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Iris Lark Texas sucks.

At least that's how Iris tells it, or would, but everyone has been busy since she came home. She's curled up on her couch, drinking tea and slowly reading mail that has come to her. As usual, her front and rear door are open to let a breeze get through the house.
Lynnette Knock knock knock! She'd stand in that door way and smile. "Hey hey!" Holding up a couple bottles of wine she would grin. "Mind if I just....drop on by?" Oh yeah she was in a mood and hell...happy to be back. "You okay?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Lynnette and in a flash she's on her feet, hugging the other woman. "Oh my god Lynnette, are you okay? I heard you were kidnapped! What happened? Are you okay?" The questions come rapid fire and when she snugly hugs Lyn, she winces and sucks in a breath. "..ow."
Lynnette She would laugh a bit as she returned the hug but stopped when she heard the hiss. "I'm..I'm okay. I'm home...and I'm okay...." Pulling back she'd smile at her then winked a bit. "I'm not dead yet....." After that comment she'd look around and then to her for a moment. "Now what the hell happened to you? Hell girl...."
Iris Lark Iris grins at Lyn and pulls her over to the couch to sit down. "I'm glad you're not dead, don't do that though, when I heard I nearly had heart failure." She glances down at her bandage and frowns. "Vuk shot me, in the chest and leg." She wrinkles her nose. "Long story."
Lynnette Lyn would smile a bit before sitting down next to her. "Sorry.....wasn't my fault...." Setting down those bottles she was fine but then froze. Those green eyes shot over and she almost screamed. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE SHOT YOU?!"
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head and she sttles close to Lyn, tucking her legs up underneath her. She winces when Lynnette shouts and she blinks in her direction. "Twice." She gazes down at her knees and adds. "He also tried to make me leave the Alamo."
Lynnette "Oh you know what...." She'd cross her arms and just shook her head. "Screw that guy. He's weird anyway. What is wrong with him?" Taking a deep breath she would just huff. "I'm gonna knock his block off if I see him."
Iris Lark "Well I can't really talk him out of this...I can't defend what he's done." Iris responds, and she shrugs a little bit before she smiles. "It's okay now, I'm alive and I'm not wounded anymore at least..sort of. Just still hurting." She gazes at Lynnette with wide eyes. "So tell me what happened to you?"
Lynnette Frown she would stand up, angry. " No! He needs to pay. There's not reason to be this laid back about it!" Crossing her arms she would shake her head. "I'm gonna talk to Alpha about this asshole. If he even steps town into Jack's Town I'm gonna murder him." Oh she heard her...she's not responding.
Iris Lark iris blinks up at Lynnette and she gets to her feet, fretting. "Lyn, calm down, please!" She circles her and she pulls at her arm. "You can tell Alpha but calm down, he's not worth all of this fuss. I promise, besides that...I haven't seen or heard from him since the Alamo, he could have died there."
Lynnette She'd blink at that pull on her arms then sighed a bit. "Oh fine...." She'd huff as she went back to her seat and cut her eyes over at her. "You haven't seen me made yet....he's made it happen. I'll find him....and make him wish he were dead."
Iris Lark Iris takes a seat and gazes at Lyn, her eyes still wide. "I see, and I'm not going to stand in the way of anyone doing what they need to do. I ws pretty upset that he shot me." She folds her arms gingerly over her chest. "But I'm home now, and I can focus on other things, and..that's what I'm doing really."
Lynnette "Okay...." Slowly she would calm herself as she took a deep breath. "I have a horrible....horrible temper." Licking her lips she would then look to Iris and just sighed. "As long as you're okay. That's all that matters...." Yawning a bit she would then hug her softly.
Iris Lark Iris returns the hug and lets out a slightly nervous chuckle. "I'm okay, I'm home and I'm happy to be here. Kind of worried about a few things, but that's all there really is out there is worry." She shrugs and smirks. "So I focus on my work until things make sense, I guess."
Lynnette She'd keep her arms around her and then nodded a bit. "That's all that matters. Let me know if you need help at the shop since you're kind of worn out." Finally she'd let her friend go and then leaned back, stretching her arms out along the back of the couch. "Just take it easy, alright? No need killing yourself...."
Iris Lark "I do need help at the store, but I want to hire someone on permanently, just can't find anyone." Iris remarks, wrinkling her nose a bit as she settles back on the couch with a sigh. She smiles at Lynnette and waves her hand. "I'm out of the woods, the worst is injuries are healing nicely. I had a nightmare though." She shudders delicately. "The horde is very scary."
Lynnette "Good!" Moving on then she'd grab those bottles and popped up. "So! Wine?" Chuckling she'd just go into that kitchen as she hummed softly. "We need to make a toast...." She'd pull out a couple of glasses and just went to work opening that first bottle. "So anything else new other than me looking to kill Vuk?"
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and trails after Lynnette, taking a seat in the kitchen. "Well I don't like Texas very much, uhm..I'm a drug dealer now." She props her chin on her palm and watches Lyn try to open the bottle. "Also, watching a group of people try to work together is sometimes like herding cats." She chuckles lowly and smirks.
Lynnette She would raise her brow a bit now. "Oh really now...." Grinning she would give her a playful wink. "By all means feel free to sell herbal supplements in my bar maybe?" Lyn let out a giggle before would just finally pour them each a glass, passing one over to her. "Sound more interesting than me...."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles and shrugs a shoulder in Lynnette's direction. "I was, before you moved in there. It would be rude to do so now." She crosses her legs, letting one swing back and forth. "So how *are* things going with Alpha?" She asks, both of her eyebrows quirked as a slow grin curved her lips up.
Lynnette She'd laugh a bit softly then nodded. "If you want to....we can work something out...." Shrugging she would hold up her glass of wine and smiled. "Good. He rescued me from my uncle....but you know.....prior to that he asked me to marry him...." With that, those green eyes would cut over to the side as she sipped her wine.
Iris Lark Iris picks up her glass of wine and takes a sip. "Congrats, you two deserve your happiness." She says, raising the glass briefly in a toast of sorts. "When is the big day?" She shifts on her stool and leans forward a bit, giggling. "I've never been to a wedding before."
Lynnette Lyn would smile softly and nodded a bit. "Thanks...." She'd raise her glass then sipped her wine again. "As for a date? No freaking clue. I got snatched like the day after we got engaged..." Titling her head she would just chuckle a bit. "I've been to I'm not help...."
Iris Lark "Well, I just know that someone is supposed to wear white and there are candles." Iris says, and she stares out into the air for a moment or two, a small smile on her face. "Then you both pledge yourselves and it's happier ever after, or something." She rolls her eyes and chuckles. "In the books at least, in the wasteland I bet it's a constant struggle."
Lynnette She'd just chuckle a bit. "I will wear whatever I feel like and candles? Meh...." She'd wink a bit then tilted her head. "I'll be happy with us going on shoot outs together and curling away in our little lover nest....." Winking she'd lean back on the counter. "But....we'll figure it out....I'm sure...."
Iris Lark Iris tilts her head as she regards Lynnette, a slight grin on her face. "So basically you go out and shoot people, and then cuddle afterwards? That doesn't sound horrible, I guess." Her eyes narrow as she tries to picture herself doing that, but can't quite manage. "I'll skip the shooting people part in my scenario."
Lynnette She'd laugh a bit and then grinned. "We uh....we do more than just cuddle....." Giggling a bit she would just nod before sighing. "And yeah....he's rather...." Clearing her throat then she would just go back to sipping her wine. "Anyway...yeah...apparently getting married...woot."
Iris Lark Iris returns the grin as she eyes Lynnette. She looks far away for a moment and then her cheeks get pink. "I think I know what you mean now, and it improtant to get married? I'm not really certain about all of that. What changes between you two if you get married?" She leans forward, settling a hand on her bandage before she takes a breath. "I'm so curious about all of this."
Lynnette She would chuckle a bit and nodded slowly. "Is it? I don't know...." Trailing off she would look over at her then sighed softly. "I mean....I never thought I'd get married. Ever. Hell...never imagined myself in a real relationship....let alone with someone younger...." Chugging that wine she would then start to refill her glass. "I don't know....just legally bound I guess...." She'd stop then as she slowly sat down that bottle. "Maybe it's not a big deal? I don't know....."
Iris Lark "I know what you mean, because Matt is very young, but in a lot of ways he seems a lot older than I am." Iris gazes down at her hands and she fidgets a bit, and it's clear that she's trying to decide something. Looking up she stares at Lynnette and when her mouth opens, word vomit happens. "I think I might be pregnant, but I'm not sure if it's that or if I have the flu and I never wanted to have babies and I'm more than a little afraid because I think this is a horrible place to bring a child and what in the world do I do and how do I tell Matt?" She blink blinks, and then lets out a sigh.
Lynnette Lyn almost choked on her wine then as she stared at her. "Wait....what?!" She'd blink as she just stared at her. "Um....I...." Well...this knocked her for a loop. "I...I don't know what to say. Have you....talked to him about it?" She'd think for a moment then stared at her. "...I mean....what symptoms are you having?"
Iris Lark "Well.." Iris takes a deep breath and tries to go slow, but it's clear that when she's nervous she talks faster. "I don't know say..." She swallows and shakes her head. "Things have been busy since we've gotten back. He comes home, and we both just fall asleep." She shifts on the couch and pulls her legs up so that her thighs are pressed against her chest. "I've been throwing up, very tired, all I seem to want to do is sleep."
Lynnette She'd nibble her lower lips and sigh a bit. "Well...when is the last time you had your cycle....." A tilt of her head and she would just smile softly. "I...." Taking a deep breath she'd then look over at her with a smile. "I'm no doctor but I am a woman. I...haven't experienced any of this to be honest. I think that I'm unable to bear children...." Trailing off she would then look off to the side then back to her with a smile. "But I long since your last menstruation.....?"
Iris Lark "It isn't always on time." Iris mumbles, and she looks as if she might want to sink into the couch. "But it's been more than a month." She slides her slender hands over her still flat stomach and frowns. "I was pretty sure of the same, and so was the Legion, they wouldn't put me in the breeding pens because I never got pregnant." She wrinkles her nose and sighs. "I suppose that blessing in itself. Saved me a lot of pain." She pushes her hair behind her ears and sighs softly. "I know Matt wants kids, but he's going to go into hover protective mode."
Lynnette She would put a hand on her shoulder then as she nodded. "Well...." Smiling softly just pull her into a hug and nodded. "Well....he will be protective because he loves you then...." Closing her eyes she would just nod a bit then smiled softly. "Life has a way of giving you something you may not have known you needed...." Exhaling a bit she would then murmur softly. "If you need my will have it."
Iris Lark Iris lets herself be hugged and she looks like she's going to cry. "I'm scared.." She admits quietly and she clutches Lyn for a few moments before she pulls back and sniffles. "I have no idea what to expect. I wasn't ..brought up. I was yanked around by the Legion. I have no clue what to do." She wipes quickly at her eyes. "I'm going to be really bad at this."
Lynnette She'd shake her head as she shushed her. "No no no...." She'd hold her to her tightly and rubbed her back slowly. "It's okay to be scared....but I'll be here....okay?" Licking her lips she would just take a deep breath. "You're going to be fine....okay? Just...let it out if you need to....okay?"
Iris Lark "I have spent the last few months having some really unfriendly thoughts towards the women who got themselves into this situation." Iris mumbles, and when she finally sits back she's gazing at her abdomen. "This is so not the place for...this sort of thing." She bites at her bottom lip for a moment or two and then she looks up, meeting Lynnette's eyes. "I'm not sure what to do, but I feel oddly protective of whatever is going on in there, if something *is* going on in there. Does that make sense?"
Lynnette She would smile softly. "I get it. This world is crazy...." Licking her lips she would just stare over at her friend for a moment. "But....just talk to Matt, okay? He needs to help with this....and own up to it..." She'd look her in the eye then. "And if don't want this....I can be there too....."
Iris Lark "I'm going to tell Matt, and I'm sure he's going to be tickled." Iris says, and slight smile peeks through the nerves, and a giggle slips free. "But he's going to practically sit on me to keep me from doing some of the things tht I do every so often. I'm happy to take those limitations if someone else will take over." She rolls her eyes and lets out a soft sigh, her hands running over her abdomen for a moment. "It'll be kind of weird to slow down, even a little bit."
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit and then nudged her playfully. "Well then it'll be a push for him to find you some help...." Chuckling a bit she would sit up and sip her wine now as she smiled a bit. Slowly she'd pull the glass she poured for her friend closer to her now. "So...." She'd smile a bit then. "Like I said....I'm here for whatever you need."
Iris Lark Iris watches her pull the wine away and she glances from the glass to Lynnette, a puzzled look on her face while she reaches out towards the wine slowly. "I can't drink wine?" She asks, her voice quiet. "I uhm..I don't know what I need, right now though I think food is in order. I'm hungry." She gets to her feet and drifts into the kitchen, pulling things from her pantry without much finesse. "You should see my garden in the back." She raises her voice a bit in case Lynnette didn't follow her into the next room. "I'm going to make a big salad, want some?"
Lynnette She would chuckle a bit as she slowly shook her head. "From what I heard growing" Laughing softly she would just shake her head and then stood up to go after her. But of course that wine was in tow!" Smiling softly she would just watch her friend gather up food. "Sure....I'll take some...." Taking a long sip she'd then chuckle a bit. "So....what else is up?"
Iris Lark "Uhm.." Iris considers for a few moments and she shrugs at Lynnette. "The store has been pretty slow, with not much going on there. I've become a home body the past few days and I'm working with Qwillis and his folk." She raises both brows and tilts her head as she grins at Lynnette. "I'm a scientist." She preens for a moment and flutters her eyelashes. Getting down to business she begins to peel, chop and dice veggies and lettuce. "I am not good at science though."
Lynnette She'd grin then as she smirked a bit. "Oh really now?" She'd tilt her head a bit as she leaned on the counter. "I've only met Qwillis like....once. So tell me about...him and is...people. Takin g a deep breathe she would just wait so patiently then. "And what do you do then?"
Iris Lark "Apparently." Iris remarks and she leans against the counter. "He's a nice guy, he has one metal arm and leg and he knows a lot about science. He's seeing a really nice girl named Serena." She glances towards Lynnette and she chuckles softly. "Camilla and Eden..and I'm not sure who else, it seems like a bunch of women and that poor man thus far." She sticks out her tongue. "We've been working on a broken robot, it's called an auto-doc."
Lynnette Laughing softly she would tilt her head a bit. "Oh yeah....I remember that when I met him...." Tapping her chin she'd shrug a bit then. "Though I haven't met a Serena..." Licking her lips she'd drink more of her wine then sighed softly. "Well sounds fun! I've not been up to anything that fun to say the lease...."
Iris Lark "Well we'll have to change that, obviously if I'm not allowed to walk a few miles a day to check on the Settlements, I'll have to come visit you instead." Iris remarks, grinning at Lynnette a bit impishly. "I'm also going to concentrate on sewing and trying to create things. That's a safe thing to do, right?"
Lynnette She would chuckle a bit as she nodded. "I'm okay with that...." Grinning a bit she would then tilt her head a bit. "Come keep me company...." A tilt of her head and she would grin. "That is safe yes. Be careful though....even Matt might think that is too much...." Giggling she'd chug her wine then sighed softly. "Alpha has been....a bit protective of me since I got back. He wouldn't even let me out of our room...."
Iris Lark "I'll make Matt come with me then." Iris says, and she sets a plate in front of Lynnette piled high with salad and dressing. She slices a few slim pieces of bread and sets two by Lyn before she takes a seat with her own food. "I don't blame him, really, people seem to want to hurt you. It's important to make sure you're safe."
Lynnette When that salad was made she'd take hers and follow her friend back to their seats. Sighing softly she would just plop down and nod a bit. "They don't want to hurt me....they want to take me back to what they home....." Shrugging she'd just eat at her food a bit. "Alpha is not keen on say the least. Hell he spent most of the night when we were back...." Trailing off she'd chuckle a bit before even getting into it. "....maybe not exactly polite talk....."
Iris Lark Iris giggles and she digs into her foot, pausing for a moment to say. "Well don't they know that you don't want to go back to your home?" She wrinkles her nose and sets her bowl aside for a moment. "I used to think the Legion would do that to me if I ever got near New Vegas, it's why I've never been back. I don't think they would remember me, but they might."
Lynnette She'd go silent for a bit and shook her head. "It's not my home. I've never been father made sure I would never end up there...." A she seemed to be in thought she would shrug a bit. "Alpha...I've...." There was a chuckle then. "I've never seen him so....pissed. Like...ever..."
Iris Lark "He loves you Lyn." Iris says simply, it doesn't need flowery words, after all. "He wants you to be safe and you weren't, he probably blames himself a bit." She smiles at her friend and she shakes her head slowly back and forth. "He's likely going to be more protective than ever, and he needs to do that. Men ..want to feel needed." She settles back and takes a bite of her food. "I think it's cute."
Lynnette She'd sigh a bit as she shrugged a bit. "He's crazy for still staying with me...." Taking a deep breath she would just eat at her salad quietly until it was all gone. Setting down her bowl she'd look over to her. "I'm terrified I'm gonna get him killed because of my past. Now he's hell bent on going after my uncle and killing him...." There was a shrug before she would lean back and grinned a bit. "However I won't lie.....after I got back and was all settled....that was probably the best sex I've ever had...."
Iris Lark "He's crazy about you, so he probably doesn't think it's crazy to stay with you." Iris replies and she sets aside her bowl and scoots closer to Lyn until they're sitting side by side. "Well if you're a good gun, you won't get him killed, you'll be kind of his backup." She shrugs and then grins a little bit. "Also, I agree with him, best to hit the source and take care of the problem." Her cheeks go pink at the last statement, but she nods, and she giggles softly. "I don't usually talk much about that part of, but I'm pretty happy right now." She fidgets with her sleeves, the flush going clear to the top of her ears.
Lynnette She would laugh as she sighed a bit. "I'm better at getting in a man's bed and killing him while he sleeps...." was true. There was a reason she was good at what she does. "I'm alright at a gun...that's about it." She'd lean against her friend and then grinned when she blushed. "Well good. As long as you're satisfied....." Giggling softly she would look her over then nodded. "I know I am. Now he's sheriff....he has handcuffs...." Grinning at her she'd nudge her playfully. "....see where this is going.....?"
Iris Lark Iris doesn't but she laughs because Lyn looks happy. "I...don't see where this is going!" She admits and she leans over to rest her head on Lyn's shoulder for a few moments. "I'm happy in a way I didn't expect to be. I'm not some afterthought relationship or someone who doesn't understand what she means to someone anymore." She lets a shoulder jerk in a shrug before she chuckles. "That's worth more than anything else, really."
Lynnette She'd just lay her head on her friend's head then as she laughed. "Well when a man and a woman want to spice things up in the bedroom...." Lyn would snicker softly then before whispering in her ear about how the handcuffs work in the room. Puling back she would chuckle a bit. "It's not for everyone but....yeah...." Shrugging she'd then smile. "And it's great that you feel that way." She'd sigh as she smiled. "I know Alpha wasn't ashamed of our relationship but I didn't want to be a liability for him. When he asked me to marry him in the bar....he kissed me, right front of everyone in there. He didn't care before but he seemed to wanted to make it known...that I was his..."
Iris Lark Iris lets out a startled laugh and then goes quiet, listening as her friend talks. "You're worth bragging about Lyn, and I hope you realize that." She relaxes for a few moments, enjoying the girl talk and the warmth from the fireplace. "I think also, he asked you in the bar so nobody could get any ides anymore. No matter what though, you're not a liability for him. You're part of the fabric he's woven for his life, it's important not to tear or miss a stitch, so he's going to keep you tight. With handcuffs apparently.." She starts to giggle again, amused with herself.
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit then as she smiled. "I guess...." Shrugging she'd look over to her and smiled. "I thought he was joking at first you know. He asked me my views on it...asked if I would ever consider it. I'm not some big pomp and circumstance girl. I guess when I said it'd be something I wouldn't really say no to if it was him......" Was she actually blushing now?! Whaaaa? "He just flat out asked me to marry him. I almost fell over behind the bar...." Clearing her throat a bit she'd look back out to the fire then. "Then after I said yeah....he just planted one on me and dipped me. I think Chuck died a bit....said he thought he'd never see a harlot like me getting hitched....."
Iris Lark "Harlot?" Iris says, and she pulls away from Lynnette so she could gaze at her steadily. "You're no harlot, Lyn." She huffs out a breath and she looks stern for a few moments. "Sex is something everyone does. When a man does it, he gets fistbumps, especially if he does it with lots of women. We just get called names." She frowns and shakes her head. "We're not harlots, you're not a harlot. Sometimes you have to test the waters to see if they're warm enough, you know?" She coughs, embarassed, before she shifts and leans back again Lyn. "I might have dipped my toes in a lot of waters before. Just to see what it was like."
Lynnette She would chuckle a bit as she nodded. "Oh trust me....I got around....a lot." Pulling her knees to her chest she would just shake her head a bit. "I mean...a loot. It was part of my job...." She'd stop for a second then smiled softly. "I mean he's not wrong. I mean....I was kind of a slut...." It was as if she was used to it but she didn't want that reputation to follow her now. "Alpha doesn't care....I've told him. He wouldn't even let me get into it...just said so what." There was a head tilt and she would snicker a bit. "Besides....if he can still teach me a thing or to...and I'm older....that's a good sign...."
Iris Lark Iris snorts and chuckles quietly. "Well I don't think you're a slut." She wrinkles her nose and giggles softly. "I don't think I'm a slut either." She lets out a sigh and makes a slightly disgruntled noise. "I haven't told Matt how much experience I have though, do you think he would like me less because of it?" She sounds worried.
Lynnette She would shake her head and smiled. "I doubt it. I mean..." Leaning over and looking around as if someone might hear she'd chuckle a bit. "I was worried because....I didn't realize I was Alpha's first...." A wink then as she leaned back a bit. "I couldn't tell though....he knew exactly what he was doing......not a single complaint from me...."
Iris Lark Iris makes a soft hmm noise and nods at Lynnette. "Well you know Matt..well he was too.." She flushes pink and then she's on her feet, pacing back and forth a bit. "We need to celebrate, you're back, and you were Lyn-napped. So we need to celebrate that you're not now." She folds her arms over her chest, ignoring the bandages there and the slight wince the action evinces from her. "I know.. I'm holding a masque party and we can celebrate there. Hopefully it won't get out of hand.." She looks worried for a moment but shrugs it off. "We've lots of things to celebrate!"
Lynnette She would blink a bit and then raised her brow. "Wait...a what?" Watching her she would nibble her lower lip a bit then chuckle. "A party? With masks? Um...." Looking around she'd seem to be in thought then laughed. "If that's one of those fancy things I don't know. All I have is that great dress you made me...."
Iris Lark "I'm going to go as a wood nymph or something. I have a bodysuit for it." Iris props her hands on her hips and grins. "Yes, it's kind of fancy, and I found the perfect place to hold it out in the wilds..." She spins in a circle and bounces a bit. "Oh Lyn, I just want to yell or something, I've been so happy lately." She moves to plop back next to Lyn and sighs. "Even if some people try to bring me down, I can't seem to go anywhere but up."
Lynnette She would blink a bit then chuckled. "See...yeah....maybe I shouldn't go to this...." Trailing off she seemed a bit embarrassed now. "I don't have a costume or anything. And probably no time to find something. When is it?" She'd prop her chin up on her knees then as she smiled. "And good! That's the way to be!"
Iris Lark "A few days from now and I don't care if people come in their normal clothes. We're celebrating anyway." Iris wraps her arms around Lyn's and grins up at her in that annoyingly pesky little sister way. "You have to come, you've got celebrating to do too!" She pouts and bats her eyelashes. "If you don't come, I'm going to bring all the food left over from the event and I'm going to make you eat a ton of it with me." She tries not to grin. "So it's come to dance and bounce around with me or get fat afterwards."
Lynnette She'd grin at that squeeze and sighed a bit. "Okay okay fine...." Laughing she would nod as she just returned the hug. "I'll wear the dress you made my hair up....put on a mask or something...." Looking at her she'd just shake her head a bit. "'re making me wonder if I should just hide so you can't find me to make me fat...."
Iris Lark "I'd find you anyway." Iris remarks flippantly, a grin on her face as she swings her hair over her shoulders. "Nothing wrong with being fat, I hope, especially since I'm going to maybe be very fat in a few months." She shifts and lets out a sigh. Bacon comes trotting into the room, a celery stick in his mouth that he snags on the couch. It makes him tumble and behind him comes a wolf who pulls the piglet to his feet by his collar. The wolf goes to settle his head on Lyn's lap, whining softly. "Dusk has been kind of clingy since I've come back. I think he missed me while I was in Texas."
Lynnette "Great....and nah. Not horribly fat. Just pregnant...." Laughing she would then see that wolf come pouncing in and just raised her brow. "....really?" Smirking she would pet the wolf on his head while she continued the conversation. "Animals tend to know when someone is pregnant too. They can smell it...sometimes get a bit territorial...."
Iris Lark "Pregnant is the same as fat." Iris declares and she leans over to pet Dusk gently. "Hopefully that means he'll protect me like he has been protecting Bacon." She watches at the piglet tries to find a place to settle with his celery so he can eat it. "I yelled at him so badly when he tried to eat him that he treats Bacon like one of his pups now."