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Owner Pose
Nikki Nikki walks down the street, Dink the Eyebot hovering just above her, and she's pretty much just being quite random in her walking. From doing airplane motions, to just sort of hopping from one spot to the other, again, in random patterns. Dink makes a few beeps and bloops in what may seem like protest and then she grins. "Shush it! Nikki's not doin' nothin' wrong!"
Hawthorne The door to the Weapon Shop opens, and out steps Hawthorne...directly into the path of the pretty young girl. She doesn't have much time to reorient, so there is an enormous chance that she will run right into him! Either way, his hands go up and he turns towards her in surprise. "Whoa! You alright, there?" His voice is deep, and it has a pleasant whiskey-scratch to it.
Nikki A few moments of playing airplane with herself, and no way to actually compensate, does have Nikki running right smack into Hawthorne. The young woman falling back on her ass before she stands back up, dusting herself off, and she grins. "Nikki's alright...she just wasn't payin' any attention." A pause then. "Nikki's awful sorry, sir. Hope she didn't hurt you..." One could never know!
Hawthorne Her collision DOES bring a brief wince, as if he might have an injury beneath his shirt, but he is quick to push the expression down to hide it. Depending on how good she is at reading people, she might notice. He reaches down with tattooed fingers to place a hand on her shoulder to help settle her when she gets back up. "Nono, it's fine. Really." He cocks his head to the side, gaze dipping over her curiously. "Nikki, you said?"
Nikki Nikki only then realizes how close she is to a complete stanger, and then she backs up a couple steps. "Uhm..yes. Nikki is...Nikki." Flushing a little before she looks to Dink, giving him a sort of 'stare' like she knew what the robot was thinking. "Hush! Nikki doesn't know him! And...he dosn't know Nikki!" That much before she's looking back to Hawthorne.
Hawthorne He glances sidelong at the eye bot, and then returns his attention to the odd girl. He finally offers a hand, his knuckles inked with the word 'MARBLE', with some letters sharing digits. He doesn't speak with the cut-offs and slang a lot of Wastelanders do. In fact, he sounds...very educated, oddly enough. His voice has that deep, whiskey-scratch Wastelander sound, though. His accent is western...possibly from NCR turf. "Well, let's fix that, then. I'm Hawthorne."
Nikki Nikki stares at the hand like it's some foreign object protruding out of the man's body. Though after a moment she takes step forward. "What does Hawthorne do? Hawthorne doesn't sound like the others...or look like the others. Nikki knows most people in this city now..." He'd have to forgive the woman and her quirks, or just deem her crazy and walk away - not like both thoughts aren't true.
Hawthorne He doesn't seem inclined to walk away. When she does not shake his hand he shrugs his well-muscled shoulders and lowers it, chuckling softly to himself. "Nothing at the moment. I had a bit of a business, but my business partners decided they didn't like the way I was running things. So...currently I am surviving. Trying to get things moving again." He brushes his fingers back through silver hair. "As for the way I talk? Eh. A father obsessed with books, who passed the interest on to me. Most people see most books as nothing more then toilet paper or fuel. I read them."
Nikki Nikki shakes her head. What he was talking about, it seems to go right over her head which was turned because something likely distracted her. "Uh huh..." This much before she looks back to him and then shrugs her shoulders. "Not just how you talk but Nikki things you're a strange fellow..."
Hawthorne Hawthorne chuckles softly at that and he shrugs a shoulder. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarello he rolled earlier, along with a box of matches. He lights it and takes a drag. "Well, I've been called a lot worse then I'll take it. I like your hair."