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Lynnette Chuck was busy working in the kitchen while Lyn was back behind that counter. Needless to say, it was nice to be back at work. However this time she wasn't dressed up, but still in her frontier clothes. Busy cleaning the counter, she'd have her hair pulled up in a mess bun on her head while she started to get all set up

People were rolling in this early because....well....drunks gotta drink! She was already giggling and just making to to keep them well lubed up so to speak so at least no drama would start. A tilt of her head at one of the raiders who seemed to be full of himself but she just rolled her eyes and slid him a bit.
Alpha     Alpha looking a bit worse for wear to those that know him, comes strolling in that door with that rolling gait. The door closed behind him and he'd move for the bar, going to settle at his normal place. A few caps pulled and set on the wooden surface, he'd smiel towards Lyn with an upnod. "Beer." That duster of his had a new hole that's been mended and there's a slight favoring of that left side it seems.
Lynnette Well her face lit up when she saw Alpha but she frowned slightly. When he made he way over to the bar she pulled out that beer and sat in front of her. Looking him over she'd make her way around that counter then to him. "....what happened?" Her voice was quiet so that she didn't bring too much attention to it but she was obviously fussing. "....are you okay?"
Alpha     He'd take the beer, pop that cap and drink it. The cap is pocketed as he'd smile slightly to Lynn. "Eh.. had a disagreement with some enclave.. They ain't standin no more.. but.. well.." He'd shrug, wince, then shake his head. "I did what I could.. but I'll need someone ta dig the bullet out and sew it up.."
Lynnette She would widen her eyes slightly as she then opened up his coat a bit. " need to lie down...." Lyn just looked more concerned than she should have at the E word. "It wasn't......" Trailing off she would go quiet then looked to him. "Want me to go find someone?"
Alpha     "Nah, nah. That fragger booked it.. he's lickin wounds 'fore he'll try crap.. As fer findin someone? Mebbe.. but I'd rather ya ask someone ta go.. eh?"
Lynnette "We'll see if he still thinks I'm worth it...." There was a shrug as she then looked to the kitchen. "Chuck! Get out here!" After a few moments he'd stick his head but walked over, wiping his hands on a towel. "Go look for a doctor please.....?" Her voice was soft now and Chuck was....shocked. He didn't even hesitate and just made his way out, giving Alpha a nod.

Looking back over to Alpha she would smile. "...why didn't you want me to go? I actually know the girls better than Chuck...."
Alpha     "Simple.. I didn't wanna have ta kill more people ifn they thought they'd take ya again, Lynn.." Alpha's voice is low, that faint lacing of pain. But he doesn't otherwise show it. He refused to, afterall. Another swig of that beer is taken and he'd shift a little. "I've had worse. So it ain't critical. I just couldn't get the bullet out.. it was a bit too deep fer me ta pull with just my fingers.."
Lynnette "I told you....I was trouble...." Smiling she'd put a hand to his cheek and sighed a bit. "And like you said.....not really gonna try stuff now...right?" Taking deep breath she'd go to help him take that coat off then as she smiled. "Yeah well we need to try to get it out...." Lyn chuckled as she nodded. "I don't need you getting ill and dying on me before we can...." Trailing off she'd then nod. "Okay?"
Camilla     For what ever reason, the man sent to grab a medic decided to head all the way to Shanty Town to grab the local Doctor from there and bring her all the way back to Jack's town. Though, with a vehicle, a two hour walk would no doubt be reduced to ten to fifteen minutes tops. Camilla, the young former legion slave girl and doctor in question, was brought in to Lyn's place with bag in tow.

    "Hey.. What's going on?" she asks as she enters, looking Lynnette, whom she knows in passing and then over Alpha, whom she's never met.
Lynnette She'd look up and then cleared her throat as she saw Camilla with a smile. "Well....Chuck.....went way out the way..." Chuckling she would slowly start to unbutton Alpha's shirt and then motioned to a wound on his side. "He's been shot.....but the bullet is still in there he says....." Taking a deep breath she'd nod a bit. "Thanks for coming....the Sheriff is stubborn...."
Alpha     Alpha finishes off that beer as Cami would show up. Setting the empty bottle on the bar, he'd glance over at her with a small nod. "Doc." Lynn gets a look shot at her, some mix of exasperation and amusement, before he'd use that help that Lynn was offering to get the duster off of him. He's got a bullet in the gut that has been wrapped, so he's not bleeding out, but it's obviously still need attention.
Camilla     So, bullet in the gut? That's not good, at all, like, not at all. So, Camilla moves over with her bag to give Alpha a look over. Camilla sighs at Alpha, "So, any reason why you thought it was a good idea to ignore getting shot in the gut?" asks the early twenty something. "I'm going to have to get you somewhere I can work, because I'm gonna need to get that bullet out and I can't do that with you sitting here in a bar.." she adds, turning to Lynn with a pouty look, "No offense Lynn.."
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head slightly. "I wasn't ignorin it.. I came ta get Lynn so I could get help.. huh? This ain't exactly old.. Fraggers had it comin though.. and I made sure they ain't gettin up.." Slowly, he'd stand to his feet with a grunt, then nods. "A'right.. there's a bed downstairs. Can use it ta get patched up at, yah?"
Lynnette Lyn would chuckle a bit then. "None taken...." Motioning to a door not far from them she would nod. "We can head downstairs to the basement. Plenty of space to work in the bedroom...." She'd grab up Alpha's coat and gave him a look. "....what?" That brow would raise as she wrapped his arm around her shoulder and rolled her eyes. "Come on, Sheriff...."
Camilla     Camilla sighs and nods, "Aye, a bed works..." is her only response as she stands up, grabbing her bag and following Lynnette. "Can you walk on your own Sheriff?" she asks the man, giving him a rather long look over.
Alpha     Alpha grunts. "I did this far Doc. I ain't gonna stop now.." While he'd leave his arm around Lynn, he wasn't exactly leaning on her. Stubborn or otherwise, he was able to move on his own as they'd head for the basement and downstairs. "when it's 6 on 1? I guess it should kinda be expected ta get banged up some.. eh?"
Lynnette Rolling her eyes she would just leading Camilla downstairs with Alpha. Once they got down to the basement, she'd walk over to another door which opened up to a rather....well put together looking bedroom. It was apparent two people lived there with a dress folded over a chair but some men's clothes folded up as well. Sighing, she'd pull back the bedding on the bed after moving from Alpha and then pointed. "Lie down, Alpha...." She'd then look to Camilla. "Do you need hot water? I can get some from the bathroom....."
Camilla     Camilla folows them both downstairs and takes a look at the bed and she sighs and nods to Lynnette. "Yeah, hot water, and I'm gonna need to get some pain killers as well. We might need some alcohol as well to help with steralizing the area." She waits for Lynn to move and for Alpha to lie down, and goes about getting her things out of her bag, and she gets right to it.
Alpha     Alpha would get that shirt off carefully, wincing as he'd do so. The patch he put on his wound is there although it's showing signs of bleeding through. He'd lay down on the bed and nods a little to Cami as she'd get to work helping him patch up. He grunts and twinges at the pain, but is otherwise fairly still while she'd work.
Lynnette She'd just nod a bit and then went into the bathroom. After a few moments, she'd return with a basin of hot water and sat it next to Cami. After hearing about painkillers and alcohol....she'd glance over to Alpha and just silently left the room to head into the basement. Once again she'd return with some pills and a bottle of whiskey. "Here...." Moving out of the way then she'd just look over at him laying on the bed and frowned a bit.
Camilla     So, there's work to be done and Camilla does it. She goes to it, opening, cleaning, getting the bullet out, giving him a thing to bite on, alcohol to drink, etc.
Lynnette She'd watch intently as Cami went to work but stayed quiet. Sitting in a chair not far from them she'd reach out and put a hand on his shoulder. Knowing his stubborn self he'd just ignore it for now but heck...a gut shot is a gut shot.
Alpha     Alpha does stay silent for that work. Once Cami was done, he'd actually start feeling a bit better anyways and nods his thanks to Cami. "Watch yerself.. Enclave are probin out here pretty hard, Doc. I dun wanna hear 'bout no one getting taken up by them again.. it was a pain in the ass gettin em ta come talk the first time.."
Camilla     "I'm not worried about the Enclave.." replies camilla plainly, "I'd be more worried about the legion remnants showing up to put me back in chains. At least the Enclave's not interested in slavery, far as I know anyway.." she adds as she closes him up and smiles at Lynnette. She turns back to Alpha and folds her arms under her bust, "You're going to need to rest. You get back in to the thick of it again, to soon, and you're gonna tear open your stiches and bleed all over the place. So, and docs orders, find a bed to crawl in to and stay in it."
Alpha     Alpha grunted, then nodded slightly. "A'right, a'right.. I'll behave then Doc. No movin til I'm patched up fer sure.. I can do that.. Gives me a reason ta stay near Lynn and make sure she ain't goin no where either." He'd flash a grin her way, then smiles to Cami with a slight nod. "I know I owe ya fer the work. How much issit?"
Lynnette Lyn would just stare at Alpha a bit and nodded. "Naw....they're not interested in slavery. They rarely really take's only certain people they tend to snatch up." When Cami read him the riot act she would snicker a bit the nodded. Putting a Han on his head she'd grin over at him then. "Look....and you're in a bed...." Laughing softly she would look back to the doctor and nodded. "Question is how much to //I// owe you for coming all the way out here. Don't listen to him. He's stubborn..."
Camilla     Camilla listens to Alpha and cants a hip out to one side as she does, half expecting his agreement to be far to easy to have gotten. Then, there's the comment about Lynn and Lynn adds in her response about the Enclave and about Alpha already being in a bed, and lastly, the question about who is owed what. She seems lost in thought for some time and shrugs her shoulders, "Fifty?" she asks, no doubt talking in caps.
Lynnette Lyn would let go of Alpha and made her way over to an armoire and opened it up. Pulling out a small sack...okay rather large sack of caps she would count some out....fifty to be exact and then locked the rest back up in that armoire. She'd reach it back out to her and nodded a bit. "Here you go....." With that she would kneel down next to the bed and stared at Alpha with a glare. "'re getting expensive...." There was obviously a hint of joking there as she then looked back Cami. "Thanks again. Seriously."
Alpha     Alpha grumps at Lynn, then smirks at her comment. Shaking his head, he'd lay back against the pillow, eyes closed. "Yah.. thank ya Doc. Sorry fer the trip.. I'll try ta make it over ta Shanty town next time fer ya.."
Camilla     Camilla just smiles at them both, "It's what I do.." she replies as she moves to grab up her things. "So, no thanks needed..." she adds keeping the smile. "You two take care, I'll make my way back to town."
Lynnette Lyn would look to him with smile then stood up as she nodded. "I'll follow you up....." She'd look back at Alpha and nodded a bit. "You....stay here. I need to go check the bar since Chuck has to bring her back. You better not get up or I swear...." Winking at him she would then look to Cami. "I'll get Chuck to drive you back....."