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Tibbie     It's one of those windy desert nights in ShantyTown and it seems like a perfect time for a feast to celebrate our Alamo defenders back to their hometown El Dorado! All have been invited to one of the larger shacks in ShantyTown which happens to be the Gaines family homestead. The living room has been moved around to accommodate a mix-mash of tables and chairs, leaving the worn sofa outside beside the front door. Once inside one would see a wall separating kitchen from front room but it doesnât span the entire length of the home, letting the kitchen's residual heat warm the guests. On one wall one would see many colorful portraits;
one of her mother and father although this painting looks the oldest as the paint seems dulled compared to the others, one of a sunset over Shantytown, one of a group of Lonestar Caravaners in front of a pickup truck, and the freshest looking painting is a close-up portrait of a molerat.

    This set-up would leave some questions lingering in the air such as how was Tibbie able to be a shantytown princess merely selling foods? Whose tables and chairs were these? And how was she able to pull such a nice feast off with only her mother to help her? But some of these questions would be answered as Tibbie's mother grasps Tibbie attention to remind her to return the borrowed things back to their respected neighbors, Tibbie replies as if she's heard this a few times already, her tone isn't agitated but simply monotone.

    Tibbie's mother would fool most whom have asked her age as she's aged so well, everything about her is well cared for, and her dress is appropriate for her age and figure. Tibbie on the other hand is wearing a colorful Mexican Tabasco dress under her dingy apron, her voice is the polar opposite of her mother's refined lady-like tone as she waves and greets everyone inside, which also leaves a question of whom she's gotten her accent from.
"C'mon in now, a'fore the chill gets to the kitchen!" Tibbie says welcomingly.
Rusty     Being neighborly is part of the job description of a Deputy Marshal, it's also a Wayne Family tradition. It is these reasons why a figure in The Black Armor has arrived by horseback. Once the horse is hitched, he's dug into his saddlebags. Out comes a dutch oven wrapped in rawhide. Two dimmed red lenses look to Tibbie and nod sharply at her instruction of getting inside before cooling the kitchen. His left arm hoists the package up, and the helmet's vox crackles to life with the unnamed voice. "Thick Brahmin Stew." No introduction, or name. Just simply a star pinned to the left breast of an actual Desert Ranger's Duster, and a faceless helmet. For the moment.
Ashur Ashur has an awful lot of free time on his hands after the Alamo. His mutations, the suicide mission, the general wear and tear of war -- well, all of it has combined to leave the brute half-broken, forced out of active combat and into a low-energy state of bedrest, brisk walks, and utter boredom. At least that head wound is healing.

The Legionnaire comes dressed in his civilian finery: that white cloak, dusted with chalk so it soaks up the light and glimmers radiantly, and his toga, the heavy wool folded such that it exposes the myriad scars and wounds of that bandaged, bulging-muscled body. He's a right proper Hercules, that bull, wearing his bedsheet dress as he is.

In his right hand is an old tupperware container. Ashur does not know the word tupperware, but he found this in the kitchen of his pre-War home back in New Rome. Within it are slices of barbeque deathclaw garnished with vegetables from one of the restaurants back home.

"You have a.. lovely home," he recites, having been instructed by Eden on the proper way to do this.
Kaelyn Well Kae for one is happy for her rather rediculous rate of heal, some might say the odd woman almost regenertates... She makes her way into the house following behind white-cloaked Herculean person and pauses before calling out "Hallo Ashur!" she says cheerfully. Kae on the other hand has a big pot of chicken gumbo of all things as she's now back to working at the hydroponics farm when she isn't out galavanting around the place... Her TK is also quite useful for lifting boards and things into position to be nailed in place and whatnot... Kae grins a bit and slides past the Behemoth the curvy, pointy-eared woman rather nimble in how she manages somehow to not only slip by but also not spill the big pot of gumbo in the process...

Kae glances around curiously and then oohs "Yup very pretty home, I brought gumbo!" she calls out happily..

Then CORA pipes in. "You forgot to mention the cookies you have in your backpack!" Kae then blinks "Oh yah, we did spend all day researching your recipe and making that stuff too.. So yah, I haz peanut butter cookies too!!!"
Eden Eden walks in with Ashur, and Lilly in her sling, head against mommy's chest. Lilly is giggling and making all sorts of playful noises. It's hard to ignore the cuteness long enough to worry about if Ashur will behave. She knows this isn't his usual type of activity, but who knows. There's food and good people!

"Hello Tibbie, Hello Kae" she says as she peeks around the big man to be seen. "It's nice to see you!" She looks aroudn a moment sees the portraits, and adds "Oh, these are beautiful? Who paints?"
Sanbella Sanbella walks towards Tibbie's house while staring at everything around her, the Ranger was still new to El Dorado and she kept getting lost constantly. She was wearing the duster and the desert rangers black armor still, her face was exposed to the cold night's air and her hair tied into a long ponytail, her green eyes were filled with amazement.

The Red Ranger was not used to such social gatherings, bringing with her what she believed to be a good contribution to the feast. Smoked Gecko Jerky, cut into many small cubes and Radscorpion Steaks prepared at morning using cactus juice and Xander root for that extra sting when you bite. She was raised to believe that, if the meat was not biting back you did not spicy it enough.

Sanbella walks into the house, the food contained in two lunchboxes she found and cleaned. She looked visibly worried and lost, glancing around the beautifully prepared room in search of familiar faces. Seeing Ashur, Eden and Rusty, another Desert Ranger, made her feel at easy. "Phew, I'm not among strangers..."
Tibbie     The short gal smiles toward where the helmet's owner's eyes would be and replies "Why thank y'kindly Mister Law, this'll go great with what I got goin too!" while carefully taking the stew from his hands she whisks it away to the kitchen, allowing the tall man to feel at home. She now kindly greets Ashur, "Hey there big guy thanks for the grub, it looks good! And glad you like it, it sure beats my lil place nearby!" taking his tub of meat and ushering it to the kitchen. Tibbie beams from Kaelyn's infectious good cheer and happily takes the gumbo and corrals it to the kitchen, returning she replies "Peanut butter's my favorite cookie too, thanks for bringin'em in Miss! By the way's y'alls is goin I think we're gonna have leftovers for the whole month!" she laughs.
"That'd be me Miss Eden, and lil Lilith is sure growin up quick aint she!" Tibbie replies to Eden and softly coos at the sweet white-haired child.
"Howdy Miss! Glad you could make it on out here, and it looks like you brought some grub too! Get on and find a spot next to y'friends and make some new ones too so you dont't waste the walk on over here." Tibbie smiles back to Sanbella while taking her gifts and relocating them to the kitchen with the other foods.

    "I know y'alls is hungry an all but this table's gotta get set up, anyone mind pitchin in?" Tibbie asks as she removes her apron and sets an assortment of things on the table; sanded wood slabs meant to be plates, metal camping plates, and even some normal ceramic plates along with cups and silverware. She heads back to the kitchen and returns with liquor bottles and nuka cola bottles, all seeming purchased from the local saloon, and a pitcher filled with murky Shantytown water for the abstinent.

As Tibbie's going to and fro from the kitchen bringing in platters of steaming fresh foods, her mother Billie begins to play hostess and match-maker once the guests have all been seated, politely asking the men about their age and occupation while complimenting the women's appearance and asking of their hobbies.
Billie is always polite and never interrupts a conversation or asks of their recent adventure, her voice is clear and well-paced and every hand gesture seems practiced and sincere, if mother and daughter didn't look so alike one would assume Tibbie was hatched from an egg!
Sanbella Sanbella quickly raised her hand, wanting to jump at any opportunity to not become idle, "I will do it!". The Desert Ranger walked over the table and started setting up the items the best she could while trying to keep symmetrical in her arranging. The Ceramic plates ended on each side of the table near the center of it, the metal camping plates were being set outwards and the wood slabs were at the end of the table. Placing the cups and silverware was nothing special, fork in the left side and knife in the right with the cup at 12'o clock of the plate.
Ashur Ashur was a soldier, and is now an officer; the ability to play nice for a few hours at a celebratory dinner is well within his capabilities, Eden's concerns be damned! Odds are he won't kill anyone at all, no matter how much he hits them. Besides, the brute's in such a pleasant mood -- especially when his eyes alight with a golden fervor on his white-haired daughter, and he leans in to make faces at her or blow her hair or poke her.

It's probably the only time most of these people, in their entire lives, will see him act so simple and human.

"Ave, Kaelyn, Sidower," he greets in return, nodding his head upward at them and straightening his back. Little Lilith will have to make due with staring at her hairy father's exposed chest. He hands the container over to Tibbie and stares down at her. "Yes. It sure beats that place."

He means it well. He's never seen the other place. Manners are hard.

Afterwards, the brute will eventually end up sitting on a chair, massive body sprawled out, legs sticking out like a temple's columns and boots propped on something or another. Billie eventually sidles up to him, having failed to notice Eden at first, and begins to pester him with questions.

"Thirty.. seven? Eight? I lose track; I am nearing forty." A nod. "Centurion of the Whitecloaks, and Champion of Rome!" His voice is prideful. She asks what his hobbies are and what he's good at. He pauses.

Don't say killing. Don't say killing.

And the prep-work? Pshaw, leave it to the women.
Rusty     Once relieved of the dutch oven, there is a moment of hesitation. Finally the helmet finally comes off to be clipped to his left hip. Fingers comb roughly through his grey hair briefly. A his voice dry, softly rumbles. "Deputy Marshal Rusty Wayne, Miss. Good of you to put on this shindig." His head turns as others arrive. Nodding to Sanbella, Eden, Kaelyn, and even Ashur in turn. Even the normally quiet man answers Billie's question. "Forty One. Deputy Marshal, well. After leavin' when I was young, much to Uncle John's displeasure. Joined th' Desert Rangers to fight th' Legion. Got merged with NCR. Fought some more Legion. Uncle John was killed. Came back home. Marshallin' is the closest thing to being a Ranger really." After all that talking, Rusty needs a drink so makes sure he gets one to settle down with.
Eden Eden relaxes as Billie chats with Ashur. She hands the baby over to him and goes over to help set up the table. There is a sweetness to today she hasn't seen much of, but is thouroughly enjoying it! For a whole day nothing to struggle against. Putting out dishes and forks and food, chitchatting wiht the girls. To Billie she says "Well, right not I'm working on a robot. Have always been the mechanic, but the electronics is a bit different. Fun to learn. And of course Lily keeps me busy" She waves to Sanbella, who she didn't see earlier. "So, will you be coming back for more lessons?"
Sanbella Sanbella greeted the big roman back, "Ave to you too, Ashur. Hi Eden." She waved at Ashur's wife and smiled at the baby from afar. After The Red Ranger finishes placing the last piece of silverware on the table, her head turns towards Rusty, listening to his introduction with her curiosity burning strong. Another Ranger that left the NCR? She had to know more about the old fella, he even looked old enough to be one of her instructors!
The Red Ranger was caught off guard by Billie, hoping her table-duty would have kept her away. Not because she did not like Billie, but because she was not used with socializing. "Oh... twenty-three, I don't have many hobbies... since I'm always on the move... oh! I lied, sorry. I have a hobby, gunsmithing. Been learning how to take care of my guns since I was old enough to hold one, and now I'm trying to learn h-how to craft them."

She nods at Eden with a smile, looking at Ashur with a squinted eye before addressing his wife again, "I don't know, maybe? I understand enough to be able to walk inside the suit now, but I could do with some more training. Is that okay with your husband?"
Kaelyn Kae glances around now blinking a bit as she rubs at the back of her neck, she's still all smiles but kiiiinda sorta a bit out of things... She's snapped out of her little reverree when CORA calls out "Kae! Wake up!" Kae jumps a bit, then blinks curiously and oh's "Sorry was thinking about stuffs!" She then glances to Ashur and asks curiously "Sooo how's the noggin and well everything else doing?"
Tibbie     "You sure did a better job than I woulda, and it's just like Ma likes it too, huh Jefecita!"Tibbie chimes and interrupts Billie's interview with Ashur, so she simply nods and kindly smiles to Sanbella before continuing with the others.
"Thanks Marshal! I figured I oughta put as much work on my hands as y'all was doing out there in the Alamo, and I heard it wasn't all too fun like this lil party is!" Tibbie chirps and lets the man settle with Billie, she kindly remarks to Rusty of how a man must always work on what he knows best and loves to live a fulfilling life. To Eden Billie smiles brightly, obviously impressed as she mentions being an intelligent mother whom is open to learning alongside teaching an angelic-looking child takes more patience than most people would ever fathom. And to the young Sanbella, Billie compliments her hair's red color and how gaining new skills when young is a valuable currency, next to raising quality offspring of corse. And to Kaelyn Billie is polite about her obvious humanoid appearance and doesn't mention it but compliments her obvious genius on creating her intelligent pipboy, and how one's brain as smart as hers does need to rest and eat to recover properly.

    Oh goodness all the food is out and ready to dig into; appetizers being grilled bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream and cheddar cheese and a vegetarian option of grilled and buttered corn on the cob with spicy mayo on the side, and all of the received food from her friends is plated and alongside it, the brahmin stew, BBQ deathclaw, and chicken gumbo make this all about homestyle cooking! This is a Shantytown feast so there's no waiting for courses, except dessert so the entrees are brought out next by the shuffling Tibbie;

     An enormous platter of seared duck breasts hits the table next along with a pot of sweet potato mash and a second pot of cooked and seasoned collard greens, the vegetarian entrée is brought in next, a platter of crispy black bean burger patties surrounded by all their fixings with a basket of grilled sourdough buns on standby, and finally a separate basket of cheesy sourdough sticks for the carb-aholics.

Thank goodness all these tables have given enough space for everything, even if the guests have sacrificed some of the space behind them, making getting up to use the restroom a bit of a side-shuffling endeavorâ¦.

    Once the feast winds down it's time for dessert as Tibbie announces to the guests, before getting up to retrieve it Billie sitting next to her smirks while saying something in Spanish to her that elicits a wide-eyed and burnt red faced reaction from Tibbie.
    "AIIIYEEE JEFECITA!" She whines back, clearly embarrassed as she hastily shuffles to the kitchen. It takes a moment for Tibbie to return, her face a tan pink now as she sets a tall molasses stack cake and a bowl of whipped cream onto the table, she ushers dirty plates from her guests and back into the kitchen she goes coming back with a stack of clean plates for them.
"Bust on out them cookies too, case any of us aint got much room left for this cake." Tibbie mentions to Kaelyn. It seems Tibbie has a bit of a sweet tooth as she didn't eat much of the savory meats or carbs but takes a nice portion of cake and crumbles a few cookies onto it and a heaping tablespoon of whipped cream to top it off.
Ashur Ashur's appetite is beyond ravenous; the man aims to digest more than his fair share. A figure like his takes an awful lot of calories to maintain! The meat is torn to shreds and snapped by wolfish jaws until grease and sauce slick fingers and beard alike and make them shine; the greens, the veggie burgers, the sourdough sticks, and even bits of gumbo, stew, and barbequed deathclaw find their way into his stomach.

He barely even speaks as he eats. Food is something he takes very seriously.

The mention of cookies and cake have his eyebrows shoot to the roof.

"I could eat your cooking every day, Tibbie," the Legionnaire compliments, patting his stomach. "There's nothing better than a woman who can make a man fat."

Boy, will it suck when he's no longer fighting and working out all the time. He's gonna balloon.

As for Kaelyn's question, he snorts, glancing toward her. "I heal well enough.. but it's slow. The nick to the head required stitches, and perhaps a bit of skin from elsewhere. But the skull was unbroken."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and ooohs, she gets said cookies out and sets the large plastic bag on the table, Yup it's peanutbutter cookies and suddenly Kae has one in her hands and is nibbling... Yay for sweetened carbs with a teensy bit of protein and of course wonderful nuttyness flavor too!!! Kae then grins impishly and attempts to put one of those cookies in Tibbie's mouth before sitting back to where she is supposed to and all and chowing down on regular food... CORA then squeeks at Kae "There now that's proper silly elfgirl trying to ruin your appetite..." Kae peers at CORA and rattles her... "Yup, and I have a crazy AI strapped to my wrist too..."
Eden Eden is pretty full but peanut butter cookies? Yum. She's been letting Lilly taste a bit of this an that- just a little touch from her finger onto the baby's tounge. Lilly seems to be enjoying the not-just-milk flavors! "Thank you Tibbie, for doing all this! It is wonderful!"
Kaydin     "You are lucky we killed the giant mutant, or else you would have been digested like the other brotherhood of steel people." Kaydin says as he makes his way over to the group and removes his helmet. "Is it too late to join?" He asks curiously as he tries to find a place to sit where he can eat in peace.
Rusty     Even the reticent Rusty is interested in desert. A little bit of molasses cake, cookie, and whipped cream and he's off to the side to genuinely enjoy it. Quietly he observes the others and their own feeding rituals. His own seems to be continually trying to make himself eat slower and actually enjoy the food and relative quiet.
Kaydin     "Always cooked for my parents. They werent that good with food. Prefer combat training. Learned how to cook in the NCR with my survival training." Kaydin says as he eats and he watches the goings on. He turns to Ashur and watches him before going back to his food. He gets a few baggies to put some food in before pocketing it and looks to Dessert. He looks to the choices and decides to try some of the cookies.
Sanbella Sanbella looks at the cake after finishing her course, she's puzzled since she never seen one before in her life. She takes a large portion of the dessert, taking a bite of the cake... only to eat it quickly, enjoying it all in big spoonfuls. The young Ranger could not help it, she never tasted something so sweet and delicious before!
Tibbie     Billie nods very agreeably to Ashur's compliment and remark while staring at her daughter, this mom clearly has a grandmotherly agenda, to which Tibbie replies "Thanks Ashur, it's m'passion so I oughta be good at it, and y'all's is welcome for a meal anytime.. especially with all these leftovers!" Tibbie more than welcomes being handfed a delicious homemade cookie from Kaelyn as she chomps down on it and chews with a smile. Once she swallows she remarks "Shoulda had some jelly around, that'd be perfect with these! And you're welcome Eden, it's just wonderful to get all of y'all back in one piece!" Tibbie's grin grows wider and than usual as feelings of friendship hit her hard, shining her grin towards everyone and the quiet Rusty. The brown-haired gal notices the tall blonde man and waves a hand in welcome, "C'mon in pal, you got here right on the dot and the food's still pretty hot too! Help yourself!" she smiles at the new friend and lets him settle and get his mouth working on some grub.
"We oughta swap some recipes sometime than chum, maybe you got some secrets I aint knowin!" Tibbie says sincerely to him as she's eager to learn more cooking tips and tricks. Tibbie's very content and happy with the night as she sees everyone enjoying her labor of love she's squeezed into every bite and enjoying the new dishes her friends had brought was definitely something she didnât expect but cherished as it shows she's thought of.
&r    It's getting late and the feelings of food comas begin to hit Tibbie and her guests, infectious yawns surrounding the tables and the conversations have stalled, letting distant barking dogs be heard and the attempts to shut them up.
"I think we oughta let these heroes get some well deserved rest Jefecita, y'all want any leftovers?" Tibbie asks before zipping back to the kitchen and returning to her guests with parchment paper and duct tape at the ready. She doesn't seem to wait long for an answer before packing and wrapping up meal sets with the leftovers and taking any guests special requests into account and penciling down what is what and whose is whose, passing them down the table to their new owners.

    After friendly hugs and farewells, Tibbie and Billie see their guests out the door and give them all a final wave goodnight and wishing them a safe trip home through the cold night.