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Lee     Lee had gotten promoted with that work done for the recon team. That was good. He appreciated that they recognized his abilities. After getting back from the Alamo and taking some time to recover under the gentle, loving care of Akane, Lee summoned all of those who were left and part of the guardians. He'd watch and wait, studying people as they came in while in his own power armor. The field only had guardians now, although regular militia was off to the side watching.
Krysta      Krysta was there in her power armor with her duster over the top as well. But then she broke away from the regular militia group and moved to gather with the Guardians. Her helmet was off so her face was visible and it did not look like she was screwing around... She shifted her hips a bit and glanced around at the other Guardians. Headfirst was her way and she'd lost a rank doing this transfer as it was. But she did not look perturbed by that. She peered at Lee and tilted her white head.
Lee     Lee pased slowly, watching them line up. He paused at spotting Krysta, then simply resumed that walk. "ALRIGHT, LISTEN UP. I AM KNIGHT LIEUTENANT LEE KNIGHT. YOU WILL ADRESS ME AS SIR. GOT IT??" Lee paused in his controlled yelling to look at those who had lined up expectantly. Afterall, establishing command is important.
Krysta      Krysta noted Lee's pause upon seeing her and did not react. Her first reaction was to raise a brow when he introduced himself with a last name. Knight-Lieutenant Lee Knight.... How fitting.
     Her violet eyes followed him for a second.... And then a soft smile crossed her lips and there was a solid THUNK as she lifted her right foot and slammed it down to the ground, putting her into a formal position of attention. Her head forward. "Sir, Yes Sir!" The others around her followed suit shortly after her. Initiate or not, Krysta had actual military experience. Though if Lee looked close enough he might see a spark of amusement in her eyes.
Lee     Lee watches the group, although it was noted that Krysta had the first reply. He'd resume that pacing in the power armor. "We have had some losses in our work at the Alamo. That just means we must work harder! We will be watching those who seem appropriate to join our group and then we will initiate them into the fold of the Guardians!" Lee pauses in front of Krysta. "Take Initiate Parker! Stubborn, cunning. Enjoys explosives. However! She is willing to defend El Dorado and it's area! She has put her life on the line time and time again! She is someone I trust at my back. This is what the Guardians do!" He'd nod a little to her. "Over the next weeks, I will be conducting training classes to determine capabilities of those under me. I expect your best! Anything less and you can join the regular militia again." His attention turns to the group at large. "IS THAT UNDERSTOOD??"
Krysta      Krysta answered again in a firm voice. "Sir, Yes Sir!" It was nice to be back in a command structure again. The fact that Lee was pointing her out made her eyes narrow slightly, though not in defiance or annoyance as much as knowing what scrutiny from a superior could bring. Not that that bothered her really. She looked forward to being tested, too. Bring it on.
Lee     Lee nods as everyone cued in on the reply and was in one voice with Krysta at the response. He'd move back to that center point and salutes the group. "GOOD! Any questions, you can contact me. If it's not something I'll kick your ass for, we'll see how it goes. DISMISS. Parker. Stay."
    He'd point at Krysta, wait for the rest of them to fall out before he'd go over to where she was at. "Alright, Krysta, we need a serious talk I think."
Krysta      Krysta continued providing a good example despite her low status and saluted when he dismissed them. She blinked a few times when he ordered her to stay. But she would simply wait around as the others dispersed. The statement from Lee got a slight frown from the woman and she tilted her head. "We do? Is there something wrong?"
Lee     Lee glances around, making sure they were basically alone in the yard, then shakes his head, looking back to her. "No. Actually I'm glad ta have ya under me, Krysta. But.. I'm confused ta why. Ya had a promotion and what I heard from scuttlebutt, they insisted ya stay militia or they'd bust ya back ta private ta transfer. Yer a good soldier. I'm sure it's just politics involved.. But I was wantin ta know ifn there's something I should watch for, yah?"
Krysta      Krysta blinked a few times at the compliment. That had been unexpected. She looked to the side when he admitted to confusion. Seconds stretched into moments and still, she was silent. Finally, her reply was quiet. but she was still not really looking at him. "There was no trouble. There were no incidents." She obviously was trying to assure him that there had been no behavioral reports or incidents that might justify busting her down to private again. Of course, she also did not answer the question. Not really.
Lee     Lee eyes Krysta, then snorts. "Hm. Got it. We'll have a talk at a later time then. Off duty, eh?" He'd shrug a little, then shakes his head. "Alright. I ain't gonna keep ya here. I do, however, expect yer side work ta not affect your activity under my command, yah?" He'd salute her then. "Dismissed, Initiate."
Krysta      Krysta nodded and saluted again and trumped off in her armor. Lee wouldn't see her again until later that day. She basically disappeared until he was on his way home and then... She stepped out in front of him. Tilting her head she nodded toward one side and walked out there. Once they were alone and in a kind of abandoned park She simply stepped out of her armor, leaving her in basic fatigues, similar to what Lee himself wore underneath his armor. She reached into her duster and pulled out two nuka colas, waiting for him to join her.
Lee     Lee got situated in his office. Had plenty of work, but did eventually get off work. Heading home to Akane, he'd pause as Krysta would meet him. A silent nod given in return, he'd walk with her off to the side, unsealing that armor to step out as well. "Yo. Glad ya caught me. So.. ya wanna tell me whassup, eh?"
Krysta      Krysta handed Lee that drink, still nice and cold, and popped her own, sipping at it as she leaned against a low wall, thinking. "You wanted a chat. It's hard to chat about these things while on duty. I don't want to lie to you and I basically would have had to because of command. So. Let's talk, yea?" She peered at him curiously, obviously expecting him to initiate this with a question or something.
Lee     Lee takes the drink, pops the cap and tosses it to her. She paid for the drinks, she should get the cap from it. "Hmm.. fair. a'right. So I'd like ta know the truth 'bout what happen.. eh? I'm guessin yer under orders ta not tell anyone. That means there ain't nothin official.. but.. someone's still gotcha in their sights.. hmm?"
Krysta      Krysta snorted as she caught the cap. "You have it backward, Lee." She sipped at her drink again then tilted her head mischievously, though her eyes showed she was far more serious than she would like to admit. "They were in my sights. I chose to leave and they didn't like it. I'm guessing the bust in rank was some kind of effort to keep me where I was. But rank, especially the difference between Corporal and Private? Means nothing to me."
     Shifting a bit she sighed. "Truth is, I wasn't getting what I'd signed up for but you?" She snorted again. "Even when I wasn't technically under your command you showed a talent for it. Tried to use it to get information out of me. I can recognize the potential for command." And here she showed her age. She had clearly been in a military situation at some time in the past. Had clearly seen what command structures could be. And was telling him that he had what it took.
     She looked right in his grey eyes then. "When I heard you were made into an officer I decided fuck it. I'm transferring and to hell with the consequences." There was a certain sense of disconnection in an older woman with military experience joining a group that purposefully dropped her own rank so she could be put under the command of a kid 15 (ish) years her junior.
Lee     Lee takes a drink of the cola as Krysta would explain what's going on. Musing, he'd nod a little bit. "Difference between a militia.. and a military. Militia will accept the farmers.. Military will break em all to be soldiers." He'd look at his bottle a moment, then glances at Krysta at the compliment. He'd lift the bottle a little in a small acknowledgement of what she said. Finally, he'd speak. "Well.. I meant what I said. I can see talent too, Krysta. I know ya got it. And I know yer lookin fer someone that can help ya wield it, eh? So.. welcome ta the guardians. And I'll make sure ta not let it goto waste."
Krysta      Krysta smiled faintly, taking a good swig of her cola before peering at Lee's armor. She moved to walk around it, inspecting the fully powered suit. "Well, I think we should work on getting you some better armor, Knight-Lieutenant." She teased as she walked back to face him. "I found this hunk of junk of a jetpack in Texas too. Wonder what to do with it..." She tapped her bottle a few times as if completely oblivious what she'd just admitted to owning.
Lee     Lee pauses, studying Krysta a moment. "Wait.. seriously? A jetpack? Frag.. ya should fix it up and getcha some serious armor Krysta.. that'll give ya combat presence like ya wouldn't believe, eh?" He'd laugh, shaking his head as he'd glance at his armor. "I'll have ta update eventually.. fer sure.. but.. it is what it is fer now, eh?"
Krysta      Krysta scoffed openly. "I enjoy dodging far too much to get full on power armor, Lee. I can't avoid much but at least I can still move and react in this old thing." She indicated the salvaged armor... And then a little half smile crossed her lips. "Besides. Kyne gave it to me."
     A sip from her cola and it was gone. She set the bottle down and turned back to Lee with a serious expression on her face. "You're really dense, you know that?"
Lee     Lee smirks at Krysta a little, then chuckles. He'd drink his drink and shrugs. "Yah. I am. but 200 years of sleep will throw anyone inta a pause yanno.. Frag.. the fact I woke up is a shocker anyways." Shaking his head some, he'd eye Krysta. "The mentionin of gettin me new armor.. and the jetpack was fer me ta connect the dots and ask ifn ya'd give it to me?"
Krysta      Krysta eyed Lee warily when he spoke of 200 years of sleep. She was clearly trying to ascertain if there was any lies in those statements. When she found he came off as either one of the best liars she had ever seen or completely truthful, she shook her head in amazement. "You mean to tell me... You're pre-war vintage?" She shook her head. "No wonder I caught a sense off you...."
     When he went on to talk about the armor and her little breadcrumbs, rather than a smirk or coy laughter she grew deadly serious. Her eyes darkened slightly and nothing could have hidden the calculation that rolled off her like fog.
     "I told you. You have potential. Let me tell you something, Knight-Lieutenant Lee Knight. In Texas, I gave our 'LT' some valuable advice that would have spread the available resources and killed more mutants. But rather than listen to the demolition expert, rather than make a fire pitfall trap, he ordered me to waste the gasoline and petrol that he appropriated. Rather than use it to kill more mutants he forced me to waste it to burn their bodies. As a result, we didn't even make a dent and we wasted valuable resources."
     She was clearly unhappy with that memory. "Perhaps you heard about the minefield? The field that wiped out twice as many of those creatures and set off some of their own suiciders? That was me and Devlin. On our own. With our own resources and almost a dozen Small Energy Cells. I don't approve of disobeying orders, but that was one time I was tempted to spit in my CO's face and do just that."
     She turned away and paced several steps then turned and returned trying to keep her annoyance under wraps... and failing miserably. Lee would pick up the fact that she loathed disobeying orders and yet she had been driven to nearly do that. As it stood, following those orders probably cost the militia valuable lives. It certainly cost the Brotherhood. And yet here she was, trying to get Lee to understand. She had a hatred in her for commanders that could not lead properly.
Lee     Lee nods solemnly in response to Krysta. "I ran a merc group that didn't exist. We were the specialist ta end fights 'fore they started." He'd go silent as Krysta talked, finishing his drink and frowns. "I'm.. just sorry I wasn't there, Krysta. I would of ordered the fire pit. I also woulda had more people out there with the mines.. They assigned me ta forward recon. We had 2 hour rest stops.. That's it. There was a lotta crap we were able ta stop.. but.. frag.. it was rough." He'd shake his head slowly with a soft sigh. "tween you and me? Rexus is useless. simple. But.. he was the only CO around. Now? I'm in."
Krysta      Krysta peered at Lee and tilted her head at his revelation then nodded slowly. She accepted the information quietly and then sighed. "Look, Lee. I want you to go even further. I want you to stand at the head of whatever we lead as a beacon. If that means I help buy you some new armor, so be it. I want to support you if you will make that bid for command."
Nemo Out on the front grounds, in front of the Militia HQ, Nemo Booker walks up in a poncho with a cowboy hat. He wanders through a group of volunteers preparing to join a patrol, carrying a bag of tools. "Howdy folks. Any of y'all know how to properly clean and maintain your guns? Problems with 'em jammin'? For a few caps, I can fix 'em up." He lifts his toolkit demonstratively, taking a few caps from a tall, armored fellow, and then his pistol.
Lee     Lee studied Krysta for a moment, then nods a little. "And.. this conversation never happen. Right?" He'd smile a little her way, then glances down the alley back towards HQ as there seemed to be a bit of disturbance in the latest patrol. Frowning, he'd sigh. "Off duty.. right." Shaking his head, the bottle is set aside and Lee climbs into that suit of power armor. The faint hiss of seal locking in place and he'd get set up. "I'll see ya Krysta." is over that external comm before he'd turn and start Nemo's way.
Krysta      Krysta sighed softly as Lee did not give his response and instead climbed back into his power armor. She remained where she was for a long time as he left and then she gathered the bottles and put them back in her pack before she too climbed back into her armor. Off duty or no, she would go and see if she could back Lee up. She kept her helmet off for the moment, however, her white hair and violet eyes exposed as she followed Lee toward Nemo's location. The woman was watching Lee more than Nemo, however.
Nemo Nemo takes apart, oils, and adjusts the sights, handing it back to the tall, armored man. Slipping the few bottlecaps into his bag, he sees Lee approaching and rising, keeping his posture stragiht. "Hey there, feel like your gun is /perfect/ for you? Or just good enough?" He brushes the dust of his poncho, then squints at Krysta behind, a hint of recognition on his face.
Lee     Lee initially ignores Nemo. "SQUIRE ROOKS! What the HELL Do you think you are doing allowing a civilian to TOUCH your weaponry?!?" Lee, inside that armor, would obviously not be able to be seen, but those comms? They were working quite well and as such, the tall man in armor stiffens suddenly. "I. I. I.." Lee gets up in his face, power armor and all to point back at the HQ. "YOU. You are relieved of duty IMMEDIATELY. Report to the quartermaster and turn in your armor! We'll see if you get to keep your status as militia, INITIATE."

    All of the venom and absolute hate that was there with him dealing with the armored figure.. was gone when Lee turned to Nemo. Reaching over his shoulder, he'd pull that super sledge from it's hook. "I dun need a gun. I got a hammer and enough bad attitude that stuff dun stay up if I'm gonna hit em. Thank ya fer the offer. In the future, please goto the HQ and request permission to interact with militia personell, yah?"
Krysta      Krysta heard Nemo's question to Lee and raised an eyebrow then peered at the militiaman that had entrusted his weapon to a stranger. What had Lee said? Militia accepts farmers... Military break them into soldiers. Ugh, so true... Of course, her own sense of military etiquette had caused a bit of a scene in the medbay in Texas too so...
     The real question was: How would Lee respond...? She waited quietly for that response.
     And then Lee 'dealt' with the man. In an impressive fashion and Krysta was left with a little smirk on her lips. She wasn't good at lying or hiding things... So the sheer pleasure she derived from watching Lee act like a commander was plain for anyone to see since she was not wearing her helmet.
     She walked over closer and lifted her brows at Lee. "I highly anticipate your answer at a later date, Knight-Lieutenant Lee Knight, Sir." The tone was formal and Nemo would definitely be able to hear her identify Lee and his officer's rank, the reason for the comment was unknown.
     Then she turned to peer at Nemo and raised an eyebrow. "And who are you?"
Nemo Nemo gives Lee an amiable nod, "Sure enough, I can do that." He glances to the retreating initiate, adding, "An' I reckon I can see why." Brief consideration of a handshake doesn't even cross his mind, as he looks between the two more intimidating, armored figures. He settles for an upnod, "Nemo Booker! Shit, y'all don't remember?" He strokes his stubbled chin, "Got start makin' signs or somethin', right? Anyhow, y'all really think y'all got the best upkeep you could possibly have, or do you /only/ allow the militia to do that kinda thing?"

He grins and adds, "Cause I do home an' auto repairs an' shit too. Some a' the best."
Lee     Lee would shoulder that hammer with a shake of his head. "I was parta the forward recon at the Alamo.. so I didn't see any of the personell out at the citadel. We did our best ta warn ya'll when fraggers were comin in though. People survived. So we did somethin right." Lee motions towards the HQ. "Ifn ya contact HQ? Ya can get permission ta work with the personell and do whatcha do. Otherwise? We're always lookin fer support crew ta cover our motor pool. It's hard ta find good help, eh?"
    There's a small pause externally, as internally his HUD would flash a reminder. Ah.. almost time.. he'd have to hurry home to get prepared. "You will have my answer soon, Initiate Parker." He'd nod to Krysta with that comment her way, then looks to Nemo. "Ifn yer as good as ya say, I may look ya up fer gettin an APC repaired. We'll see how good ya really are.. eh? I, however, have an appointment I have to keep. Ifn ya will excuse me, Mister Nemo." He'd nod to Nemo, not really giving a choice on excusing him or not, then salutes Krysta and heads off.
Krysta      Krysta narrowed her violet eyes faintly, pulling her gold-plated monstrosity of an assault rifle over her shoulder. She held it in both armored hands and patted it. "No one touches Kin but me. Ever." That last word was delivered with a finality that one might have reserved for a funeral. She checked her weapon, made certain once again the chamber was clear and slung it over her shoulder again.
     She smirked faintly at Lee's comment to her and then saluted him smartly as he took off. She peered at Nemo curiously. "Proper channels need to be followed, especially now. And since we don't really know what you can do..." She let that hang for a moment. "If you weren't as good as you said or you were a saboteur you could have set his mag to explode and thus put the entire squad in danger." It was the best she could offer as an explanation of why letting a civvie touch your weaponry unapproved had gotten that guy demoted.
     "BUT! I'm off duty now too. Go talk to HQ. that APC could use some serious help.. if you're as good as you say." She smirked faintly, almost playfully and put her helmet on before turning and walking in another direction.
Nemo Nemo ticks off a quick nod to Lee and Krysta, "I'll talk to HQ. And if I were a sabateur, I wouldn't been fixin' the vertibirds real sabateurs shot up in the Citadel... But y'all were the real heroes, I mostly just helped refugees and fix shit." He picks up his tool bag, waving to a few folks he recognizes, heading towards HQ, "Y'all don' get shot!"