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Qwillis     There's been talk around the city of El Dorado, some of the other settlements and even in Shanty Town. The Scientists of El Dorado has been a group dedicated to science, mechanics, basically, the things most people don't understand. On top of that? They're willing to do jobs and help people for the betterment of all.. unlike Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel... don't even talk about the Reavers.

    At the designated spot, Q had a small canopy up to help shade out the sun. There's a table, chairs, and a small chest with slowly melting ice holding some bottles of water. They weren't going to give out the location of the bunker. But they could certainly meet people, right?
Serena Serena? Well she was currently sitting on the edge of that table, her legs swinging slowly. Looking around she would finally hop down from the table and grab herself a bottle of water. Stepping out from under that canopy she would then shield her eyes before opening up that bottle and took a long sip. Exhaling softly she would lean back on the table as she waited to see if anyone was going to show up.
Iris Lark Iris joins Qwillis under the canopy and takes a seat, folding her hands in her lap as she gets comfortable. "Do you think this will work out well?" She asks, glancing in his direction with a smile. "I think that most of the people who know science in this area are already part of the group." She winks at Serena and then leans in to get a bottle of water.
Kaydin     Kaydin makes his way over to the group. "Heyas." He says as he reaches into his duster to pull out an energy pistol. He checks the laser weapon and holsters it before making his way over to the group. "Dont know if I qualify as a sciency sort, I can fix practically anything I can find, just not good with sciency stuff." He says calmly.
Qwillis     Q would shrug to Iris, chuckling. "I told people we'd be here. If it doesn't? Then we try something else." He smiles over towards Serena as she'd get a drink, then look over probably as well as the other two as Kaydin shows up. Qwillis nods to the man, watching him curiously as he'd check the weapon. "Well, we do have mechanics on call for dealing with mechanical creations. We have specialist. That way instead of us trying to scramble to fit, we can hand off a schematic to one another and trust in the members to work together. So, Kaydin? I know we've talked before about you being a ranger. Are you actually seeking to join us? We're not exactly combatants."
Serena Serene look to Iris and gave her a small smile as she chuckled. "Perhaps. But that just means we can grow as a group I've heard the cool kids?" With hat she would see Kaydin show up but just raised her brow at the gun. Staying quiet now she would just observe Qwillis do his recruiting thing as she took another slow sip of her water.
Iris Lark "You're the boss." Iris replies, aiming a casual salute towards Qwillis. She leans back and watches quietly as Kaydin and Qwillis speak, taking a drink of her water as she glances between them. She leans in towards Serena and lowers her voice. "Exactly he says,I can shoot the wings off a butterfly."
Kaydin     "I am just curious to who is sciency types. As I said I can repair stuff so maybe I can join as a mechanic. If nothing else it gives me a reason to remain near El Dorado." Kaydin says as he looks to Iris. "I cant shoot that good. With normal firearms or your energy weapons.
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over to Serena and Iris, a small smirk shot at Iris and he'd nod to Serena. "And she's a happy fire starter. It all works out." Looking back to Kaydin then, he'd chuckle. "We have all sorts as Science reaches out to plenty of people. Like I said though, you need to be able to work as a team. That means being willing to listen to others as well as not try to do all the work on a project. We work out well due to having numbers that work together in a goal.. so we don't need lone wolves. Are you able to do that?"
Serena Serena almost chocked on her water as she was sipping with Q said that. Cutting her eyes over to him, they'd narrow slightly as she smirked. "Don't forget this little fire starter isn't always happy...." Looking to Iris she would smile softly then. "You are better than me. I do not shoot.....I don't like guns....." Sighing she'd lazily look over to Kaydin then. "And hey....I'm the least sciencey person here. I think you will be fine. As long as you're more ready to help before jumping to shoot stuff with that gun of yours...."
Iris Lark Iris doesn't interrupt anymore, she simply sits back in her chair and watches Qwillis assume the interviewer pose. She sips at her water and glances around the area, making sure that there isn't anything out in the wasteland tonight that might be hungry for scientists, and firestarters. "I don't like guns either." She says to Serena, and she might mean it, but she does have three guns on her.
Kaydin     "Shooting stuff is fun. Most fun thing I ever got to do. Especially when the legion is the target." Kaydin says as he then looks to Qwillis and nods. "If I was a lone wolf I wouldnt be a ranger." He says as he watches him. "What you say, I do. I follow orders good." He says calmly as he turns to Serena. "So you are the one who started the fire in the hanger.
Nemo Nemo spies the canopy of the meeting spot, as he nears the river. He offers a casual wave, striding up to the table at a languid gait to greet Qwillis, missing most of the conversation. "Howdy folks. Q-Bone, Ms. Lady." He tips his hat to Serena, before grinning at Iris, "I didn't know you'd be here, Doc. Or I'd have came sooner." He bobs his head to Kaydin, not quite recalling his name, "How ya doin', my boy?" His gaze moves to Serena, again, briefly, but he doesn't ask what's on his mind, "I was told y'all are callin' scientists up here, right?"
Iris Lark Iris chuckles quietly and shrugs before she aims a friendly wave at Nemo. "I'm just the resident medic, I'm only here to help science." She leans on the table and takes another drink of water. "Kaydin, you said you're good at fixing things, right? Have you ever seen an auto doc before?"
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, watching Kaydin. He'd nod a little at the answer. "I see. Ok. Well, we can use more mechanics. We can also use people who can fight. We have to protect the bunker, afterall."
    Q glances to Iris and smiles, then nods to Nemo. "Nemo. I've been contacted about people wishing to join. So I set up a public spot for people to come and talk with us. If you're interested, then we can see about doing so. The bunker is still not fully explored. So as we fill in rooms, we can expand to find more rooms and places for people to be and work at."
    Looking to Serena then, Q chuckles a little. "Well, I will do my best to make sure that I keep you happy then, Serena. I do not wish you to be upset and cause fires in sensative locations."
Serena Sighing she'd just lean back as she looked around then. When Kaydin asked about the first, those blue eyes cut over to him and she just nodded. "Yes. Qwillis wanted a distraction. I provided one...." With that matter of fact tone she would then look over to Nemo as he appeared. Looking him over she would stay silent before she would finally speak up. "...what is it?" Glancing to Qwillis then she'd nod slowly. "I'm sure you will be fine....I don't have that much of a temper...."
Nemo Nemo quickly shakes his head at Serena's question, lifting both palms in defense, "Nothin'! Nothin'... just uh..." He averts his gaze to Qwillis, "Nothin'... aaaanywho, I'm definitely interested, Q-Ball, definitely. I need some voltage fryin' me, some screens flashin' blue, and a bright ass red alarm going off every now and then. Life jus' ain't got enough juice by itself."

He pulls out a seat at the table, casting a quick glance at his surroundings before daring to relax a moment. "So... ya wanna start off with a mission statement, or would ya rather play twenty questions?"
Kaydin     "I seen one before. One of the vaults the NCR was sent to scrounge for had one and we managed to salvage it back home." Kaydin says as he watches Iris. He turns to look to Qwillis. "I can use more training on energy weapons. Need to be able to take them apart and fix them." Kaydin says as he watches them.
Iris Lark Iris glances at Qwillis and then Serena, and then she smiles at Kaydin and nods. She takes another drink of her water and shrugs. "You can ask us questions too. I'm sure Qwillis would be happy to tell you what we're doing and what our goals are."
Serena Serena kept those blue eyes on Nemo now as he spoke. Slowly she'd set that water bottle down as she made her way over. A tilt of her head as she frowned slightly. "No....what is it? You want to say something. Out with it." She'd look to Qwillis then back to Nemo. "How are we to work together if you can say what is on your mind?" Oh yes she was patient.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiled to Serena, then nods a little. He'd look over to Kaydin, smiling to Iris at her questions, before settling on Nemo. "Quite so. We're here to answer questions as much as ask them. This is part of being a scientist.. finding the truth. So, Nemo, what's on your mind about Serena?"
Nemo Looking up at Serena, Nemo casts Qwillis a glance, then looks back to the blue-eyed woman with green ones of his own. He adjusts in his seat a bit nervously, "Aaalright, fair nuff." He jerks a thumb at Kaydin, before the flood gates open. "He kinda answered my question, my /first/ question, which were 'Can ya shoot fire outta yer mind?' Apparently ya can, localized spontaneous combustion? Is it similar to telekinesis? Genetic modifications or nuclear radiation related mutation? Cybernetic implant?" He's now switching his attention to Qwillis, "Have ya done E.E.G yet, while she's burnin' shit up? Which lobe gets highlighted?" He's looking back to Serena, "Emotionally activated? Uncontrollable at times, or does it require so much strength of will that you /must/ focus to produce anything at all?" A keen ear might notice he's losing his accent, the more he speaks, "I mean, if we could stimulate someone's brain in the same areas that are lighting up, with transcranial magnetic or direct stimulation, we could potentially recreate the results! Pyrokinesis in a bottle! Telekinesis, Telepathy, Cryokinesis, I mean!" He looks up at Serena, with a mixture of wonder and impatience, before he looks around at the others, seeming to become aware of himself again. He adjusts his hat, "Ya know. Shit like tha', I reckon.
Serena Serena's eyes would slowly go wide as he started to ramble on now. Stepping back she would just slowly mover over to Qwillis then behind him as she let Nemo continue to question. Looking up at Qwillis she would seem to be a bit....overwhelmed. "I...I think I'm going to go...." Shaking slightly she would look back to Nemo then as she stared at him. "I am not a lab rat....I do not wish to be locked up and poked and prodded so you can attempt to replicate this. And as for how? I was born this way...."
Iris Lark Iris watches Serena retreat and tries very hard not to burst out into giggles. "Serena, nobody is going to turn you into a rat, not if they want to keep their dangly bits." She props her chin on her palm and jerks her chin up as she speaks to Nemo. "Keep that in mind,." She takes another drink of her water and then glances towards Qwillis, waiting to see his reaction.
Kaydin     "According to the NCR the old world governments tried to weaponise psykers long time ago. The problem with it is getting more then one person having combat capable abilities. It wasnt pretty." Kaydin says as he looks to Serena and then looks to Iris. "As I am fond of my dangly bits, I dont care if the girl becomes the mascot for the group."
Qwillis     Qwillis watched Nemo, raising both brows as the drunk druggie.. showed a rather incredible grasp of science there. As Serena would retreat to him, Q would turn, going to try and hug her to him gently with a small shake of his head. "You're not a lab rat and we're not going to try to replicate it. Please, calm and relax Serena.." He'd watch her for a moment, trying to help her calm and focus on him, then turns his attention to Nemo.
    "It's genetic. I haven't tried to probe further as I am not seeking to turn a person into an experiment, I have done what I can to work with Serena for control and focus. We work on that control, not seeking to dissect for replication. We're not going to repeat the past. We are where we are due to that." Shaking his head, he'd chuckle a little then. "That said? You show a surprising depth of understanding of potential probabilities for such modifications. If you're willing to do that, instead of be a drunk druggie? Then I would gladly work with you, Nemo.. Serena, however, is off limits. Agreed?"
Nemo Nemo furrows his brow at Serena's reaction, returning to that defensive pose, with his hands up, "Locked up and proded? You're a person..." His confusion increases when Iris talks, "Naw, naw, I don' wanna weaponize ya, hurt ya or nothin'. I wanna learn about ya, tha's it." He's calm, quite calm now, actually. Remaining in his seat, he lowers his hands, listening to Qwillis.

"She's obviously not willin' to explore it," Nemo starts, pursing his lips, "And I don't truck with the whole jackin' shit or hurtin' someone else, jus' so I can satisfy somethin'. Even curiousity, eh?" He drums his fingers atop the table, "I mean, bar fights don' count, cause that's, ya know... ya should expect that, talkin' shit in a bar." He dusts off his poncho, "Yeah, we can work together."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and whistles quietly causing a wolf to melt from the shadows to come stand near her. "I'm going to head back to Avalon, I'm getting kind of sleepy." She unholsters her shotgun and pulls her hat from her rucksack. "I'm sure you'll let me know how things went at some point tomorrow, yes?" She asks Qwillis, glancing towards the two who are sitting with him and Serena.
Kaydin     "Not to be the asshole of the group, exactly how does she fit in? You have cybernetics expertise and can work on mechanical problems. Miss Lark is probably the best doctor in the wasteland and This guy is some sort of sciencey sort. You said everyone does their part, so what is it exactly she does?" Kaydin asks curiously. He then looks to Iris and nods. "I will walk with ya. I need to check out some things near Avalon." He says to Iris.
Serena She'd blink a bit as she look to them and held on to Qwillis when he hugged her. Closing her eyes she would take a deep breath as she tried keep calm. Slowly she would try to keep but then she heard Kaydin. Those eyes would stare at him then as she narrowed her eyes. "I keep things away from you people while you do your thing...." Pulling away from Qwillis she would slowly raise her hand up as she smirked a bit. "Want to find out? Since you want to question why I am here....?" There was tilt of her head. "I mean...."
Iris Lark Iris rolls her eyes and presses her lips together so she doesn't say anything rude to Kaydin before she starts to stalk off south along the river. The wolf stays seated where the Healer was sitting until another shrill whistle calls him away.
Qwillis     Q nods to Nemo in agreement. "Good. I'm glad to hear it. I always thought you were a good boss when I was young. I'm glad to hear that you haven't changed from that. So are you wanting to join mechanical or chemical specialist?" Qwillis looks to Serena, giving her one last hug, then stepping to the side to let her deal with Kaydin. He's not going to interfere, but Serena can obviously show the reason why she's there on her own. Afterall, while Q said they aren't fighters.. that doesn't mean they ignore needing defenders.
Nemo Nemo eyes Serena when she makes Kaydin that offer, but his attention is quickly and thankfully drawn back to Qwillis, "You didn't break my shit, or steal from me. So you were the best kid I hired." He strokes his chin, "Specialist? I... I don' rightly know. I'm good with either, makin' chems, medicine, I know a good deal about Pre-war medicine, but I can't say I know more 'bout that shit than I do fixin' up guns, or repairin' vehicles, or how to wire a holo-chair." He casts a glance over his shoulder, towards the departing Kaydin, Iris, and wolf, "What do you suggest?" At this, he looks back to Qwillis, including Serena with a curious glance.
Serena When Kaydin left she'd just snort as she moved back over to Qwillis then. Sighing softly she would stand next to him with her arms folded. That comment was filed away in her mental rolodex for now. Needless to say....she wasn't going to forget. Looking over at the two men talking she would just shrug as she looked back over to the horizon.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods a little and finally smiles. He'd motion to Nemo. "Mechanical. I learned my work with cars from you, Nemo. Only makes sense that you'd join under me as a mechanic. That doesn't mean there isn't cross-training. Just that your speciality is mechanics."
    Looking over to Serena, Q walks over to rest that metal hand on her shoulder lightly. "Serena? Are you ok? I know that what he said bothered you. Is there anything I can do?"
Nemo Nemo bobs his head, "Alright, that's fair enough. Sometimes ya forget what all ya know, and what all ya don't, so shit folks know ya for don't really stick out in your mind." The slender man in a cowboy turns his focus to Serena, starts to open his mouth, and then he reconsiders. He reaches over, grabs one of those ice cold waters and takes a deep draught. "So ya said you were working on clearing out your bunker, right? Any other projects ya got started I can help ya with?"
Serena She would cut her eyes over to Q and just nodded. "I am fine..." There was a shrug as she just sat there then. "I will just set him on first next time I see him. That will show purpose...." Frowning she would reach of her water and chugged it before putting the bottle back I the ice. No reason to not recycle. "I am learning to get over things. Ignorance is one...."
Qwillis     Q watches Serena a moment, then finally nods a little. "That.. is part of what we do too, Serena." Looking to Nemo, he'd nod solemnly. "Dunwich. The mist spreading from it? Nanites. Best I can tell. Alien tech.. the items that are stolen from there are marked. Under microscopic inspection there's a full self-contained microchip that causes the feeling of unease. We're working on how to suppress that. I'm also gathering parts for an EMP pulse cannon to diffuse the mist.. But.. we need the parts and the core of power for it. So.. that's that."
Nemo Sounding intrigued, Nemo says, "Shhiiit. Nanites, that's incredible. Alien tech, huh?" He shakes his head, "Have ya thought about... gah, too many people around to nuke it, plus, there's probably a lot of stuff to use there that could..." He gives a vague gesture towards the wasteland, "fix that shit up." He adjusts his hat, and rises to his feet, "Alright, I should be gettin' back. I got a date tonight." He offers his hand to shake, to Qwillis and Serena, "Scientists of El Dorado, yeah? Glad to be on board."
Serena She'd just listen but frowned a bit. "...nanites...." Well that was going to be a pain but seems Q had an idea. When Nemo extended that hand she would slowly turn and take, shaking it gently before pulling it aback. "Have fun on" Looking to Qwillis she'd stare at him but waited to ask him questions later.
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes Nemo's hand with a nod. "Be on a look out for scrap and materials that would fit such a device. We need to do it quickly. The Alamo took attention away.. but the Mist hasn't stopped spreading. The sooner we can build this, the better. Have a nice date." He'd step back and close to Serena, looking to her, he'd smile with a nod. "I'll explain later."