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Willow Caine The Gold Digger is always a bit crazy after dark, but tonight it's a bit wilder. People are celebrating a victory at the Alamo and the liquor is flowing. The whores from upstairs are moving around, making caps and getting offers. Several bots and girls are working behind the bar as well. Standing near the kitchen is the current proprietor of the Gold Digger, Willow Caine. While everyone else looks like they're having a good time, she looks slightly disgruntled.
Nemo Just now arriving for the revelry, is Nemo Booker, one of those who fought at the Citadel. And came back. He slings his rifle over his shoulder as he steps inside, green eyes taking in the party face by face, before he's approaching bar with a grin. To one of the bots, he says, "Y'all got any of Leroy's moonshine stocked back there? I ain't had a sip of it since we left El Dorado." He plops down onto a stool with a weary but cheerful sigh.
Willow Caine "Negative." The bot says, before it moves on the the next customer. Cheeky bastard. One of the girls comes down the bar instead to stop in front of Nemo, a harried smile on her face. "Uh sorry, these bots aren't always on the ball, what did you ask for again?" She grins and shrugs, and it's about that time that someone brings food from the kitchen. Willow pushes away from the wall and makes her way around the bar, stopping to check with people at various tables. She speaks quietly with a few friends before she finds her own seat at the bar, a tumbler of dark brown liquid is set in front of her almost immediately.
Kaydin     Kaydin enters the saloon and makes his way over to willow. "Ready to get back to working for ya, Miss Caine." He says as he moves to take off his helmet and smiles at her. "Shoulda been there Miss Caine, we really kicked some major ass at the alamo." He says with a smirk.
Rexus Rexus enters, pausing just inside the door to give a biiiiig, biiig yawn. It has been a long few weeks to be certain, the big lug plodding his way across the Saloon and ponying up to the bar. "There anything cold behind there?" he squints, leaning up and over the bar a bit to peek behind. "Getting a little tired of that purified water crap.. need somethin tasty."
Nemo Nemo turns to face the working girl, lips curling up into a big grin. "Heeey, lil darlin'. I just wanted somethin' local, like what Leroy Brown over past Shantytown cooks up." He chuckles, adding, "Anything but tequila!" With a glance aside, noticing Kaydin and nodding agreeably, he points to Willow Caine's glass. "I'll have what she's havin'." He looks her up and down, removing his hat, "I'd wager she has good taste."
Willow Caine "She has expensive tastes as well." The barmaid replies, but she shrugs and rolls her eyes before she sets a tumbler in front of Nemo. "Two bits, luv." She requests, hand out for payment. A bit further down the bar, a bot sets a bottle of nuka cola in front of Rexus and a barmaid steps up to keep it from asking for payment. "On the house, we heard what you did down in Texas."

Willow smiles at Kaydin and shrugs a shoulder. "I don't do those kind of places, Kaydin. I'm not much for fighting, I'm afraid I don't have the proper outfits for something like that." She snickers and folds her arms over her chest. "You want to be a bouncer again? It's been boring work lately, not many people around here lately."
Rexus Rexus frowns at the cola, "Nah, real stuff. Beer an some whiskey." he says, settling into a spot at the bar. "Leave the bottle." he says in reference to the whiskey, "Hopefully this place'll get nice an crowded now that all the Militia are back, all in need of a good drink an some down time eh?"
Kaydin     "Well I need to earn my caps from somewhere and if you are willing to rehire me, I would be ever so grateful Miss Caine." Kaydin says with a smile as he watches her. "Do you mind if I buy myself a nuka cola?" Kaydin says as he smiles at her. He turns to the others as he then smiles and nods to Rexus. "Surprised you are not leading the Texas brotherhood of Steel. Get tired playing tin soldiers?" He asks playfully to Rexus.
Nemo Nemo takes the whiskey, considering Willow for a moment, "Oh does she? I wouldn't know." He looks to the working gril, grinning, "I've never tried." He lifts the glass in cheers, and tosses it back, before sliding the glass away. Popping his cowboy hat back onto his head, he tells the girl beside him, passing over a handful of caps casually, "I know what Supermutant tastes like now, though. We had a giant one, a hundred, maybe two hundred feet tall, attack us down there, but it got blown up, little bits of shit everywhere. It was awful...." He considers this a moment, "...Those Texans had some good Wastelander Weed, though." Another sip of whiskey.
Willow Caine Willow gestures to the bar and a slight smile appears on her face. "You can buy anything you want, sugar. That's what the bar is there for." A beat. "As for rehiring you, we'll see if business picks up." One of the barmaids shoots her a quizzical look ,Willow gives the barmaid a nod, and the girl pulls a bottle from beneath the bar, sets it in front of Rexus and then pours him a draft. She walks down the bar, wiping her hnds on her apron before she cleans up. She takes a drink from her tumbler and shrugs. "We'll get busy eventually, we always do." The barmaid eyes Nemo with a bit of amusement before she starts to fill other orders.
Rexus Rexus gives a wry smirk towards Kaydin, "Not too many Texans left really... most got chopped up at the Citadel... whatever's left'll go their own way or sign up with the Militia, either way." he says, "Job's done, won't have to worry bout no muties out of Texas." He looks around the Saloon, "Aye things'll pick up once everyone gets back... it always does, yer right bout that."
Kaydin     Kaydin smiles as he is handed his cola from a serving girl and he looks to Rexus and shrugs. He then looks to Willow and moves over towards her. "And would it take to win your heart?" He asks curiously as he smiles at her before sipping his cola. He then looks to Nemo and raises an eyebrow. "Werent you the guy who was fondling the vertibirds?"
Nemo "Fondling?" Nemo looks to Kaydin, "Fondling?!" He looks to the girl beside him, slipping arm around her, "Fondling?!?" He looks back to Kaydin, straight-faced, "Oi, Aye, yeah, that was me." He points at Kaydin, squinting one eye, "Aren't you the guy... that helped set up the medbay for everyone?" He lifts an arm, to display a wicked gash and multiple stitches, the would nearly healed but still angry.
Willow Caine Willow tilts her head as she gazes at Kaydin and she places a hand over her perfumed chest. "Oh honey, didn't you know? I don't have a heart." She lets out a girlish giggle and takes another drink of her tumbler. She goes back to watching the barmaids and the whores, gotta always keep an eye on the help. They take things! She holds out her glass for another refill, a slight smile on her face.
Rexus Rexus takes up the offered beer and starts chugging it down, adding that tumbler of whiskey as an after-shot. "Vertibirds do need fondling every now and again, they can be finicky creatures." he chuckles. "If yer still lookin for a medbay to work in there's a clinic in town.. an a hospital in Vault City... i'm sure all the incomin refugees'll need help, lot of them got shot up on the way out."
Kaydin     "Beautiful girl like you. I figured you would like a dashing hero to settle down with someday. I guess not." Kaydin says before looking to Rexus and shrugs. "I need to learn how to use energy weapons. I wouldnt mind getting power armor if I can fit a duster over it." He says with a smirk.
Nemo     Gesturing over to Rexus, Nemo bobs a nod, "That's true. There's more refugees comin' in, everyday. I'm thinkin' of headin' west to Highway three eighty with some willin' folks to help clear out an abandoned settlement there." He hitches up a shoulder, "I might move there myself, if I don't find something stable for myself here. Too many handy-men, not enough caps."
Willow Caine "Not a girl, I'm a woman, and I don't need a man." Willow responds, sending a friendly grin in Kaydin's direction. "I appreciate your interest honey, but we're better off as friends." She leans against the bar and quietly nurses her whiskey.
Rexus Rexus waggles his beer-bottle at Kaydin, "Careful, that's how they suck you in. Draw ye in with pretty words then ye turn round an they're off shackin up with the next guy." he says, taking another looooong drink from his chilled beverage. Eyes shift back to Nemo, "There plenty of smaller villages ye can settle in.. Acme's pretty nice... Gohaq... few others, don't have to clear out a new one when the other small ones ain't even properly populated yet."
Alasa Alasa strolls into the the saloon, and makes her way over to her normal table. Sitting down, she puts her feet up on an empty chair. She snaps her fingers, "Could I get a pot of hot water over here...thanks."
Nemo Nemo nods to Rexus, listening, but pipes up, "It needs to be out west. Not that there's a stretch from her to the Citadel being travelled, west... well, I'mma keep that to myself. But you're not wrong." When Alasa strolls over to a table, and orders a pot of hot water, he glances over, intriqued, waiting to see what she does with it.
Rexus Rexus listens quietly, pondering. "West... west west west... hmmmm.. there are a few west of Dunwich but... I can't recall their names.. Tinkertown? Maybe? Might be up your alley... but they are all quite small and underdeveloped... the bulk of the population's round Shantytown for now.. probably need your services there more than anywhere else." he looks over at Alasa, "Tea?"
Kaydin     "If you dont mind living like a peasant can always go live in Avalon. Folks act like they are in a medieval era." Kaydin says as he sips his cola and then looks to Rexus. "What about you? Looking to start up the local brotherhood of steel chapter or maybe become a guardian?" He asks as he watches him and he looks to Nemo and offers a hand. "Name's Kaydin, NCR ranger.
Alasa Alasa nods as she digs around in her utility belt, "But of course.." As her pots of water arrives, and she pours some into a glass, then adds a teabag. "Natural Cherokee tea...secret recepie" She grins a bit, "Lots of places out there, would make nice homes..if someone cleaned them up a bit better..."
Nemo Nemo reaches out and takes Kaydin's hand, pumping it casually, "Nemo, Nemo Booker. If you ever need any chems cooked up, or a bot repaired, lemme know. I'm cheap." Alasa's Cherokee tea gets a smile from Nemo, "If I fix up a place, and someone decides to live like a peasant in it, jus' cause, I might be a touch offended, eh? Thanks for the fancy house, the turrets and even the butler, but I'mma turn that all off, and take my chances with a sword." He grimaces, shaking his head as he reaches into his carpetbag, pulling out a syringe.
Rexus Rexus smiles to Kaydin. "I'm already in the Brotherhood of Steel. And the Guardians aren't really my.. style... they preach about helpin the needy but.. all I've seen is try to gouge hungry people on the price for a bag of grain... so..." he shrugs. Looking back to Nemo, "Acme might be more your style... lots of tech folk over there."
Kaydin     "I am joining up with the desert rangers. See if I have what it takes to become a desert ranger." Kaydin says as he watches the goings on. He shakes Nemo's hand and nods. "I will be sure to hit you up if I need those things." He says as he watches the man and then looks to Alasa. "I prefer drinking coffee myself." He says softly in response to the tea.
Alasa Alasa grins, "Oh, nothing wrong with coffee...but when your out in the wastes, its a lot easier to boil water, then to brew coffee..harder still, without a coffee pit." She grins, "Seem like you boys had some kind of adventure." Just then a bobcat comes walking in the door of the saloon, and starts for Alasa.
Rexus Rexus tilts his head, "The desert rangers? They any affiliation with NCR?" he furrows an eyebrow, "I've heard.. a little.. about them but not much. I know we're handin over the Citadel eventually.. you take good care of it." he takes another glug from his beer. "I prefer tea over coffee as well.. coffee's... too hard to find reliably.. tea is much simpler and.. lighter when you're out carryin it in the wastes... and less addicting." he adds with a raise of his bottle towards Alasa.
Nemo "Ain't heard about the Alamo yet, have ya?" Nemo asks, he seems well and ready to begin feeding as many tall tales to Alasa as she'll swallow until that bobcat walks in. He's already out of his seat, and about to draw his weapon, but the lack of reaction around him gives him pause.
Kaydin     "Originally the desert rangers were descended from the national guard and texas rangers. They kept the peace even before the bombs fell. Originally the desert rangers merged with the NCR rangers, willing to become part of the NCR in return the NCR stay in the mojave." Kaydin explains. When the bobcat comes in he watches it then looks to Alasa. "Friend of yours?" He asks curiously like it was nothing special.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "The Alamode?..thats a kind of pie, right. Sorry, I'm not big on politics outside of New Mexico..thats my stomping ground....Friend?" as she looks over at the cat, "Ah, yeah..thats Bob. I told him to come get me when he was ready to go." She finishes off her tea, and stands up. "Well, if you'll excuse us...theres some gardening that I need to take care of, need to make up a new batch of tea." As she gives a nod of her head, and moves out the door. The cat looks at the others a moment, trying to decide who is a fish...then follows after Alasa.
Rexus Rexus gives a little fingerwave to the departing Bob, and Alasa. He returns his attention to Kaydin though, "Ah, I see.. so.. desert scouts really?" he says, "Always need listenin posts an such out in the wastes.. speedbumps for the Mutants an Enclave, like the Citadel was."
Nemo Nemo gives a wave to Alas, turning his attention back to the conversation at hand, passing the working girl keeping his arm propped up a few more bottlecaps when she clears her throat. "Speedbumps is about right, but radios help, man. Seriously... oh shit, y'all never believe who I met. Lady Silver! From the damned radio herself, from L.S.C.? Surelda?"
Rexus Rexus tilts his head, "Lady Silver? LSC? Surelda.. i've heard Surelda before but not the others." he finishes his beer, his attention shifting to that bottle of whiskey, pulling the cork out and taking a biiiiig long gulp.
Nemo "Oh yeah, nice girl. She's on the radio a lot, sendin' info back and forth. She was up on the Citadel Peak majority of the time we were in the Citadel, relayin' stuff back to here," Nemo says, nursing his drink, his companion long since lost interest in the meager trickle of bottlecaps flowing from him. "I was kind of hoping you knew more about her. Said she had a husband that died recently, but... we didn't talk too much on it."
Kaydin     "Didnt you hear? Her husband is back from the dead. Come to find out he was in that giant mutant." Kaydin says as he sips his cola and he looks to Rexus. "So think you can teach me how to use energy weapons? Always looking to upgrade my methods on killing people."
Rexus Rexus nods to Nemo.. then to Kaydin, "What Kaydin said, her husband's one of those New Rome folks... has like.. a dozen wives." he smirks, "Don't think anything can kill that one." he looks over to Kaydin, "Energy weapons? They are pretty easy to use it's... finding out the little finicky bits about each weapon an makin sure you keep it in tip top shape so it doesn't blow up in your hand."
Nemo Nemo nods quickly, brow wrinkling at Kaydin's explanation. He frowns deeper when Rexus adds more detail, "Oh, aye, yeah." He flashes a quick smile, chuckling, listening for a beat longer before sliding off his stool. He tips his hat to Rexus and Kaydin, before departing, "Y'all take it easy out there."
Rexus Rexus gives a departing wave to Nemo, "You as well, if you need any help with the clinic or anything, i'm free any time!" he calls out, returning his attention to Kaydin.
Kaydin     "I was taught how to use knives and firearms since I was a kid. As I said once before, folks wanted to create their very own super soldier for the NCR." He says as he looks to Rexus and nods. "Right so I should take my gun apart and figure out how it works before using it in battle then?" He says as he reaches into his duster and pulls out the laser pistol an aep5
Rexus Rexus nods to Kaydin, "Might be a start. What kind of gun did you have?" he inquires, "If you're very new.. you could try buying a cheap laser pistols or something, till you get the hang of how the lasers work... you don't have to lead your targets that much and no compensating for range... they just go straight no matter how far the target is."
Kaydin     Kaydin pulls his magnum revolver out of his holster and holds it up. "Grew up with this gun." Kaydin says as he holds it out for the man to see. He holsters the laser pistol. "The Scribes in texas said something about the laser I have has overheating problems. Would like to try and fix that. Last thing I need is my own gun hurting me." He says calmly.
Rexus Rexus gives a look, "Well if the scribes say that then.. I'd listen to what they say but... to be fair sometimes you can't avoid it.. my weapons overheat as well but... you just have to accept it as a quirk of the weapon and move on. Helps to pray that it doesn't happen but... well..." he grins, "Unfortuneately I don't think there are anyways to fix it... some overheat because they are designed to overcharge themselves but... to take that away would make it just like any other pistol, so."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods as he looks to his revolver and holsters it. "So what was it like growing up in the brotherhood. With me, it was trying to make a better fighter for the NCR ideals. While the government can be annoying I honestly believe they are a step to the right direction." He says calmly.
Rexus Rexus shrugs, "Long hours... you grow up pretty fast. But... NCR ain't terribly well liked around here, folks tend to prefer things just as they are without some government a thousand miles away tellin them what for." he rises up, "But, gettin late, I should be off. See ye tomorrow." he offers a wave.
Kaydin     "Right. Take care." Kaydin says as he watches the man and finishes his cola. He looks to the various people and goes back to guarding the saloon.