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Neva Fernandez     From time to time, the Church doubled as a number of things: As a meeting hall, a house of prayer, a funeral house, and in this case a house of healing. Despite having no professional training, Sister Neva Fernandez learned quite a bit of medicine from Sister Rosa, and from books. Doing this and taking in those the hospital was unable to make room for made the church popular as a secondary clinic.

    The Nun has her sleeves rolled up as she's working on patching up those who were wounded earlier in battle. "Well, the worst if over, but you're all going to have to take it easy for a few days, especially you, Molly." She tilts her head and smiles, "You looked in a bad place."
Ironface Jones Following some of the people he'd just fought alongside, Ironface Jones ended up in El Dorado's church. It's not his first time there, but as he's not a regular customer it takes him a moment of looking around to acclimate himself to the space. Once he's done that he pulls his new Pip-boy out of his belt, where it had been jammed through like some people do with their pistols. It's not out for long, the big guy just checks to see if it has anything that can help with healing. When he realizes that it doesn't it goes back from whence it came and he returns to watching the injured folks get healed, "It is good you are a skilled healer. You possess much value."
Molly Brown Molly Brown is laying there she's not moving she nods. "And to think I was wearing pretty heavy armour. She lays there and looks up to NEva and she says "Yes it's good to be able to heal. Looks like those cultists did too zeroing in on me like that." She wheezes a bit. "I should lay off the Saving runs for a while too..."
Sammy     Sammy is the last one in, after making sure they werne't followon the way out of the compound, and overseeing the split up, he opted vocally, that the other ranger get Ranger Griffith and Ambassador Gordon back to the Embassy pronto, and he'll escort the Civillians. Granted some of the 'Civillians' do indeed prove capable of handling themselves quite well. It's the principle of the thing.
    Once inside the church he does visibly relax a bit, taking his helmet off and unslinging his rifle, blood caked around from where it held against the mask, a wee bit of coughing it up. His chestplate, old and battle-tested, definitely saved the day, the 'Black Armor' now shining where the paint was bplasted away by all the buckshot pieces. He watches the ongoings checking to make certain everyone's got their wounds treated before speaking up about own.
Neva Fernandez     Neva is pretty focused for the moment on Molly at the moment, moving around and getting her medical equipment prepared, a bowl to place bullets or pellets, water for cleaing, and other things. Before she gets started, she finally yanks off the scarf portion of her habit, shaking her hair free and then tying it back with a band to keep it our of her face. "Alright, I'm going to need to dig in quite a bit, Molly..."

    To Ironface, Neva smiles, "I appreciate it, Mister Jones, though I would rather have avoided a firefight altogether." She's still rather annoyed at that. "There would be less wounded today, and certainly less dead." She still seems kind of shaken up, but she's keeping focused on the job at hand.

    She then quickly glances at Sammy, and says, "You hurry and get the armor off, Mister Ranger, I know you're hurt. Best get started so I can treat you next." And with that, she starts cleaning up the wound and reaching in with forceps, and carefully works on extracting the pellets from Molly's body.
Sammy Sammy admits, he was caught, wouldn't be the first nor will it be the last time a Nun catches him doing something that might be unwise. The armor is removed, with a slow and careful application of the clasps on the side, it comes off with his duster, paid over a pew. He has his fatigues on beneath, a little worse for wear, and he undoes his shirt, wincing as he does, looking down, the tan chest is sporting deep red lines where the armor bit in for certain, but it did it's job and held. Looks like there's bruising around a few ribs too. "You know how the say it doesn't hurt till you see the blood?" he states, as he touches a finger to a rib, hisses at the pain.
Ironface Jones "I have heard that all life is precious," Ironface comments to the nun with a nod of his head. "But I am glad that all of us are alive. It could have been very different." Easing back he rests himself on one of the pews, keeping an eye open for things while the healing gets managed. Looking towards Sammy Ironface nods his head, "I feel that is accurate sometimes."
Molly Brown Molly Brown us laying there and she looks to Ironface. "Damn shame raiders ... like to throw it the hell away over their next hit not caring about anything else. I'm not sure I'm cut out for this. Her chest wound might need a bit more of work over,but Molly is thankfully taking it easier.
Katherine Caine Katherine didn't bother to announce her presence when she entered the Church, not with words or noise if she could help it. She had only come to see if everyone from the earlier attack on the chemists was going to be okay. Darcy, the girl who had taken the superjet had died and Katherine would have informed the parents but from what she knew? The runaway had none.

Sitting at the back of the church on one of the benches, she took an old tattered bible from the little holder on the back of the bench in front of her, reading silently to herself.
Neva Fernandez     After some careful work, Neva manages to extract several shotgun pellets from Molly's chest, and after some close inspection she sets the forceps down, "That's all of it." She glances up to Molly and instructs her, "I need you to bite down on a sleeve, Molly. I'm going to sew up the wound, but..."

    It was gonna suck.

    The Nun waits for the vault girl to do as instructed, and before grabbing a bottle of nearby alcohol, because she had it prepared, and popping the cork, and pouring it over the wound to provide anteceptic. After thoroughly doing so, she proceeds to carefully sew the wound up.

    Once the sewing is complete, she sighs and moves to wash her hands in the nearby bowl, and grabs the bandages, and patches Molly up, all while calling out, "Were you hurt in the firefight, Miss Kitty?" Not looking up from her work.
Ironface Jones "They may not see the value their lives could have if they contributed towards a tribe like El Dorado instead of trying only to take from people," Ironface tells Molly seriously. "You did well. I do not know if this is something you should continue doing, only you know that, but you were helpful." He talks with the hope of distracting the girl from her pain but knows it probably won't be much use.
Sammy Sammy is carefully undoing his fatigue shirt, and hears Neva telling Molly to bite down, yeah, he's putting himself in her situation. That's not a fun time. He undoes his fatigues and ties his shirt around his waist, rolling his shoulders to confirm that they're intact, he checks the movement of his neck, turning this way and that, but more, inspecting the red lines and bruises on his chest, hissing each time a finger finds a new point of pain. At least he didn't break through. he wipes at his hand at his mouth, listening to Ironface a bit, "In my travels, Raiders are always a little too unstable to be considered a tribe. They're what happens when the baser instincts govern instead of just the heart and mind. They can be ... more civilized given some level of stability, but their desires push them away from the stability, towards violence, overstimulation. Away from nature and down the darker paths." he has seen a lot, then again, he's a Ranger. And he's got a lot of miles under those boots in teh last few years. Ironic that he's in Church again.
Molly Brown Molly Brown obyes she knows where this is going and she does so. She does have medical information and it sucks. Oh god does it suck the alcholoog comes. She bites hard, she wishes she had some Med-X but hey this is still pretty damn good. She lets out a muffled cry of pain but hey it's to get her better and she's up for that. She had just done this to Wiz eariler this seek and when it's finally over she just kinda of lays there. "Could be ... worse but don't tell Wiz he might .. not let me live this down."
Katherine Caine Katherine looked up from her reading when she was finished the line, a smile at the ready but it's somber rather than cheerful, "No, I'm fine. Takes more than a few hopped up cultists to put me down for the count." Closing the bible in her hands and returning it to its place, she says softly, "I'd like to apologize if you felt I had any doubt in your abilities, it was the limit of human compassion and kindness I had doubts about from others." Like the sniper that Sammy had taken out after she had decided to scrap the plan entirely in favor of a blitzkrieg, which had worked out well all things considered!
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine follows the odd straggle of folks coming and leaving the church. Curiosity has the better of her. Looking about at the wounded, she begins searching for any faces she might know. First one she spies is Kitty. In a rush Lilly makes her way over to her. "Are you Okay? Are you Hurt? What happened?", real concern and worry on her face.
Neva Fernandez     Neva finally finishes patching Molly up, and sighs as she cleans her hands up, "Rest for now, Molly. You should arrange for a message to be sent to Vault Town to let your family know you're alright." She gives the vault girl a smile as she says, "You'll be back in action soon enough."

    She then turns and to the NCR Ranger, and inspects his wounds, and taking her time to make sure it wasn't too severe, gently pressing at the bruise to check for breaks, "Looks like you'll be okay in the long run, Mister Ranger... Just keep it iced and them bruises will vanish in no time." She then gestures, "You can put your shirt on.. I'm going to get some ice for you." With that she moves to grab some stored ice, and she's not gone very long with a ice pack wrapped in a cloth, and hands it over, "Here, keep it on, not directly. You'll be fine."

    With that that out of the way, Neva sighs and tugs at her collar to loosen it up. "Alright, that's the most urgent matters of body. How about we talk about matters of the spirit, mmm?"
Katherine Caine Katherine shrugs her shoulders as Neva doesn't reply back to her and looks up to Lilly, "Yeah, I'm fine sweetie. I guess I was just leaving." Standing up and putting her arm around her daughters shoulders she said, "Why don't we go for a walk together."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine puts an arm around Kitty's waist, nodding.. She has a little look of concern on her face, well.. Puzzled.. either that or maybe she's constipated. either way, she hugs close to her Mom, taking the opportunity to make sure Kat isn't lying about not being hurt.
Ironface Jones "Many of them are like animals that prey on people," Ironface says of raiders, shaking his head sadly from side to side. "I would like it better if they did not make me kill them so often." Almost as if he doesn't consider their deaths to be his fault. Seeing that the people here seem to be safe and situated, though, the big man decides it's okay for him to depart. "I will leave now. It was good to fight alongside you." As he heads out he gives Kitty and Lilly deep nods and a friendly, "Be well."
Sammy     Sammy smiles as he takes the icepack, and slowly gingerly applies the shirt again, and with the cloth, buffer the shock of the cold, "Miss, If you keep calling me Ranger, I'm just going to call you Sister, polease, you don't fall above or below me on the chain of command, so I'm justSammy." he murmurs, draawing in a hiss as he applies the ice again, holding his breath, counting to four, letting it out on a four count, drawing his next breath in. "I just have to not laugh for a few days... And see about getting any structural damage repaired on the armor." he glances back to the armor with the large buckle shiny in the front where black paint used to be.
    He surveys the others, "I was under orders to make sure every civillian got treated, 'cause that's part of us tryingto be the good guys out here. Make sure everyone gets back, clear the roads so people can just get on with their lives. Cleaning up a chem factory, well that's a good thing for most everyone. Though I can't wait to hear that Madboy's analysis of the chemical soup those cultists were cooking up." he looks to Kitty, "You know your way around those revolvers. Stay safe out there. " he gives a finger-wave to Kitty, and beams a smile at Lilly, holding up the Medkit he'd bought from her at Chips'nBits as if to say 'Didn't have to use it out there today!'
Neva Fernandez     Neva giggles a little bit, "Just little bit of politness, Sammy. Sister Rosa taught me to be the best I can be, you know. You just take care not to laugh too hard then."
    Neva smiles and nods to Ironface as he moves to leave, but in so doing her attention is brought back to Miss Kitty and to Lilly, at which she quickly turns and quickly steps after them, "Ahh! Miss Kitty, wait!" She also smiles to Lilly, and greets, "I'm sorry, Miss Kitty, I didn't mean to brush you off or nothing." She gives her a big beaming smile, "Won't you stay?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown is just laying back now and is going just take it easy for now and hold bac from talking. She knos to be a decent healer and sh eknows to be a good paitent as she just lays back now closes he eyes and will try to rest, at least they shut down the chem pushers. Hopefully that new jet would die out now.
Sammy     Sammy starts to chuckle, and the wince hits him, he hitches in his breathing for a moment, then goes back to the slow metered breathing, "That's kind of the point, really, of being a person, isn't it? One of the tennets of the Elders when I was a kid, was to 'Be Excellent to Each Other.' ...and they purposefully let it be vague, so you could interpret it, and bend it to be any kind of excellent you needed at the time." he sits down on the pew next to his armor, rifle, helmet, and duster, and looks over to Kitty and Lilly, "Good to see some people didn't get roughed up." there's that. No friendlys to report dead to their families, is a good day in any soldier's book.
Katherine Caine "Thanks Sammy, not so bad yourself with that sniper rifle." Katherine replied to the Ranger, the smile he gave to Lilly NOT escaping her notice, "Of course she'll stay." Lilly was given a little prod by Katherine's nail in the side of her arm, too subtle to notice for anyone but Lilly who had a sharp nail dug into her! Clearly she wanted her daughter to socialize.

Removing her arm from Lilly she looked back to Neva and smiled casually, "Quite alright Sister, you're dealing with a few people who need your care, I just came to read a few words for Darcy and apologize if I'd given you the intent I doubted you at all. You tend to your flock, no doubt I've got my own to tend to." Referring to the patrons of the Gold Digger or even the people of the City of El Dorado itself perhaps.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine sharp nail makes Lilly jump. she eeps and looks embarassed at her Mom, not getting it at first.. but she looks to Sammy, a smile on her face as she sorta gives a silly wave back to him. Another glance at Her mom and Lilly takes a few steps towards Sammy and the others.
Sammy Sammy grins at the praise, and looks fondly at the rifle, lifting it and laying it across his lap, "Funny story, about this rifle, and me, and churches." he smiles over to Neva, a wry grin curls his lips, then looks back to the rifle, "Maybe I should get 'Flaming Sword' engraved on the side of this. My call sign in the NCR is 'Sword of God' ... and yet I'm pretty Agnostic." he traces across a patch of the gun where some engraving might look nice.
Neva Fernandez     Neva's eyes soften a bit, at Katherine's explanation, shaking her head a bit, "I'm just a healer, Miss Kitty, not a preacher. I just would have preferred to have avoided a violent outcome entirely... But that doesn't matter now. What's over is over. However, everyone needs healing, so that having been said..."

    Trying not to give Katherine an opportunity to back out, she moves to pull the older woman into a hug... "Your heart needs healing too. I'm here to lend an ear when you need it. It's what Sister Rosa would do."

    After her hug attempt, she looks to Lilly and nods, "You're looking beautiful as always, Lilly. If you wanna talk about things, I'm here if you want." Smiling to her, just being a social butterfly in general.

    To Sammy, she giggles a little, "I'm not here to judge, Sammy, that's not my place. I've only ever wanted to help people, and making someone feel bad about their believes is not in my nature..." She then narrows her eyes, "Preacher Harris though..." She sounds annoyed as she mentions the man. "Still can't keep his hands to himself either."
Katherine Caine The hug is returned by Katherine towards the younger woman making no attempt to back out as she explains her own view, "Violence is a way of life when you move beyond the walls of El Dorado, that said, I'm more of an Old Testament kind of gal. Even heard it said before, this was the second flood. It just wasn't water, it was a flood of nuclear fire across the entire world. What were the Vaults if not Arks?" Katherine smiled as she spoke the words, whether she believed them or not, she was descended from Vault-Dwellers, including the so called Hero of El Dorado, Mayor Caine himself.

"Charity begins at home and sometimes? It just ends at home to. This city is my home and I will bring down fiery wrath and retribution against anyone who slights those who live here." Katherine patted the revolvers at her side and her smile grew, "Sometimes, the best faith you can have is the surety that a higher power is guiding each and every shot where they're meant to be."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles at her Mom with true admiration. Beaming at her, loving to see the side of Kitty that wants to protect the folks here. Pride shines on Lilly's face, hoping she can find a little bit of that iron in herself. She turns to look to Sammy, sharing some of the pride she feels for her mother with him.
Molly Brown Molly Brown opens one eye for a moment and tilts her head. "I don't think too much about em. Most of the relgious folk around here do good by the city and that's enough for me. Put your caps where your mouth is." She closes her eyes but keeps talking. "I just hope we stoped that new type of jet. Normal's jet is at best a surival tool when you have no other option, same for Pyscho. Either take the hit or get ripped apart by a Death Claw sort of deal."
Sammy Sammy grins back, smiling a bit, "If such places exist, I have Allies in Heaven, I've got Comrades in Hell." he pats the rifle againdropping the magazine, sliding the action, tilting his head to check the bore, nice and clean still despite the rainy walk, that's why you get the good oils, right? He closes the bolt with a click the solid *shuck* noise of the magazine getting settled again.
    Shifting the rifle to the side, he pulls his armor on but doesn't close the side-latches, the dented chestplate would put too much pressure on those ribs for now, and stosses his duster over himself like a cloak. Standing, slowly he leans on the rifle a little to push off the pew, then gathers his helmet and looks up, to see Lilly beaming that ray of sunshine at Kitty. "Analogies are what they are. Bullets are real. God? I don't know. I've seen people do horrible things to each other too much. I like to think that every shot I make gets closer to absolute perfection, the math, the technique. It's all stacking on experience with just a smidgeon of luck thrown in on top."
    Not quite admonishingly to Molly, but it creeps into the edge of his voice, "Next time maybe, we make sure you've got cover, and let someone else start negotiations?" he gives a wink. Then turns back to Kitty, "Just never make me write 'that letter' to Lilly, 'k?" and to Lilly he smiles, "And I will do the same about not getting my damn fool head shot off over a fistfull of caps."
Neva Fernandez     Neva smiles and nods a little, "Alright, Miss Kitty, well you know where I am, and I'll be over by the Saloon soon enough." She did like to visit the place quite a bit... She glances for something resembling the time, and suggests, "Alright, well, everyone rest up, wind down, grab a drink if you must."
Katherine Caine "Of course Sister." Katherine smiled at the younger woman before laughing faintly at Sammy's words to her, "You're not the only one with a callsign Ranger. I wouldn't worry about me but if you don't want to come home in a bodybag or end up in a shallow grave I've got two pieces of advice for you." Katherine looked between her daughter and the ranger, "Don't be a hero, because heroes wind up dead." Those must have been the two pieces of advice.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine doesn't seem to get the reference. She does move to give her Mom a parting hug really quick, and a kiss on her cheek.. cuz.. well, Lilly's Mom is awesome. Another squeeze and she lets Kitty go, heading over to Sammy, giving another silly wave