet smashing into the same exact point and magnifying the shot to the point it's like a tank Fin stabilized dart slamming into the torso of the gigantic creature.

After she finishes her little display, Kae exhails, then coughs wiping her lip then her nose then casually wiping some blood on her shirt from the nosebleed she suddenly gets... CORA now admonishes the elf-woman "Over doing it Kae..." Kae smirks... "It's ok, it's worth it...." CORA then adds "By the way really nifty use of your abilities..."
Camilla     Camilla looks at Iris, and around, the sounds and sights and smells of battle. It all just, overwhelms her, but courage is doing the right thing despite the fear, not doing it in the absence of fear.

    Camill Looks to iris, "You are one of the best things that's ever happened to me.." and without letting her respond, she jumps up and moves with the others to assit in helping refugees escape. Her weapon will make no impact against the big ugly and she knows it, but against other humans and helping people? Saving lives? That's something she can do.
Iris Lark Iris sees the mutant king approaching and raises her pistol to fire, she pops off two shots. Watching everyone else around her moving or firing as well. She starts to move, looking for cover. She doesn't find much safety where she's located, but she makes do until she can get behind a wall. She sees Camilla approach and speak to her, and she automatically moves to cover her while she escorts refugees away.
Ashram Aware that everybody else will pile onto the big beast on the southern wall, Ashram has a great vantage point where to scope out the entirety of the courtyard. He has the eyesight to pull it off, too, and he peppers rounds into torsos and heads left and right, shooting at the reavers while they come in and turning to the mutants when they come too close to the courtyard for comfort. He's a friggin' machine out there, ripping holes in the smaller enemies so the big guys can square off against the big guy.
Rusty     Having recovered from being knocked onto his ass by the Big Ugly Fucker. A tap at the side of his helmet, and the red lenses brighten up. Rusty shifts his feet, squaring them up to his shoulders. The Service rifle is tucked into his shoulder. He aims without thinking, squeezing twice rapidly in succession with mixed results. The second shot is bang on to the Mutant Kings head, it's perfection. The first shot will probably be debated about for years if anyone survives. It's either a shit shot that did high damage, or a perfect crotch shot for the sake of morale.
Eden Eden seeing the giant can't help but feel her anger rise. Was this the one that killed him? Was this the creature that stole her world away? Turning the turret toward the creature she readies and fires. The cold metal in her hand is satisfying. She can't ri it apart with her bare hands like HE could have, but goddamn if she can't pull a lever that will hurt it just as badly. Eat that you mutant bastard.
Devlin     Following his initial shot, Devlin adjusts his aim by lowering it faintly and to the right. Squeezing the trigger several times more, the laser pistol releases several rays of focused and heated light. Turning his head to the side, he nods towards Krysta and says, "Lets focus on the Giant, if it falls then the others won't be able to to focus, and breaching the wall will be almost impossible.." Muttering, he shakes his head and turns forward again, "It might be the walking hive mind at the worst."
Zaxelin "Good hits, Shiloh! My turn!"

After the fierce punches thrown by her Co-Pilot, Zaxelin keys in the plasma-cannon on the tail, trying to give it that extra edge from the proximity. After quickly figuring out the trajectory, she lets it fly to cook the creature like a grody gas-station burrito...

"Sniff on this, you freaky walkin' tumor!"
Nemo Rushing to the gate of the Citadel, Nemo watches with horror at the massive horde of mutants approaching, before he scans the choatic scene of violence in front of him. He moves to help the refugees, calling out those not actively attacking others, "In here, get inside!" Those that are injured, he helps carry, aids, or gives medicine, unable to keep with the flood of people better than any other, but tirelessy helping.
Nemo     There's a sonic boom on the battlefield, and cries and gasps of surprise escape from the throng of people rushing through the dust and bullets to get inside the wall. Nemo lifts his head, turning to Kaelyn, and manages a sigh of relief when he sees it was an ally, attacking the massive Mutant King. Green eyes search, and find Iris and Camilla in the madness, and he moves through the crowd towards the latter.

    "If we can direct them inside, to the lower escape tunnels, those of us with guns can post up at the entrance, and bottleneck these assholes into a firin' range!" He doesn't wait for an answer, passing off a bug-out bag, one of several, to another refugee, before he sprints through the Citadel gate, unslinging his .308.
Ashur The mutant king grasps chunks of the broken walls with its boney, spindle-fingered hands. Countless attacks blaze through its veiny flesh; bullets like the prickling bites of mosquitos go unnoticed, but the roaring blast from a distant Abrams actually sets it reeling back a step -- SQUISH goes a crowd of chimera behind it, their acidic blood flowing like a river around the sovereign's crusty heel. For a moment, it seems like it might topple over, especially when that enormous walker bashes it with its claws and raises its tail high, flooding the air with a sizzling wave of liquid-hot plasma. That bright, baleful light leaves a smoking ruin in the mutant's chest, a sucking wound that would fell any normal creature --

Instead, it just gets mad.

With its grotesque heart visibly pumping in the ruin of its cavity, and the enormous tumor on its back now dripping a mass of fetid slime and ooze across the wall and the fields, the supermutant lurches forward once again. Its enormous eyes swivel loosely in its head, its lips curl back from rows of teeth like butcher knives, and it grasps the gun-tail of the mech.

It stabs the tail through the walker's center, splitting the metal around it like butter. It grabs its claw-hands and bends them around, the alloys shattering like glass.

It presses its gaunt, deformed face down, up against it, as if looking through the smoking, sparking machine at the people inside.

And then it throws them, walker and all, with force enough to send however many hundreds and hundreds of tons of scorpion-mech through the air, up, up, and then tumbling back down to smash horrifically into the now-broken earth and chunks of Citadel.

The beast, throbbing heart loud enough to hear and its fluids deep enough to swim in, screams.
Rusty     Rusty keeps that BUF in his sights, but both his eyes are open. His pereipheral vision reminds him there are a great many other targets swarming. He's torn between continuing on the BUF, or spraying super mutants and thinning the herd. Then there's the Mutant King getting blasted, sections of wall torn away. He can only look on in horror as it attacks the Mech. The Vox crackles with a scream. "Shiloh!" Rusty's choice is made and he prepares to fire into that bastard again, silently hoping his Cousin is still alive.
Vera Vera looks back at the carnage, "See see.." she says to the refugees she is moving with. "Thats why you didn't want to stay there..anywhere but there is a better place to be...lets keep moving..."
Ashram For all of his concentration and his steely eyed gaze, Ashram pauses at the sight of the scorpion robot straight up thrown into the friggin' air by the giant mutant. He lowers the rifle, squints, STARES, and ups the rifle again. The vigilante looks, believe it or not, a little tiny bit scared of the beast, but it won't make him back off. Though, it's pretty impressive he can see at ALL, with the chaos and bloodshed and limbs flying and bikes flying...
Iris Lark Iris watches as the mutant takes apart the walker and toss it and she starts to move towards it safely, scooting around debris and people who are fighting. She's already pulling open her rucksack, hoping she can help the people inside if they aren't already dead. The walker is not getting up again, that's for certain. Let's hope the same doesn't apply for the people inside.
Camilla     Camilla is, doing whatever she can to save lives and help refugees, despite the danger she herself is in. She also watches the walker get tossed, but she sees Iris move to check on the people inside and decides that the people in the mech are either KO, or dead and that there's still more lives to save. She gets to it, jumping, running, dodging, ducking, guiding people, taking shots, et all.
Davidson "Yes!" Davidson lets out a bark of triumph as that torrent of plasma burns deep into the chest of the mutant king.... and then triumph dies on his lips as the thing reaches out to grab hold of the walker. "Oh, no," he breathes out, "Oh, fuck, no, Zaxelin, Shi--"

    Then the walker goes, flying through the air, and he brings the rifle back up, "Oh you son of a bitch!" The mutant isn't the only one who can get mad.
Zaxelin Zaxelin's battle-spurred grin turns to a look of shock, as the Mutant King thrashes the Mech. Warning klaxons blaring as she tumbles around inside the scorpion with her co-pilot, until her head collides with a console.

The broken bones were a hassle, but a concussion is worse. Zaxelin passes out inside the twisted metal carcass of the mightest warmachine Texas has ever seen, ending the legacy of the Gigascorpion.
Sanbella Sanbella is taking the refugees with her towards the Citadel, blindly firing at any threat that gets too close or actively targets the civilians with her. When they stop to see the Mutant King grab the Walker, she shoves them inside and shouts angrily for them to continue. "The Tunnels! Take refugee within the tunnels, all of you! Don't stop to look back! GO!" She waves at the nearby people to come towards her, as she kept on firing her service rifle into Reavers and Mutants alike, wanting nothing more than protect the refugees. She was almost entering despair, the Giant was still alive and worse, her friend had been flung into the air and could possible be dead now. Trying to clear her head, she gripped her gun tighter and tighter and keep shooting at nearby hostiles, trying to save as many people as she could.
Shiloh      Shiloh's eyes grow wider when the Super Mutant makes a grab for the Mech's tail and lifts it up, forcing it to crash through to the Mech-bay itself, "Zax, strap in and get down, now!!" She shouts over to Zaxelin, struggling to try to fight against the Mutant King's grip with the claws to no avail. When they're shaken around, Shiloh's seat and all breaks free to crash around in the bay, and she can only curl in on herself and hope for the best. Eventually, when they do go crashing to the ground Shiloh is still on the floor of the Mech, barely moving. Her arm twitches and her body shakes and shudders as she tries to force herself back to her feet. "Zax..." She croaks out weakly, looking around to try to find her co-pilot. When she manages to see Zaxelin's unconcious form, she crawls closer to her and tries to get herself up into a kneel. She looks around at the devastation, watching as sparks light the small space from frayed wires and jagged metal points out at them threateningly. "I...I don't know if it's safer in here or out there..." She eventually mumbles. Trying to use Zaxelin's console, she tries to access the radio tinkering with it and seeing if she can get through to anyone on the other side. "Hello? Does anyone copy?" She asks, desperation in her voice.
Vault Girl Shiloh and Zaxelin are tossed around badly in the walker, the latter falling unconscious from the force of the blow; hopefully Shiloh would save her.

Thanks to Vera, Sanbella, Camilla, and Nemo; the refugees are starting to get organized in their evacuation and the soldiers guided by Rexus are providing them a clear way out of the Western Gate.

Thick ooze leacks down the Mutant King's wounds and the beast seems to be wounded.

All around you, Brotherhood, Reaver, and Militia alike are dying in battle with the mutants. The Reavers themselves starting to pull out.

It is Paladin Arnold who grabs Esscast by the arm and points up at the big pulsing tumor on the back of the Mutant King, "Get to da Mutant King!" He yells as he rushes forward firing all of his guns at once like some kind of badass action hero, "ARGHHH! DIE YOU! DIE!" He yells in his phony German accent.

Special Combat Round:

Each Action counts as 'multiple turns' even if we are just doing the normal number of actions. Normal Combat will be handled vs The Mutant King. It is impossible to miss except with 0 successes, and can be Called Shot if you have it. If you attack it, declare and roll attack, then roll damage. I will roll hit-location.

If you wish to engage any other targets, simply declare it, but instead of rolling attacks, burn as much ammunition as you want to represent your frenzied fighting.

If you wish to save refugees, declare that, and let me know how many effort points you wish to spend. An effort Point is equal to 100 Resources or 1 Karma.

If you wish to do something else, please let me know before your turn.
Esscast after watching helplessly as the walker goes down from the mutant attack Esscast is driven with rage as he feels his wrath being triggered as soon as hes able to get close to it hes going to grapple that fucker in memory of the strongman ashur
Kaelyn Kae frowns now "Well that was more affective than I thought..." She says and CORA mutters "Who needs tanks?" Kae then blinks "Oh we need tanks... That's all I can do that's that affective with my telekinesis is all.." She responds and rubs at the back of her neck.

Then the mutant grabs the walker... "Oooh that's not good..." CORA's avatar nods "Very much so not so good..." Then the Mech is thrown.... "Well girl? You gotta focus now.." CORA says to Kae and Kae nods sighing as she checks her ammo "One more burst and reload..." She says to CORA.
Camilla     Camilla's focus is still on the refugees, and yet, there are targets. Targets that need to be dealt with, and so, she deals with them. The stacato sound of her custom five-mili joining the chorus sung by the sounds of the battle.
Kasumi     Kasumi mutters a little bit as debris falls on top of her. She can't really do much in terms of dodging cause its all over the place. The woman takes several deep cuts, but its not enough to really deter her. Kasumi takes a long moment to tense up her muscles, before going after the Mutant King with a series of strikes in the chest of the MK. Die you evil muttie!
Kaelyn Kae raises her rifle again the long eared woman's ears twitching briefly and her eyes still seemingly glowing a she sights down the barrel. Who knows what the odd genetic wonder is even seeing as she uncorks... Two rounds go zipping down range, each hitting the same point in that giant tumor ripping into the massive mutant and well seemingly causing more damage than one might think? Who knows, it's hard to tell.

Kae takes a deep breath and waits a second before double-tapping yet again this however missing her mark of that tumor again and striking the mutant in the arm both shots striking the upper shoulder close together. Kae frowns and looks at her rifle as CORA mentions "19 rounds fired, one left make it count." Kae then nods slowly "Aye..." She responds. Moving now to a kneeling position. "So CORA how do you like the weather today?" CORA then responds simply. "Quite nice can't say I like the scenery though..."
Davidson The sounds of battle fade to a dull roar to Davidson's ears, but he can still hear his heartbeat as he steps back up to the wall's crennelation and rests his rifle against it... no. He pauses, peering through the smoke of plasma fire and gunshots to see what else he's hearing. Not just his heart. Another.

    The scout's jaw sets, and he takes aim - careful aim - at the scorched, bloody wound in the mutant king's chest where the scorpion'd struck it. He takes a deep breath, waits for his chance, for the mutant to shift just /so/... and then he opens fire, a quick rapid series of shots as he fires for the horror's enormous, tumorous heart with startlingly good aim.
Eden Eden is focused on her task. It's so simple, really. Just a small motion. Fire.... BOOM. Watch the thing shudder. Click. Boom. It nearly falls over. Eden checks how many shells are left. Just one. Next one has to go in the massive evil husband killing heart.
Ashur As the battle rages, and the mutants swarm around their king like a rallying flag, Paladin Arnold unleashes such a barrage of lasers and bullets he's like an entire battalion of soldiers unto himself. Such power in one strong-jawed man! It draws the titan's attention, as the blasts burn and beat its shins, and a shadow falls upon the heroic Arnold; a massive hand wraps him, and lifts him into the air. Even as his ribs crack and his arms break, he shoots, leaving steaming wounds in the flesh in permanent scar.

The king holds the paladin in front of his face, staring at him curiously, as if some shadow of intellect still remains.

Then a laser punches it right in the eye, and it howls, dropping Arnold. The man falls toward the open, screaming mouth, and he makes eye contact with Esscast for one brief, divine moment.

Then he sets his fusion core to self-destruct, and tumbles down the gullet. His last words will live on forever:

"I hope they make tums in HELL!"

A real American hero.
Shiloh      With the radio seeming to have no hope of working again, Shiloh sighs and looks over through the small space that leads the way to what was once the hatch door. She leans down and gathers Zaxelin up, draping the woman's arm over her shoulder so that she can physically walk with her and drag her out of the Walker Mech. She struggles to get the door open, bashing against it until the hatch finally frees itself from some metal it was stuck on. She looks around and tries to drag herself over towards where the medical team is, not stopping until she finds Iris. "I...I think she's still got a pulse, we got knocked around hard...I-I don't know what all might be broken..." She tells the doctor, falling to a knee after the winded explanation.
Devlin     Adjusting his aim, Devlin lowers his center of balance as the creature began to not only approach the wall but strike it. As he manages to maintain his footing, he lowers his aim at the creature and fires, though the shot connects into one of the creature's working eyes. "Get the fuck off the wall you mutant trash heap!" Shifting his position closer to the edge, Devlin almost positions himself to fall as he takes his time, lining up his pistol onto the creature's beating heart.
Iris Lark Iris makes it to the walker as Shiloh drags Zaxelin out, and she kneels next to them, fretting for a moment. "Uhm..I'll..Zaxelin.." She leans over Zaxelin and stops the bleeding as much as she's able while she attempts to not get shot or stomped on. She turns to Shiloh then and pulls out more bandages, talking to herself as she works. "Just need to get the bleeding stopped. That will help. Look at me Shiloh, we're gonna get through this, okay?" She leans over and works quickly, her hands shaking but that's not enough to stop her from being good at her job.
Ashram Ashram retreats slowly to the outer courtyard near the citadel with the refugees and the majority of the more common level gunners. He's still ripping headshots and wrenching limbs and shooting reavers out of the sky while they're doing psycho wheelies over the refugees's heads. Fascinatingly, a couple of times he takes a few hits in return, and the *refugees themselves, young and old*, come to his defense and take bats, caps, their fists, anything they have, to clobber mutants and reavers. He's boggled himself, but that's why he's a beacon of mothereffin' hope. Everyone comes to protect him.
Krysta      Krysta watched the beast lift that paladin in the air.. There was no saving him. Open fire. The gold-plated monstrosity in Krysta's hands fired over and over as she once again tagged the creature. She wasn't speaking on comms because she was so focused on the battle. (And there were not nukes going off sadly...) Now, where was that anti-mutant bomb like last time... Should have saved it maybe.
Rusty     The screams and sounds fade. The haunting leviathan noises of the Mutant King dim to Rusty's mind. The aging former Desert Ranger turned Marshal has one focus. To kill. The BUF fills his gun sights, that exposed beating heart of the massive monster. Inhale. Exhale. A lovers light carress to the trigger and the service rifle bucks once. Yet, even the best planned shots do not always succeed. While Rusty has solidly struck the beasts torso, he has missed the heart... it doesn't matter. The muzzle comes back down from the recoil and as time stands still for him again, he takes aim anew for the next shot to come.
Zaxelin Being dragged out of a sharp wreckage isn't a great plan, especially with a concussion and broken bones, but the Alamo Medical Team are the best, and quickly patch Zaxelin to a livable condition.

She may be unconscious for now, but she owes her life to those wonderous people, especially her co-pilot, for not leaving her behind.
Rexus Rexus sees the Paladin going down the Gullet.. the wreckage of the vehicles. Paladin Rexus aims at the big Mutant King, holding down the trigger as he sweeps those plasma-shots all over the big critter, spewing plasma-death-beams all over the place and really giving the folks a light-show!
Vera Vera continues to help the refugees, trying to save as many as she can. Let the others fight the undying monster....she can do something useful here.
Sanbella Sanbella notices the other were helping the refugees, she grins and runs into a better positions while addressing the nearby Samaritans, "GET THEM TO SAFETY! I'M JOINING THE OTHERS ON THE FRONT NOW!" The Red Ranger listens to the giant's beating heart. With Shaky hands, she remembers the heroic sacrifice of that glorious bastard Elder Bowie. Feeling empowered by the memory, she aims at the abomination, rises David Bowie's Ballistic Fist into the air as a symbol of resistance and hope! A gesture that meant nobody would go down without fighting! She shouts at the Mutant-King in an act of defiance similar to the late Texas Elder and fires with all her fury at the Abomination!
Shiloh      Shiloh tries to focus on Iris and the words she says, but she can't manage much more than a nod of her head. She lets the woman tend to Zaxelin first, patiently watching and waiting to see if the woman can be roused from her unconcious state. When it's her turn, she tries her best to stay still under the treatment, but there are times that she has to bite back a cry of pain from her broken bones getting snapped and reset into their proper position for healing later. Her chest heaves heavily with every breath she takes once the worst of the pain has passed, but it looks as if breathing is still a difficult task for her. "Thank you, Iris..." She tells her afterwards, smiling up at her a little strained. "Probably wouldn't have made it without you...but...what do we do now? We...have to fight that thing still, don't we? Is it slower now at least? I could see its heart."
Nemo     While running with refugees, Nemo jumps over a puddle of acidic blood, and finds a huge chunk of metal to duck behind. He turns his rifle towards the gate, and starts picking off Reavers and Mutants and generally suspicious looking people left and right, all the way calling refugees to keep running past. Shells begin to pile up at his feet, as more and more bodies line the dusty Texan soil, their blood moistening the battlefied.
Eden Eden sees that pumping beating thing and aims the turret directly for it. That thing must be stopped. One tiny broken heart will break that massive one. She closes her eyes and pictures the shell piercing, making it's blood pour out, making it collapse with nothing left to keep it going. THis one WILL kill it. Time to fire. Boom....
Ashur With Arnold resting somewhere in the king's churning guts, it resumes its destruction of the walls, making room for the advancing mutant hordes. Its arms swing like scythes, and destroy all in their path, man or mutant; its stomping feet smash through concrete ten feet thick like it was paper mache. One by one, its too-human eyes look over the champions assembled, as if deciding, in the midst of its rage, who to kill next.

That panicked-looking woman aiding the refugees? No, the one a little further, near the mech, nursing two other people.. the king is intelligent enough to recognize its enemies, identify the pilots, *understand*, and it clambers over the wall now, simply shattering it in a clumsy impatience. Those massive hands, those massive feet, leave prints in the ground as the giant thing shuffles like a worm or a wolf on all fours forward, snapping its monstrous jaws.

And that's when the tank takes it, blasting a shell through its skull, all the way through its throat, down down down to the heart --

And, with fortunate timing, that is when the Paladin's nuclear detonation triggers, and there's a hideous Mexican food roil and grumble as fire and flame spew from every fissue in the juggernaut's flesh, its eyes turning liquid as a holocaust of world-ending energy pours from the mouth and charred eye-sockets.

The King just falls. Splat. Probably killed some homeless kid or another, maybe a few Reavers, but no one likes them.

It lays there. Skin writhing like it's all full'a worms. Surely, the FEV will begin to dissolve it soon, leaving nothing but a deep hole in the Alamo and a whole lot of mess.
Qwillis     Where was Qwillis in all this? That's easy.. He was back in the back. The way back. Behind the fighters, behind the reinforcements. Qwillis was back in the vehicle bay. Covered in grease and doing his level best.. one more vehicle. One more engine. One more power source that could potentially be the difference of life and death. Because in the end? He refused to die here.. he refused to lose those he cared about.
    He simply refused to quit.
Rexus Rexus watches the big King implode. He's already braced against the recoil of his gatling gun, so the tremoring quake of that beast thudding into the ground doesn't too much to shake him. Of course, the King may be dead, but the pawns live on. "Finish'em off!" he shouts over the din of battle, watching as the Knights and Militia about him turn their ire on the Mutant soldiers and any leftover raiders that are still a threat to the Citadel.
Vault Girl The Mutant King's death is the breaking point for the Horde.

The explosion that was intended to kill the Abomination on the suicide mission, had instead created a fusion of the Abomination and its latest victim; Ashur as the radiation bombarded the pair.

FEV Mutation had been accelerated and a Mutant King had been created.

This was not the first time one of these beasts had been seen, Arnold and other members of the Brotherhood had encountered them in Mexico, in the wake of the nuclear strikes launched by the Mexico Expedition.

Elder Bowie had been right in one assumption though; the Abomination the Suicide Mission had targeted was in fact the primary one in control of The Mutant Horde in Texas. It had been /cannibalizing/ other Abominations, evolving to levels of power that would have made The Master quiver with delight if he was still in existence or maybe he was, his consciousness part of the very mutants you had faced.

The mysteries of The Mutant Horde would not be solved on this day.

The Reavers had been driven by Vuk (unknown to all of you) to attack The Brotherhood of Steel above all others, and in this? They had succeeded. There were only a handful of members of the Texas Brotherhood alive at best.

There was no way they would ever continue to hold this Fortress, but the Reavers had been broken, scattering throughout Texas. No doubt a problem for the future.

The Mutant Horde, without their central chain of thought, the hivemind that guided them began to break. It was leaderless and without the guiding force of the Abomination that had become a Mutant King, it was nothing.

The forces that had yet to assault the Citadel scattered and broke, while those forces remaining were slaughtered by a concentrated effort on behalf of the Militia and the Refugees who still remained, and many more yet still lived thanks to countless heroic actions.

Somewhere, amidst all of the carnage and bodies, near the detritus and debris, the blood and gore was the body of a large man near where The Mutant King had fallen.

The man was badly wounded, including what appeared to be a hole in his head... but he was alive. It was Ashur.
Qwillis     It's a boom that causes Q to pause in his work. Eyes narrowed, he'd look out of the bay. What the..? Getting up, he'd pull that plasma rifle off his back as he'd head towards where the fighting was at. The concussive force of that blast enough to draw everyone's attention. Q would watch the mutants.. scatter.. when the.. thing. Whatever that was.. fell. Eyes narrowed in contemplation, he'd stay ready to defend himself, but he watched, waited to see. This.. this felt like it was important. There was a key here.. to ending the horde. But.. the mysteries of the mutant horde wouldn't be solved today.
Esscast Esscast walks over and begins to carry ashur to the medical tent
Krysta      Krysta got one hell of a good seat to watch that bomb go off. And it was glorious. She forgot she was on an open comm and let out a "WOOOOOO! FUCK YES!!!" And then she saw that body... And raised an eyebrow inside her suit. Ah well. Let one of his 'girls' deal with it.
Sanbella Sanbella watches with horror as the Mutant King leaps towards the Giga-Scorpion, her heart skipping several beats as she sprints towards the crash of her friend's mech. When the Giant explode, she is knocked out by the blast, falling and hitting her head. Thankfully the helmet absorbs the worst of the impact and The Red Ranger forces herself back up, her vision distorted as she hurries to the mechanical wreck of the walker in search of Shiloh and Zax.
Zaxelin Zaxelin chokes, coughing her lungs up from the trauma... to her lungs. She shakes herself out of it, spotting her friends and allies around her, and the grotesque mockery of the square-cube law, its corpse uncomfortably close to the group.

"We... we gotta get outta here, now-ish." She worriedly climbs to her feet, attempting to climb Iris or Shiloh to use as support, as she starts making her way from the battlefield.

Now she only hoped that Armoured Fist had dealt with the Reavers, or her jaunt back to safety was going to be cut brutally and ironically short...
Davidson As the mutant king finally falls, Davidson slumps back against the wall behind him - a ragged cheer going up from the wall, he holds up one fist in solidarity, a hand coming up to adjust the bandages that had begun to slide down his brow. The mutant horde was retreating, scattering, and the Reavers were being driven into the wastes.

    Others turn to lovers, to friends, and embrace, high-five, or otherwise show their relief. He looks up, alone at his post, at the sky. "Told you," he tells nobody in particular, "Not today. I'll see another dawn over another horizon soon."
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Shiloh and when the mutant king explodes she flinches and scoots backwards, trying to get away from whatever is going on. "Shiloh, it's fine, we're fine. How are you doing? Anything feel broken?" She frowns and glances over at Zaxelin. "Both of you, let me know how you're feeling, okay?"
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a deep breath for a moment, and cleans off her blade. THrough the whole affair, the woman didn't scream, shout, or even whisper during hte fight. She sheathes her blade, and looks around. "When do we head back to El Dorado? And when do I get paid?", she asks.
Eden Through the sites of the turret Eden sees Esscast picking up... Ashur? How in the hell!? She doesn't wait, she jumps out and runs as fast as she can down to meet them at the medical tent.
Camilla     Ok, so, that bombs was f'ing loud, and suprising and HOLY SHIT it's dead! YAY! Time to celebrate later, work to be done still and wait, is, ok, that's a suprise, might as well let someone else handled him for now. Camilla's prime concern is still working with the refugees, that is until they're all safe and she can get back to the group to start working on those that need it and helping Iris.
Kaelyn Kae blinks as well someone she knows is left behind by the disolving king? She stares briefly and sighs "Ummm whyfore is Ashur coming out of the liquidified Mutant King thing?" CORA then states flatly "Attacking what he shouldn't, again?" Kae then ooh's and nods now taking a few potshots at retreating mutants and well removing their head efficiently... She then reloads her rifle and slides down to the ground now, moving now toward the group of heros on the ground and taking out any roving mutant along the way should she have to...

Kae is now making a Bee-line toward Ashur and when she gets there she frowns... "Don't try to lift him I might be able to aid in that, get a medic here and such to stabilize him before we move em then we gotta get em cleaned up." She says and rubs the back of her neck, not that she's really knowledgeable on medical stuff...

CORA then pipes in. "You need to study first aid too..." Kae blinks and nods "Probably do, would make me more efficient at shooting things..." CORA then adds "Well you could allways just TK accelerate bullets so you hit things like a tank
Shiloh      Shiloh could only try to scramble backwards in terror when the mutant king tries to reach them at first, and she's shielding herself poorly by the time it explodes. She's breathing rapidly when she looks over the carnage left in the Mutant King's wake, and her eyes are only torn away by Iris' words and questions. " hurts to breathe, really bad. I can feel...things moving each time I try. I think ribs might be broken. And tt's hard to put weight of my legs. I had to drag it dragging her.." She looks over at Zaxelin after her report and asks Iris, sounding much more interested in her co-pilot's condition. "Is she going to be alright? Did she make it okay?" She's only a little distracted by the others that do make a fuss over Ashur and she blinks in disbelief when she sees who it is, "Is that...Ashur? H-He...he made it back? Is he breathing?"
Rusty     The world ceases to be in a giant flash for a moment, tinged red by the lenses of his helmet. Rusty had been so focused on that beating heart, that the shell that pieced it gave him brief pause, and then Arnolds armor did it's job, fortunately for the survivors. Unfortunately for Rusty as the blast blows to tumble down the ramps of the wall scaffold with a cry Goofy would have recognized as his own. Once he comes to a rest, and the world stops spinning. Rusty forces himself back up, to add his firepower to the rest firing upon the remains of the breaking horde. Once that is done, he heads deeper into the citadel to find out if she lived, or that he needs to pay another Uncle a call to explain what happened to Shiloh.
Kendar Kendar was stationed at the medical tent handling the injured. He only heard snippets of what happening. But from what he could gather it wasn't pretty, He heard of the Mutant King and what followed after it's destruction. Kendar sees Esscast rushing in with Aahur in tow. "Ashur? How in the..." He shakes his head. "No matter. Set him down over there." He said, pointing towards a mattress over at the end of the medical tent.
Kaelyn Sooo there's a bunch of people looking around and whatnot going through verious dead bodies and puddles and stuff and sure enough Kae litteraly stumbles across -something-! she glances down and uncovers what appears to be a minigun? Kae blinks and then bends down to pick the weapon up, heafting the giant firearm curiously, as CORA mentiones to Kae "Good oooooole Painless.... You don't know how to use one do you..." Kae glances at the thing and shrugs "Nope... I guess just point it in some direction pull the trigger and spray and prey?" She asks curiously... CORA then responds "Yup pretty much." Kae shrugs and carefully lifts the weapon to her shoulder and begins lugging it to where everyone else is...
Vault Girl The fighting would continue well into the night, with the Militia and anyone else who could hold a weapon pushing back against the remaining mutants.

By morning, contact had been established with El Dorado and orders were given for several hundred of the remaining Militia Soldiers to hold the fort with CAPTAIN Rexus in temporary command for the time being.

Given it was only a day away from El Dorado, it was not the worst journey.

When the sun set over Texas in the morning, it was a glorious sight, basking the citadel in its rays.

The Mutant Horde in Texas had been broken, but it had not been eliminated and a new enemy had emerged in the form of the Reavers.

The fate of the Alamo had been changed, history had not repeated itself.

But War?

War never changes.