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Iris Lark Mexico, Texas.. In the last year Iris has seen a few places that she never thought she would see in her lifetime. It wasn't something that she asked for, but all the same, when a call comes for aid a medic will likely be there.

Now she's home, with the rest of the folks who went to the Alamo and she's at her shop trying for a bit of normalcy to combat the craziness of the last few weeks. She's kneeling in front of a shelf, carefully dusting its contents while she waits for the sun to set.
Percy     "Iris?"
    Iris may recognise it as a familiar voice. But then again, so much has happened since the pair last saw each other. Percy may sound like a complete stranger! Their contact had virtually ceased when he left El Dorado to fetch back his notes that were stolen from him.
    As he breezes in through the front door, setting sun casting his figure in some orange light, he stands as tall as he ever did. The soft smile on his face is ever present, as is the short-cut hair spiced with speckles of grey. "They told me I would be able to find you here. I was a bit surprised when I didn't see you in the Shantytown clinic." Holding his trusty briefcase in his right hand, the well-dressed Doctor steps into the General Store proper to glance around.
    "I hear you were part of the crew that went to Texas? It's good to see you safe and sound."
Iris Lark Iris turns and when she sees Percy she gets to her feet, a grin on herface. "Oh, it's been a long time!" She gestures him to come further into the store and she gives him a friendly hug. He might notice that she's a bit ginger about it, there are bandages wrapped around her chest. "It's good to be safe and sound. I got shot while I was down there but.." She gestures to the bandages. ".. I'm healing nicely." She props her hands on her hips and squints at Percy. "I thought you left for good, or were dead!"
Percy     With briefcase still in hand, Percy carefully wraps his left arm around Iris in greeting. Her gingerness is noted, and then explained just moments later. "You were shot in the chest?" He asks with some surprise, brows raised. "You're tougher than you look, huh?" The man smirks, before dipping down just a bit to place his case down on the floor. "So long as you're healing, that's all that matters." Placing hands on his own hips, the Doctor takes a long and drawn breath. "By all accounts I probably should be dead. Following bandits through the wastes is never a good idea. But, well, I managed to get back my notes eventually. It's a hell of a story, actually. Maybe I'll tell you about it some time."
    Taking his blue eyes off Iris for the moment, he looks to scan the interior of the general store proper. "I always intended to come back. It's just a case of timing, I guess. When did you move into here?"
Iris Lark "Oh..goodness, about a year ago. I gave up the Clinic to another young girl, she needed a place and seemed right." Iris moves over to where a cluster of comfortable seats are set in front of the windows. She settles into a chair and gets comfortable. "Well I can't wait to hear the story, honestly, and yes..I guess I'm not a flower or something that wilts." This is said with a bit of a smirk.

The clicking of nails on wood can be heard coming from the back door of the store and a rather large wolf walks around some shelves and spots Percy. Moving slowly the wolf comes closer and sniffs at him before moving towards Iris and flomping down on his haunches next to her. "Come over and sit, tell me how long you've been back, at least, and what you've been up to?"
Percy     "Mm." Percy considers what Iris says about the clinic with a short, grumpily sounding noise. "At the very least it is still operational, so she must be doing a good job. I haven't met her yet, though." He nods a bit with another exhale. "Sometimes you need to follow your gut on this sort of stuff, I think." The flower comment earns a short laugh. "When I was a combat medic with the NCR years ago, we used to call each other weeds. Not pretty flowers, but tough, pain-in-the-ass weeds. Extremely difficult to kill. Sounded a bit awful, but it was a compliment."
    Meandering his way back to the store owner, Percy rubs his forehead. The large wolf that prowls about causes the Doctor's jaw to loosen in surprise, his heart skipping a beat! But when it lazes about he relaxes. "What happened to your pig?" Though something tells him he doesn't want to know the answer.
    Sitting down as requested, Percy folds a leg across the other. His arms fold across his chest. "Just a fortnight, really. Maybe a bit less. I've been trying to play catch up with all that I've missed. Especially with all this mutant stuff. How on earth did you stop them all?"
Iris Lark Iris laughs at the question about Bacon and she reaches out to gently scratch the wolf on his ears. "Bacon is at home. He and Dusk actually get along quite well, a few feral molerats got onto my property and well.." She glances at the wolf appraisingly for a moment.

When asked about Mexico an in a way Texas, the smile all but disappears from the Healer's face. "Well, in Mexico, someone in our group dropped a few big nukes on the Hoarde, they're still coming though, and even after Texas, it's going to be a battle at some point." She leans foward, resting her chin on her palm and she sighs. "Von Doberstein and Einstein in Acme are still working on a innoculation to maybe stop the FEV virus in its tracks, but..." She sits back and spreads her hands out. "There is always complications."

Eyeing Percy for a few minutes she suddenly grins. "You know, I think I may need to introduce you to Qwillis, he's formed a group of scientists, medics..and they're studying a few things that might be of interest to you. Something you might want to partake in." She tilts her head to the side as she focuses on Percy. "He has a bunker, might find a room in there to crash out as well."
Percy     "Ha. I'm glad he's well then. For a second I thought..." He trails off at the end there. "Well, you know. A pig in the wasteland is never a nice life. I'm just happy he's okay. Wallace is doing well, too. He's holed up in the apartment I'm renting at the moment." Wallace being his black cat. "Dusk, huh? Well - good to meet you." Percy leans down a bit to examine the beauty with warm eyes. "I do like animals. Way better than humans."
    Sitting back up, he leans back in the chair comfortably. "An inoculation?" He asks curiously, stroking his chin in thought. "That's a cunning idea. I wonder if I could be of any help there." His shoulders roll into a shrug, before looking to Iris squarely when she brings up Qwillis. "Absolutely. You know I'm a man of science, Iris. And if I can get a free room out of it, all the better. Safe to say - after being captive for a few months, my caps are starting to run a bit low." A nervous sounding laugh escapes his lips as he rubs the back of his head. "But not to worry. I can work my way back up."
    "So are you planning to just rest for a period then? After all your adventures interstate."
Iris Lark "I'm never really resting." Iris replies, pushing her hair behind her ears as she offers a slight shrug of her shoulders. "Every day I visit the settlements out here, and I have various other jobs.." She trails off and gestures around the store. "This being the..biggest one." She pulls her legs up underneath her on the chair and shifts a bit, chuckling. "I think you and Qwillis will get along quite well, and I'm fairly certain you'll like Camilla too. She is the woman running the clinic." She jerks her chin towards the back door and the wolf gets to his feet, lazily sniffs at Percy, and then walks out back where the slurping of water can be clearly heard. "If you need a loan Percy, you know you've only to ask. I'll gladly help out a friend."
Percy     Pushing his spectacles back up the bridge of his nose, Percy purses his lips at the notion that Iris never rests. "That's a sure fire way to burn yourself out." It's the honest appraisal, really. "I've seen plenty of great people flame out well before their time, Iris. Make sure to take at least some time to yourself every now and then." He snaps his fingers. "Yeah - that's right. Camilla is the person running the clinic. I'll have to get into contact with her eventually. See if she needs any part-time help or anything like that."
    Then, he frowns. "I'm not borrowing money off you, Iris." That's said quite sternly. "I can make do. Once you start borrowing money off friends you start down a slippery slope. I appreciate the gesture, but I'm fine." Rubbing his hands together, he considers. "Are you part of this scientist clan then?"
Iris Lark "I am, yes, and honestly I'm not sure why they want me. I know how to heal, but I'm certainly no researcher or scientist." Iris responds and when he gives her a stern talking to, she can't help but giggle. "Okay, but just remember that the offer is there, it won't go anywhere." She leans back against the chair, her fingers fussing with the knot tied on her shirt. "You can even work off the money so it's not a loan. I always need help at the store, mostly because I can only be at one place at once." She snickers and then flicks her fingers as she clears her throat. "They do have a rather amazing auto-doc that they found in the bunker, they want me to help repair it, but honestly I don't know how helpful I'll be with it. I'm game to try though."
Percy     "I suppose it's your reputation as well?" Percy considers. "You are a nice person, Iris. At the very least you know how to heal and might have ideas on how to further that?" Again he shrugs, just spitballing ideas. "You want me to help you at the store? Selling general goods to people?" The Doctor frowns. "That... would be a bad idea. I'm not as personable as you are. And I have no skills in that area. I'm definitely better suited dealing with people when they're in dire need of my help." He smirks at that. "They seem a bit more friendly that way." Leaning forward, his head tilts. "An Auto-Doc, huh. I didn't know you had repair skills? At least enough to work out sophisticated machines like that."
Iris Lark "I don't, but I know I can handle programming some simple healing subroutines into it." Iris is pink cheeked with embarassment and she folds her hands in her lap. "If someone wants you based on your reputation, well..who knows, but I'm glad that you think I've a good one." She glances around the general store and lets out a soft chuckle. "I love this place, most days, and there are other days where I might go insane if I were cooped up in it any longer." She draws her legs up a bit and leans against the arm of the chair. " You seem plenty personable to me Percy. Must be because I'm a doctor, yes?"
Percy     "Please." Percy admonishes with a laugh. "Every time I introduce myself as a Doctor or a man of science, everyone always, without fail, asks me whether I have met you yet. Maybe you have more of an affect on this community than you realise?" Said with a smile as he pushes his glasses back up the bridge of his nose once more. "Probably." Is the answer given, as the Doctor stands up. "I have respect for you, Iris. That's not something I can say often about complete strangers. You I know at least semi-well."
    Walking back over to his briefcase, Percy picks it up and stretches out his neck a smidgen. "Well, I just wanted to check in. Maybe later we can get a drink of some sort and I can regale you with my tales of torture and adventure, huh?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Percy and now she looks truly embarassed, her shoulders hunching a bit as the instict to hide takes over. "You're joking, right?" She asks weakly, her nose wrinkling a bit. "I would like to get a drink later, but please be careful walking out there after dark, it can be a bit dangerous, okay?" She is looking at her hands in her lap, still embarassed.
Percy     "Not at all." Percy replies calmly, chuckling at Iris' embarrassment. "Well, good evening. I'll be careful." And with that? He's off! He strides out the door as easily as he breezed in, disappearing from view and into the darkness.