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Shiloh      Shiloh struggles and tries to stand on her own without Iris' aid, trying to lean on the wreckage nearby for support. Her left leg hangs weakly without actually connecting to the ground, her weight primarily on her right foot. As she tries to limp along, a passing Militia member can't help but recognize her as one of the pilots of the Scorpion and he looks positively shocked to even see her alive. He grins and heads over to her and takes a helmet off of his head to plop it down on top of the girl's before saluting her and running back off to the rest of the fray. Shiloh grimaces when she has to stop, but looks up at the helmet. "W..wait?" She asks, trying to call out to the man, but he's out of sight. She shakes her head and decides to keep the gift then, and continues on until she's in one of the safer tents set aside.
Rusty     "Deputy Marshal Wayne?" Rusty stops in his new quest to track down his cousin to hopefully find her alive when the voice calls out to him. His helmet nods sharply in acknowledgement. Then it cocks sideways to consider the source. A militia corporal standing there, a duster in his hands Duty recognizes. "My Sergeant, Tom Ludlow served with you, Sir. He didn't know you were around until earlier today, but there was no time to catch up. He. He Didn't make it. He told us about you, and well, he's got no family. -You- should have this." Rusty's helmet hangs down to look at the duster pressed in his hands. His vox crackles to life. "Still savin' my ass, Tom? Even when yer gone?" The helmet shakes. "I'll wear it with pride, Son. Come see me for a free beer, and I'll tell you all about it sometime."

    Rusty pats the Corporal on the shoulder, and turns away shaking his helmet again at how many of the originals were gone now. Ludlow had been with him back in 2271 at the signing of the Ranger Unification Treaty. He puts resolve back into himself and steps off, to find Shiloh at last in time to see a familiar style helmet plunked down upon her. "Might look good on you, since you don't duck so good."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks up at Rusty when he finds his way to the tent and offers him a smile. She laughs wearily at his comment and tells him afterwards, "Quack...see, I can duck just fine. Had nothing to...worry about." She rubs the back of her neck then leans back on one of the cots set up, hissing in pain in the process. "Got this of the soldiers. They saluted me after just dropping it on my head and ran off before I could...say anything." She looks over at the duster on Rusty's arm and frowns softly to herself, "Another one didn't end up...making it?" She asks up to him, sounding sad about that fact. "Who was it? Anyone...that you knew?"
Rusty     The sound of a bark of laughter is somewhat muffled by the helmet. Initially Shiloh gets a thumbs up at her duck joke. His vox crackles to life. "They don't make them like that anymore." Then he is looking to her helmet, and pulls off his own to clip it to his belt. Fingers run through grey helmet hair, as he considers her latter question. He nods sharply. Exhales sharply and holds up a single finger. He takes out a small metal case to draw out a precious cigarette. Once he's inhaled some smoke he looks to her again, then down to consider the Heirloom Duster. "Yeah. Tom Ludlow, he wasn't much younger'n me. We more or less came up together. Saved my life once. Long boring story. But, we saw some history together." He looks to Shiloh, pausing as he was considering setting himself down on the mecha-scorp for a seat. "Do we need to get you to the medbay?"
Kaydin     "Well that was a fun shindig." Kaydin says as he makes his way over to Shiloh and offers his shoulder for her to lean on while he watches Rusty. "I understand you got a helmet." He says as he takes his helmet off and shows it to her. "Comes with a few features, including night vision lenses, a flashlight, and gas mask." He says, trying to show her on his helmet.
Shiloh      Shiloh's patient about waiting for Rusty to take off his helmet and get out his cigarette to smoke, though she does softly chide, "Those can kill you, you know...should be careful with them." That's as much as she says about it, because she knows just how hard the battle has been today. She can let her cousin get away with smoking just this once. "I...think I remember Tom..." She tries to recall, but it's with great difficulty. "Didn't we try to invite him over to the thanks for what he did? It was a big...dinner or something. And pa brought out the good liquor for you guys..." She closes her eyes and winces from the strain, resting her head back on the pillow. "Maybe I'm just...remembering wrong. And yeah...I think so. Iris did what she could but I'm still in a lot of pain." She sits up and looks up at Kaydin, smiling wearily at him and leaning on him when he picks up her helmet to show some of the things on it off, "Really, huh? Those'll come in...handy."
Kaydin     "These helmets, duster and armor came from the unification treaty when the desert rangers were absorbed into the NCR. The Desert rangers were really badass. The NCR rangers were the best of the NCR army, so naturally when the desert rangers were absorbed, they added a level of badassery which to this day makes them the best." Kaydin says as he smiles to her. "When I was younger, I always wanted to be a ranger. It took alot of hard work, but in the end my dream came true, and I explore for the NCR." He says to her.
Rusty     Rusty cocks his head towards Kaydin. "That actually yours?" He nods sharply at the other mans armor. He quiets down as Shiloh is introduced into Ranger Helmet 101. Then looks towards Shiloh at her chiding with a snort. "Nothing else has so far. Not for lack of trying." Then there is a wince and a shake of his head. "Wasn't me. Wouldn't suprise me if Tom had drinks at the house though. Oh no. Wait. Yeah, uhm. You would have been That was right after the Unification Treaty. Uncle John and your Pa kind of.. they didn't like it I was in the Desert Rangers to start with. They brought out the booze to try to make a peace offering But. Since I had joined the NCR rangers under the treaty, ah. Well. Words got exchanged. Anyways. Your Aunt and Mom had to arrange to get all new furniture downstairs, and that was the last time I saw Uncle John, or stepped foot at home."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks over the helmet and nods her head slowly as she turns it this way and that to inspect it. "That's neat." She tells Kaydin honestly after listening to his story, "I never really thought about exploring that much to be honest...not until after John passed and the Enclave seiged the city..." She grimaces from the memory and shakes her head, "Just been help since then. Doing this and that...never really pictured it...getting to this point though." She tilts her head up and her brows lift up in a curious expression when he elaborates the rest of the story. She frowns softly to herself and tells him, "Was always wondering why you didn't come over more after should come back by...when..." There's hesitation and she mumbles softly, "When they find pa and my brother again...and get him back from the Enclave...I'm sure the past is in the past, and he'd be happy just to see you again..."
Ashur In the back of the tent, Ashur rests on a cot; the man is nude, and was covered in blood and guts and dissolving mutant nastiness. Fortunately, someone managed to hose him down before bringing him in, and Eden has cleaned him up as best she could -- right now she's collapsed from relief and exhaustion, asleep in a chair next to the bed, while the Legionnaire himself is wrapped in that great white cloak of his.

He stirs. Wakefulness comes with a blossom of pain; his everything hurts. He rises to his feet, confused, lost; his cloak wraps him like a toga of sorts, a bath robe, and weak-legged he stumbles forward. Brushes aside the curtain that kept him and Eden isolated from the rest of the group, and finds them talking, relaxing.

Wide-eyed and suspicious, Ashur clenches his hand into a fist, staring them down.

"Is this Hell?"
Kendar There was one person that was in the tent. Kendar heard Ashur move. Walking over to him, he just slightly loomed over him. "Hey, big guy." He said with a small grin. "Welcome back to the land of the living. You had us worried there for a minute or two."
Kaydin     "Yeah. Joined the NCR when I was old enough. I was trained from birth how to shoot and fight so when the tests came to become a ranger passed it on my first go. Youngest ranger in NCR history." Kaydin explains to Rusty before looking to Shiloh and he nods before looking to Rusty. "Never met a Desert ranger before. What was it like before the unification?" He asks curiously. When he see's Ashur and smiles. "Must be, its full of mutants and legionaries." He says as he looks to Rusty and gestures to Ashur. "Most horrible thing you ever did see?" He asks curiously.
Rusty     "Yeah well. I mean, hell it ain't a Wayne Family gathering unless some new furniture gets ordered, right?" Rusty runs his hand through his grey hair again. "I still haven't caught up on the Family Affairs. I suppose I should quit hiding from your mom. I... didn't realize yer old man was off bein' a guest of the Enclave." Rusty has the grace to look a little guilty. Then Ashur awakes, and Rusty snorts. "Well. There's a lack of booze, so yes ndeed this might be hell, Sir." A sharp nod acknowledging this horror before politely turning towards Kaydin to consider a moment. "It was... in many ways better. Some ways it was worse." At the latter question though, Rusty hides a grimace. "Never ask that, son. Would you want to relive some of yer nightmares?" The elder ranger exhales sharply, and continues in a less sharp tone. "I will admit though, that Big Ugly Fucker we saw today is in my top five."
Shiloh      "She'd like to see you, she's been having a really hard and Kade are trying to do what we can, but she's missing him a lot.." Shiloh tells Rusty, but she tries to manage a reassuring look for Rusty when she notices his guilt, "Some of the people that were with him, said that he didn't go without a there's that...he' back soon. I know it, we'll help him get back safe and sound..." She nods to Kaydin slowly and smiles when Ashur moves the curtains. "Hey Ashur, h-how are you feeling? Be sure to let...Kendar here get a you." She reaches a hand out to offer it to Ashur, but it shakes weakly like it's taking her a lot of effort to keep it held up without support. What can be seen of her skin is blotched with fresh lumps and bruises, and there are some lacerations where the crushed metal cut her skin in the violent shaking around inside of the busted up Mech. "Didn't think you'd end up...coming back."
Ashur Ashur's footsteps are ponderous and heavy; his strength has not returned, and so he shambles like the walking dead. He stares at all the speakers in turn, golden eyes burning holes in each -- but that gaze loses focus after a moment, his vision swims, and he wavers, favoring his left. A grunt precedes his stance widening, feet turned out, to stabilize himself.. and his hand cradling his face, as if nursing some headache.

There is what seems to be a hole in his head, after all, which his fingers dance across. Who knew? Trepanning really did banish evil spirits.

"Drink? There's no time for alcohol, you degenerate, there's an army we need to--"

He has memories of something else, and they confuse him.

Shiloh's presence, and her weakly offered hand, bring him some measure of clarity. He grasps her, leans down, and seizes her mouth with his; he sucks out her breath and bites her lip before she's released.

"Sit. Tell me what happened."

He stares againat Kaydin, at Kendar, at Rusty. Just what the hell is going on?
Kaydin     "is it just me or does ashur seem to have more women then a man should?" Kaydin asks as he checks his gun and raises it outside to the sky and listens to the gun click. He then goes about holstering it and checking his other revolver.
Kendar Seeing the... interesting display of effection, Kendar quickly examined Ashur and his wounds. He didn't look good. To be fair Kendar was surprised, he was even up. "Ashur, I wouldn't recommend moving. Your wounds are pretty bad and honestly, I'm surprised you're up." He said handing Ashur a canteen filled with water. "Drink up, you're probably thirsty."
Rusty     Evading Shiloh's suggestion he should visit. Rusty finally plucks off his battered NCR Duster, and sweeps up the Desert Ranger duster in it's place. "Like a hug from an old friend." There is a wince, as technically it is. At Ashur's little speech, his left eyebrow arches upwards. Then its a full-on wince and roll of the eyes as his cousin makes kissy face. At Kaydin's comment, Rusty snorts and counters with. "That's my baby cousin right there, man." However, he goes back to his usual silence as -he- isn't going to be the one trying to educate Asher.
Shiloh      " nice to cousin Rusty, Ashur. We...were just talking about some old times...and some...drinks came up before then." Shiloh tells Ashur through a tired chuckle. When he gathers her up, there's some ack's at first and hisses of pain when her broken ribs are momentarily squeezed by the embrace but she does offer a kiss back to the man. She catches her breath and her face looks red as a beet when it's broken. She's laughing bashfully afterwards and glancing away though she doesn't make Ashur move away from her cot either. "L-Listen to what Kendar says, you need your've been through a lot today...far as I can tell. Still don't understand what...happened..." She frowns thoughtfully to herself and tries to think of where to start. "You...went on your mission. And it...didn't look so well. But I think they considered it a success...because the um...bomb got through. Here we've been get ready for a fight. I got help...from the other mechanics and scientists to...fix that Walker Mech I talked the meeting. We've been...fighting for days keep them back. And when this...huge one showed up, we all got ready to...fight it. And there were Reavers too...that hurt a lot of people." Her eyes dim when she realizes the weight of that but she tries to go on, "Everyone gave all they could...fighting. Some...people got hurt, a lot of them...but at the end you were just...sorta there where it was. And now you're here..."
Ashur Ashur should be bedridden. That would be the smart thing. He also should not have volunteered for a suicide mission, chased an Enclave officer ages ago and been contaminated with FEV, crushed under a mech, punched a mini-nuke, or a thousand other things that have, in one way or another, fucked him up.

The bullish man's modus operandi is doing the opposite of what he should.

"I have a thirst," he acknowledges, taking the offered canteen. Without a lick of politeness he chugs it down until the thistles of his beard are wet and mattered, draining what little bit is left over his face to rinse away the sweat and sleepiness. And boy, is there sleepiness. He is definitely concussed.

"I have you beat on the affection of women," he replies to Kaydin, "but I trust those long nights in California taught you something -- the bulls near New Rome are especially virile."

Dirty NCR cow-fuckers.

He falls silent to soak in Shiloh's words. They help him make sense of the fragmented narrative in his head. But there are still a lot of holes in the story; still a hole in the head-head, too.

"We won, then." The only thing that matters.
Kaydin     "I comforted your woman, held her for a few hours to keep her company. Because unlike some people who claimed she was better off without you I said you were the world to her and losing it would take time to recover. But since you are back, I dont have to raise your daughter and have her join the NCR." Kaydin says as he checks his revolver and holsters it. "I need to find someone to teach me how to use energy weapons. picked up a laser pistol from the brotherhood."
Kendar "Won, at a high cost." Kendar remarks. He looks over to the side where his medkit is and starts taking out some medical supplies. "Fact remains, you are in no condition, to battle or anything of the sort. Gonna need to get to fixed up." He spares a glance at the hole in his hand, wondering just how the hell is he going to fix that.
Shiloh      Shiloh nods her head up at Ashur, looking up at him quietly, "We did win. There's still some mutants...outside, but they're much take care of. Without that...thing guiding them. But it's going to be okay now." She apparently doesn't understand his last comment and tries to close her eyes to get a moment's rest from the pain. After Kaydin's word, she does glance at him with a worried expression and tries to softly offer to him, "If you...want help, I can teach you. I took some...time to learn about them myself. After I got a...musket and pistol that...uses energy."
Ashur By this point, Ashur has thoroughly recognized Shiloh's beaten state. The big lug clicks his tongue and reaches out to pat her head gnetly. "Smile, little Shiloh; there is nothing sweeter than victory. It is nectar and ambrosia both." The no doubt grievous casualties the Alamo has suffered all too obviously mean nothing to the Legionnaire. He utterly lacks the solemness of the others. "But you, little girl, seem quite injured. Medicus," and at this he actually reaches toward Kendar and snaps his fingers without even looking, "tend her wounds. It takes more than this to kill me; I am fine."

He nods firmly. Ow. The pain helps distract him from the thought of Kaydin ruining his child's life.
Rusty     A snort of amusement escapes Rusty at Ashur's implication of the NCR and enjoying some Bovine Love. The insult had rolled off him easily enough, he was a Desert Ranger more than an NCR Ranger. Even if the former no longer existed technically. "It was an... impressive series of defence actions." This is all he volunteers on the situation for the moment. "Mmmm, Baby Cousin over there does know her electronics." Rusty gives the best praise he can of Shiloh. He looks back at Kaydin. "Still loyal to the politicians, are you?" A slow sad shake of his head.
Kaydin     "Wouldnt mind learning under you." Kaydin says to Shiloh before reaching to put his helmet back on. "I am going to go back out there and check on things. Stay here." He says calmly as he leans forward to gently rub her shoulder. "I grew up in the NCR. sure it is a pain in the ass when it comes to politics but ultimately it is a step towards the world we lost." He says to Rusty before looking back out there and heading out.
Shiloh      "Y-yes." Shiloh says, glancing down at herself before admitting to Ashur, "The Mech got...right up to that thing and hurt it. It pushed the tail through the machine, bent the claws badly, and picked it up...just...started shaking us around. I don't know what it was trying to do.." She seems to be purposefully avoiding mentioning that 'it' could have been Ashur himself. "It ripped off the seat even though I was strapped and Zax bounced a while. She was unconcious when I recovered...pulled her out of there and Iris did what she could for us. Will need more treatment later..." She smiles warmly at rusty and laughs softly, "Do try...pilotting that thing though was the hardest thing I've ever done.." When Kaydin heads out, she nods her head and murmers up to him, "Be careful.." After he leaves, she tries to tell Kendar, "It's okay, make Ashur take some more treatment...don't you um...have to pack his head wound with...gauze or...something? Until it...heals closed."
Kendar Kendar frowns. Personally he'd patch Ashur up first, but he saw what he can do firsthand and honestly he's a tad bit scared of him. "Like Shiloh said, best to give you at the very least some basic medical attention." He takes out some gauze and alcohol. "Now hold still would ya?"
Ashur Ashur lays his hand on Shiloh's slender, bruised shoulder. There's a faint squeeze applied -- and a firmer glare. "Hush," he commands, "and let the medicus tend to you. It's only a cut; I have had many before, my head is fine."

It seems he is not quite aware it is a bullet wound of sorts, or that it has punched into and nicked his skull. Oh well, at least the brain isn't exposed. "Some supermutant hurt you in the walker? Hmph. It is as I say: that which is made by man will be unmade by man. There is no machine more reliable than the body."

His fist rises, clenches tight enough to crack the knuckles, loud as gunshot.

"Still, you did well, my little one." At this point, Kendar interrupts again with an offer to help. The nerve of him! The brute's nostrils flare and his pupils dilate in a flash of anger, and he seems poised to turn and thunder -- but Shiloh's worried look transforms his rage into a rather more childish petulance.

The Legionnaire sits down on the floor and chuffs.

"Fine. Just clean the damn cut, then tend her wounds."
Rusty     Any retort Rusty had brewing towards Kaydin died rapidly as the young man headed out. Rusty cannot fault someone attending to duty, so shrugs lightly. Settig his own helmet aside, he adjusts the DR Duster, and exams a few patchmarks somberly. Then a snort of amusement. "Ha. I remember this one..." His fingers are running over a clearly sewn cut on the left side of the Duster. "Nothing noble. Tom just pissed off the wrong barmaid with an ill-timed ass grab. She didn't stick him deep. The funny thing was, if anything, it made him -more- attracted to her." He laughs softly, but it is brief as he observes the freshly dried blood of an old comrade on the collar. His head shakes and he looks to Shiloh. "I thought for sure you were dead after he jabbed that mech and shook ya'll like a snowglobe." He too looks over at Ashur and the head hole. "That can't be healthy." It is not easy pointing out to a former Legionnaire to get medical treatment, yet he does it. His helmet is pulled back onto his face to hide his grimace the best he can. The vox crackles to life towards Kendar. "Use pointy things, and a sharp astringent to clean it willya? Some people are as agrateful as a rock." The red lenses turn towards Shiloh. "I'll... try to visit h-, well. Your home and mom, ok kid?" He folds up his old NCR duster after plucking off his Deputy Marshal star to affix the shield to the front of the new-old duster. Another nod, and likely Rusty goes out on Eradication Patrol.
Shiloh      "We thought you were dead though, who knows what could have happened to you. It'll be quick, promise.." Shiloh continues to coax and reassure Ashur after he tries to insist that she get seen first. When he agrees to it, she nods her head once and turns her attention onto Rusty to listen to him recall his memories from the Duster. She looks down at the cut in the fabric and grins weakly, "Too bad I didn't get to know Tom more...And was smaller when he did. He sounds like he was fun at least, and you two got along. He's in a better place now..." Her lips lift up in a smile and she tells Rusty, "And I'm fine too. Visit soon, I'll even try to help ma cook something up. And it won't be a mud-and-worm pie this time either. Something real. Like...spicy gecko surprise." It's hard to guess if that's a real recipe Shy knows or if she's just making things up on the spot. Then, Rusty is leaving and Shiloh watches him go, before calling out, "Please be careful out there, Rusty! They're still dangerous alone.."
Kendar Wasting no time, Kendar got to cleaning Ashur's wounds. He didn't even bother giving his classic 'This might sting a little' warning, since he was positive that Ashur couldn't even feel it. "This won't take long." He mutters as he moves from wound to wound, making sure it's clean.
Ashur Ashur can feel the sting of the treatment; it sends little shocks of heat and pain along his nerves, a masochistic thrill that banishes the sleepiness that lingered. But, ever macho, he shuts his trap, grits his teeth, and pointedly makes zero sound as it all happens. He isn't comfortable, but what's the difference between a comfy patient and a stoic one, anyway? "I thought I was dead, too," he tells Shiloh, admitting his mortality after a quiet moment. "I intended to die. We were told that some abomination lingered south -- that the Horde was being controlled by a superior mutant. I remember seeing it. Our vertibirds went down, and we fought our way to it. But.."

The departure of the two Rangers is noticed but not acknowledged. Old grudges don't die so easy.
Shiloh      Shiloh frowns to herself and turns her head on her side, watching Kendar as he works on Ashur. "That's why I tried to tell you not to go.." She mumbles softly to Ashur, "They said they weren't coming back..and they knew it. But I guess you were does take a lot more to kill you." She fights a yawn that makes her whimper from the strain it puts on her ribs, and she tries to close her eyes again to rest them. "I need to sleep, I think.." She tells Ashur and Kendar both honestly. "I'm exhausted...we can all try to go home when I wake up. Q said that he talked them into letting us borrow a car to drive back, so long as he dropped it back off'll make getting back a lot easier, especially with you hurt Ashur."
Kendar "Right, that should be it." Kendar says, double checking the wounds. Nodding, he takes out some dressing and makes sure Ashur's wounds are covered up. "That's as good as I can do it such a short amount of time." He walks over to Shiloh. "Now let me help you."
Ashur Ashur's mouth is pressed in a thin line, though the severe angles of his visage soften when he hears Shiloh's worry and whimper. "Gratitude, medicus," he tells the healer, rising back to his feet slowly. "Some rest, and I will be well. There was a second cot near mine, Shiloh -- come, and I'll keep watch over you." He'll turn after that and, still in his big oversized cloak, trudge his way back to his curtained-off sleeping quarters. It isn't the most comfortable bed, but that head wound does have him exhausted.