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Carlos     With the clinic being just as busy as it had been for several years, though one thing changed.. "Since when was there a brat for a head mender?" Carlos asked while shaking his head. Walking into one of the empty medical rooms, he didn't wait to be shown in by anyone, simply showing himself in, waiting without changing his clothes or even his expression largely. "I wonder if she can actually do decent needle work or not.." Grimacing, he lifts a hand up and strokes it along his brow, along his hairline and towards his temple before his hand fell limp.

    The clinic itself was partially filled, it was the middle of the day and every junkie and woman with the 'shakes' was there seeking aid though few of any had caps to pay for treatments.
Camilla     From just outside the door, "Who in the hell thinks he can just walk in to my clinic and see himself in?" The voice is soft, and sing-songy, even melodic, despite being loud and showcasing a deep level of annoyance. One of the nurses, no doubt responds shortly after with apologies, to which Camilla, the /brat/ just huffs and barks orders, "Next time, you stop them.." she snaps before the door opens and in steps a raven haired, ice blue eyed, beauty. All of no more than twenty years of age by the looks of, and with a pair of shorts on and a tank top, showcasing numerous scars from a dark past.

    "Who in the blazes do you think you are?" she asks of Carlos as she plants her hands, both of them, on her hips while standing in the doorway. "There are rules in my clinic Sir, and one of those is proper triage and patient privacy and I'll not have some stranger waltzing in to an exam room that very well could have had a patient in it, and ignorning my nurses. Now, explain yourself.."
Carlos     The man smiles only slightly, a warm smile as he parts his arms slightly towards Camilla. "Who do I think I am? I believe I am Carlos Montoya, a man who has been visiting this clinic for a very long time." Despite the young woman standing in the door way and not close to him she would easily notice one thing.. he even while sat was close to her eye level, should he stand he would likely likely be a full head taller than she, not even touching on how much broader he was than she.

    Contradicting his size, Carlos didn't advance but opens his arms, showing a more vulnerable position without rising. "Now now, 'your' clinic? Don't you think that's a bit much? You're hardly come of age my dear. Who entrusted you with managing the affairs while they have traveled to New Vegas again to speak with the Followers?" Keeping his voice controlled. Carlos watches Camilla for her reactions, probing to try to find out just what had changed in three years.
Camilla     "Alright Mister Montoya..." replies Camilla plainly as she steps inside and in to the room proper. She gives the man a look over and when he patronizes her, that pushes her buttons. "It is /my/ Clinic.." she snaps back at him, glaring daggers. "You're welcome to go somewhere else if you don't like being seen by a /woman/.." she adds, and yes, she takes it that way. Big ol man doesn't want to get taken care of by a little girl.

    "On the other hand, if you want care, you can cut the crap and tell me what's wrong."
Qwillis     Qwillis had come to peek in on Cami, make sure she'd return home safe and everything was ok. Hearing raised voices. Specifically, her voice, he'd move to the doorway of that 3rd exam room to lean up against the doorframe. Arms crossed loosely over his chest, flesh over metal, he'd watch Cami and.. Montoya? WIthin the room for a moment.
Carlos     "Being treated by a young woman almost half my age?" Lidding his eyes, Carlos turned his head to show off a series of dirty stitches that trace along his face messily. "These need to be removed, hopefully not drained and redressed. I tried it myself but.. after tearing open three notches.. I stopped." The wound itself was far from normal, the normal hinted evidence of being shot in the head though the shot didn't break the skin some how. "I have bruises, small barkscorpion toxin.. but this? This is why I wanted to see the old man, guess he passed on and his granddaughter is taking over."
Camilla     "I am more than likely half your age old man..." she replies plainly as she listens to him and then sighs before stepping up to look at him more closely. This, also showcasing the fading scars on her face. "Just, lay down on the bed and let me take care of you alright?" she asks of him as she looks over him.
Qwillis     Q pushes off that doorframe to walk further in. "Camilla? I'm here to be of assistance. Just let me know what you want next." He'd move about that room as if he was quite use to being in such a space. He may not be a doctor.. but he's done enough medical and study to be able to just run with it. So he would, seeking to act the perfect nurse for her.
Carlos     "When the mender tells you to lay back, you lay back," is said softly as he begins to chuckles gently though Carlos could hear a male voice now. "I'd advise you to take care of this lass, seems her magic fingers are the ones saving lives. I think you should remove fingers one by one for those who'd try to damage them." The more he talked, the more Camilla and Qwillis would notice a shift in his tone, though it was slight at the teasing, though once he spoke about fingers, he began to sound oddly serious despite his smile.
Camilla     Cami's taking off guard by Q being here, but she doesn't let it get to her. She smiles at him a moment and then motions with her hands to some supplies for him to grab up and give to her.

    She goes to work though, doing the full range of things one would expect of a medical type. "Alright Mister Montoya, you're as good as I can get you for now. I'll send you home with some herbs and pain killers and you can come back in tomorrow to see me for a follow up."

    She turns to Q and smiles again, "Thanks."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head a little. "I only respond with violence when I have no other resort, Mister Montoya. However, if I am going to respond with violence I am going to make sure that it is through enough they do not forget it any time soon. Something more.. solid.. than just broken fingers." Q nods to Cami and helps her with that patching up. Offering the needed tools for her to do what she does. Once they'd finish up, he'd smile to Cami. "I just came to see if you were ok, Cami? I know that took a lot out of all of us and I wanted to be sure you're good."
Carlos     For what he said was minor, Carlos was in rather rough shape. His had now a bandaged chest, his arm was wrapped down to the elbow with one, even his throat and some of his face was wrapped which hid much of his short hair, his ear and almost one eye. Staying on his back, Carlos lifts his hand up and waves it partially, letting it be known he hear them before letting it go limp again.

    "If you do something worse than smashing their fingers, she'll lose clients. You break'em, she sets'em.. Sit a little while and they'll come to you for the fix or to stop you once and for all." Once the talk of him returning is noted, he adds "Herbs, meds and a follow up visits.. I think I'm going to start liking it here again." Turning his gaze towards the man he asks, "Why?"
Camilla     Camilla pulls away from Carlos and turns to watch Q respond to stuff she had no intention of respond to herself. After that, she sighs and shrugs her shoulders, "I'm a former slave Q. If I can handle the beatings and the whole fighting for my life thing, I can handle combat operations at the Alamo. I'm fine, I didn't even take a single shot and well, I managed to save about thirty people and drop a half dozen revers in the process. You'd be proud of me.." she adds smiling from ear to ear.

    She turns back to Carlos and smiles at him, "Yeah, well, follow my instructions for the meds and the like and when you come back tomorrow, we'll do another final check on these wounds and you should be good to go." She doesn't answer his why question.
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head a little. "I don't get mad enough to do worse but rarely. And if I'm mad enough to commit violence, then I won't be gentle about it. Simple."

    Q listens to Cami's report and smiles her way with a nod. "I didn't get into combat. Not until the very end for clean up. I did deal with the Reavers trying to bomb our vehicles, but none of them were really prepared for dealing with plasma, I think." He'd muse, then shrug a little. "I'm glad to hear you're ok. You had me worried is all Cami..."
    Looking back to Carlos with his 'why' question just has Q look at him confused. "Why?"
Carlos     "Why? Why the treat meant.. No haggling over caps, no questioning the wounds, no questioning anything.. using pet names like 'Cami' in front of a stranger.. Snippy and receptive too.." is commented as Carlos glances between Camilla and Qwillis as the pair begin to talk back and forth on a topic he was clueless on. Standing up, the man begins to approach the pair but rather than tough them initially, he offers a well restitched double sock to Camilla, from the jingling it was filled with caps. "Payment, and a little extra for the supplies, I think I'll.. clear out all your clients before stepping inside next."
Camilla     "Again, I'm fine." Camilla's retort is plain, and direct, and said as though it should just be obvious that the twenty one year old former slave is just, always ok. "Thank you for checking up on me, it's appreciated.." she adds as she turns to look at Carlos. "I don't run a clinic for greed mister montoya, I run a clinic to save lives and help people." Another statement said as a complete matter of fact. She blinks and reaches out to grab the sock full of caps, "Thanks."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Cami, watching her a moment, then smiles a little at her answer. His attention turns to Carlos then. "A name she offers for those she sees as friend. So a privilage, not a pet name. We all live in a wasteland, Mister Montoya. Questioning every little wound would get redundent, if not possible to track it all." Q nods to Cami then, before chuckling a little. "So, it simply is. I'm glad I could be of assistance, Cami. I'll look for you another time to talk."
Carlos     Nodding lightly as the two continue to talk but now towards him, though the man doesn't have much to answer for this time. "Without caps, there'd be less lives to be saved with any sanity." Turning towards Qwillis, a choked chuckle bubbles in his throat, "Thanks for not grilling me on the details. Though keeping an eye on a mender that might not be mending themselves if always a good thing." Walking past the two, he doesn't touch Camilla, making a point to avoid brushing her though he pats Qwillis on the shoulder as he passes by, "I'll go for now, relax to the normal cases of end of summer's fever."
Camilla     Camilla smirks at Q and nods, "I'm glad you came, and I'm very glad you decided to check up on me. Thank you, and yes, we'll catch up in a bit." She turns to Face Carlso, "No reason for me to grill you on the details.." she adds in reply to Carlos. Cami just rolls her eyes at the mender not mending themselves comment. "I can handle myself."