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Owner Pose
Qwillis     The bunker door was having some issues. Qwillis had enabled the main power system. That's good. The problem was? The mechanics weren't exactly.. functional. Sometimes. Overall it was ok, closing was easy, the potential energy it stored when being lifted up into the wall of the door saw to that. But opening? Well..

    Qwillis was out there with his tools in that lab coat, he was working on the door, thankfully open this time, as he'd look over the mechanical parts of the machine that open and closed it. Shaking his head, he'd sigh softly. "Need more oil.."
Serena Sitting on the ground near the door, Serena was sketching away in her notebook...glancing over to Q from time to time. Humming softly to herself she would just seem to be in her own world. Looking over at him as he works on the door, she would raise a brow but said nothing for now.

After a few moments she would shut that book and turned to him then. " what happens if one of us is inside and it won't open? Is there a secondary exit?"
Jacqueline Outside, a dark green and rust Lone Wanderer motorcycle pulls to a stop, the deep-toned idle purring down into silence as the rider cuts the engine. Jackie Wayne looks around for the door she's supposed to deliver to. "Huh... strange place to need groceries."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head a little. "Not that I know of. That's part of why the elevator was locked up here. One entrance, one exit. We'll have to be mindful of smoke and fire, if something explodes lower down." He'd smile to Serena, then pause at hearing a motorcycle. "Hmm?" Carefully stepping away from the machine, he'd walk over to the open part of the door to peer outside. "Jackie? Why are you here?"
Serena She'd sigh a bit as she nodded. "Well that is unfortunate...." Frowning a bit she'd just look around but at the mention for smoke and fire she would nod. "I am sure if something broke out I can get it under control...."

Hearing that motorcycle she would stay where she was for now as she went back to her notebook. "Maybe if...." Opening it back up she would go back to sketching then as she let Qwillis do what he needs. After all.....what was her role here?
Jacqueline Jackie blinks, looking around and finally spotting the door. "Oh, there you are! Hi, Q! Who's your friend?" she asks, seeing Serena in the background now that she's noticed the door. "Didn't you order food from town?" she asks, throwing her leg over the bike and hopping down. It's really too big for her, but she's not about to sell it. "I can take it back if you don't want it, I guess..."
Qwillis     Q smiles to Jackie with a nod. He'd look to Serena, smiling her way, then looks back to Jackie. "That is Serena, my girlfriend, Jackie. Actually.. I think I did order some food. I thought it was tomorrow's delivery." Shaking his head, he'd shrug then. "Can bring it in. We have some cold storage in here." Looking over to Serena then, Q smiles her way. "Want to help me get the stuff in that Jackie brought? You could meet her too. She's a friend of mine from when I first returned to El Dorado."
Serena She would look up at the voice and then stood up slowly. Setting that notebook and pencil to the side she would make her way out to. When Qwillis introduced her she would nod then as she smiled. "Hello, Jackie....nice to meet you...." As she saw the food, she didn't hesitate when she would just move to grab some of the food and started in. Looking over to Q she'd nod before smiling over to Jackie. "Oh another friend of Qwillis'? Well hello hello..." She'd just turn and head to get that food inside since it was so warm out.
Jacqueline Jackie chuckles warmly, giving Qwillis a quick hug. "I know your work keeps you awfully busy. It'd probably slip my mind, too," she demurrs. "At least I brought it to the right place!"
Serena's arrival outside brings another smile to the Chinese-American girl's face, and she gets a hug, too. "Cool to meet you, Serena! Let me give you a hand with this," she adds, moving to find a package of her own. What isn't in the bike's saddlebags is strapped down above the taillight, not too hard to access.
Qwillis     Q smiles and gives Jackie a hug, nods and goes to help himself, letting Serena lead the way into that storage area. "Well, I've been quite busy indeed. I managed to unlock this bunker and we've moved in. We have a medical area now that Iris is in charge of and we're also working on exploring the depths of the bunker. On top of that, I've gathered together people who are willing to work with technology and science so we can all work together for a better life for everyone."
Serena Of course when that hug was given she would return it before she made her way in. Leading the way to the cold storage area, she'd make her way over and started unpacking everything. When they started to talk about the group, she'd stay quiet for now as she let them catch up. Those blue eyes would look over everything before making her way to the other items then. "I got it...." And she'd go to putting everything up.
Jacqueline Jackie shrugs, leaving Serena to it if that's what she prefers. "So you have a safe, secure place, a well-regarded and capable healer, and a lot more to see down below that hasn't seen eyes in a long time?" she asks, trying to get the gist of it. "It sounds like you've got the makings of a fortress here."
Qwillis     Q would give up the items to Serena, watching her with a small frown. "Kaydin came by.. and insulted Serena. Saying she didn't have a place here.. But he doesn't understand.. We're more than just scientists. We need people to help us. A good structure has people with many insights, to look at a question and provide potential solutions." Sighing softly, he'd look to Jackie and nods. "That's the idea. I've already been attacked once by some of Solomon's gang. They wanted the bunker for their own base. We do science here.. and as word spreads? I suspect Enclave, Reaver and Brotherhood to all come knocking too. That's why the fortification soutside too.."
Serena She'd wince at him bringing up that incident from the other day and just moved off to go put up the food then. "I'll be back...." With that she left them to their own devices as she put up the food. Humming softly to herself she would busy herself with that for now....purposefully it would seem.
Jacqueline "Kaydin has a big mouth. Sometimes it's working before his brain hits first gear," Jackie replies, wincing faintly. "His heart's in the right place most of the time, but he's got a lot to learn about the world he's in."
She frowns at the mention of Solomon. "I guess that old man's a slow learner. But that gate might not keep him out, if it won't move properly. It's broken, isn't it?" she asks, looking the system over, along with the tools still scattered beside it.
Qwillis     Q sighs softly, nodding a little. "Serena has had.. a difficult time dealing with social interactions. A long story short, she was mistreated." Shaking his head, he'd watch her a moment more, then looks to the door and nods. "Closing is fine. It just rolls back into place. Opening? There's a spot that seems it's bound up and I don't have any more oil to try to lubricate it with."
Serena Once she was done putting everything away she'd fold up the bags or whatnot it was in and walked back over. Smiling softly she would hold it out to Jackie. "Not sure if you wanted to reuse this for another delivery...." Nodding a bit she would look up to Qwillis and smiled a bit. "Need me to do anything else while I am here?"
Jacqueline Jackie blinks in surprise, but smiles in return, accepting the bags. "I think the store'd appreciate it," she agrees. "Good sacking isn't easy to find anymore. Thanks, Serena."
She turns for a better look at that gate mechanism, casting a critical eye over it. "Bound up... maybe the problem's not oil," she says. "Mind if I have a look?"
Qwillis     Q muses, then nods to Jackie, motioning with that metal hand. "Go right ahead. If you see something I missed, I'd be happy to get it fixed. Like Serena just asked.. this is the only entrance. So that means only exit too."
    Stepping back to stand next to Serena, he'd smile her way. "I am appreciative of the assistance. I do not have any other tasks at this time. Although you are of course welcome to stay."
Serena Serena would just nod then as she smiled. "Oh I am not leaving....I am just asking if there is anything else I can do to help." With that she would put a hand on that mechanical arm before watching Jackie go to the door. "Think she can fix it? That would be great....."
Jacqueline "Be right back," Jackie promises, stepping out to the Lone Wanderer parked outside. She and Qwillis and Serena are in the entryway to the bunker, with the gate partially open.
She's back in moments, with a flashlight and a magnifying glass. It's only a few moments before she sees the issue. "Here! The surface of the track is rusting and burring here, under the oil. Oil it all you want, but it'll still seize up. It'll just take me a minute to fix, once I get my tools." Which she hurries to do.
Eden Eden wanders in just to visit. "hello Jackie!" she says happily "nice to see you!" she looks around "hello everyone, what's going on?"
Jacqueline Coming back in with her toolbox, Jackie pauses to give Eden a quick hug. "Cool to see you too, Eden! 'Scuse me a sec? Gotta fix a gate," she explains, hurrying to get out a file and get to work. She'll be busy for some time at this.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Serena and watches as Jackie is able to fix up that burr in the shaft. As she'd finish, Q muses. "I should look into getting a portable magnifying glass.." The bunker door now closes and opens smoothly. Q smiles to Jackie as she'd pack up and leave, then gets his own tools to head into the lab with Serena.
Serena She'd smile as she would watch Jackie fix that door then nodded. "Perhaps. Seems problem is solved...." Looking up to him then she would wave to his friend before following after him into the lab. "I guess on to the next experiment...."